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"Whatever you can do to stop Communion in the hand will be blessed by God." - Fr. John Hardon, S.J., November 1, 1997

"In the beginning I gave to you, through your prophets, the establishment of My Church upon earth. The rules were simple but now have become changed and defiled to please the carnal nature of mankind. You must restore the holiness to My House! You must bend your knees in humility and penance." - Jesus, December 31, 1975 

"Less and less honor is being given to My Son in the Eucharist. Will you not love Him? Express and act upon your love by comforting My Son in the tabernacles of the world. Visit Him more often, for He grows lonely in His House. Graces in abundance shall be given to all who seek My Son in the Eucharist." - Our Lady, November 20, 1979 

"My Son is much grieved, My child, in the manner in which many come to Him in His House. They come with disrespect. They do not have love for Him in their hearts. My child, please, they lead themselves onto the road to satan. They must not accept My Son with sin in their hearts. Many do not go to Our representatives. They accept My Son with sin on their souls! Shout it, My child, from the roofs: you must honor the Eucharist!" - Our Lady, November 23, 1974 

"My children, I repeat: do not leave your parish church, but remain as an example. The Eucharist, My Son, is always with you. Comfort Him, as His heart is torn by the many abominations being committed in His House and by many of His clergy.
     "It will not be an easy road for you and all who carry the light. The forces of darkness are great upon your world now, but remember, My children, at the end of this battle, it will be victory for Heaven and all who have given themselves as children of God and remain faithful and true." - Our Lady, February 1, 1978 

"Know, My children, and remember always that My Son is with you in the Eucharist, given to you from the legally-ordained and cleansed hands of your priests. And I repeat, My children, the cleansed hands of Our priests who are legally ordained." - Our Lady, February 1, 1977 

"The next abomination to My Son's heart—do not accept His Body in your hands, for some will seek to cast His Body in the holy water fountains, My child. For such is the work of satan, to degrade My Son's Body!" - Our Lady, February 11, 1971 

"Why must you insult My Son? Can you not bend your knees? Is He not your King?"  - Our Lady, November 21, 1970 

"I cry also, My child, when I watch the desecration of My Son's Body. This desecration is being promoted by many who had been given the outstanding honor of representing My Son in His houses throughout the world, the churches." - Our Lady, December 6, 1974 

"My children, My Son has been abandoned in His House. His Body, His beautiful Body is being desecrated by many. And the evil forces of darkness in human bodies, in the form of satanism and worship of the prince of darkness at black mass—they are desecrating My Son's Body, and why? You permit this because you have lost heart! You have lost faith! There is only a flicker of true faith left in your world, My children." - Our Lady, September 28, 1977 

"Pastors, no hands, other than those consecrated, by legally ordained priests, shall give the Host to others.  Better that you spend more time consummating your role as the representative of Christ than joining the world.
     "The extraordinary ministers have become a farce! Women? Children? Whatever shall become of you? The rules of discipline in the houses of My Son have already been given to you. Only legally ordained representatives of My Son—they receive the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit deems that they shall bring the Host to the man and the woman recipient and the children. Only in dire need of death shall a man—I say a man, not a woman or a child—shall a man be given the power through the legally ordained priest to bring in urgency and haste the Host to the dying.
     "This debasement to My Son's Body shall not go unpunished. Awaken! You are blind to the truth, My pastors." - Our Lady, August 21, 1975 

"My child, I know you are in wonderment of why Michael is holding the chalice with anxiety. I must tell you: within the chalice in Michael's hands are the Hosts collected from throughout the world that had been discarded by the faithless. I have asked that My Son's Body be protected upon earth. But many clergy now have cast aside My warnings from Heaven, and His Body has been placed and thrown on the floors, and into the water fonts of many of My Son's churches throughout the world." - Our Lady, May 17, 1986 

"You cannot worship, you cannot follow two masters, for one you will love, and the other you will hate or learn to hate. And is there not much hate against My Son in the world now? Is there not much derision and laughter and abominations against His divinity? Do you not take His sacred, purified Body and cast it into the water font? Do you not, in your arrogance, do you not, O pastors, protect My Son's Body, His Body that is being carried to be mocked and abused in a form of worship from satan?
     "O pastors, evil men of the cross, whatever shall become of you?" - Our Lady, February 1, 1977 

"My child, please, you must make it known to Our clergy that they are defiling My Son's Body in many ways. Disrespect and dishonor—how many tears have I shed at the sight! Only consecrated hands shall give and bring My Son to the peoples of earth, legally ordained and given the Holy Spirit—the clergy chosen by the Father to bring His Son to you! Unclean hands shall not touch My Son's Body! You must not allow My Son to be defiled any longer. No children shall carry My Son's Body in the hands! 
     "Know, My child, that only one exception can be made: when a legally ordained priest is unable to reach the dying, he will send his deacon to bring My Son to him. But only in severe trial and need, I say! Only to the dying. All others, My child, will be given the needed grace if they pray.
     "If Our clergy become deluded by satan and lax in their responsibility to My Son, they will be set in judgment before the Father for their part in the defilement of My Son's Body.
     "You must warn My clergy, My child, with your message. We are not pleased by the manner in which they honor the Son of God.
     "A thorough cleansing must be made within the House of God, the Church. Women shall not receive My Son dressed as pagans—naked, and without absolution! Many have made a farce and a meal of My Son. They come to receive Him without penance. What manner of abomination is this, My child? Mankind must do penance and prepare himself for the reception of the Host, My child." - Our Lady, December 31, 1974 

"I repeat again and again that none but a duly-ordained, legally-ordained priest in My Son's House shall bring His sacred Body in the Host to another. Foul deeds are being committed upon My Son's Body! And you allow them, neither caring..."
     Veronica - Our Lady is now reaching down to Her mantle. She is bringing it up to Her eyes, placing it over Her eyes.
     Our Lady - "My child, My heart is torn. It feels as though a thousand knives have pierced My heart. Every day another enters. How many shall console Me in My sorrow? I am truly the Mother of Sorrows. And why? Because My eyes look and watch the multitudes of My children entering into hell day by day! I cannot stem the tide now. I ask, I beseech, I plead with you as your Mother, to hold back the darkness. Fight the forces of darkness and evil that have entered upon your world." - Our Lady, November 1, 1977 

"My child and My children, it is the will of My Son that only man—not woman—shall give His Body to the multitudes. Only a man, a priest, legally ordained, a true descendant of Peter, must bring My Son's Body to the multitudes." - Our Lady, November 20, 1979 

"You will make it known to the world, and especially, My child, to the men in the House of God, that We can no longer tolerate their permissive attitudes in the offenses which they permit, and are acting in laxity of their permission of offenses to the Eucharist.
     "The House of God will be a sanctity of silence and adoration. The House of God will be a place of honor among men. The House of God will not be entered in nakedness." - Our Lady, August 5, 1973 

"My Son is much grieved, My child, in the manner in which many come to Him in His House. They come with disrespect. They do not have love for Him in their hearts. My child, please, they lead themselves onto the road to satan. They must not accept My Son with sin in their hearts. Many do not go to Our representatives. They accept My Son with sin on their souls! Shout it, My child, from the roofs: you must honor the Eucharist!" - Our Lady, November 23,1974 

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