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“But some man will say: Thou hast faith, and I have works. Shew me thy faith without works; and I will shew thee, by works, my faith. Thou believest that there is one God. Thou dost well: the devils also believe and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? … For even as the body without the spirit is dead: so also faith without works is dead.” – James 2:18-20, 26

Veronica - Now behind Her there appear to be millions of little stars--crystal, diamond-like figures. And they're growing larger, and they're coming back from the sky, coming forward. They're almost like lights now, circular lights. Oh, now in between these stars, I see figures of many people. They're dressed in long white garments. Oh, I don't recognize many of them at this time, but I know they are saints. The light is very brilliant. I can't see faces, but their figures are very, very plain and visible. Their feet are bare. Every one of them has nothing but a white gown covering down to their elbows. Now on their heads--I can see now their heads--they are wearing green wreaths; they are like crowns.
     Our Lady now is touching Her lips with Her first finger.
Our Lady - "My child, you are looking upon the sea of martyrs. All whom you observe now have been tested and found true upon earth. All who wish to join them in their future lives must use their example of piety, chastity, and good works. Prayer can move the mountains and reach the highest places in Heaven. However, My children, prayer must be accompanied by works.” – Our Lady, November 1, 1975 

"Do not succumb, My pastors, to the fallacy that all will be forgiven, for that is asking too much at this time. When a man sins, it is a sorrow to the merciful heart of the Eternal Father, but when he leads another into sin, it is an abomination in the eyes of the Eternal Father! Therefore, pastors, clothe yourself in good works, modesty, chastity, and piety. Holiness must be returned to the churches of the world.” –
Our Lady, August 21, 1975 

"Would you have listened to Us, the man of sin would not have entered your country. You left the door open. Pray that this serpent does not enter your house; for he roams, gathering these souls for Lucifer. We are at war now, but the war of the spirits has far direr consequences than the human beings in worldly war combats.
     "My Mother has given the plan for salvation countless times before. Will there only be counted a few in the final total? This will depend on prayer, works, and efforts of love in action demonstrated by all remaining souls on this earth.
     "I have chosen from this world many messengers to repeat Our cries, but they, too, will share the way of the cross." –
Jesus, May 19, 1971 

Veronica - Our Lady is looking very sad. She's brushing Her hand across Her face. Now Our Lady is pointing to Her chest, and there's a large red heart now appearing on Our Lady's chest. And--oh, my goodness! It's all swords in Her heart. And Our Lady now is placing across Her head a black scarf.
Our Lady - "You see, My child, how deep is My sorrow. I am truly the Mother of Sorrows. Make many sacrifices, My child. Instruct My children to follow the rule. Many shall fall into the abyss because they have no one to pray for them and do penance for them. Charity, My child, charity must be extended to all. Works without charity are works that are dead, My child.”
– November 23, 1974

"The Message from Heaven shall go throughout your world, and then shall come the end. There will be a baptism of fire set upon mankind. How soon, My children? It all depends upon you and your actions. Prayer must be joined with action, works, good deeds of atonement.
     "Those in Rome who have been given a high place to guide the souls of mankind must now clean with inventory. Their works have been found wanting; their direction has been found wanting; and none shall escape the wrath of an angry God.” –
Jesus, July 15, 1976 

"I have a simple lesson to give to all mankind at this time, My child. It is, as We know, charity among mankind. All works and all acts of sacrifice, have they a value when they are not covered by charity? And what is charity, My children? When you come across lives that have been darkened by sin and evil, you must not become smug; you must not feel secure in your own piety and graces given to you, but you must feel a sadness of heart for those who have fallen into the darkness. You must not judge, for the Eternal Father has the only key to an individual heart.” –
Our Lady, March 18, 1976 

"Measure for measure will be given unto you for your works and your actions to your brothers and the safeguarding of your immortal soul and the souls entrusted to your care. And if you have the mercy of heart and the goodness of spirit, you will share this light with others.
     "Light your candles, My children, with Me. Search with Me through the darkness. Bring the Message from Heaven to the world. These candles, the lights of wisdom and love, shall be lit throughout the world. Every country shall have the knowledge of the truth. The Gospel, the words of the Father, shall go throughout the world before you receive the judgment.” –
Our Lady, September 28, 1974 

