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#610 - The Church Militant

"These shall fight with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, because he is Lord of lords, and King of kings, and they that are with him are called, and elect, and faithful." - Apocalypse 17: 14

"Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer. Do not allow My warnings to fall on deaf ears. You must go forward as a militant group, My children, filled with discipline, and no self-seeking; but you must go forward with prayer and the sacramentals I have given to you through your prophets and the ages, the years of earth's time. They are your armor, My children, and you will not fall into the web of satan if you use your sacramentals. Put them to good use, My children; arm your little ones against the forces of evil about you." - Our Lady, September 14, 1976

"My children, parents of the young, remember: you have nothing to gain but sorrow if you neglect the rearing of your children in sanctity and holiness. Do not expect to find this holiness in My House now, My children, but do not run away. Stay and fight! Retain My Church! The numbers will be reduced to the few, but better, My children, there be few with quality than quantity with nothing." - Jesus, May 14, 1977

“My child and My children, charity must be exercised at all times, but this charity does not mean that you must compromise the Faith or the doctrines of My Son’s Church. 
     “You will all pray for your Holy Father in Rome, Pope John Paul II. There is a devious and diabolical force now trying to tear asunder My Son’s Church. The laity must now go forward and save My Son’s Church.
     “I am with you: as your Mother I will guide you through this battle. The final victory will be with My Son, but you will go forward in this battle of the spirits. It is your test of perseverance, sanctity, valor, and if you succeed in passing through this crisis without discarding your faith—as in test many may or will—you will then receive a well-earned and deserved crown in Heaven. 
     “Pray for your clergy. Obedience has been distorted now to make them servants of those who are not true rulers." - Our Lady, June 18, 1979

"O My children, I will not go into a long discourse now with you about charity and love for your neighbor, but you must understand: you cannot judge your neighbor. You must pray for them. However, you cannot become weak and permissive. You must stand forth as bearers of the light, carriers of the truth. You have been given by your baptism entrance into the only true religion upon earth, the Roman Catholic Church under My Son, Jesus. Though man in his arrogance and pride has forgotten His role and His rule, you must carry it forward. Retain the Faith and the truth in the hearts of mankind." - Our Lady, September 7, 1978

"There is only one religion that can save your country and all of the countries of the world: the religion of the cross and My Son's sacrifice upon that cross." - Our Lady, November 25, 1978

"We will not tolerate division in My Church. Satan knows to divide is to conquer. The captains always remain upon the ship, even when it is sinking. The strong, those with faith, shall bail it out, the ship, keep it afloat until help arrives from Heaven." - Jesus, March 18, 1978

"Remember, My child and My children, no matter how rough the road gets, you will stay within your parish church. And by good example and many prayers you will bring the priesthood back into the light." - Our Lady, June 17, 1989

"All who follow the light will carry heavy crosses. Do not place your soul in jeopardy by being led astray by the false maxims of humanism in your world and by the agents of satan who now roam throughout your world seeking the destruction of souls.
    "We call now--the Father calls for a complete reversal of man's ways. He must return to the rule of rigid discipline in his lay life and in the lives of the men of God. The representatives of My Son will not follow the ways of the world!" - Our Lady, June 16, 1973

"We do not want satan to close the doors. You must remain in your parish and stand there as an example as you speak with the priests and the cardinals and the bishops. You must keep your courage up and bring forth as witnesses, disciples of the latter days--you must go forward and try to save your brothers, those in the clergy. So few do pray for the clergy. The general idea, My child, is that they have a special passport to Heaven. But that is not true. Their temptations are far greater than yours. Therefore, they are to be pitied. For hell opened up would show unto you the numbers of mitres that have fallen in the past earth-years." - Jesus, April 14, 1984

"My child and My children, as you go forward upon the Mission from Heaven, you will experience all the fury of satan. All in the days ahead will be tested as metals in the fire. With every war, there are casualties, My children. The weak will fall away. And so it is now in this war of the spirits that the weak will drop by the wayside. You must all go forward in confidence and perseverance." - Jesus, May 30, 1977

"Carry your cross, My children. Be not affected by the mockery and insults you will receive when you defend My Son. We will always be with you, so face the world with His cross in your hand. It will not be an easy mission, but the final outcome will far exceed all the greatest joys of expectations.
    "Yes, they will hate you, as they hated My Son when He brought the word. They will laugh at you as they laughed at Him. Prepare for this heavy cross." – Our Lady, December 26, 1970

