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#557 - Fallen Nature of Mankind, Part 1

"Watch ye, and pray that ye enter not into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh weak." - St. Matthew 26: 41

"You understand, My child, that there are instruments of destruction now created from the mind of satan, using the fallen nature of mankind to prey upon the weak, and to use them to bring forward missiles of destruction." - Our Lady, October 1, 1983

"I have given a warning in general to mankind. I have sent My voice throughout your world summoning before Me those in com­mand of My sheep: shepherds that have gone astray, shepherds that have set themselves in the place above the Eternal Father, shepherds that have scattered Our flock. You have been given in time eter­nal the truth of your Faith. You shall not change this, making a religion upon earth that is based on the fallen nature of mankind!
    "I watch your earth. I tremor for what you are asking as a just punishment for your actions! The Father chastises those He loves. Your world will be bathed with blood. Shall you accept the Blood of the Lamb, or shall you receive the sword? The choice is yours.
    "Each individual soul has a mission upon your earth. You will return and stand for judgment, and you will receive the Kingdom of your God, or you shall descend into hell, the abyss, the kingdom of your prince of darkness, satan, the great deceiver of mankind." - Jesus, November 20, 1975

"Those who have the highest places in My Son's Church are now using their rank to destroy the truth. You cannot build on the carnal nature of mankind, the fallen nature of mankind.
    "You must now, My children, read the direction given you by Saint John. He was given the prophecy of your times. You are in those days, My children, the days of apostasy." - Our Lady, October 6, 1975

"The world, Our children, have forgotten the value of prayer and suffering. In their human nature they avoid prayer and suffering, but this is the fallen nature of mankind. Do not be deluded, My children, in thinking that the time will be given for you to make amends after you have accepted all the evils of the world. No, you do not know the day nor the hour. Therefore, can you take this chance of involving yourselves with the evils of the world? Will you have a chance to do penance and turn back in time? No, I say to you, many shall be taken from the world and be lost forever to Us.
    "The plan for your redemption, My children, is simple. It is a plan of prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. Live each day as if you were to leave it the morrow.
    "There will be a great War; there will be a great Chastisement; and of course, My children, there will be a Warning, a great Warning given to mankind. But how many shall recognize this also?" - Our Lady, May 26, 1976

"I allowed you, My child, to become aware now in full measure of the evil in the teaching institutions of My Son's Church. A new theology of morals has been set among you. And what is it but a creation of satan!
    "The Commandments of the Father were given, and no one shall cast them aside. What man, in his pride, has the knowledge from the Holy Spirit to change these Commandments to satisfy his basic fallen nature?
    "O My children, how many can I gather, how many shall the Eternal Father permit Me to gather before the Ball of Redemption falls upon mankind?
    "There is a great evil, a conspiracy of evil now in your world. 666, the agents of hell, are now in Rome. Understand, My children, that these agents must claim the body of a human to do their work for satan. Understand, My children, that they have placed themselves, these agents of hell, into governments and human, man and woman. They are fast bringing about their own destruction." - Our Lady, January 31, 1976

"My child, I give you the knowledge of many of the Holy Innocents that could never be upon earth. They have been sent back to the Eternal Father without fulfilling their mission. Do you not observe the workings of satan? Vocations fall with the destruction and murder of the creations of the Eternal Father. You have not, in your arrogance and fallen nature, given them the opportunity to adore and honor the Eternal Father.
    "Yes, My child, My heart is heavy. It is a day I cannot accept for Myself, in My nativity, for My memory is filled with the countless murders of the young.
    "Birth, My children, should be a day of great rejoicing. Now it is a defiled institution." - Our Lady, September 6, 1975

"The lukewarmness of many of Our clergy and the laity--the lay peoples of Our houses throughout the world, the churches, My child--leave much to be desired. It is by their example that many souls are being placed onto the road to perdition.
    "Man shall not use his rank to mislead! Man shall not change the rules of his God, change them to satisfy the basic fallen nature of mankind. Man must change himself to please his God!
    "We find in the leadership of Our Church many who have fallen into darkness of spirit, many who have given themselves to the modes of the world, involved in the destructive following of humanism and modernism!
    "Many of your leaders of the past who were pure of heart, intention, and dedication, warned you of these errors. But you have turned a deaf ear to their warnings, for in your arrogance you seek to build a new house upon your earth." - Jesus, June 5, 1975

