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#580 - False Prophets, Part 1

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them." - St. Matthew 7: 15-16

"Your nation, My children, the United States of America, and many nations of the world, have doomed themselves because they have rejected the foundation of the world's faith in the Eternal Father.
    "There are many false prophets now going throughout the world. They come to you as angels of light, but they are distorting the Book of life, the Bible. They are reprinting it to suit their own ideas, ideologies, and a new-found theology. You must not accept these modernistic printings, for they do not carry the truth nor the true word of God.
    "Your children must be protected from the evils that abound in your school systems in your country and most nations throughout the world. They are being taught immorality and a loss of faith in the supernatural and the knowledge of their God. All manner of heresy has been indoctrinated into their youthful minds. It is a diabolical plan of Lucifer." - Our Lady, June 18, 1979

"My children, awaken from your slumber. You are being deceived by false prophets. And who are the false prophets that have entered even into My House, My Church? The false prophets are those who preach doctrines of devils!
    "Many have sold their souls to get to the head. And what have you gained then, My shepherds? Eternal damnation in the abyss! Many mitres will fall into hell! Gather My sheep, those who have come out of their slumbering, gather My sheep and win your crown; scatter them and you shall be destroyed!" - Jesus, June 16, 1977

"We do not want division within the Church. That will solve nothing. You cannot separate yourself from the Holy Father in Rome. And once you are baptized as a Roman Catholic, you must die within the fold; you cannot reject it. There are many false prophets going throughout the world now seeking to take your soul to satan. They come as angels of light." - Our Lady, September 27, 1986

"My child and My children, protect the young from false prophets, those who go about the world denying the divinity of My Son. They must understand that My Son is NOT Saint Michael. Saint Michael is a spirit. My Son rose from the grave, both body and soul, and ascended into the Kingdom of God. But He is God, and you shall not deny His divinity in the Godhead. All who do are deluded by satan and shall be called false prophets.
    "Remember, My children, though you cannot understand the mystery of the Trinity: three Persons in one God, but all the same in the Godhead. You must understand that false prophets abound upon earth, and many bring doctrines of demons to your children; therefore, parents have a full measure of responsibility for giving the knowledge of the Faith to their children." - Our Lady, May 26, 1979

"My children, I will counsel you as I have counseled you in the past. I must also warn you so that you do not have any hindrance to your mission, that there will be many false prophets in the world. They can mislead many. Therefore, it would be best if you do not go about seeking the supernatural elsewhere." - Our Lady, December 31, 1977

"Yes, My children, there are many false prophets going throughout your world. And who are the false prophets but those who deny the divinity of My Son. And who are the false prophets but those who promote the worship of false idols. Astrology is a creation of satan. Astrology is a false science. No man shall accept astrology and be classified as a believer.
    "My children, what manner of blindness are you accepting? You are setting yourselves to destroy the souls in My Son's House upon earth, His Church.
    "Those who have been given the rule within My Son's House are using their knowledge to twist and pervert the teachings of the prophets. What manner of church are you building now, O mankind, as you fast plunge to your destruction? A church of man that will have no resemblance to the Church that My Son left for you!" - Our Lady, December 7, 1976

"Many of your medias--I will say all of your medias now, My children--have been infiltrated and controlled.
    "I have asked you to read the Book of love and life, the Bible. Read with your children. Many graces shall be given to all who read and study and learn.
    "There are many false prophets now teaching doctrines of demons. You must protect your children from falling in with them--false prophets trying to build a church of man, and no angels to guide them. A church of secularism, humanism, socialism, communism, and satanism." - Our Lady, July 14, 1979

"The Eternal Father has sent many seers to you to bring you these warnings. And also upon earth, in competition to truth, there have been sent by Lucifer many false prophets and prophetesses. My children, you will recognize these false prophets, as they will preach a doctrine of man, neither recognizing the way of the cross or the power of the redemption from the Eternal Father.
    "My children, you must guard your families. Watch your children. Because of the laxity of many of the men of God in My Son's Church, because of their laxity, because they have given themselves into all manners of sin, sins of the flesh, Our sheep have been left to stray, and the wolves have approached them. And many have already been lost to Us, lured away by promises of peace and joy and eternal happiness. There shall be no peace; there shall be no joy without the cross.
    "Many false prophets now are in your country, the United States, and many countries throughout the world. They make a concerted attack upon the young because the parents have become lax, because the teachers have become corrupted, because the governments have become corrupted." - Our Lady, November 20, 1978