"You, in your mercy and love of heart, can reclaim many of those who at this moment of earth time are on the road to darkness and Lucifer. Your example, your prayers, and your works--prayers without work, My children, they will never succeed in recovering souls. They must be worked together: prayer and work, example. Do not waste your time in frivolous occupation. Work for the Father and your reward will be great; work for Lucifer and you will receive his reward, and forever you shall cry the tears of the damned.” –
Our Lady, August 14, 1974 

"I ask you to not set yourselves up to judge your brothers and sisters, but you cannot sit back and do nothing or say nothing, for good works kept in a closed mouth is like putting messes of meat upon a dead man's grave. Prayers without works, My children, will not give you the strength to conquer the evil. By your example, your good example of modesty and faith, you will bring many back onto the road to Heaven.” –
Our Lady, February 1, 1977 

"The knowledge of the supernatural, My child, has been taken from the hearts of mankind. Mankind must understand there is no death. Life goes on over the veil. However, your destiny is in the hands of the Father Eternal.
     "You, on your pilgrimage throughout your lifetime on earth, must work, My children, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must pray and work. They are hand in hand a benefit to your spirit.
     "Your works must include good heart to others. If you care, My child, you will understand and not have to force any of your actions, for they will come to you spontaneously.” –
Jesus, June 18, 1975   

“Keep your Rosary about your neck; retire in prayer and works of charity. Do not become a part of this new system of satan on your earth.
     “Think, My children: can you remember those earth days when life was filled with more joy than today? And you will recognize the progress satan has made in your world to destroy your happiness, to destroy your love. Oh yes, My children, he does not do this so you will recognize his dirty work. No, he is a vile creature of the flames who parades as angels of light until he has drawn you into the web that he spins across the earth now.
     “If you listen to Us, if you save yourself now in the heart of My Son, His Sacred Heart, you will not be caught in this web.
     “I am on earth now, visiting many places as a Mediatrix of all graces, graces freely bestowed on all who ask for them.
     “I am the Queen of Heaven, Mother of earth, but I am still a Mother of My children. And you are My children, and I will be with you until I return with My Son.
     “I will be here on the eve of all feast days. I will dispense many graces from these hallowed grounds. Come to Me, My children. Fill your souls with the graces so necessary in the dark days ahead.” – Our Lady, February 1, 1972

"Many follow because they are misled, My child. When they are given the knowledge of the truth and the blindness is removed from them, they, too, will come into the light. Pray much, for with prayer many souls will be recovered. These prayers must not be without acts of sacrifice and works. For what good are good words without work? For these words, unless they go forward to mankind, it is, My child, like placing meat on a dead man's grave.” – Our Lady, September 7, 1974

"We ask now, My children, for a full dedication to the cause of Heaven. You must give all outward good example of your mission. Women must clothe themselves in modesty and good works. Men shall not wear clothes immodest. You will find it better to spend more of your moneys for loose-fitting clothes, My children. The means will be given to you.” –
Our Lady, March 29, 1975 

"My Mother shall continue to guide you in the days ahead. She has made a promise to you and it will be kept. The battle will accelerate and many shall fall away from the Faith, for they do not have the strength in the battle. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Be charitable even to those who persecute you. You must all pray, but you must all work, My children, for there is no strength in prayer without works." –
Jesus, February 1, 1978 

"You will retain your Faith, for you will have only to stand before the Eternal Father over the veil, to account for your works and prayers upon earth. Remember, My children, when you pass over the veil, you can only take love and prayers with you.” –
Our Lady, May 13, 1978 

"My children, I tell you now, that unless you pray a constant vigilance of prayer--and I say again that prayer without works is like placing meat on a dead man's grave; it bears no fruit. You must also act upon My counsel and direction. There are human means that must be exercised. My children, you will make a concerted effort to take and purge from your schools the practice of the occult. Already, many of your children have entered into these secret societies without your knowledge, and they are propagating it throughout your country and the countries of the world.
    "My child, I set you amidst all of the darkness so that you could bring out to the world, as you searched with your candle of light, the evil abode of the prince of darkness.” –
Our Lady, October 1, 1977 

"My child, you will not concern yourselves of public opinion, for you well understand the simple lesson given to you by My Son some time ago, that you must do your works in secret so that the Father, Who watches you in secret, will give you your reward. If mankind accepts you in full, My child, know that you have already received your reward. Ponder upon this, My child, and you will understand." –
Our Lady, November 1, 1976 

