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#540 - Protection, Part 3

"The Lord is thy keeper, the Lord is thy protection upon thy right hand." - Psalm 120: 5

"Your world has rejected the call from Heaven. Your world asks for a chastisement. Your world is heading for a destruction greater than mankind has ever experienced. It will be the time of all times, and the Day of your Lord.
    "My children, keep a constant vigilance of prayer. Guard your children against the forces that lie in wait for them when they leave the protection of your home. You, as parents, must be vigilant to protect your children's souls and prepare them to go over the veil.
    "The sacramentals given to you were given for good reason. Do not cast them aside; do not be swayed by those scoffers who call them idol worship. Understand, My children, when man is at war the enemy will seek to take down his guard. And man of the spirit is at war now, and the enemy seeks to destroy him.
    "It will be brother against brother and sister against sister; and it shall be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, as satan has set himself in their midst. Persevere to the end and you will be saved. All who acknowledge My Son before man shall be acknowledged by Him before the Father.
    "And I repeat again: what will it gain you if you gather all of your world's treasures and lose your soul? How long is a lifetime upon your earth? What does it compare with your life over the veil, your eternal life that has no ending? Only you must decide where you will spend your eternal life: with the Father in Heaven or long tormented years in purgatory for purging, or shall you spend eternity in damnation and the fires of hell?" - Our Lady, December 28, 1976

"In the past history of earth's time, My child, My voice has cried out for penance, atonement, and sacrifice. I have been cast aside now in your present as I was in the past.
    "I have come to you, My children, as a Mediatrix from the Eternal Father, to bring you a great warning. Unless you mend your ways and make a complete reversal from your present path of destruction, you will be allowed to reap your reward in suffer­ing. Your country will be cleansed by trial. The tears of parents will fall, but too late!
    "Your country was placed under My protection, My children, but you have a free will. Could I but spread before you a com­plete picture of your future, you would come back upon your knees to the Eternal Father! It is, My children, a picture of death.
    "Satan roams your world. He has many agents in all the medias, My children. Hearts are hardened, ears are deafened, sight is blinded! Sight of the physical body means nothing, My child. It is the light that has been taken from the heart, the soul of mankind, that brings him to destruction." - Our Lady, March 18, 1975

"The forces of evil travel with the sickle and the hammer. Unless a country is given to servitude of its God by prayer, penance, and atonement, it cannot withstand the forces of evil!
    "In the past, My children, I had promised to safeguard many lands. I had placed My mantle of protection over many foreign lands. However, all graces must be merited, and are conditional. Therefore, unless there are many prayers and acts of atonement, the country of Portugal will sadly find blood running in the streets. Corruption of government and godliness will make way for lawlessness and slaughter of the innocents. The light will grow dim and darkness will settle upon the land.
    "Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer. I ask you in your country, the Americas, to pray, or you shall follow the same path as Portugal. The forces of evil are gathering within the United States. Your leaders are giving themselves to corruption, too proud and arrogant to be simple of heart and get down on their knees to beg guidance from the Eternal Father in Heaven." - Our Lady, August 21, 1975

"Understand, My child, that when you are doing a mission for Heaven, satan will send three times the number of agents against you. You will be under constant attack. However, you will call upon your guardian angel for more protection. Do not seek to fight this battle alone. We have sent you Tusazeri. Call upon him more often.
    "You are, My child, too concerned upon the opinion of man. Better that they reduce you to a grain of sand, for the graces you receive are great in abundance. It is in mortification that the purification of the soul is speedy.
    "Remain close to My Son in the tabernacles of the world. Nourish your soul with His Body. It is the only true Bread of life. Unless you have this Bread within you, you will not have the strength to fight the agents of hell, now loosed in great force upon your earth.
    "All who continue in the battle ahead must accept martyrdom. It does not, My child, necessarily mean death of your body, but it will mean persecution." - Our Lady, October 2, 1974

"All sacramentals will be blessed. Many of them have been removed from among you. Your armor and your protection have been removed from among you, but you will keep your sacramentals and the monuments in your homes. Satan removes them, for then he will claim the souls of you and your loved ones that much faster." - Jesus, August 14, 1974

"When you, as a nation, give yourselves over to debasement, immorality, and turn your backs upon your God, denying His divinity, and denying His very existence among you, My children, the Eternal Father has no other recourse but to chastise you. It would be more advantageous, My children, if your men of learning should set themselves to find the truth. And what is the truth, My children, but the knowledge given to you by God the Father, and not the knowledge of man!
     "All of the major countries of your world, My children, are preparing for war. All cry peace, peace, and place a mask over their intentions as they prepare for war. Your country, I promise, as I have promised in the past, to give you My protection. America the beautiful has become soiled with corruption. America, once beautiful, has taken on a new leader, and his name is satan. A country that has cast aside a true moral value, a country that has abandoned its God to seek more and more of the material and power over the lives of mankind, this country has sown the seeds for its own destruction." - Our Lady, August 5, 1976

