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#255 – REALITY

“For this was I born, and for this came I into the world; that I should give testimony to the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.” – St. John 18:37

"Do not be concerned, My child, of the world's opinion and mankind's rejection, for My own will know Me. I am truly the light in a darkened world, My child. I say this not in pride, but in fact and reality. I bring the light, the Message from Heaven, in the will of My Son. I come to you as a Mother, a Mother of great heart, with great hope. I come to prepare you, as your Mother, and to warn you that you must now change from your ways that offend the Eternal Father much.” – Our Lady, December 6, 1975

"There must be change, My children, but a change back to reality and Tradition. My Son has given you a true foun­dation, but many come now with axes and they chop away. They seek to build a church without spirit, a church of man. The walls will crumble, the earth will shake. The Eternal Father will send His wrath upon mankind.” –
Our Lady, December 6, 1975 

"What can I tell you, My children? Shall I cover you with hope and optimism and delude you in the face of reality? I give you hope over the veil. What can I promise you upon your earth? Mankind himself now holds the balance for his own destruction.” –
Jesus, December 6, 1975 

"My child and My children, I, too, have watched--the Eternal Father made it known that I must see what is going on in the world today. And I, as your Mother, have given My decision to the Eternal Father to go forward throughout the world, appearing in numerous places now, to awaken the world to the reality of everlasting life.” –
Our Lady, October 2, 1989

"O My child and My children, how many disasters must come upon your country and the countries of the world before the peoples will become awakened to the reality of a very angry God?
     "Yes, My child, I know at one time that you did meet up with one of Our priests who tried to disclaim the evidence about you of sin, and mankind's sinning and abandoning himself to all the pleasures of the world, leading to all measures of degraded life.
     "My child and My children, I say unto you again, that man must make a complete reversal from his present way of life. While the body lives, the soul is dying within. That, My child and My children, explicitly explains to you the condition of mankind in this generation, which cries out to Heaven for the stopping of this generation, the cleansing. Is this what you want? Have you no fear of your God? If you cannot express a love to your God, better that you at least know fear and that many of you will be taken from this earth in the next year. Are you ready to go? Have you forgotten the reality of the places you can go to when you leave your body?
     "There is a Heaven--yes, you know that. But there is also a hell and a purgatory. And at this moment, this very moment throughout your world, there are many souls that are being taken now into hell, the abode of the damned, forever lost.” –
Jesus, May 21, 1983

"You must not be apathetic to the situation in your country, My children, for if you sit back you will be removed from your homes in your land. You must organize a solid front--yes, link to link, soul to soul, across your land--a solid Rosary, My children. Prayer and sacrifice: this is not too much to ask of you in face of the reality of what is coming upon you.
     "We will manifest to many in these latter days.
     "The Father has allowed a delusion to enter upon your world. In this way He shall separate the sheep from the goats. For all who cry 'Lord' shall not enter My Son's Kingdom. The Father looks into your heart. You cannot pretend what is in your heart, My children, for you may fool the world but you will not fool your God.” –
Our Lady, November 20, 1971

"Our Kingdom is just a sleep away. Bring the reality of this to My children. Your world here is only temporary." –
Our Lady, July 15, 1970

"Do not cast aside the reality of indulgences, My children. The truths I gave you are being discarded. Even now We look upon abominations in My House. As it was in My crucifixion upon earth, so it is that I look upon a total re-crucifixion by My own!” –
Jesus, February 10, 1977

"Detach yourselves from these secret societies! Do not be fooled by their honeyed words of humanism and modernism, brotherhood and love, love, love. So many words of love do We hear, and what do you breed but hate and murder! By your fruits will you be known.
     "Many have joined these societies not knowing their true intent. Investigate; do not be misled by the wealth that is offered to you in worldly goods and worldly enjoyment. Dig deep into the reality of their existence and know that they seek your destruction from within.
     "It is under the pain of sin and demand from the Father in Heaven of excommunication all those who enter into the secret societies of the synagogues of satan--the sons of satan.” –
Our Lady, September 7, 1974

"The Father will chastise those He loves. Many will return in this hardship. Know that the Ball of Redemption is a reality that will come upon your world. The Ball of Redemption nears.” –
Our Lady, September 7, 1974

"You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world. If you recognize, if you accept the truth and the knowledge of the supernatural, you will know the great power of prayer to disperse the demons. I give you this lesson of reality, My children: the demons cannot stay with the sound of prayer ringing in the air.” –
Jesus, September 14, 1976

"You see, My child, satan seeks to take the reality of hell from the minds of man. There is hell, there is the kingdom of satan. And all who enter this kingdom will have done so of their own free will. The Father shall not force anyone onto the narrow road. For man, when he is placed upon the earth, the Father has done this so that he may eventually return in glory, triumphant over satan, to the Kingdom.” –
Our Lady, March 18, 1974