"Because the United States and many nations upon earth have given themselves over to all manner of pleasures of the flesh, materialistic viewpoints and procedures and pursuits, casting aside the love and knowledge of his Creator, his God; seeking to set up upon earth a rule of government that has no place for his Creator, his God; and ruling upon earth with the forces of darkness and Lucifer who has opened the abyss to hell. And all the forces from hell have proceeded now to engulf your world. All manner of sin is being rationalized and condoned. And who has sought to stem the tide of evil? Only those of humble heart and charity of heart have reached out with prayers, with works, and with true devotion to the Sacred Heart of My Son, to stem the tide of evil; in true charity to try and keep trying as a labor of love for all Heaven, to rescue your brothers and sisters in the little time that is left to you.” –
Our Lady, November 20, 1979 

"The hierarchy has been infiltrated by agents of hell. Many have come posing as angels of light, but with darkness of heart and dark secrets. My children, you must pray more. We will not at this time make public knowledge of names, for now We seek the spirit. Names are not necessary; public castigation is not necessary. We must now, as children of God and light bearers, go forward and gather the souls with acts of mercy, charity of heart. And I tell you, My children, prayers must be accompanied with works.” –
Our Lady, May 30, 1977 

"My children, My Son, your God, He is the Truth; He is the Word; He is the Way. Do not abandon Him in this crisis within His Church. Stay, My children, and fight; fight with prayers and acts of penance and good works. Remain with Him at His tabernacles, My children. They have not been closed yet. Comfort Him by your presence daily. He is sorrowful, for He is lonely, My children. So few visit Him, and those who visit Him on Sunday, the day of the Lord, they come with blank minds, minds clouded by pleasure, bodies stripped to impurity and immodesty. They come not to honor, but they come by habit, with no purpose.
     "My children, if you love, as you profess with your mouth, act upon this. Show by example, a good example to your children. They must receive this knowledge and the way from their parents and the example in their homes. O My children, the reward to you in the end will be far greater than you can ever imagine, for you will be looking for the salvation of your loved ones. And how sorrowful and dejected a state for a mother or father to realize too late that they did not do enough, they did not care enough, to lead their children onto the road to Heaven.” –
Our Lady, September 7, 1976 

"My children of light, it is you who must save My Son's Church by your example and fortitude and prayer. But I assure you that prayers without action and works will avail you of nothing.
     "In the diabolical conspiracy, worldwide now, against My Son and His Church, there are leaders, and these leaders reach into the youth of your nation with a diabolical plan from satan. Man has paganized himself, and he seeks to set up new idols to worship.” –
Our Lady, February 10, 1978 

"My children, prayers without works hold no strength. For all who are given great graces in the light, much is expected of them. You must not tire in your mission, My children.” –
Our Lady, December 7, 1976

"You must always pray for your priests. We do not condone evil, nor will We condone fallacy and errors; however, the Eternal Father in Heaven shall be the final judge.
     "I repeat the direction of My Mother to you many times, that prayers without works shall be fruitless, My children. Good example and words spoken out with wisdom, given to you from the Holy Spirit, shall help gather My sheep in these dark days.” –
Jesus, November 22, 1976 

"Always remember, call Me, My children. I am your Mother, your Mother of peace, your Mother of grace. I am always your Mother, now and in the hereafter. When you come across the veil, My children, you will fully understand how your works of mercy and caring have brought you across the veil to Heaven." –
Our Lady, June 18, 1988 

"My children, My Son's Church is passing through a terrible crisis. Please do not abandon it in these days of darkness, but stay and fight with prayers, good deeds, works of mercy, and good example.
     "The forces of evil, 666, are firmly entrenched in Rome. Many cardinals, the Red Hats, have fallen, and they now mislead many of the Purple Hats, the bishops.” –
Our Lady, April 1, 1978 

"You hold the balance for your own salvation and for the continuance of earth as you knew it. Penance, prayer, and atonement. Soon My words will be stopped. The Father now deems that the remaining time be spent in prayer and atonement, good works and example. These are the instruments for the salvation of mankind.” –
Our Lady, October 6, 1973 

"Do not be afraid to expose evil. If you do not bring into the light others who are fast encased in darkness by their own will, or by acts of obedience to evil; if you do not seek to save them, to bring them out of this darkness, you, too, will be guilty of arrogance and pride--and charity, charity that must be extended--a lack of charity, for charity must be given to others. Those who receive in abundance, whether it be graces or the material, must use their abundance to save others.
     "Prayer, My children--you must pray a constant vigilance of prayer, but you must also gather graces through works.” –
Our Lady, March 18, 1977    

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