"I give you the greatest of hope in your world of darkness that the victory shall be with Heaven. Know that the greatest trials suffered are but a small forfeiture for the great glory of being victorious over the adversaries loosed upon your earth. They come as creatures of night, but they must possess the bodies of humans. Understand this in the supernatural, My children: no man, woman, or child of reasoning is free from the attacks of satan.
    "Do not discard your sacramentals as being outdated or outmoded. Know the insidious plan of satan to remove your armor from you so that you will not have the necessary protection for your spirit, your soul, My children. The world will look upon you and call you with laughter and mockery, fanatics. The world will point their fingers at you and say that you are deranged. But know, My children, that I, too, knew the mockery of My own. But know that the greatest glory of all is a living martyrdom for your God, for great will be your glory in Heaven." - Jesus, September 7, 1976

Veronica - Now Our Lady is taking Her Rosary and She's placing it in Her right hand. And from Her belting She is bringing forth a very, very large Scapular.
    Our Lady - "I give you, My children of the world, your protection. I give you the sacramentals that are necessary for your protection in the days ahead: the Rosary of prayer, beads of prayer to Heaven, pearls of prayer to Heaven; the Scapular of faith to be worn constantly and never removed from your earthly body. I give you anew the Commandments of your God as given from the beginning of time from the Eternal Father in Heaven through His instruments, His holy instruments upon earth." - Our Lady, June 18, 1979

"My children, are you so blind that you do not recognize a supernatural force now, a diabolical force upon your earth prevailing among you? Are you so engrossed in your worldly pursuits that you cannot recognize the days you live in, the latter days?
    "The catastrophes from the elements and accidents shall increase unto the time of the great Chastisement. Many parents shall shed tears of great sorrow but too late. Prepare your children now, O parents, that your hearts may not be torn in the near future.
    "I ask all parents to retain the monuments, the statues, in their homes. I ask all parents, and counsel you with knowledge of what is to take place soon, that you retain upon your children a sacramental of protection. Do not be swayed by those, even in the clergy, who scoff at the knowledge or the existence of the supernatural. Pray for them, for they are truly a sad sight in the eyes--before the Eternal Father.
    "My children, pray constantly. The Eternal Father has sent Me to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. I give you the pearls of prayer, the Rosary. I give you the Scapular of great grace, and I promise you as your Mother that he or she who wears this Scapular upon his person at the time of his death upon earth shall not suffer the fires of hell." - Our Lady, August 4, 1979

"My child and My children, I come to you as a Mother of Grace; and as a mother, I cannot evade the truth with you. I must give it to you for your own protection.
    "The Eternal Father--I have had to go before Him and plead your cause time and again, for He wishes to bring the great Ball upon mankind. In His reasoning, His all-knowing reasoning, He feels that too many souls are now falling into hell, driven there even by some of the clergy.
    "My child and My children, I have often admonished you to guard your children in this world of darkness. You are responsible for your children's souls. As such, if you neglect them in this lifetime you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but could spend an eternity in hell or a long session in the other place of banishment, purgatory." - Our Lady, June 18, 1993

"Call upon your angels often, My children; they are your guardians. Do not discard your protection. They are always with you to help you and to guide you in the crisis ahead." - Our Lady, November 22, 1976

Veronica - Now Michael is pointing up to the sky, and--oh, my goodness! There is--there's a terrible creature; it's a snake-like creature. It looks--oh, the cobra. It's a snake in the sky. And now it's standing up on almost the tip of its tail, and it's weaving back and forth. It's beginning to weave back and forth like a pendulum. And now Our Lady--it's very frightening to watch it. And now Michael is coming forward, and he's pointing up with the spear. And Michael is saying:
    St. Michael - "See, my child and my children, the spell that satan has cast upon you. You harken to his call and follow him as sheep to the slaughter. You must use all the armors given to you through the ages of earth-time for your protection." - October 2, 1973

"The graces placed upon these sacramentals will be instruments for conversions and cure. They are not given to you for decoration; they are given to you for your protection, for conversion, for cure, and for the propagation of My Mother's mission here on earth." - Jesus, February 1, 1974

"My sisters, whatever has possessed you to set yourselves upon such a course to perdition? Have you no sense of shame in your attire, exposing your body to lustful eyes? Why have you discarded your protection? What model of purity and sanctity are you when you have become maidens and not brides of Christ?
    "The Eternal Father is watching. He has a very heavy hand, my sisters, that shall be set upon you! You must not follow like sheep to the slaughter the cry of the serpent. You are all blinding yourselves to the truth.
    "The road to Heaven, my sisters, is a narrow one and not difficult to follow, unless you choose to turn away. Even a short duration in the world will soil your soul. You must not, my sisters, give yourselves to the world in thought or deed or dress. Your example must be as one as Our Lady is dressed--a long habit that reaches to the ground. When you, my children and sisters, discard a proper attire--dress and habits--you do much destruction to your order, to your vocation, for you no longer are an example of purity and commanding respect. You do not receive respect. You are a scandal to your vocation, my sisters! You must not be obedient to the cry of the serpent.
    "The rule must be followed within the convents. My sisters, you will gain nothing by leaving and going into the world. It is a deception of satan to destroy your vocation and true purpose as brides of Christ. Come out of the darkness, my sisters!" - St. Theresa, October 2, 1975

