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#240 - Man's Inhumanity to Man

"Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn!” – Robert Burns (1759-1796)

"Man's inhumanity to his brother is Our greatest sorrow. There is blindness much worse than loss of physical sight--the blindness of the heart. So many are heading for the flames blindly. Man seeks to destroy the evidence of hell, but he will learn the truth soon enough. Hell exists and Heaven exists. The sins of the flesh send more souls to hell.” – Our Lady, October 2, 1970 

Veronica - Our Lady says much prayer, much sacrifice is needed, for there will be a great War. It will touch the lives of every man, woman, and child on earth.
     And She is standing at the left side of the flagpole. Our Lady looks very sad, and She is shaking Her head.
Our Lady - "My child, you see man's inhumanity to man. This is what results from the loss of the light. The Father chastises those He loves, permitting the separation of the sheep from the goats. Those who have been called into the light have great obligation to go forward and gather the straying sheep, their brothers and sisters who have fallen into the darkness. Great rejoicing there will be if you bring one back, just one back to Us.” – March 24, 1974 

"'How long,' the voices of those who are persecuted and must die, are saying--the voices rise to Heaven, join with the saints: 'How long, O Lord, shall you continue to find excuses upon excuses as these generations of degenerates have progressed into a spiritual darkness and depravity far worse than even during the time of Noe or Lot? How long, O Lord, shall many more martyrs shed their blood?'
     "My children, voices cry out to Heaven to stop the carnage, the inhumanity of man to his brother. But I say unto you, as your God, that you have a free will to correct all the wrong or extend it until you destroy yourselves.” – Jesus, May 30, 1981 

"Satan shall seek out your country wherever there is dark­ness of spirit, and in those places, My child, all manner of evil shall spring up, evil such as never been seen upon your earth. Human beings infested by the devil, working all manners of evil against his brother and sister.” – Our Lady, December 31, 1975 

"The Father now diffuses the Spirit throughout the world. Pray not that He will find need to remove the Spirit, for then no words will describe the hell upon you all.
     "Without the Spirit, man will act as insane to his brother. There will be no law, no order, no charity of heart. Man will be as animal.
     "The hardness of heart I see in man already has reached out to destroy the unwanted aged and infirm. Only when this practice becomes a way of life, which I warn you now is in progress, will those of true spirit shudder in fright.” – Our Lady, December 31, 1970 

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Wear your sacramentals, for they have been given to you for reason. Pray for those who scoff at these graces, for they do not know what they are doing. Pray for them, My child, that they may be given the light, for they have given themselves to the ways of the world, caring more for the plaudits of man than for the promise of the Eternal Father. They will gain all that satan has to offer in your world, but will come across the veil with no merit--only to find their eternal reward in the abyss.
     "Yes, My child, you will feel faint at the knowledge of the existence of hell. Better that mankind has fear of the Eternal Father if he does not have love! For now many are in a void of spirit. They neither know their God, nor do they care to know their God.
     "Why, My child, you ask, has this state come about? Because mankind refuses, My child, to humble himself. He must be above his brother! Pride! Intellectual pride shall destroy many, even in the houses of God. Pray, My child, for many are called but few are chosen." – Our Lady, March 29, 1975 

"Man cries for peace and brotherhood, but these come from his lips; these words do not come from his heart. And how can he have true love in his heart of his brother if he does not accept the father of all love, his God in Heaven? What can a man teach to others if he does no longer have the light in his heart to teach? He can only send forth the darkness and the evil that comes from the hidden corners of his heart to others.
     "My children, no evil is ever triumphant. By their fruits will they be known. No evil is ever triumphant. My children, I despair of heart, for many are rejecting My Son. What manner of folly is this to reject My Son? You cannot enter Heaven. You must believe My Son in the Trinity or you will not see the Father over the veil.” – Our Lady, May 30, 1977 

