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#725 - Graces Given Freely

"And he said to me: It is done. I am Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end. To him that thirsteth, I will give of the fountain of the water of life, freely. He that shall overcome shall possess these things, and I will be his God; and he shall be my son." - Apocalypse 21: 6-7

"All messages given from My hallowed grounds must reach the world now. Your time now is through the New Year of your earth time. There are many trials ahead for your country now. Unless you retire from the evil inducements of the world outside, and devote your time to living within your spirit, and fortify your life with prayer and sacrifice, you will not remain under My mantle of protection.
    "I am your Mother of Grace. I am the Mediatrix of all graces, and My graces and My Son's graces are to be given freely to all those who will believe. Believe, My children, just believe, and you will be given the way.
    "The war is on, the battle of the spirits. You must decide your side. The middle road is non-existent; there is only good or evil." - Our Lady, December 24, 1971

"It is, My child, because the world has lost the need for sacrifice and penance that they have come to this point of murder of the unborn and the young. They care more for the material things of your world, and they starve the spirit. They gather all that satan has set before them, but they gather nothing that the Father offers freely. Satan has placed a price upon all he gives you. His price is your eternal spirit.
    "The Father, the Eternal Father, My children, offers you His home. It is yours for the asking. There is no price. This Kingdom of light is yours. Believe in My Son and you will be given the way.
    "You must warn those superiors in My Son's House, My child, that they are being deluded." - Our Lady, March 18, 1975

"We all stand ready to guide you here, as We will guide Our beloved children throughout the world. Wear your sacramentals; do not take them from you, for they will be your armor. As the agents of hell roam the earth, they will not enter upon a soul who has armed himself with the sacramentals and graces given freely for the asking from the Father. Recognize, My children, that you are mortal, which will make the battle more strenuous." - Our Lady, June 8, 1973

"It would be best for all to read all of the past messages from Heaven. They will come together and make one general compilation of the Message from Heaven.
    "Yes, My child, many shall be tested in the days ahead. You must all, My children, fortify your souls with grace. Graces are given freely for the asking. Come, seek, and you shall find the way. My Son is the way and the light. Will you not console His sorrowing heart at your tabernacles throughout your earth? He grows lonely; He is forgotten by many.
    "The few who attend the Sacrifice, the Holy Sacrifice, My child, the few are the true of heart. The many come with all manners of abominations in their hearts. My Son's House has be­come not a temple of prayer but a house of diversion, abomina­tions, and a gathering place for all demons." - Our Lady, December 24, 1975

"My Mother is a Mediatrix between God and man. Through the mercy of the Eternal Father, Who does not wish that one should be lost to Him, you have been given extensions of time.
    "The world cries peace, peace, and there is no peace, for they do not look for peace. The only peace is with their God. But they have set up now false gods to worship, idols of silver and gold to worship, power--and what is power but man's own destruction!
    "Gather your treasures now and store them in the eternal Kingdom. You will, each and every individual, come over the veil with exactly what you left materially--with nothing! Your only merit shall be in the graces stored in your account in the Kingdom eternal. These graces are given freely for the asking.
    "Every man shall be a master of his own soul. You will not place the responsibility for your fall upon another, with no human conception of obedience, for no man shall be obedient to satan.
    "My children, keep in your homes the knowledge of truth, your books, your manuals that were given to you in the light. Do not succumb to the errors of your times, your times of humanism and modernism, for it is all obscured from your view, the truth, for this modernism and humanism--the trend has been promoted by satan." - Jesus, May 29, 1976

"Satan will do great battle with your cause. All who carry the message as light bearers into the darkness shall be subject to all manner of attacks from satan, both physical and spiritual. These attacks shall come upon you through persons, places, and things, My children. Safeguard with your sacramentals, your children. They must not go out of your homes without the protection of a sacramental. Gather all of the graces from Heaven that are given freely to you for your protection and guidance. Be with My Son at the tabernacles of the world; comfort Him. His heart is broken because He is forgotten.
    "Apathy among the clergy have closed the doors to My Son's houses! Please, My children, awaken from your slumber and see the road that you have set yourselves upon by sin and avarice and pride! Turn back now! I plead to you as your Mother: Turn back now, as the time is growing short!" - Our Lady, June 4, 1977