"No man can fully understand, My child, why the Father al­lows the world to go forward in great spiritual darkness. It is to separate the sheep from the goats. For those who have given themselves to satan and the world shall fling themselves headlong into the abyss and hell! And those who have set themselves on the narrow road that leads straight to the eternal Kingdom of the Father in Heaven shall find their road filled with crosses--thorns. They shall be cast aside and called different. They shall be abused in all manner of worldly punishments. However, know that this is the road to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not an easy road, but one that is strengthened by suffering.
    "Many martyrs, My child, shall come in the days ahead--defenders of the Faith. Carry your crosses, My children, for those who will be saved shall be counted in the few." – Our Lady, November 20, 1975

"It will not be easy, My children; the road to Heaven is never easy. It was not easy for My Son, and you must now, to gain Heaven, pick up your cross and follow Him on the same road. It is a road filled with thorns, but at the end of that road, My children, there will be a glorious reward for all. No human eye can ever see until over the veil the beauty and the glories that await man.” – Our Lady, March 18, 1978

"Many martyrs, many saints shall come after the battle. Many martyrs shall come from out of the battle. Pick up your cross, My children, and carry it, for no man is above his Master. As they persecuted My Son, so will they persecute you who follow Him.” – Our Lady, June 5, 1976

"You are, My children, but pilgrims upon your earth, but for a short time. You have been placed as warriors against satan by the Father. Know therefore that you will have no rest upon earth, but you will have a constant struggle against the forces of darkness. Never cease your prayers. Never remove your sacramentals, for they are the greatest armor given to you in your battle to gain eternal life in the Kingdom of My Son." - Our Lady, November 20, 1974

"The world, when it is renewed and restored, shall remember the battle fought by those who have worn the colors from Heaven. The armies from Heaven led by My Mother shall vanquish the head of the serpent.
    "It is a test for all mankind; the good and the evil shall test all mankind as metals in the fire. The sheep shall be separated from the goats in the days ahead, My child. The road to Heaven is a narrow one, and it is a constant struggle with the cross to remain on it." - Jesus, November 20, 1979

"Your lives upon earth shall be a constant struggle to avoid the snares of satan. This is the way of the cross, My children, and every man, woman, and child shall travel this road in order to be purified and to enter the Eternal Kingdom of your God. I say unto you, My children, never since the time of Sodom, and never since the earth went through the trial of being cleansed by great waters, shall man see what will soon come upon him for his sin, for his succumbering to the pleasures of the flesh, and for discarding his God for all of the creatures and spirit of darkness, allowing the prince of darkness, satan, your adversary, to gain control of your country and your world.
    "Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer. Only a few will be saved. How few, My child, you ask, are these few? I say unto you: the numbers shall be counted in the few who will be saved." - Jesus, September 7, 1976

"My blue armies of the world must gather now for the final battle against satan. It is a battle of the spirits: brother against brother, father against son, mother against daughter--a time such as mankind has never seen nor will see again at its conclusion." - Our Lady, September 13, 1975

"Already in Rome, as I gave you in the past, the man called Benelli has come forward to approach the Seat of Peter and to bring upon Rome the full reign of 666 on the Seat of Peter! I beg you, I implore you, as your Mother, to listen! I have warned you now upon your earth; I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, imploring you to listen to My counsel and My direction. The forces of hell are loosed upon your earth now. They try to stop all missions from Heaven. It is the final battle of the spirits; the forces of good and evil now entangle en masse." - Our Lady, June 4, 1977

"My child, I have cautioned you in the past and I repeat Myself for your welfare and the continued progress of your work, your mission from Heaven, to close your ears to those who seek to destroy the Mission from Heaven with idle tales of gossip and untruth. Know, My child, that satan is staging his final battle against all of the children of God. The warnings given from Heaven have not been accepted by all, but I assure you, My children, that soon--and very soon, I say--you will all be forced to your knees." - Our Lady, December 24, 1976

"My child, a battle against evil, the battle will not be easy, for satan, when he captures a soul, that individual will be as biased in conviction, he will be as dogmatic in his conviction, and only prayer and penance will break down his armor.
    "Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, My children. Penance, atonement, and sacrifice I beg of you. Be examples of piety and purity, My children. There is not much holiness left in My Son's House. Do not leave My Son's House. The foundation is strong, though the walls are cracking. Won't you help patch these cracks?" - Our Lady, April 2, 1977