"Sinful mankind is setting himself to bring about a religion of universal proportions, but it will be a religion of man and not of God.
     "Satan has entered into the highest places of the Eternal City. Bishop shall face bishop, and cardinal shall set himself against his brother. In this manner all that is rotten will fall.
     "You ask, My child, how this sorrowful state has come to pass. It is, My child, because too few pray, too few know the value of suffering, and too few have sought to do atonement for the offenses committed against My Son and His Immaculate Heart.” – Our Lady, October 2, 1975 

"My Mother has gone throughout your world begging for you to do penance and atonement so that you shall have a reprieve from the great Chastisement that was to be in the future. I say, My children, 'was to be.' As man falls deeper into sin and does not do penance for the abominations being committed on your earth and in My houses throughout your world, this leaves no recourse to the Eternal Father but to set upon your world a great trial.
     "The minds of those who have fallen out of grace shall be captured and used by satan, the adversary, and his agents. All man­ner of foul deeds, of cruelty, and of death shall come from their evil minds.” – Jesus, December 31, 1975

"You do not know, My poor children, what Our eyes have seen as We looked into the dungeons of the communist organizations:  the beatings, the scaldings, the torturings.  It is beyond all human reasoning that a human being could try to destroy the whole faith of an individual by beatings, by torturings, even by cutting out the tongues of those who had dared to speak against them.  And who are these peoples, My children, who are doing these vile things?  In those days when communism enters your country, it will be your own family and your neighbors.
     "Yes, My child, I know you are shocked at this, but this is what is going to happen unless the bishops and Pope John Paul II listen to My plea.  We have approached them many times; however, I do not understand their fear of Russia.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself, for fear is a tool of the devil.” – Our Lady, October 2, 1987

"My child, I point for this reason: though, My child, it is a most difficult message to bring to the world, you must not be afeared; but you must shout it from the rooftops: Russia has the upper hand now at this time in world peace or world destruction. You must understand, the heart of the atheist is closed to mercy and goodness. A darkened soul has shut out the light. And they seek nothing but the destruction of any man, woman, or child who stands in their way, to assume and gain through hatred and deception among families, and also the ruination of the lives of the children of all families.” – Our Lady, October 5, 1985

Our Lady - "The agents of hell have gathered now. The satanism is accelerating, My child. You must all pray and act upon this knowledge that among you are those who are practicing the worship of satan. They have even become so imbued with the spirit of evilness that they murder in sacrifice another human being."
Veronica - Oh.
Our Lady - "Yes, My child, look upon the scene before you."
Veronica - Oh, I see what looks like a cave. I don't think that this is in the United States. I get the impression it's a cave similar to the ones that I saw—the one I saw when Jesus was being crucified, and they were scourging Him at the pillar in a cave, like built out of a hill.
     I see a lot of people gathered there. Now I would say about fifteen, or maybe seventeen, I'm count . . . no, thirteen, there are thirteen people. Now they're all standing in a circle. And in the middle of that circle is a man. He's dressed with horns on his head, like satan, and he has a black cape which is red inside. And he's turning about and he's holding a spear in his hand. It has three prongs on it. And he's dipping these prongs now into a boiling big kettle. I believe it's water boiling, he's heating up. And now he's placing—after putting water, he dips his fork, this big fork, into the water, and then places it on top of the hot coals, and they sizzle. [Veronica gasps.] And now he's going over, and there's a man tied, just like Jesus was, to a post. [Veronica gasps again.] And he's taking this horrible, horrible thing in his hand and he's burning the skin of the man. I can hear his screams; the man is screaming. He's burning the prongs of the pitchfork on the man's back.
     Now Our Lady knows that I am getting dreadfully ill. It's a horrible sight. Now—oh! Now one of the—there's a woman there; she—her eyes are glassy, like she's drugged or something—now she's going over to the man and she's taking a—it's a long knife, like a hunting knife, and cutting him in his back. And then—oh, my . . . oh, no! Then there's another woman—they're all dressed in black capes with red on the interior—there's another woman, she's going over, and—oh, no! They—she has—oh, she has a chalice in her hands and she's placing it underneath the drops of blood that are coming out of the gash she's made in the man's back. And they're all laughing, like they're hysterically insane. They're all laughing.
     And now the woman is coming over and she's passing—it's a chalice, oh, it's a chalice, but she's passing it among them all and they're drinking the man's blood. Oh! - March 18, 1983