"My children, as the short time left goes on, you will find a complete withdrawal from sanctity in your world. Man will give himself to pleasures of the flesh; sin shall be a way of life, and the good shall be persecuted. But you must remember in this persecution: persevere and you will be saved!
    "Do not compromise your Faith; do not sell your soul to get to the head, for you gain nothing. Your life upon your earth is but a temporary pilgrimage. You have been placed on your earth to do honor to your God. You must live your life for your God and not for man.
    "Each day of your life must begin with prayer and end with prayer. Accept all of the graces that are given to you freely. Do not reject the means given to you through your Sacraments." - Jesus, February 10, 1977

"In the conflagration fast approaching, many martyrs shall be made. The Eternal Father shall ask for victim souls. Many victim souls are needed before the coming of the Ball of Redemption.
    "O My children, come to Me, your Mother, with purity of heart and purpose. I will guide you in the confusion ahead. Do not gather the trifles and irritations about you, but cast off what is not important to go forward and build towards the light.
    "My children, I bless you for Heaven. I send among you, for My Son, graces: graces for cures and graces for conversion. Graces shall flow freely and as numerous as the petals that cascade from the roses." - Our Lady, May 30, 1977

"You will not destroy My Son's House, Church, by consorting with the enemies of My Son! You will not convert the enemy by lowering the standards. Your example must be one of a steadfast faith.
    "Change! What need is change when the foundation has stood through the test of time? It is a dissatisfied man, a greedy and lustful man who seeks change. Does he change to bring man to God? No! He changes to take man from God and give him to Lucifer!
    "Satan was present, he listened with careful ears at the great Council. He awaited every move, and he placed his agents among you! Recognize and reconstruct your path. You have been deluded. You are on the wrong road. Turn about now, or you will sow the seeds for your own destruction!
    "How many warnings will you receive before the hand of your Father will descend upon you? No date do I give unto all mankind, but only to few. All those who accept the grace given freely for the asking will not be caught unawares. They will prepare themselves. All mankind upon earth should prepare for his death." - Our Lady, August 14, 1974

"I bless you all, My children. My Mother has come, through the wish of the Father, as a Mediatrix for you and the Father, a Mediatrix between God and man. Therefore, know that many graces of cure and conversion will be dispensed freely for the asking. Accept the will of the Father. There will be many cures and conversions as time progresses to the ultimate climax of the battle." - Jesus, August 21, 1974

"My children, the evil is accelerating throughout your world. Do not fear the attacks from satan upon you. You will understand, My children, that you are all passing through a time of testing, the separation of the sheep from the goats.
    "You cannot accept two masters. One you will love, and the other you will learn to hate. And remember, My children, where your treasures are, your heart will always lie. And better that you gather your treasures in a place where there is neither rusting, nor attacks by moths, and robbers cannot take them from you. Store your treasures in Heaven, My children. Gather your graces. You must ransom your soul and the souls of your children, your households. Do not wait expecting to be repatriated at the last moment, My children. Many are coming across the veil unprepared, and sadly, they cannot be accepted into the Kingdom.
    "My heart is torn now at the full acceleration of the evil in your country, your cities, and your world. My Mother made it quite clear to you that mankind is not beyond possession by satan. The human body and the human souls now are being corrupted by evil man through the influence of satan, My children. You must learn to avoid the faces of evil that come to you. You must do all in your human power with the graces that will be given to you freely to cast off the inclination to evil.
    "My children, there are forces now loosed upon your earth. The abyss is wide open now. 666 has entered in full force upon your earth. His agents now are in the Vatican. They have captured some of the highest seats in the hierarchy. They have taken over many governments. They are bringing the nations to the edge of destruction." - Jesus, August 5, 1977

