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The truth of Jacinta

Third Secret:

Words of Our Lady of Fatima, not a vision

On May 13, 1967, after a Mass celebrated in front of the basilica in Fatima, Portugal, Sister Lucy approached Pope Paul VI and requested, "I want to have a private conversation with you." She repeated this request many times. Obviously, Sister Lucy had an important message for him. But Pope Paul VI refused her request and replied, "See, it is not the moment." 

      Sister Lucy withdrew. Pope Paul VI got up and turned towards the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, trying to place a silver Rosary between Her hands. As he could not reach them, he deposited the Rosary at the statue's feet. 
     The crowd shouted: "Lucia, Lucia, Lucia!" Then Bishop Hnilica led Sister Lucy onto the front of the podium. When the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims saw Sister Lucy near the Pope, they applauded.  But TV reporters and hundreds of cameras recorded a stunning event: Sister Lucy was crying.  Why?

The Third Secret 
The mysterious Third Secret of Fatima has been the object of research and speculation for decades. But from Our Lady of the Roses message, the Third Secret is no longer a mystery. 
     We wish to dig deeper into the mystery of the Third Secret, with the guidance of Our Lady of the Roses message. Notice how, in the light of Our Lady of the Roses message, many of the mysteries of the Fatima message are now explained and how everything fits together, as the pieces of the puzzle.

Third Secret: words of Our Lady, not a vision
A major discrepancy (among many) we have noted in the Vatican’s June 26th, 2000 version of the third secret is that it contains a vision, rather than the words of Our Lady of Fatima. But according to a Portuguese news agency:

"... Sister Lucy wrote down the words which Our Lady confided as a secret to the three little shepherds in the Cova da Iria." (Portuguese news agency A.N.I. at Rome, February 8, 1960).

Furthermore, in Sister Lucy's Memoirs she records two of Jacinta’s visions that refer to the Third Secret. After one of these visions, Jacinta asks Lucy, “Is he the one I saw weeping, the one Our Lady told us about in the Secret?" Here, it is important to pay close attention: If the Third Secret had been a vision, wouldn’t Jacinta have rather said, “the one Our Lady showed us in the Secret?  But this is not the case. Jacinta clearly said “told us” which means words, not a vision. Had the Third Secret been only a vision, Jacinta would have said “showed us”, referring to a vision.

Third Secret:  mentions the Pope, not a “bishop dressed in white”

Sister Lucy also writes in her Memoirs

"One day, (Lucy continues) two priests recommended us to pray for the Holy Father, and explained to us who the Pope was. Afterwards, Jacinta asked me: "Is he the one I saw weeping, the one Our Lady told us about in the Secret?"  "Yes, he is."

     It is clear from this that the term "Pope" had to be explained to the three children. It seems then that the word "Pope" or "Holy Father" is explicitly mentioned in the Third Secret.
     Another source of evidence, supporting the claim that the Third Secret is the words of Our Lady of Fatima and not a vision, is the testimony of Fr. Joseph Schweigl. Pope Pius XII had charged Fr. Joseph Schweigl with a mission to personally visit Sister Lucy in August 1952. After questioning Sister Lucy on the Third Secret, on his return to the 'Russicum', Father Schweigl confided to one of his relatives, Father Cyrille Karel Kozina: "I cannot reveal anything about what I have learned at Fatima about the Third Secret, but I can say that it has two parts: the one concerns the Pope. The other, logically - although I should say nothing - should be the continuation of the words: 'In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved.'" ... Concerning the part which concerns the Pope, [Father Kozina] had asked: "The present Pope, or rather the next one?" To that question, Father Schweigl did not reply.
     It should be noted that the continuation of "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved," is clearly not present in the June 26th, 2000 version.  Many Fatima scholars have pointed out this major discrepancy.
    Furthermore, in 1955 Cardinal Ottaviani asked Sister Lucy why the Third Secret was not to be opened before 1960. She told him, "because then it will seem clearer (mais claro)."   If the Third Secret was only a vague vision, how could Sister Lucy’s statement to Cardinal Ottaviani have made any sense? What difference would the year 1960 have made at all? But, on the other hand, if the Third Secret was the words of Our Lady of Fatima predicting a time-specific event, this conversation with Cardinal Ottaviani would have great significance. 
     Clearly, the Third Secret given on July 13, 1917 to the children was the words of Our Lady, not a vision.  It is Jacinta’s subsequent visions (recorded by Sister Lucy in her Memoirs) that explain these words of Our Lady of Fatima, and clearly shows a suffering Pope. Who then is this suffering Pope, described in words by Our Lady of Fatima, and explained in subsequent visions granted to Jacinta?