"Many manifestations will be given to bear witness to the reality of My visit to your grounds. Many instruments of Heaven have been chosen to bring the word in this battle of the spirits. The word of God shall be forever. The Kingdom of God will be triumphant over the darkness. However, these are the Days of days, and the battle rages." –
Our Lady, March 18, 1974

"Satan has placed many enticements upon the earth. O My children, recognize the truth. They are there to nourish your worldly passions, your worldly instinct for body pampering.
     "The spirit is a distinct enclosure within your worldly body. The shackles and fetters of your body will fall to dust, but you must live on!
     "You use in your world the word 'death.' My children, there is no death. There is no death. Your life will continue. The life hereafter will be eternity and forever. Satan has sought to remove the reality of hell from among you. You can sin when you think there is no punishment. Recognize the truth! You are walking in blindness.
     "I promise all who come to Me on My hallowed grounds to comfort them in their suffering. Many graces of cure and conversion will be given from Our hearts. There is nothing the Father would not do to rescue you, My children. Do not turn away from Us so your ears are closed to Our pleas. Close your eyes to your world; close your ears. Listen with your heart, and you will receive the light.
     "You will find that love is in unity. My children, unite now against the common enemy of your God. Turn from the enticements of your body he has set forth.” –
Our Lady, June 8, 1972

"Satan now is loosed upon earth, taking on human form to work the will of the prince of darkness and his consorts from hell. All sacramentals were given for this reason: the forces of darkness are great.
     "Unless the parents teach their children of the existence of this other world unseen to the human eye, the children cannot then be protected from the attacks of these agents from hell. My child, they are real, they are living, and they have great power. They, too, possess names as do the high angels in the Kingdom of your God in Heaven.” –
Our Lady, March 15, 1978

"I bless you all, My children, and send among you graces, graces for cure and conversion: cures of the spirit, cures of the soul and the body, cures that will bring to many the reality of the Mission from Heaven." –
Our Lady, December 24, 1976

"Make it known, My child, the world that lies beyond the veil. Make it known, My child, for so many have forgotten the reality of hell, purgatory, and the Eternal Kingdom of the Father, Heaven.” –
Our Lady, March 18, 1975

“You have nothing to fear but fear itself, My children. The Message from Heaven has not been given to you to promote fear in your hearts but to bring to you the reality of what is to come upon mankind. It is in this manner that We have separated and are separating the sheep from the goats. Those who will be saved will be counted in the few, My children.” –
Jesus, November 20, 1976

“We must go forth now to plead with Our children upon earth to forsake their evil ways. They now are being guided by satan throughout the world. This cannot be accepted by Heaven. There is only one thing that you can do with an errant child when they do not listen, and that is to shake them up, My child. I realize this is not something for jest; it is but a reality that is coming upon mankind.” –
Our Lady, March 18, 1989

"Do not become complacent or lethargic, My children. There is no time to cast aside the truth, covering it with all optimism. My Mother did not come to you as a prophet of doom, but She came to you from Heaven with a message of reality and what is to take place upon the earth. You will listen to Her, for I assure you, My children, very soon there will be much gnashing of teeth and woe set upon the earth.” –
Jesus, September 7, 1978

My children, I have promised to guide you in the days ahead. I cannot promise you a life of ease, wealth of material value. I can only bring you the reality of what will be. Your country will go through great trial. All who will stand forth in defense of My Son shall receive great persecution.” –
Our Lady, August 21, 1974

"Satan rules your world now. He goes about as a ravenous wolf among you. Your free will now is your balance. The reward is great for all who stand with My Son in this conflict.
     "You have but two final destinies: Heaven and hell. Know that satan will try to remove the reality of the existence of his kingdom, hell, from you. If he makes a farce of his existence among you, he will deceive you so that you will sin and remove yourselves from the Spirit of light. And when you remove yourself from the Spirit of light, you remove yourselves from eternal life in the Kingdom of your Father, the most high God in Heaven.” –
Our Lady, February 1, 1975

"Retain, My children, the statues, the monuments, all sacramentals in your life, for it will build the light within the souls of your children. The enemies of your God, the Eternal Father, and the truth, they set themselves to take these from you for one reason: to remove the knowledge of the reality of the existence of your holy saints.” – Our Lady, November 1, 1975