"Do you understand Me, My children? I ask you not to abandon My Son's Church in the crisis of Faith now, but to keep the bark of Peter afloat. I ask you not to remain silent when you meet with wrongdoing, but to speak out and act to correct a situation that is offensive to your God and destructive to your soul. Speak once, and if not hastened or listened to, speak no more, but pray that the Eternal Father in Heaven will open up the ears of those who have closed their hearts and their ears to the truth.
     "And I repeat again to all clergy in My Son's House: you shall not rationalize sin. Abortion is murder, and murder condemns you to hell without repentance! Euthanasia is murder, and murder condemns you to hell without repentance! The Commandments of your God must be followed, and no changes will be made upon them to suit the basic fallen nature of mankind.
    "The road to Heaven, My children, is a narrow one; too few stay upon it. For they are often carried away with the cares of the world, and the pleasures of the materialistic pursuits, and their gathering of money and prestige and power. For what? For the few short years allotted to each human upon earth. I ask you to ask yourself: is it worth it to lose your soul? Many will sell their souls to get to the head." - Our Lady, November 20, 1979

"With all of the counsel given in the past by My Mother, counsel also brought to earth through various personages from Heaven, has this all been to no avail? My Mother has set Herself as a Mediatrix between God and man for your salvation. In return She has received thorns from many. My Mother, She shall not be blemished by the mouths or actions of man in his fallen nature. I do not ask that My Mother be a victim for the salvation of man's soul.
     "You as children of your God must make a firm effort now to prepare yourselves and your families, your brothers and your sisters of the world. Prepare them for the great Chastisement that will soon come upon mankind. In your blindness, in your searching for power and treasures of the world, you have cast aside all knowledge given to you by your God, your inborn nature. You have cast it aside, but you will meet with a day of reckoning, and very soon!" - Jesus, March 25, 1978

"Accept your cross, My children. Carry it well, for it is only a short and narrow road to the eternal Kingdom, and when you choose to drop your cross and go onto the wide road it is very difficult, My children, to return. Better that you persevere in truth and in faith.
    "Do not cast aside Tradition for modernism and humanism, for these are the creations of satan! You cannot separate Faith and Tradition, for one stands together with the other to unify My Church. It is the foundation of My House. I gave you the direction that has withstood the test of time, and you, in your arrogance and fallen nature of mankind, have now taken it upon yourselves to change My Church.
    "By your fruits will you be known. By your fruits are you now known. Learn from this simple lesson. All that is rotten shall fall. The gates of hell shall never prevail against My Church. I am with you to the end of time." - Jesus, October 2, 1976

"In your search for love and brotherhood, you have opened My Church in the name of love and brotherhood to all manners of evil and demons! I assure you, My children, compromise will get you nowhere; the promises and the words of atheists will get you nowhere. You will not win souls by lowering your standards or making changes to suit the basic carnal fallen nature of mankind.
    "You have reduced My Church, O pastors, to shambles and a mockery. And what shall I do to you, you who will come before Me and say that your teaching has been pure? I shall cast you out and send you into oblivion in the fires! And many will come before Me and say, 'Lord, Lord! Did I now prophecy in Your name?' O ye workers of iniquity, you cannot hide your hearts from Me. In My name you will destroy souls? You offer in a starving world half a loaf, giving the whole loaf poison.
    "Children of the world starving for the light and the truth, I am the Way. I am the Light, and My Church is the light for mankind now, even though My own pastors have darkened it by their actions and their avarice and their greed and their vanity and pride! Know that when they have given over My Church to the world, and as satan deludes them to unite all into a one-world religion and a one-world government, you are enslaved and it is the end!" - Jesus, April 2, 1977

"My child, do not be concerned of the opinion of mankind. You will always be an enigma to many. You will continue as the Eternal Father directs you. All will appear before your very eyes. In your human nature, My child, We do not expect miracles of yourself. We accept your human nature with all of its failings. So, My child, remember sainthood is developed upon earth but it is gained in Heaven." - Our Lady, June 24, 1976

"For countless earth-years I have chosen to give you the plan for your salvation. Should you cast this plan aside, you will enter onto the wide road which leads to your destruction. It is of your free will that you will give your soul to satan, or you will lead it onto the path of light. The road to satan is easy in your human nature, but Heaven is earned very hard. Many are called, but so few are chosen.
     "It will not be an easy road, My children, to follow My Son. There are days of great persecution approaching. Persevere and the Kingdom of Heaven will be yours.
    "You wonder how you shall know those who are in the light and those who have given themselves to satan and act as his agents. I assure you, My children, by their fruits they will be known in time." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