"The Eternal Father is raising up among you many prophets, but you must exercise care in discernment of their spirits, for there will be also many false prophets sent by satan. These false prophets will perform what appear to be miracles, but they are false miracles of the end days, My children. Test the spirits. False miracles will soon be acknowledged by their fruits.
    "My children, I have also a great sadness of heart as I watch and wait for my hierarchy in My House, My Church, to awaken and come out of the fog. It is sad that satan, who comes as an angel of light among you, giving you all manner of humanistic theories based on modernism and progression, that satan could blind you to the truth and you will accept error even to the extent of promoting the rise of the forces of Antichrist in My basilica in Rome." - Jesus, July 15, 1978

"My children, do not despise prophecy. The Eternal Father has found it necessary to set among you many prophets. They are not prophets of doom nor false prophets. They are prophets appointed by Heaven to guide you in these desperate days. I say unto you, look for the false prophets in My Son's House, those who bring you doctrines of demons. So powerful are they under Lucifer that many of the hierarchy now go forth with itching ears, searching for a new religion, deluded by satan and his agents.
    "It is not without reason that all of the past descendants of Peter guided you well against the false precepts of modernism and humanism in My Son's Church and the world. And now, My children, it is of a fact: by their fruits will they be known. And what have been the fruits of this humanistic and modernistic approach but discord, disunity, and a loss of souls to Heaven.
    "I say unto you: unless you turn back now, bishops and cardinals, and restore My Son's House . . . . Do not be prideful; it is too late for false pride! You must admit your errors. Turn back and start over! You were given a simple rule to follow. These rules were given to you and written for you in the Book of life, your Bible. You have chosen in your arrogance and pride to cast aside these teachings and to build another church upon earth, a church of man. You are building it without the help of the angels." - Our Lady, September 13, 1978

"O My children, many are coming now in My Son's name with all good-sounding, scholastic-sounding words of love and brotherhood and charity, but I say unto you: you are hypocrites! All manner of words come from your lips, while your heart harbors evil.
    "My children, you have been given the knowledge throughout the ages that false prophets shall come into your world. These false prophets shall be known because they will bring in doctrines of demons!
    "We see a church of man being built, a church that has no angels guiding it, a church that is made, as the true Church of My Son is being chipped away at, undermined by My Son's own priests! How dare you debase My Son's heritage by allowing all evil to be condoned in His Church!
    "You men who were formerly of the light and have given yourselves to the darkness, you condone this foul act of homosexuality. And why? As satan inspires you and directs you, you go about looking for excuses for sin! You condone it with permissiveness! You have taken the direction and the Commandments of your God and you re-evaluate! You take them to your scholars who have heads of fog, and in your masterly, worldly way, you delude those of less learning to believe, because of your high-sounding words and theses and all manner of scholarly knowledge, you delude those who do not have the God-given knowledge to believe your rot! You even deny the truth of what the Eternal Father did to Sodom and Gomorrha for the sin of homosexuality." - Our Lady, April 2, 1977

"There will be many false prophets upon the world; there are many false prophets in the world, My child. They bring doctrines that are not of the truth. A great delusion has been set upon man. Error abounds in the House of God. A House in darkness shall shut its doors, for a band of death will be placed about it.
    "Pray, pray much, My children, for many are being led fast into the darkness. The example of the teachers are poor. The example set before the children are those conceived by satan. Confusion, error, and gross half-truths We find in the teachings.
    "Satan has entered into the highest places in your civil life, My child, and in the houses of My Son throughout your world. His reign will be short in earth-years. I have not come to your earth to fill you with fear. I have come to prepare you for the days of trial." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

"My children, there is much work to be done to save souls. You must now go on foot throughout your country. There are others, many false prophets, on foot, My children. You must now follow them and restore the souls of those whom they have contaminated. I say this, My children, now because they have taken what you may call your lukewarm Catholic brothers and sisters and carried them off to the portals of purgatory and hell.
    "My children, do you who have left the road and entered into apostate religions, do you not realize that you have renounced your chance to enter into the Kingdom of your God, Heaven? My children, all who are baptized by the waters of life must remain within the fold!" - Our Lady, September 28, 1978