"My child and My children, need I repeat to you all of the abominations being committed upon the earth now? I can also repeat to you that in some of these horrible, excruciatingly painful cults that are growing up fast in your country and other countries about the world, they have even gone so far as to dab now in cannibalism, the eating of human flesh as a sacrifice to satan. That is why, My children, so many cannot be found who are missing-mostly, My children, young children. Mothers have cried, their hearts torn with anguish when their children disappear from the streets. Your police do not investigate fully. Sending out photographs of the missing children, this is of little help when they fall into the clutches of the satanists, for they do not remain about long. Their bodies are often cremated on pyres to satan." - Jesus, November 1, 1985

"My children, you will experience a time of great suffering. As man becomes defiled in nature, he will lose all sense of charity of heart, for he has no God within his heart. He will abuse his neighbor in all manners of defilement; he will commit murders, robberies, defilement of the young, abuses of the flesh! My children, as time goes on, you will feel that insanity has gripped your world."  - Our Lady, July 15, 1977

"O My child and My children, if I could take you step by step, you would die of fear and of horror if you could look behind the closed doors and see what is happening to your children.  Many now are being trained as adults with a knowledge that cannot be absorbed into their young minds.  Therefore, they become victims of their elders.
     "How long shall this be permitted by the Eternal Father?  My children, not very long."  - Our Lady, March 18, 1983

"No man, no creation is above the Father in Heaven. Only He has the power to give life, and no man shall take the power of life into his own hands by extinguishing this body!"
Veronica - Our Lady is pointing over on Her right side. Oh, and I'm looking into . . . it looks like a field. No, it's a dump. It's a dump, a garbage dump. And Our Lady is pointing down.
Our Lady - "See, My child, mankind--the rubble, treated like garbage."
Veronica - Oh, I see plastic bags, and--oh, my God! I see bodies of babies. Oh, they're in plastic bags. In one bag I see--oh, my God! Oh, I see three faces! Oh, my God--three heads! Oh, they're actually babies. How horrible! Oh, my God! I don't see a whole body in the bags. I see a horrible mixture of arms and legs. Oh, my God!
Our Lady - "Yes, My child, they are not only slaughtered; they are tortured!
[Veronica wept.]
     "Murder, My child! It is not a pretty sight. Murder, My child! As you sow, so shall you reap! All who share even a slight measure of responsibility for the murder of the unborn shall send themselves into the abyss. Eternal damnation and the fires shall claim them! Repent now of your murders!
     "Remember, My children, Sodom and Gomorrha, the great cities of sin. Your city and the cities of your country shall be wiped away--wiped from the face of your earth, so great is the sin in your cities!” – Our Lady, December 28, 1974

"My children, I tell you now as your Mother that My tears fall upon you, for you do not know what you are doing. You are bringing upon you a great punishment.
     "Are you so blind that you do not recognize the acceleration of sin among you? Murders abound, thievery, all manner of carnage, destruction of young souls, abortion, homosexuality, condemned from the beginning of time by the Eternal Father. Yet sin has become a way of life. Sin is condoned now, even unto the highest judges of your land and your lands throughout the world. As you have sown so shall you reap. Sin is death, not only of the spirit, but of the body. Wars are a punishment for man's sin, his greed, his avarice.” – Our Lady, August 14, 1981

"How long, you ask, My child, shall it be? This decision lies only in the hearts of mankind. When the abominations have reached a peak of great iniquity, know then that the end is at hand.
     "Death, famine, destruction, seeds of evil flourishing to the extent that you will fear that mass insanity has set upon your world. Sin, My children, is insanity. Wars are a punishment for your sins! Awaken! Take the darkness from your hearts! Make atonement for yourselves, for no man can say he has not offended his God!” – Jesus, December 28, 1974 

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