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#357 - Spiritual Combat

“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true, and with justice doth he judge and fight.” – Apocalypse 19:11

"No man who comes to the Father in belief will be turned away. No sinner is too much of a sinner to be recovered. The Father, the Eternal Father, gathers the sheep, not wishing that one be lost to Him.
     "Every soul of the light must now go forth as an apostle of the Father. If you were engaged in mortal combat of the body with another, you would expound great effort to win your cause. Therefore, My children, why have you not used your energies for the salvation of your eternal soul?” – Jesus, November 24, 1973 

"My children, My Mother has cautioned you of the days ahead. I do not have to enlarge upon Her direction. Keep a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your country and the world. You must be persevering and diligent. There are many armies of satan now throughout your world. The Eternal Father plans the strategy to combat this evil. However, man holds his destiny by his actions.” – Jesus, July 15, 1976 

"You must pray a constant vigilance of prayer that the enemies of your God remove themselves from the major positions of importance, the positions that enable them to destroy the human soul!
     "Through the providence of the Eternal Father, My Mother was sent to you as a Mediatrix between God and man in this day of com­bat of the spirits. No man shall be captured and destroyed, carried into the abyss by satan, unless he wills his soul to him.” – Jesus, February 10, 1976 

"The souls you have sent back to My Father will be your score sheet for the destruction that will fall on you! These innocent angels have been untimely cut out of the plan of My Father. You are no longer sharing with My Father in creation, for you have chosen to be against My Father!
     "Would you have listened to Us, the man of sin would not have entered your country. You left the door open. Pray that this serpent does not enter your house; for he roams, gathering these souls for Lucifer. We are at war now, but the war of the spirits has far direr consequences than the human beings in worldly war combats.
     "My Mother has given the plan for salvation countless times before. Will there only be counted a few in the final total? This will depend on prayer, works, and efforts of love in action demonstrated by all remaining souls on this earth.” – Jesus, May 19, 1971 

"All messages given from My hallowed grounds must reach the world now. Your time now is through the New Year of your earth time. There are many trials ahead for your country now. Unless you retire from the evil inducements of the world outside, and devote your time to living within your spirit, and fortify your life with prayer and sacrifice, you will not remain under My mantle of protection.
     "I am your Mother of Grace. I am the Mediatrix of all graces, and My graces and My Son's graces are to be given freely to all those who will believe. Believe, My children, just believe, and you will be given the way.
     "The war is on, the battle of the spirits. You must decide your side. The middle road is non-existent; there is only good or evil. You cannot serve both.  . . . [Words not clear] you to make the decision: will you go the easy way and deny Us for the few years that you will have upon your earth?” – Our Lady, December 24, 1971 

“I beg you, I implore you, as your Mother, to listen! I have warned you now upon your earth; I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, imploring you to listen to My counsel and My direction. The forces of hell are loosed upon your earth now. They try to stop all missions from Heaven. It is the final battle of the spirits; the forces of good and evil now entangle en masse.” – Our Lady, June 4, 1977 

"Pray much. Wear your sacramentals. I cannot stress this enough to you, My children. Your sacramentals are your armor. Let them mock you! Let them call you deranged. Does this matter, these few words of arrogance and pride and disdain, when you know that all man must reach his ultimate end and stand in judgment before the Father? Do you build your life to please satan, or are you building your life and leading your pilgrimage onto the road to the Kingdom of your God? Only you will answer this.
     "Luciel was cast from the Kingdom of light. He is here upon your earth plane. You were sent by the Father as pilgrims, warriors from Heaven, to do battle with satan. It sorrows the Father much when satan adds his count higher. The battle of the spirits is on now, My child, in great force. You cannot bargain with your soul!
     "We see the greatest of abominations being committed upon your earth--the defilement of the sacred temples, your bodies. The Holy Spirit cannot enter into a defiled body. It must be cleansed first. This cleansing will be done of your free will or, in the mercy of the Father, you will receive this cleansing through chastisement.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1974 

"My child, you must now set up a task force to stop the wave of evil in pornography that is engulfing your country and the world. Action is needed. There are many true spirits who will help you in this fight. It is truly a battle of the spirits." – Our Lady, August 14, 1975 

"The evil forces are gathered not only in the Eternal City, My child, but throughout all of your earth. It is the battle of the spirits. Know that the eventual victory is with My Son and His return.
     "Peace, My children? You seek peace, but you do not look in the right places. You wander in a haze, for you have not given yourselves and your will to the Eternal Father. You reject the knowledge of My Son, for you seek to substitute a religion of man. No man is above the Eternal Father. All knowledge has been given to you.
     "You must not seek novelty in My Son's House. Many abominations sadden My heart. There is great lack of respect during the Holy Service, My children. My Son's House, His houses throughout your earth, have become meeting places of demons.” – Our Lady, November 20, 1975 