"Pastors in My House, you are scattering the sheep with your teachings, false teachings created by demons. You will bring a bloodbath to Rome. Turn back from your folly. Have you not now seen the results, the bad fruits that you have grown? The road to hell is paved by good intentions.
    "We will not tolerate division in My Church. Satan knows to divide is to conquer. The captains always remain upon the ship, even when it is sinking. The strong, those with faith, shall bail it out, the ship, keep it afloat until help arrives from Heaven.
    "All manner of heretics and unbelievers seek to enter My House, My Church upon earth. You must not compromise the Faith, for you will not win souls by lowering the standards. I gave you through the prophets the rule, the way, for I am the way, the truth, and the light!" - Jesus, March 18, 1978

"My child and My children, much cannot be in discourse with you at this time. But I must stress the urgency of your remaining in My Son's Church regardless of the turmoil. I stress again this urgency for the salvation of your soul. You must not tear it asunder. You cannot run hither and yon setting up a new church, for to divide is to conquer, and that is the plan of satan against My Son.
    "The adversary, the prince of darkness, knows that his time is growing short. He will do great battle now with the children of God. Prepare now, for you will see days ahead such as have never taken place within your country, My child. That is why I stress the urgency of this message. There will be much suffering. No class shall be excluded. Those who do not suffer shall be damned to hell. For they have sold their souls to get to the head." - Our Lady, June 13, 1981

"We do not want division within the Church. That will solve nothing. You cannot separate yourself from the Holy Father in Rome. And once you are baptized as a Roman Catholic, you must die within the fold; you cannot reject it. There are many false prophets going throughout the world now seeking to take your soul to satan. They come as angels of light." - Our Lady, September 27, 1986

"My child and My children, you are all My children. I judge you not by color or race, and I do not judge you by your creed; however, should the knowledge of the One True Church be given to you, and the way to Heaven along the narrow road be given to you, you will follow it or you will be rejected." - Our Lady, August 21, 1985

"Do not be deluded, My children, by the agents of satan among you in human form who preach doctrines of devils. The truth has been given to mankind through the ages. The Holy Roman Catholic Church of My Son will stand. The members shall be reduced to few. Only a remnant, My child, shall carry the banner Faithful and True. But the gates of hell shall fight a heavy battle against My Son's Church, but they shall not succeed." - Our Lady, May 14, 1977

"Do not be deluded, My children, by the agents of satan among you in human form who preach doctrines of devils. The truth has been given to mankind through the ages. The Holy Roman Catholic Church of My Son will stand. The members shall be reduced to few. Only a remnant, My child, shall carry the banner Faithful and True. But the gates of hell shall fight a heavy battle against My Son's Church, but they shall not succeed." - Our Lady, May 14, 1977

"You will keep all of the sacramentals with you, upon your person, for in this war of the spirits, My children, I assure you, you will need every one of them. Surely, it will be a battle to the finish. You will be scoffed at; you will be called crazy and all manner of other epithets the unbeliever can devise. But, My children, you will follow the same path as My Son. Pick up your cross and follow Him. The road will be strewn with thorns. I assure you, My children, you will pass through them, but then you will find a field full of roses and lilies." – Our Lady, July 15, 1977

"My armies, the blue armies from Heaven, are gathering throughout the world. My children, have great perseverance and courage in the knowledge that the victory, the ultimate victory, will be with My Son and the armies from Heaven. You are all now undergoing a great test." - Our Lady, September 7, 1977

"There is now a battle upon earth, the battle spoken of by your prophets in days gone by. You are living those days now. Many saints shall rise from this battle. Many shall be martyred, but then peace shall be restored to mankind. This peace promised by My Mother has now been set ahead, for man did not listen then, as he is not listening now, and you must then accept the Chastisement as deemed necessary to mankind by the Eternal Father.
    "You must all keep a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your country and the world. The few who have been gifted with grace must carry a heavy cross. Accept your cross, My children, with perseverance and confidence. The final victory is with Heaven. This shall comfort you in the days ahead, the knowledge that you shall be victorious with My Mother." - Jesus, May 26, 1976

"I promise you, My children, your labors shall bear great fruit for the eternal Kingdom of your God. You shall all gather one day with Me and We shall reminisce of the days upon earth and the glory that your efforts and your struggles through this mis­sion have brought to the Eternal Father, and the many souls that you have rescued from the abyss." - Jesus, March 18, 1976

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"As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you:  all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

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