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Tidal waves upon a great city...

April 17, 1976
Eve of Easter Sunday 

     Veronica - The sky this evening has a red cast. Through this cast I see, beyond the farthest star, an arc-shaped light. Our Lady now is coming from quite a distance, because She's coming forward very slowly. Oh, now I can see Our Lady much clearer. She looked like, almost like a statue in the distance. Our Lady is standing upon a huge globe, a ball. No, it's almost like looking at the globe of the world.

     Our Lady's feet are bare. She has a beautiful white gown with a sash of blue about Her waist. Her head covering is a deep scarlet color. It gives me a feeling of sadness, trial, sorrow.

     Now as this carrier, this globe that Our Lady is standing on, comes forward, I can see now it is almost like looking upon a globe of the world. But over the surface there are pinpoints of light, candle-like lights, on the surface of the globe.

     Our Lady - "My child, you are observing the many little armies, the blue armies throughout your world. Since you have adopted, My child, My color of blue, it is a signification for Heaven.

     "The Message from Heaven has entered upon the Eternal City and has brought about a division. My child, with much prayer and sacrifice, those who have divided themselves, set themselves from within the light and have become agents of darkness, will, through your prayers and sacrifice, return.

     "The world shall go through a crucible of suffering, for the Father shall chastise those He loves. There will be great disturbances of nature. My child, all that I have allowed you to see in the past was for reason. 

     "The Ball of Redemption hovers closer to your world. It is not an ordinary celestial star, My child. It is a supernatural manifestation performed by the Eternal Father. It will be a chastisement such as mankind has never seen before nor will ever see again. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.

     "My child, take no account of those who will seek to stop your mission by accusations to the world from their ministry saying that you have started a crusade, a campaign of fear. 

     "Shall a warning be given to mankind? I say yes, My children!  Many minor warnings have been given in the past, and have gone by unnoticed, by the Eternal Father. These warnings were given by the Eternal Father to awaken mankind. There shall be tremors and earthquakes in places never before seen or experienced. Great tidal waves shall descend upon a great city and it shall fall into the sea. Measure for measure, mankind shall be given his chastisement to cleanse him in a crucible of suffering because of his aberrations, because of his arrogance, because of his turning from the truth, the light, and from the Commandments given by the Eternal Father.

     "I repeat much that I have given in warning to mankind in the past, and soon My words will be few. I want you all, My children, to go back and read these warnings and act upon them.

     "The Message from Heaven must continue to be given to mankind until the return of My Son. Your world, your earth, is now in a mire of degradation and perversion. Your world, your earth, My children, is setting itself upon a path of destruction. While the world cries peace, peace, the Bear goes forward with destruction, and planning for the destruction of your nation. 

Arms of the U.S.S.R.

     "The Bear is the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, U.S.S.R. We have now, My children, sadly, many sickle-bears in Rome. A sickle-bear is one who is an arm of the U.S.S.R. in Rome, and there are a small number of them, My child, in the Eternal City of Rome. They have entered upon the high places in Rome.

     "O woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! The Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled. A constant vigilance of prayer must be kept throughout your country and the world.

     "My child, you cannot, you must not take it upon yourself to try to fathom, to understand the ways of the Eternal Father. Remain in simplicity, My child. As a voice-box you do not have to understand all that is given to you, for you are repeating My words.

     "Be assured, My child, that you must not fear giving My message to those in high places. It is the will of the Eternal Father that each and every man and woman and child of knowledgeable age be given this message before the coming of the Ball of Redemption.

     "You ask, My child, why this has been called the Ball of Redemption? Because, My child, it is the manner in which the Eternal Father plans to redeem mankind from his sins.

     "As in the days of old when My Son sacrificed His Body upon your earth, it is now that He is being recrucified in His Church and in the hearts of mankind.

     "O My children, if only I could open, open the world to you and allow you to see what is going to become of you. You who do not listen and follow My direction—I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. I have been sent to you in these days of great trial. It is truly the time of great sorrows.

     "You are now living in the days, the latter days, My children, the time of times that have been given to mankind, that have been written down through the ages by your prophets. The Eternal Father has prepared you, My children, for this time. It is truly the battle of the spirits.

     "There have been loosed upon earth demons of great strength, My children. You have been warned now, and you must act upon this warning and protect yourselves and your family.

     "The greatest strength for you, My children, is to remain with My Son by the tabernacles of your world. Go to them, My children, while you still can, for the day will come when they will be closed to you. Weep with My Son; pray with Him, for you hold the balance for the destruction or the salvation of mankind.

     "What was to happen in the future shall be now, My child. It is for you to help change this by getting out the message in great haste. Many arms shall be given to help you in this mission, My child.

     "Live each day to its fullest. There is no time in Heaven, My child, so We will call you at any time.

     "It is a sad fact, My child, that many scientific minds are being deluded by satan. It is in this manner that satan can use their human minds to destroy their brothers and sisters. They are creating all manners of destruction—mechanical, My child.

     "The angel of extermination shall be sent to mankind. He will remove, through trial, a great number of souls from your earth.