"The Eternal Father is most merciful, My children, and He will chastise those He loves. There is great value in suffering. Many will carry heavy crosses, My children, in the days ahead.
     "In the city of Rome, the light is dim. The battle continues, the battle of the spirits. The sheep are being separated from the goats by the Eternal Father. In the end all that is rotten will have fallen.
     "You are living in the days of trial, the days written of by Saint John in the Apocalypse, the Revelations to mankind. Do not reject as hearsay, or the thoughts from the hearts of mere man, these Revelations, My children, for this prophecy was given to you from the Eternal Father. It is for your knowledge to use in these days.” – Our Lady, December 6, 1975 

"My children and My child, in past counsel to you I hastened with great urgency to warn you that My Son shall be recrucified by His own. In the Holy City of Rome many Red Hats have now become the Judases in the hierarchy. As men of the cross they have now won for themselves the title of ‘evil men of the cross.’ Many have entered My Son's House, His Church upon earth, to do harm. I warned you, O pastors, bishops, cardinals, that you have been infiltrated. Your actions now have brought a reverberation from about the world, and it has been in wake of a coming cataclysm and tribulation to mankind.
     "Know ye all who hear My voice, as a Mother of great sorrow for Her children, that mankind has turned away from the light and sin has become a way of life. The multitudes are hastening to the cities for wealth, riches, and power. The great cities shall fall from tribulation. The great powers of the world shall be defeated slowly, until the ultimate victory over evil comes with My Son and the angels from Heaven.
     "My children, there is now raging upon earth a battle of the spirits. Every man, woman, and child shall be affected by this war of the spirits. You must go forward now as disciples of My Son, and many saints shall come forth from the great tribulation.” – Our Lady, September 13, 1978 

"Life upon your earth is but a vale of tears. Many sorrows are in the hearts of many mothers on the eve of your New Year. I bring you on this day a word of gladness, the words of hope that eventually all tribulation will end and My Son will be victorious. The battle of the spirits will not be fought by visible human means. War with the spirits is fought by prayer, and the direction of the Father.
     "There is only one way in which you will lose the road and fall into darkness: when you refuse the graces We have offered you.” – Our Lady, December 31, 1972 

"I give fair warning, as your Mother, that the world has set itself upon a course for its own destruction. In My Son's House it shall be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, for satan has set himself in their midst. It shall be mother against daughter, father against son. There shall be discord in the home as the family heads struggle to maintain the Faith.
     "O My children, the battle of the spirits is far greater than any human war that man knows of. The days as given by your prophets are here. Recognize the signs of your times, My children, and act upon them. All who have been given the great grace to hear My voice, to accept the warnings from Heaven, know that much is expected of you, for you must go forward and recover your straying brothers and sisters.
     "Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, My children. Pray for the struggle that now is taking place in the Eternal City of Rome and the struggle that is entering upon many countries of Europe. The evil of the Red Bear is spreading, My children. Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. How long can I hold back the heavy hand of My Son?" – Our Lady, June 5, 1976 

“Only through the graces that can ransom this soul will one return, be returned to the Kingdom. Those who receive in abundance, much is expected of them. They will not sit back, knowing they have received the light, but must go forth and share their graces with others.” - Our Lady, March 25, 1973 

“Do not fall into the error of your day, the error that is being given a worldwide circulation in your houses, churches--My Church and all heretical sects--that because of My death and My crucifixion no man will die. But what is death, My children, but a destruction of your immortal soul, a soul that is in darkness and destroyed by being given to satan for eternal damnation. Do not be misguided by those who say you may sin, you may break all the rules of your God and still be saved. It is a fallacy and an abominable error straight from the depths of hell, and the creation of satan to delude you until there is no way back.
     “Each and every man, woman, and child of the age of reason is accountable to the very end for his way, the road he has chosen while upon earth. Life is eternal for all, but where shall you spend this eternity? Though My Mother cries and pleads to you as a fallen generation, you must understand that not all who cry 'Lord, Lord,' can enter into the Kingdom. It is won by merit and obedience to your God. And I repeat: obedience to your God, but not obedience to a man who defies your God.” - Jesus, November 22, 1976 