"However, there are many souls, My children, waiting to be taken from the place of purging, purgatory. They are helpless without your aid. Will you not give to them these graces that you can gain so freely upon earth in your lifetime? They will reward you threefold for your warmness of heart. Many shall be in purgatory to the end of your world unless you help them. Many discard and forget the memory of a loved one as time erases it from their minds.
    "Remember, My children, one day each one of you will be in the same position. Shall you have someone to pray for you unless you give this example now and this teaching? Who will pray for you when you come over the veil? Who will offer indulgences and sacrifices for you? Would it not be better, My children, to start now to safeguard your entrance into the Eternal Kingdom?" - Our Lady, November 1, 1975

    "My children, you will all be unified under the banner of Faithful and True to the Eternal Father. To be faithful and true, My children, you must be of the cross, and follow the cross, and not one that has been made by man. You must remain true and faithful to the teachings as given to you by the founders of My Son's Church.
    "In your world now of modernism and humanism, socialism, communism, secularism--all of this, My children, is leading to the unification of man into a one-world religion, a one-world church, and a one-world government to the enslavement of mankind, creating a form of mass atheism in the world. Man is setting up false idols to worship: money, power, materialism. My children, none of this will have any value to you when you leave this world. You must now gather and store your treasures in Heaven if you want and wish to go there. These are called graces, graces given freely for the asking, graces for cures of the spirit before they come over the veil.
    "My children, recognize and understand My counsel: The human body shall be left behind, but your soul, the spirit within you, is eternal and lives forever. And where shall you live when you go over the veil? The choice is yours. Will you come to Us in the Eternal Kingdom of joy and happiness and peace and love, or will you spend many earth-years of torment and longing in purgatory to be cleansed? Or sadly, shall you be claimed by satan, the father of all liars, the prince of darkness and damnation? The choice is yours, My children. No man shall enter into hell unless he enters there of free will." - Our Lady, July 25, 1977

"I will say, with a Mother's torn heart, through countless years of going to and fro across your nations, I will say again that the good have become complacent. Lethargy has set in among them. I would say, My children, in all earnestness that the bad have become worse and the good have gained no further graces in their complacency." - Our Lady, June 18, 1978

"The world has continued upon its disastrous course. The evil is accelerating. The good people, many of them are becoming complacent, and a lethargy has set in among some. My children of light, do not become self-satisfied in your gifts, for those who have received graces in abundance, much is expected of them. You must go forward now without slackening the pace of the work." - Jesus, June 10, 1978

"Satan may come to you with many faces. That is why We caution you often to recognize the faces of evil about you. There is a war now, My children, taking place--a war of the spirits, a war, a supernatural war. And you must now use graces to fight in the supernatural." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

"My child, I am well aware of your great distress. The cross grows heavy. You must understand, My child, that graces are given and graces can be removed. I have warned all who gather to send out the Message from Heaven that 666 and the agents of hell will be among you to try to stop the good work." - Our Lady, June 4, 1977

"My children, pray constantly a vigil of prayer. I ask you not to do just lip service, My children, but pray from your hearts. The words do not have to be studied, but pray from your hearts. Ask and you shall receive. Believe and you will receive many graces." - Our Lady, April 1, 1978

"My children, many of your brothers and sisters are selling their souls to get to the head. What does it matter if you gain all of the world's graces-and they call them graces, but how they foul the supernatural! It is no grace, My children, to achieve worldly acclaim and fortune. True grace only comes from Heaven, the eternal Kingdom of your God." - Our Lady, April 1, 1978

"Many have lost their souls for worldly gain. O My children, what have you to gain when you lose Heaven? Your gain is but a temporary gain. You must leave your earth as you were sent to it by the Spirit, taking nothing. You will have no credentials but the graces you have accumulated in your earthly existence." - Our Lady, October 6, 1973

"Prayer, My children--you must pray a constant vigilance of prayer, but you must also gather graces through works." - Our Lady, March 18, 1977

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"As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you:  all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

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