     "I have instructed you, My children, in the past to read and read again the writings of John, the Apocalypse, the Book of Revelations. Read and open your hearts to the truth. Read, and you shall not be unaware of what is happening about you. You will find the confusion being cleared when you understand now that there are two factions in your world, good and evil, and the great battle for souls is on now.

     "Satan has his armies, and I, My child, through the manner of the Eternal Father in His providence and great knowledge, I have been sent to you as a Mediatrix—I repeat, a Mediatrix between God and man. My Son is beside Me in the battle. We watch and will be with you until His return to your earth.

     "The letter, My child, must not be mailed at this time.

     "You will now, My child, sit back, for I have several messages to give you, but they must remain in private."


     "In Rome, the Eternal City, the forces of 666, the man of perdition, are working. I say 'are,' My child, because these forces are the six demons of special mission, loosed upon earth in these latter days. The world-wide forces are called 666."


     Veronica - Our Lady's coming closer over us. Oh, I can see Her now! Her mantle does not look purple like it did before; it's a beautiful deep blue now. And Our Lady's gown is blowing. It must be quite windy. Our Lady is smiling. It's a very sad smile.

     Our Lady - "You ask, My child, if I would appear to all. Not at this time, My child. It is not in the plan of the Eternal Father.

     "You will observe, My child, that I will fall into habit of closing your ears at times, for I will be speaking to another.  There is much that will not be given to you to be given out freely in public discourse for your protection and the protection of your mission.

     "You understand, My child, that you are not in an ordinary human war, but a war of the spirits. When you communicate with Us it must be in silence, giving no expression upon your face or words from your lips. Satan and his agents cannot learn what you are thinking, My child, unless you give a form of facial expression or sound. He cannot read your mind. Think to Us, My children; speak with Us in quietude, in solitude of meditation.

     "My child, for those who have gone into darkness of spirit or fallen into the errors of your day, know that they will not understand much of Our message to the world. It is because they have been allowed to be blinded by the Eternal Father. They have ears that do not hear; they have hearts that have hardened because of sin; they have eyes that will not see. But to those who have even a small measure of faith, like a seed in a garden of flowers, if they but give this seed a small water of life, it will grow and grow and bear great beauty and fruit.

     "There will be many manifestations in your world today, but watch, My child and My children; do not be misled. Satan also has worldly miracles and many supernatural miracles to perform. However, they will be of only short duration. All evil is never triumphant. The Eternal Father will turn all evil to good.

     "The human mind will never be able to understand fully the difference between the human body and the eternal soul, the spirit. Satan and his agents, being spirits, must enter into a body to perform their diabolical work in their crusade to destroy the children of God. Therefore, you must recognize the faces of evil about you. Wear your armor of protection, your sacramentals, and be guided in the light. I repeat again: remain with My Son in the Eucharistic Service. His Body and Blood shall strengthen you in the days ahead.

     "Do not surrender your soul for honor and glory of your world, a temporary state of honor and glory that you must discard when you come over the veil. You will stand before the Eternal Father in judgment with nothing of worldly nature or value, but only what you have stored for your entrance into the Kingdom.

     "You must then, My children, live in the spirit. You must live in your world but not be of the world, for the world now has been given to satan. The world will discard you, reject you, scorn you because you are not of the world. They will not understand your words, and laugh, be derisive, because you are speaking a language foreign to them, for you are speaking a language of the spirit, My child and My children. Therefore, you will not be affected by being called different or even, scornfully, crazy, for, My children, whatever the world will call you—accept the cross, for We are waiting with Our arms extended to receive you when your mission is finished."

     Veronica - Our Lady now is reaching onto Her waist, and She's extending Her beautiful Rosary. It has the golden Our Fathers and the beautiful white beads; they glisten with all the colors of the rainbow. And Our Lady is turning now. She is holding out the crucifix on Her Rosary and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Now Our Lady is turning over to Her left side. She is going across the sky; She's just gliding. Our Lady doesn't walk—it's like She's weightless. She's gliding across the sky and looking down and extending out Her Rosary, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Our Lady - "Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement. Many are needed. You must go forward in the darkness with your candles."


     Veronica - This evening, on the eve of Jesus' Resurrection, we are receiving fantastic miraculous pictures as promised by Our Lady. Everything Our Lady is saying is being given in photographs. I have here in my hand, among many that I have seen taken this evening, one photograph in reference to the priests.

     When Our Lady and Jesus speak of a priest, the number eight—it goes after seven; seven is Heaven's perfect number. The number eight is given to signify the Eucharist and the priesthood, which is doing battle with the Antichrist forces, the number four. It is the time of Armageddon.

     Using the numbers four and eight, if you will read like a clock our so-called peace symbol of today, you will find the whole story of what is going on in the time of Armageddon. For the hands will point to twelve, which means that the hour has struck; six, for the arrival of 666; four, the Antichrist forces, against eight, the Eucharist, the priesthood of Jesus, and the Roman Catholic Church.

     Our Lady - "The true Church of Jesus in Rome is being attacked by the forces of 666. It is a world-wide involvement that cannot be fully described at this time. It is a diabolical involvement that will be made fully known with the Second Coming of Jesus.

