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#51 - Cure and Conversion

"Before I went to Bayside I was away from church and our holy Lady for thirty five years. After I went to Bayside, my life changed. I know Our Lady of the Roses led me back to Her Son, who loved me and waited for me all those years." - Mary Mariano, Lackawanna, New York, December 1992

"He has chosen this center of atonement with great purpose. Many will be saved. Many miracles of cures and conversions will go forth through the world from these hallowed grounds. The cause of Heaven shall not be stopped. The well of curing will arise, and man will not stop the waters from flowing.
     "Know well, man, that you cannot defy the Father, for it is in the will of the Father that this land be claimed for the salvation of souls. All who come to these hallowed grounds, My child, will receive graces in abundance, graces of cure and conversion. The crippled shall walk, the blind shall see. Those in darkness shall come forward into the light." 
- Our Lady, February 1, 1974

"You will understand, that every Rosary that has been blessed by the presence of the Mother of God, Jesus, and the Eternal Father in the Holy Ghost, know that these Rosaries are very powerful. So you will keep them with you always, for they will have the power for cure and for conversion - cure of the ailing body and conversion of the sickened soul." - Our Lady, June 18, 1984

"Through this treasure [the medal of Our Lady of the Roses] will flow many graces from Heaven. Have them also blessed by a true, loving priest and wear them for the days ahead. For, as the crippled will be cured, the blind can see, so shall all be saved who believe and wear this medal." - Our Lady, February 11, 1971

"My child, you must not use the little strength you have to try to convert all upon earth. You will have to give this to the angels to do most of this work of conversion. Employ them now, My child, and you will find the road much easier for you." - Our Lady, May 26, 1979

Our Lady said that you are to have a Mass said for the conversion of your loved ones, and you are to say the Rosary daily for the conversion of your loved ones. - Veronica, November 1, 1971

Please submit all testimony of cure, conversion, of heavenly manifestations for the records we keep for holy Church. - Veronica's commentary, October 2, 1972

Intellectual pride is objectively a more formidable barrier to God's graces than is pagan licentiousness. Once this barrier of pride is removed--only through complete self-reversal and great pain--God will plant the seeds, not only of conversion but of sanctity. - Veronica's commentary, February 28, 1971

"It is time now, My child, that those of true knowledge and Faith must work, do penance, make atonement so that you may convert the unbeliever. The graces shall be given to all who ask, graces for cures and graces for conversions." - Our Lady, July 25, 1975

"I give you, My children, graces: graces for cures, graces for conversions; cures of the spirit, and cures of the body. Many miracles and prodigies shall now be found upon earth, but beware of those that satan creates. Test the spirits." - Our Lady, August 13, 1977

"See the Queen of Heaven, the Mystical Rose. Know now that you will recognize the mystical rose petals. They will be sent throughout the world, for they are instruments of cures and conversion."* - St. Theresa, May 22, 1974

*In addition, Our Lady has requested that these rose petals, blessed on the sacred grounds by Jesus and Mary, be pressed and laminated before distribution. We have on file thousands of cures and conversions that have been wrought through these wondrous rose petals. To receive one free, call or write the address below.

"I hear all the entreaties of your hearts, My children. Some I will cure, others must carry their crosses. Do not misunderstand My words, My children. Those who will carry their crosses will be doubly blessed. We have asked for victim souls in these dark days. Carry your crosses, My children, with purpose. Offer your sufferings with My Son, Who suffered much for you." - Our Lady, March 25, 1972

"Cures and conversions will come about as I have promised, to propagate the work and the mission on earth of raising in your country the Shrine. However, My children, you also must follow the direction of the prophets of old. We have given many graces to physicians on your earth. Seek their counsel, too. And then come to Us, and in the will of the Father We will cure you. This cure, if not given physically, I assure you, My children, will be given to you spiritually." - Our Lady, December 30, 1972

"But remember, My children, it is the spiritual cures that are needed most now. Do not place too much value in physical cures. The spirit now must be cured, My children." - Our Lady, June 18, 1977

"To give the date [of the Chastisement] to the world, My child, would gain us nothing, for as soon as the danger has passed, man would fall back into his old ways of offending his God. The lesson he learns must be a permanent one of conversion." - Our Lady, December 31, 1974

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"My children, My little humble children, I appeal to you as your Mother, go forward on foot, knock on the doors; bring the light to your brothers and sisters.  For those who have been given great grace, much is expected of them." - Our Lady of the Roses,  May 26, 1976

"As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you:  all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

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