"You must understand and set your values straight. I am the Bread of life eternal. You may fill yourselves up with the bread of the earth and the world. You may seek pleasures and riches and the destruction of your soul with the pleasures of the flesh, but can you say in all reality that you will have time to change or to make amends before you are struck down and come across the veil?
     "My children, there will be a great loss of life with the great Chastisement that is fast coming upon mankind. The scoffers may laugh and turn away, but do not heed them in your discipleship, My children. Go forward with the truth. Make every effort to save your brothers and sisters. You may expect from them derision and laughter and scorn. This was My road upon earth. This was My Mother's road upon earth, but they stayed together, united in faith.” –
Jesus, September 28, 1978

"My child, I want you to understand and bring to the world the absolute truth and reality of this realm. There are mitres and there are cassocks there. I want you to tell the world that there are clergy who are now falling into purgatory, if not some in hell, because they are misguiding the sheep.” –
Our Lady, June 18, 1993

"Yes, My child, Lucifer was always a murderer. Lucifer promotes the breaking of the rules and the Commandments of your God. That is why We always tell you, My children: Lucifer cannot remain hidden, even though he promotes in your world a cover of ignorance and a cover of darkness. And the cover that shall destroy many is by casting aside the reality of the existence of demons and the world beyond.” –
Our Lady, December 7, 1978

"I do not, as your Mother, seek to fill your heart with fear, but you must now face reality and the facts. The days given in the Book of life, the Bible, the days spoken of and written of by your prophets are here. I caution you to read the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, My children. Read and learn; read again! For soon there will be darkness and you will be unable to read. You will store it all in your hearts and your memory.” –
Our Lady, November 1, 1977

"There will be upon earth great opposition to this message, My child. It is natural in the reality of satan's plan to try to take every soul from the Eternal Father in Heaven. He is going about now throughout your world, and when you remove him from his present body, he will proceed on into another.” –
Our Lady, September 13, 1977

"A center of atonement--Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers. Send this message, My child, to your clergy.
     "They must pray more and seek the light. The knowledge of the reality of My mission here will then be given to them. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, and all will be given the light.” –
Our Lady, October 6, 1974

"My children, satan has taken from your minds and your hearts the reality of the world to come beyond the veil. In this manner, he gives you all the delights that pamper your human nature, making you succumb to the temptations of the flesh. Therefore, recognize the faces of evil among you. Do not follow like sheep to the slaughter. In your hearts, if you do not fall from the road and remain close to My Son in His House--come to Him often for counsel, and you will not be led astray by the agents of the prince of darkness who now roam throughout your world.” –
Our Lady, October 6, 1973

"My children, there have been voice-boxes chosen from among you to send throughout your world the Message from Heaven. I assure you, My children, this message that has been given to you must be acted upon, for it will all come to pass in reality. All warnings from Heaven were conditional and are conditional to man's response.” –
Jesus, September 28, 1976

"Prayer, atonement, sacrifice: is this too much to ask of you in the face of what you will soon find coming upon you? I do not come to earth to fill hearts with fear, but I bring reality of what is to befall an unrepentant generation.” –
Our Lady, June 8, 1973

“However, you will be given many manifestations, and then My Son will perform from these sacred grounds a major miracle that will bring all to the knowledge and reality that there exists a God Who is the Creator and rules Heaven and earth." –
Our Lady, May 30, 1973

"Call upon your guardians often, My children. You have forgotten your angels. Do not listen to the mockery of the world. They seek to take the reality of the guardians of Heaven from you so that they can send you to Lucifer.
     "When you have great sorrow or trial, call to your guardian. Ask My Son for His help in the Father. Do not seek comfort among man, for he has none to give you, for man has become arrogant. Man has become self-seeking and lovers of pleasure. Man has become uncharitable.” –
Our Lady, June 16, 1973

"Little by little, through the years, man has orientated and made the human being in his mind, with his loss of free will through drugs and brainwashing through other mediums, man has now been reduced to almost a robot state.
     "Do not, My children, be deceived by the father of liars, and his deception in raising up armies that gather under the banner of communism, atheism, satanism, agnosticism. And while they work both day and night to gather the powers and the arsenals to enslave your country and the world, what do you do? You are like children going through the fields picking daisies, tripping along merrily, high on your way of life; your drugs and your alcohol and your dreams created by false mediums.
     "My children, I ask you and I have asked you through Scripture to remain as children in your hearts, but I did not ask you to be stupid and not recognize the difference between light and darkness. They have no compatibility.” –
Jesus, April 2, 1977

"Generation through generation, man carries the same stigma of blindness and hardness of heart. Many have hardened their hearts and closed their eyes to the truth. Why, My child; you ask Me why? Because, My child, it is sad to say that should they open their eyes and their heart should melt, and they should look with their hearts, they would have to give up their sin which they love. They care more for the pleasures of the world than for the things of Heaven.” –
Our Lady, June 18, 1974

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