     "The battle rages now, and all who have given themselves to the world will not understand, for they are of the world. And many now have adopted and accepted a new father—not the Eternal Father in Heaven, but the father of all liars, satan. All who do not recognize Jesus as the Christ is the Antichrist. Learn by this! 

     "The clergy who have given themselves over to errors and are misled, and some of great determination to destroy My Son's Church—why? Because they have lost the Faith. Pray, pray much for your clergy, My children. Without your prayers, many mitres shall fall into hell.

     "Your photograph, My child, shows the priesthood on the wide road to destruction and damnation. The narrow road to Heaven is not an easy road, for it requires discipline and sacrifice, but above all, a steadfast determination to retain the Faith."


     Veronica - The sky is becoming a deep pink, a beautiful pink color, and from the center—it's like a circlet of light—Jesus is coming forward. He also has bare feet; I can see His feet out under His gown. Now Jesus has on a—it's not a burgundy color anymore; His cape has more of a purple cast to it. It's a burgundy, but it has a sort of a cast of purple.

     Now Jesus is coming down closer, and He's touching His finger to His lips. His cloak is now blowing from out behind Him. He hasn't got it—usually He is holding it on His arm, but Jesus has His left hand over His chest. And now His right hand is touching His lip.

     Jesus - "My child, you will listen carefully and repeat after Me. It is at this time, due to the urgency of your times, I must warn you now that the agents of 666 are in Rome, the Eternal City. As My Mother has told you in the past, it is the plan of this group, the agents of 666, to remove your Vicar, Pope Paul VI, from Rome.  

     "As My Mother has told you countless times in the past, there will be a war. It will be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, and all that is rotten shall fall. It is sad but true that there are some now in the Eternal City who have taken the Red Hat with dark purposes.

     "You ask, My child, why this has been allowed? It is in the Eternal Father's plan to separate the sheep from the goats. The present course of Our Red Hats and Our Purple Hats leads but to one conclusion: that many mitres shall fall into hell.

     "You who have been given the grace, a special calling from the Eternal Father, you who betray Me in My own House, I say to you now: turn back and make amends; do penance; pray a constant vigilance. You must return discipline to your vocation.

     "The conspiracy of evil—like an octopus, the arms reach out to destroy My Church. But I say unto you: I am the foundation! The walls are shaking. There are many Judases in My House!

     "I have set the angel Extermination upon you. All who are of well spirit shall go through these trials knowing the reason for this test. 

     "You cannot, you must not condone sin; you shall not rationalize sin until sin has become a way of life among you. It shall be brother against brother and sister against sister. Nation shall rise up against nation. There shall be disturbances of nature of such great magnitude that many lives shall be lost! You will be forced to your knees, and only then, in this time of great trial, will you turn back and look for the light.

     "My children, do you want punishment? Can you not give up your way of life, a sinful life, to save your soul, your spirit? Shall you destroy your eternal life with Us for the few short years you all have upon your earth? When you leave your body you have full consciousness. You will understand then, only too late, what you have given up.

     "There shall be much gnashing of teeth and weeping in the days to come. It is only through a merciful Eternal Father that you have not received the Ball upon you, but it is coming. The prayers of the faithful have gained several reprieves, but the balance is heavily to the left.

     "You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer, My children. The days ahead shall come upon you, but you will not be caught unawares. Follow the directions given by My Mother in the past and prepare your souls and the souls of your children. Do not sell your soul to get to the head, for your gain nothing.

     "You will continue, My children, to pray for your bishops. It is through misdirection and loss of grace, because of too few prayers, that they now have set themselves into the darkness.

     "A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it. Remember that, My pastors. A Church in darkness shall close its doors! But My Church shall not be extinct or destroyed, for the church of man cannot transcend the spirit."

     Veronica - Now Jesus is going over to our left side. He's bending over now and gathering His robe about Him. He's placing His robe, gathering the loose folds over His left arm. Now Jesus is placing His hand out in front of Him, like this, with His fingers raised, His three fingers, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Now just behind Him, way high in the sky, I can see Michael. Michael is standing there. He has the balance, the scale in his left hand, and he's carrying a very long spear. The point is pointed downward. And he's motioning over to the right side of the sky, and written in black letters is "WAR":  W-A-R.

     Now Jesus is placing His hand up, like this, above His head and the words now are disappearing from the sky. Now Jesus is placing His hand out in front of Him, like this. He's over just above the tree on the right side, and He's placing His hand in front of Him and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Jesus - "I bless you, My children, as the Eternal Father blesses you and sends upon you the Spirit of light. Continue now with your prayers of atonement that are sorely needed."


We encourage everyone to print or email copies of this web page to all the Bishops and all the clergy.  Also, email or send this web page to the news media and as many people as possible.

"My children, My little humble children, I appeal to you as your Mother, go forward on foot, knock on the doors; bring the light to your brothers and sisters.  For those who have been given great grace, much is expected of them." - Our Lady of the Roses,  May 26, 1976

"As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you:  all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

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