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These Last Days News - June 28, 2011

The Rockefeller Family Goal:  To Destroy the Roman Catholic Church...

St. Michael - "There is a man who hides behind the mask ruling your country!  He will soon approach and reveal himself.  He is the man who compromises your country for the love of power.  He has affiliated all of the money powers of the world--joined them for unity of a one-world government. Step down and reveal yourself, the leader--" 
Veronica - Oh, my goodness!  Oh, my goodness!  The man behind the mask, Mr. Rockefeller, the man behind the mask!
- September 13, 1975


The Rockefellers sought to increase the use of contraception and abortion by persuading the general public of its benefits … through the government and the education system.  But there was still opposition … major opposition that had to be confronted … and that opposition was … the Catholic Church.  For this reason … Rockefeller .. toting his money bags … set out for South Bend Indiana and set in motion what would be the largest wholesale betrayal of Catholic principles and faith in American history.  At the time … perhaps no other institution in the United States so strongly represented Catholicism as the University of Notre Dame.  Steeped in lore and tradition … it was emblematic of Roman Catholicism for 5 decades of Catholic immigrants. The success of its athletic teams vaulted the small school onto a stage of prominence and respect.  For many American Catholics, Notre Dame represented nothing less than the promised land.  This is why what happened at Notre Dame in the 1960s is the primary source and example of betrayal to the Faith ORCHESTRATED BY THEN-UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT FR.  THEODORE HESBURGH AND CONTINUED BY HIS SUCCESSORS … FR. Edward “monk” MALLOY AND NOW FR. JOHN JENKINS.

In the early ‘60s … John D. Rockefeller III approached Fr. Theodore Hesburgh who was then president of Notre Dame … and asked about the possibility of Notre Dame hosting a Population Council meeting at the university.  In 1965 … Fr. Hesburgh invited Rockefeller-funded Planned Parenthood to hold a number of so called “secret conferences” at Notre Dame … through the intervention of Fr. John O’Brien … head of the theology department.  Former Notre Dame professor ... and editor of the website Culture War Notes dot com … E.  Michael Jones … offers these observations about the university’s wholesale betrayal of the Catholic Faith … as part of a self-absorbed trading of souls for foundation funding.
PAUSE FOR SOT These conferences were kept very quiet and only advertised to the most friendly of potential guests.  Rockefeller needed a Catholic in the camp … so to speak and he found a willing one in Ted Hesburgh.  Fr. Hesburgh sold out Catholic higher education … and, specifically, Our Lady’s university … for a share of Rockefeller’s millions … and the accompanying worldly respect … And there was plenty of it … For starters … amazingly … Fr. Theodore Hesburgh … actually served on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation as well as held other important positions over the course of 20 years within the organization … the same organization that is a leading proponent of the Culture of Death.

But that wasn’t all the worldly acclaim Fr. Hesburgh amassed. He became the director of Chase Manhattan Bank … was given 150 honorary degrees from various universities as of 2004, the most by any person in history … was awarded the medal of freedom from Pres. Nixon … and the congressional gold medal by Bill Clinton.  How is it possible that a Roman Catholic priest sat ON THE BOARD and WAS THE DIRECTOR of an organization that supports birth control and abortion???  It’s a question whose answer reveals all.  Once Notre Dame … the leading Catholic university in the nation sold out … practically every other Catholic university followed suit.  With population control money pouring into the coffers of Catholic universities … the plan could proceed to advance contraception and abortion as tools in population control.  And Catholic universities played an impressive role in warping the minds of young Catholics and steering them away from the truth.  That’s why, today … we live in a nation in which 98% of Catholics … not Protestants or atheists … but CATHOLICS use contraception. 

It was this relationship between Hesburgh and the population control Rockefeller Foundation that … perhaps more than any other single alliance in recent Church history which began the meltdown of the past nearly 50 years.  And with these secret conferences on population control going on during the summers of the early 1960’s at Notre Dame … it soon became clear that a more definitive break with the Catholic Church and her teaching would have to be initiated.  In 1967 … the year before the Papal encyclical Humanae Vitae … which restated Catholic teaching condemning contraception was released ... Notre Dame administrators … under the direction of Fr. Theodore Hesburgh … released what was known as the Land O’Lakes Statement … in which they distanced themselves from Catholic teaching.  The statement was named after the retreat center of the Holy Cross Fathers … the order that founded Notre Dame. 

The retreat center is a luxurious hideaway in Land O’ Lakes Wisconsin.  While at this quiet summer conference in July of 1967 … Fr. Hesburgh and others prepared for the overthrow of the Catholic Faith at Notre Dame.  But Hesburgh’s initiative would not stop at the confines of his South Bend, Indiana campus. It spread like a blazing inferno to virtually every other Catholic college looking to unshackle itself from Rome.  In releasing the Land O’ Lakes statement … Hesburgh’s Notre Dame aligned itself with forces bent on the destruction of Catholicism … such as, the Rockefeller Foundation … with whom Father Theodore Hesburgh plotted to reduce the Catholic voice in society ... by indoctrinating the Faithful with the world’s creed.  In part … the Land O’Lakes Statement … was little different than Martin Luther’s declaration ANNOUNCED IN Wittenburg GERMANY 450 EARLIER … declaring, “I will not serve”.  Listen carefully to the defiance in this quote from the document…  The Land O’Lakes Statement is important because of the atmosphere it created … making the rejection of Church authority sound sophisticated … intelligent … up to date and thoroughly fashionable. 