"Among your earth peoples now are many false prophets. You must beware of those who come as angels of light but are ravenous wolves with black hearts. Many shall use the name of My Son to destroy. Beware! Watch and pray.
    "When you submit your will to your God in Heaven, you will be led along the lighted road. No man shall fall unless he falls now of his free will. You are all being tested like the metals in the fire. Only those who are willing to suffer for My Son and accept the trials that standing before My Son will bring them, will enter the Kingdom. The numbers after the final count will be in the few." - Our Lady, August 14, 1972

"My child and My children, you must pray constantly, for there are many false prophets and angels of light now upon earth. They will deceive even the elect. You cannot now depend fully on your clergy.
    "Parents must exercise full discipline over their children and bring a firm foundation of faith to their children. You cannot now expect this in your schools or even in My Son's houses, His Church upon earth. The agents of hell have a firm foot now in the door. My children, are you going to fight for My Son? Are you going to allow your country to fall?" - Our Lady, August 14, 1979

"My child and My children, it is urgent that I warn you that the days are upon you, the days of wickedness and the emergence of the wicked ones upon the world.
    "There will be many christs upon earth--those who call themselves Christ. But beware; do not listen to them. How often have I warned you in the past to beware of false prophets and those who will claim to be Christ. Only those who are ignorant and have no basic foundation of the Faith could fall prey to their beguileness." - Our Lady, June 18, 1982

"This is the hour of the false prophets--beware!--and those who will claim to take the place of My Son. Already the worship of the evil one is in your city. The 'mass' of the black demon has spread throughout the whole earth.
    "You must know the full power of your prayers. The evil one cannot stay where there is prayer.
    "My children, these monsters are unseen to your human eyes, but they are all about you. Run them out with a constant vigil of prayer! Do not wait until there is no recovery. The hour grows short.
    "My children, if you have been given the grace to be now in the light, We beg you to share this grace, and try from your heart to rescue those who are drifting toward the abyss of hell." - Our Lady, May 30, 1971

"If you, My children, read the true Book of life, your Bible, you will find that many warnings were given by Our prophets to you, warning of these days that you are living in. You were to beware of false prophets and false teachers. They will come to you as angels of light with ravenous hearts. They will be members of the synagogue of satan.
    "Do not be fooled, My child, by those who have fouled their garments. We in the Kingdom have had Our hearts wrenched by the knowledge that many of Our clergy have destroyed their vocation. They have brought dishonor and disrespect to their vocation. Pray for them, for satan has set himself to claim them. I am, My child, truly a Mother of great sorrow!
    "You must recognize the forces of evil now loosed upon your world, My children. You must not follow like sheep to the slaughter. Your obedience is to the Eternal Father." - Our Lady, February 10, 1975

"There is a conspiracy of evil throughout your world, My children. This conspiracy seeks to unite all under what they call one fold and one shepherd. But they are deceived. My Son is the shepherd. He will come and set all to right in due time. But evil man has set himself up as an idol for worship. He caters now to the basic carnal nature of mankind. The cross of My Son is being bent to the left. The cross of My Son is bending, heavy under the weight of traitors!
    "There are cries of peace and brotherhood going throughout your world, My children; but there is no peace, there is no brotherhood, for the plotters are at work. They constantly arm themselves; and you, being deceived, My children of America, you disarm foolishly!
    "You must tread carefully in the days ahead, My children. Watch and pray a constant vigilance of prayer that the truth may be known to your fellow men.
    "There are many false prophets throughout the world, My children. You will recognize them by their fruits.
    "Astrology is a false science. All who practice this false science are unbelievers. They constantly polish the cup, make it shining and appealing to mankind, but inside they have all man­ners of sin and abomination--filthy with corruption.
    "The world in complete pattern, My child, is moving fast to a climax. As promised in many messages given to seers throughout the world, My child, there is no end of your world in full destruction, but there will be a gradual cleansing by trial. The Ball of Redemption shall bring a baptism of fire upon mankind.
    "Recognize, My children, the signs of your times." - Our Lady, December 6, 1975

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