"Only the truth and Tradition shall keep you free from enslavement. There are the forces of evil now loosed upon earth, and the master of deception walks now upon your earth. Satan, Lucifer, is now out of the abyss and walking upon earth. Prepare your home now as a fortress and safeguard the children's souls.
     "You must recognize the supernatural or you will be lost. There is a war now going on, a war far worse than any human war of the nations ever seen before, and never to see again at its conclusion. It is truly the battle of the spirits, the forces of light against the forces of darkness. My children, you are all being tested: of free will, will you make your decision. No man shall fall into hell unless he wills himself there.” – Jesus, November 19, 1977 

"You are now living in the difficult times. The battle rages with satan. It is the battle of the spirits. This war of the spirits will continue unto the Coming of My Son. I am truly the Mother of Sorrows." – Our Lady, December 31, 1973 

"I must now bring to you a fact forgotten by many--the existence of the supernatural upon your earth. You are now in a battle of the spirits. It is a war far greater than any human war of the body, for now you are fighting the unseen, unseen to most human eyes.” – Our Lady, May 29, 1976 

"My children, though these days can be called desperate, you are living in the times wished to be lived in by many saints; for they knew the challenge it was to their Faith, and they knew the value of living in these times for the redemption of souls for all Heaven.
     "It is truly a battle of the spirits, My children. Wear your sacramentals, your armor. Do not despair, for despair is created by satan. Be of stout heart, for the victory is with Heaven." – Jesus, May 3, 1978 

“There is a devious and diabolical force now trying to tear asunder My Son's Church. The laity must now go forward and save My Son's Church.
     "I am with you: as your Mother I will guide you through this battle. The final victory will be with My Son, but you will go forward in this battle of the spirits. It is your test of perseverance, sanctity, valor, and if you succeed in passing through this crisis without discarding your faith--as in test many may or will--you will then receive a well-earned and deserved crown in Heaven.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1979 

"My blue armies of the world must gather now for the final battle against satan. It is a battle of the spirits: brother against brother, father against son, mother against daughter--a time such as mankind has never seen nor will see again at its conclusion.” – Our Lady, September 13, 1975 

"Hell, the doors of hell, the gates have been opened wide. Satan is now walking the earth. In spirit he cannot operate in full measure. He must enter into the body of a human being to work his will.
     "O My children, he is the spirit of evil and darkness, and he will debase souls in a manner so vile that no human mind could conceive of the degradation he will promote through human beings. There will be loss of charity of heart, no love of neighbor or family.
     "My children, you ask why this happens. You have promoted this of your own free will, My children. The light has not left the world, but the light of faith is very dim.
     "There are armies now rising throughout the world, armies that My Mother has gathered in My name. I assure you, My children, it will be a glorious battle ahead. All who enter it with good spirit will be given the strength to persevere in this battle of the spirits.” – Jesus, September 28, 1977 

"Satan has been given much power. Luciel, cast out of Heaven onto earth, is doing great battle now with Our children. He knows that his time is growing short. His plan, My children—and listen well—is to capture the ruling body within My Son's Church." - Our Lady, April 10, 1976

"The battle of the spirits rages and the evil is accelerating. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your nation and the world. I will send and gather among you voice-boxes, guides, and I will send to you the archangels to guide you in your days of trial, error, and sorrow." - Jesus, December 28, 1976

"My children, before this battle of the spirits is over you will all recognize the value of suffering. If you do not bow your knees before your God, you shall be brought down forcefully to your knees. Clergy! Laymen! Forcefully to your knees!
     "My Mother has been coming to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. She sends you and strews among you many roses. Many have thorns; the thorns are always with the roses. And you will always find, My child and My children, the cross beneath the roses. The road to Heaven is the way of the cross. Pick up your cross and follow Me. The way is narrow, and very few remain on it. Many are called, but few can be chosen.” – Jesus, July 25, 1979

“There will be many prodigies given upon the earth and in the air. Test the spirits, My children, for it is truly now a war of the spirits, a war far greater than man has ever passed through.
     “Children of the light, light bearers, you must go forward now with perseverance and confidence. Never slacken in your pace of sending the Message from Heaven throughout the world. When you become despondent or grieved, you will say, My Jesus, my confidence! My Jesus, my confidence!
     “You will keep all of the sacramentals with you, upon your person, for in this war of the spirits, My children, I assure you, you will need every one of them. Surely, it will be a battle to the finish. You will be scoffed at; you will be called crazy and all manner of other epithets the unbeliever can devise. But, My children, you will follow the same path as My Son. Pick up your cross and follow Him. The road will be strewn with thorns. I assure you, My children, you will pass through them, but then you will find a field full of roses and lilies.” - Our Lady, July 15, 1977

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"As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you:  all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

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