"My children, I bring you hope. My Son is your anchor; I bring you the knowledge that this battle of the spirits is guided by the Eternal Father in Heaven. You cannot, as a human being, understand His ways. He is now in the process of separating the sheep from the goats, the saved from the lost, the evil from the good. It is a war now being that man has never seen in the past, and when it is over, man shall not see again. The tempo, the speed that this accelerates into depends, My children, upon your listening to My message and My warnings and direction.
    "Keep your sacramentals about your necks. I say about your necks, not for decoration, but because many shall flee with only what they have on their bodies! It is now a supernatural protection, My children, that you have: your medals, your Scapulars, and even your Rosary, your beads of prayer about your neck, your children's necks, and all those who wish to be saved.
    "The monuments, the statues, must be kept in your homes. As it was in the days of old, the angel of death shall pass by those who retain the monuments in their homes." - Our Lady, May 18, 1977

"It is sad to see, My child, that many have removed their sacramentals. Oh, how sad this is! For they do not know that they leave the road open for the entrance of the evil spirits upon them. It is not for decoration that these objects were given you from your God. No, they are your armor, your protection in these days.
    "Do you not recognize, My children, the signs of your times? No! You fail to recognize these signs, because you no longer recognize the Book of life as a guide for you. The Revelations have been cast aside and replaced by myths and the illogical reasoning of mankind. 'Scientific reasoning,' they have called it, My child. But no, it is the deception and darkness of satan." - Our Lady, June 15, 1974

"Know, My child, that I will be with you. I will be here at the sacred grounds up to the coming of My Son. No fence shall be high enough to shut out the light. No man can go above his God. Ask and you shall receive. Graces in abundance shall be given to you for the asking. My mantle of love is spread about you. My protection is here." - Our Lady, December 28, 1974

"I assure you, My children, the world has fast come to its close, because of sin. The world has now reached the stage of it reaching a point of insanity, when there will be division in the household: father against son, mother against daughter. But, My children, know now that all that is rotten shall fall.
    "Because of sin the angel of death now has entered your country. You were given fair warning through countless visitations of My Mother upon earth, and you did not heed. Only a minority shall be saved in the days ahead.
    "Murder, rapings, distortions of all manner of godly inclinations, shall prevail upon your earth. Your children are the major victims of their elders now. As parents you have now a special mission: to protect your children against satan and his agents.
    "I assure you, My children, My Mother has told you countless times to recognize the faces of evil about you. They will come as angels of light with countenances of sweetness and joy and piety. But you must pray that you may have a discernment of spirits for your protection. And do not leave them enter into your household to corrupt your children." - Jesus, August 13, 1977

"O My children, what can I do now? If I could take My heart and offer it to the Eternal Father to save you, I would. My Son gave everything for you upon earth, and how soon have you forgotten! Even now, as I wander across your earth, visiting My children, I find that you are recrucifying My Son. For all the blood He shed for you, you defame His name. For the heart that bled for you, you despise Him anew. O My children, heap all upon Me the abuse that satisfies your addiction to sin, but do not defame the name of My Son. I ask you as your Mother to listen to Me, for I have come to try to save you--to save you even from yourselves, for you are blinded by sin.
    "Even the clergy in My Son's House have become addicted to sin. They have been allowed to become blind and deluded, because they have become lovers of the flesh, seeking pleasure and worldly power, and casting aside the knowledge of the supernatural. They removed, with their power, all of the guardians necessary for the protection of My Son's Church upon earth.
    "Saint Michael was, is, and always will be the guardian of the Faith in My Son's Church upon earth. You must now bring him back, in sight and in sound and in prayer. For as he remains outside the portals, the portals shall crumble, the doors shall close, persecution shall abound upon your earth." - Our Lady, October 2, 1979

"It is not My intention to fill your heart with fear at the sight of what is to come upon this ungrateful generation. I have wandered throughout the world, shedding many tears. My pleas for penance and atonement have fallen on many hardened hearts and deafened ears. Now all I can do is prepare you for the days ahead.
    "You will keep all sacramentals with you as I have directed in the past. Satan will seek to remove this protection from you.
    "Many of Our dedicated have fallen in line with the false maxims of modernism. Our hearts are truly saddened at the blindness that has entered into the hearts of many in the House of God." - Our Lady, March 25, 1973

"The beads of prayer will be the major instrument for the lessening of the Chastisement upon your country. The plan of the Father is for the cleansing. All must go through this crucible of suffering. However, those of well spirit shall have no fear, knowing they are under the protection of My mantle." - Our Lady, April 14, 1973

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"As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you:  all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

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