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Douay-Rheims Haydock - the Ultimate Bible...
This classic Douay-Rheims version of the Old and New Testaments contains the invaluable footnotes, gathered by Fr. George Leo Haydock, from the Fathers and Doctors who lived in the early centuries of Christendom, closest in proximity to the lives of the Apostles.  More than 1/3 of this Douay-Rheims Haydock Bible is footnotes explaining the Bible text.
    First published in 1884 and digitally reproduced in order to ensure an exact duplication of the original text.  This new edition in Douay-Rheims Hardback Bible includes scripture weights, measures, coins, scripture time table, table of references, section for your family history, Bible dictionary, the Illustrated Bible Dictionary and a history of the books of the Bible.
    On January 20, 1961, an extraordinary honor was given to the Douay-Rheims Haydock Bible.  A copy was used in the inauguration of the first Catholic President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  That Douay-Rheims Haydock Bible is now in the Kennedy Presidential Library.  It was from his mother's family, the Fitzgeralds.    Coincidentally, the year 1961 was the 150th anniversary of the first edition of the Douay-Rheims Haydock Bible.
    The cover has gold embossing stamped on burgundy colored leather, using the pattern which appeared on the original 1884 edition, a gold cross with rich Christian symbols patterning the entire front of the cover.  This Douay-Rheims Haydock Bible will undoubtedly be a collectors item for many years to come and provide an irreplaceable version of the Bible which is uniquely one of a kind in the English language. 
    This Douay-Rheims Haydock Bible is 8 1/2 x 11 inches and has 1,968 pages.  It also has many black and white pictures.  It costs $125.00.  Item #B1H   (Order Form)  Other Bibles

Place a Crucifix on the outside of your front and back door...  The only real protection against terrorists...
Jesus - "Pray and wear your sacramentals. And, also, My children, I ask you again to place a crucifix upon your door. Both front and back doors must have a crucifix. I say this to you because there will be carnage within your areas, and this will pass you by if you keep your crucifix upon your doors." (6-30-84) (Testimonies of lives and homes saved by the crucifixes.)  https://www.tldm.org/news/crucifix.htm 

Heaven's Home Protection Packet...
Our Lord stated we must have crucifixes upon the outside of all of our outside doors. In the "Heaven’s Home Protection Packet" there are instructions, four crucifixes, and a tube of special cement for wooden or metal crucifixes. Wooden crucifixes adhere better to the doors when the aluminum strap is removed from the back. Put a light coat of cement on the back of the crucifix and then press it to the outside of the door. If you have any problems, you can call us at 616-698-6448 for assistance. This Heaven’s Home Protection Packet is available for a donation of $10.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Send $14.00 to TLD Ministries, P.O. Box 40, Lowell, MI 49331. Item # P15  (Order Form)

Heaven's Personal Protection Packet . . .
Our Lady tells us to be protected from all evil, we must wear the following sacramentals around our necks: a rosary, a crucifix, the St. Benedict medal, Our Lady of the Roses medal, the Miraculous Medal, and the scapular. We have all of these sacramentals in a packet we call "Heaven's Personal Protection Packet." This packet is available for a donation of $7.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Send $11.00 to TLD Ministries, P.O. Box 40, Lowell, MI 49331. Item # P5  (Order Form)

    Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers promises to help protect our children. On September 13, 1977, She said, "He has an army of ogres wandering now throughout your country and all of the countries of the world. They are in possession of great power; so wear your sacramentals, and protect your children and your households. Learn the use every day of holy water throughout your household. Insist even with obstructions, insist that your children always wear a sacramental. One day they will understand that they will repel the demons."
    On February 1, 1974, Our Lady said, "My children, know the value of these sacramentals. Guard your children well. You must awaken to the knowledge that you will not be protected without the sacramentals. Guard your children's souls. They must be surrounded with an aura of purity. Remove them if necessary from the sources of contamination, be it your schools or even false pastors."
    This Heaven’s Personal Protection Packet is available for a donation of $7.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Send $11.00 to TLD Ministries, P.O. Box 40, Lowell, MI 49331. You may use your MasterCard, VISA, or American Express and call 1-616-698-6448.  Item # P5 (Order Form)

Incredible Bayside Prophecies on the United States and Canada book . . .
We have researched the Bayside Prophecies on the United States and Canada and put these outstanding prophecies in a 360 page pocket size paperback book.   Veronica said it was very good.  It tells what is going to happen here and how to prepare for it.  Every North American must read this book!  Item #B2 Cost $5.00 (Order Form)

"My children, My little humble children, I appeal to you as your Mother, go forward on foot, knock on the doors; bring the light to your brothers and sisters.  For those who have been given great grace, much is expected of them." - Our Lady of the Roses,  May 26, 1976

"As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you:  all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

My gift to help spread Our Lady of the Roses' messages to the world.

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