"The numbers of souls can be counted in the few at this time, who will enter directly into the Kingdom of everlasting light and love, for the numbers of souls now entering into hell are as numerous as the snowflakes that fell from your past winters! And there are many mitres now among them.
    "Pray, My children, for your priests, your bishops, your cardinals. Too few pray for them, for in their awe and their knowledge, they believed in the past, My children, that these hierarchy had a special passport to Heaven. No, My children, they have a human nature also, and human frailties, and must be protected by prayer and penance and sacrifice, and this means the prayer, penance and sacrifice of others also, for them.
    "In your charity of heart, in your love of human nature that We hear man speaking of as he falls into the errors of modernism and humanism--true love lies in prayers and sacrifice for an individual, for when you come over the veil, I assure you, it is only love and prayers that can follow you." - Jesus, May 20, 1978

"My children, all manner of evil now is covering your earth in darkness. It will take many graces, great grace to remain free of contamination.
    "You must use everything given to you in the past: the sacramentals, the monuments, the statues. My children, while you remain in your human nature you will be tempted and tried. Many shall fall away from the Faith. Many shall sell their souls to get to the head.
    "You cannot live in the world and be of the world and stay on the road to the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot love two masters, for one will you grow to hate. And, My children, it tears My heart anew to hear the blasphemy being committed against My Son even in His own House!" - Our Lady, February 1, 1978

"Your life, your eternal life and eternity faces all. You must now, in the time given, make your way back to Heaven. Avoid the pitfalls that satan has placed now to ensnare you with. They are tempting to your human body and human nature, but you must fight these temptations.
    "Avoid all occasions of sin. Pray a constant vigilance. Gather all the sacramentals you may have hidden for years from your children and your families, and I say this, hidden, for many have cast aside the use of any relics in their homes. Your children must have the statues and the relics as constant reminders of the road they must remain on. The world outside your doors now is a world of satan. Many shall find with sadness to their hearts, that they try to come back too late onto the road to Heaven. There will not be time for many to return. Prepare your household, My children." - Jesus, February 1, 1978

"You ask, My child, how a state such as this could come upon human nature? My child, it is because of this very basic human nature and frailties that man, in exercising his own free will, has brought the world of mankind to the brink of destruction; because man has rejected the teachings, the teachings of old, the teachings that never shall grow old, for they are the basic foundations from your God, the Eternal Father, your Creator. And now you reject your Creator, and in your arrogance and pride, you seek, as did Lucifer, to dethrone your Creator, and set up a world government of man.
    "O My children, you are heading toward the fatal abyss. O My children, now the world is proceeding in the same path as Lucifer started, and was cast forever from the Kingdom of God. Lucifer, in his arrogance, was given much knowledge, but he used this knowledge against his God! He, too, had a free will. My children, no man, woman, or child shall fall into hell, the eternal abode of the damned, unless he gives himself to satan willingly, of free will.
    "My child, I understand your turmoil in trying to fathom the ways of the Eternal Father in relation to salvation and mankind. My child, this is beyond your capabilities to understand. Therefore, do not burden your heart and your spirit with this dilemma. All will proceed in the plan of the Eternal Father. No evil, My child, is ever triumphant. The Eternal Father will use it and turn it to good." - Jesus, September 28, 1977

"My children, parents of families, you must now accept the great responsibility for the salvation of your children's souls. When My Son returns, He will cry and cry again, 'Where shall I find the Faith?' Shall there be a flicker of faith left when He returns? The way you are proceeding, the world's people have become pagans, worshipers of false idols, engrossed in materialism, modernism, humanism, socialism--every manner of creation from satan.
    "Those in power seek to form for man a utopia, a perfect world; man in power even seeking to create life on his own. He has rejected his God, O man of science.
    "Man has not learned from his past, My children. He repeats over and over his errors, never learning from his past. And I cry out to you: remember Noe, remember Sodom!
    "And woe to the pastor who will not commit himself to action to stop the crimes being committed against the young, as bands of homosexuals roam the streets of the world sodomizing young children. And why? Because justice has fallen into satan's hands." - Our Lady, May 13, 1978

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"As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you:  all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold."- Jesus, June 1, 1978

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