It laid the groundwork for widespread and wholesale academic dissent … which would explode a year later at Catholic University of America with specific regard to the Birth Control issue and Pope Paul VI’s encyclical.  Hesburgh’s Land O’Lakes Statement and the explosion of dissent against Humanae Vitae went hand in glove. It was perceived by the public … as it was intended to be … that if a larger than life Catholic icon could challenge Rome … then everything was up for grabs.  It has proved to be an attitude throughout the Church in the West that has not dissipated in the following 40 plus years and still often emanates from our pulpits and chanceries today.  And its important to bear in mind … that these wheels were set in motion by the designs of the Rockefellers and the cooperation of Fr. Ted Hesburgh and his Notre Dame.  With the Catholic academic world now unhitching itself from the authority of the Church … The Catholic world was now readied for wholesale rejection of sexual ethics.  When you’ve got more money than you know what to do with … what’s left to achieve?  How about world domination?!  Some believe that’s exactly what the Rockefeller dynasty wants. While it’s difficult to say what their true intentions are, we can certainly judge by their actions and statements that they … along with an elite group of politicians … aristocrats … and billionaires … desire a world united under some form of global governance.

"The leaders of your country and the rulers of your world are faster and faster plunging forward, bringing in the reign of the evil one whom you will know as the Antichrist of one world. The plan for his rule has been set for many years."- Our Lady, August 14, 1974

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"The state of your world has been reduced by the immorality. The state of your world is capitulating now to all of the forces of the octopus that will seek to bring about a one-world religion and a one-world government under a supreme dictator of evil." - Our Lady of the Roses, March 18, 1978

St. Michael - "There is a man who hides behind the mask ruling your country! He will soon approach and reveal himself. He is the man who compromises your country for the love of power. He has affiliated all of the money powers of the world--joined them for unity of a one-world government. Step down and reveal yourself, the leader--" 
    Veronica - Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! The man behind the mask, Mr. Rockefeller, the man behind the mask! - September 13, 1975

HENRY KISSINGER (A Rockefeller Agent))

Veronica-And oh, oh! And over by the top of the steeple, I see Saint Francis over there, by-over the top of the church there's Saint Francis. Oh, and he's picking up this bird; He's holding the bird in his hand, the bird. The bird looks like it might have died; its very limp. And Saint Francis now is placing his hand over the bird. No, it's sitting up in Saint Francis' hand, and Saint Francis is pointing over, over to the right side. He wants me to look over the right side.

   He-oh, I see. He's pointing over, and over the right side is a map. And he said peace also will be denied the areas shown. Oh, dear! I can see Egypt, and I see, oh, Asia. Oh, I see a lot of people there; they're all marching. They look like, kind of like Chinese . . . Chinese. And oh, they're getting ready for war. They've got all these tanks . . . all these tanks. And they're all marching, the armies; there's a whole lot of them. There's so many of them! Many of them look like young children, but there's so many of them. Oh! And Our Lady said:

   Our Lady-"They are gathering their strength."

   Veronica-I know that's China, and all these kind of-I guess yellow countries. Our Lady's placing-She's writing "Y-E-L-L-O-" on the top, right over the map there. And oh, it looks like they're getting ready for an awful war or something. They're-oh, yes, they're all marching. Oh, oh. They're all dressed alike; they're very, very . . . Oh, there's women, too. There's women, too, that are marching with them, and the girls-the girls look very young; they look very young.

   Oh! Oh! Oh, now over them I see-oh-h . . . oh, it's Russia! I see Russia now is talking. Oh, they're at a big desk, a rather large desk. And that . . . umh! At the desk I can see . . . I know he's Russian. But sitting next to him . . . looks like someone I have seen before, like . . . I don't know . . . looks almost like Mr. Kissinger . . . I don't know. But he's sitting at the desk also, and it looks like they're planning; they're talking about . . . arms or support. I think there's going to be something going on. And Russia is going to . . . I think it sounds like they're going to fight. They're going to fight-oh, it's Egypt. I think they're going to go to war against Egypt and Africa. And-oh! And then Our Lady said:

   Our Lady-"Gathering at Palestine. Gathering at Palestine." - Our Lady, May 30, 1973

"You have allowed the evil to grow strong in your country. You will remove from your country this seat of evil [U.N.] that grows strong in your city. The mark of the beast has labeled your city Babylon! Open your heart and eyes now to the truth, before it is too late. You are being blindly led to your own destruction. The brood of vipers [U.N.] within your city must be removed at once!" - Our Lady of the Roses, February 1, 1972

"America, you will remove yourself, as a country, from that brood of vipers in your city that has set itself up to govern the world's peoples and lead them to destruction." - Our Lady of the Roses,December 7, 1971

"The octopus of evil, the international conspiracy of evil, has at its head a Grand Master. I cannot at this time, My children, reveal in entirety the order of succession of those who seek to enslave your world." - Our Lady of the Roses, May 26, 1976

"Your country and many countries throughout your world have already fallen. They have now been entered upon by the giant political machine that seeks to enslave the world--the octopus of evil. For the love of money, prestige, and power, many shall sell their souls to get to the head. O My children, when My Son returns, will He find even a small flicker of faith left in your hearts?" - Our Lady of the Roses, May 29, 1976

"Your country must send from its shores the coalition the United Nations... I must warn you at this time, as your Mother, that you must remove yourself from this gathering of world churches. My Son has given you His true Church upon your earth. All others have left it, as they could not follow the rule. As protesters, they have cast aside the truth." - Our Lady of the Roses, September 13, 1975

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