Jacinta’s visions of the Third Secret Pope:

Vision #1
One day (Lucy writes) we spent our siesta down by my parents' well. Jacinta sat on the stone slabs on top of the well. Francisco and I climbed up a steep bank in search of wild honey among the brambles in a nearby thicket.
     After a little while, Jacinta called out to me: "Didn't you see the Holy Father?" 
     "I don't know how it happened, but I saw the Holy Father in a very big house, kneeling by a table, with his head buried in his hands, and he was weeping. Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him."
     One day, (Lucy continues) two priests recommended us to pray for the Holy Father, and explained to us who the Pope was. Afterwards, Jacinta asked me: "Is he the one I saw weeping, the one Our Lady told us about in the Secret?"

     "Yes, he is."

Vision #2
We went into the cave called Lapa do Cabeço. As soon as we got there, we prostrated on the ground, saying the prayers the Angel had taught us. After some time, Jacinta stood up and called to me:
     "Can't you see all those highways and roads full of people, who are crying with hunger and have nothing to eat? And the Holy Father in a church praying before the Immaculate heart of Mary? And so many people praying with him?" 
     Some days later, Jacinta asked me: "Can I say that I saw the Holy Father and all those people?"
     "No. Don't you see that that's part of the Secret? If you do, they'll find out right away!"
     "All right! Then I'll say nothing at all."

The Pope of the Third Secret: Pope Paul VI 
The following quotes are from Our Lady of the Roses message, which explains that the Pope Jacinta saw in her Third Secret visions was Pope Paul VI:

Jacinta - "I wrote your picture. I wrote your picture."
Veronica - And she is saying:
Jacinta - "It is true; it will happen. It is true." (June 8, 1972)

Our Lady - "I ask you again to pray for your Holy Father [Pope Paul VI] in Rome.  He is very ill.  He needs many prayers, for he is being crucified by his own.  He is truly the little one in the message of Jacinta.” (Our Lady, June 1, 1978)

Jacinta - "Yes, I tried to warn everyone of what was going to happen to the world of the future.  Our Lady said that the little Father in Rome would suffer great persecution, but much of this persecution would come from his very own, those that he trusted.  That is why the picture* was given to you to send the message throughout the world." (Jacinta, June 8, 1974)

Jesus - "You will keep now a constant vigilance of prayer. These prayers will ransom some time for your Vicar who has offered himself as sacrifice for those who have fallen in his House."
Veronica -
I see Pope Paul. He's sitting in a large room. There's a desk. But he doesn't look very well. He looks very sick. It seems like he can't seem to keep his eyes open. His head is falling to the right. And then he sits up, and he's falling to the left. Now he's leaning over on the table. Now there are screams outside. And people are shouting, and they're throwing all rocks, and they're trying to come in the door. And they're shouting. And Pope Paul—now he's walked over, and he's kneeling next to a statue of Our Lady. He's praying to Our Lady, and he's crying; tears are coming down his face. He looks awfully thin. The marks are still on his hands. I see him raising his hand up now above his head. Oh! Oh!
     And outside the door there are cardinals, five cardinals; they are hiding knives behind their backs. And over by the window, looking in, is a man. He looks like a cardinal, but he's dressed in black. And he has a pillbox on his head, like, standing up. He also is holding a knife behind his back. And over on the right side, looking in the other window, I see a group of bishops. There are two, three, four, five—there are fifteen or sixteen bishops. They also are hiding knives behind their backs. (July 25, 1972)

Our Lady - "I have not come to bring fear to My children, but I have come to prepare you and warn you of what lies ahead if you do not heed My admonitions. One remains upon earth who will attest to the truth of Jacinta. All will come to pass as divested to you.” (December 24, 1972)

Our Lady - "Jacinta warned you of the affairs of Rome. Now one remains to be fulfilled, the secret of Heaven and earth. I have entrusted you with this already, and I have asked you to prepare yourself and those you love for this eventuality." (Our Lady, December 30, 1972)

Veronica - . . . a large church, and there are many figures dressed very regally entering into this church. Many are strangers. I do not recognize them. It is in the center of a large square. And over the dome there's a cross. The cross is very large. Oh! [Veronica bursts into tears.] On the cross . . . is the Holy Father. Looking up . . . looking up, and down by the doors . . . . [Veronica continues in a sobbing voice.] are cardinals. . . . I, I can . . . 
     I see now a large room. There's a desk by the window, and standing outside are many clergy looking in the windows. And I see our Holy Father sitting at the desk. He's very, very weak. He seems unable to hold himself in the chair. He now walks over to the side of the room. There's a large statue of the Blessed Mother. He's praying to Our Lady. He's holding up his hands now, imploring Her for help. On his hands are the marks of the crucifixion. [Veronica continues to weep.]
     Outside the door there are two cardinals standing. Each one has a key, a large golden key in his hand. They've removed their hats. Now they removed their hats . . . oh, they're, they're demons! [Veronica gasps in great distress.] They're now taking the keys and they're tying them up with a rope. They're whispering to each other now. And they're pointing, they're pointing over to a . . . another cardinal. He stands there with a cross, and he's holding out his hand. And these two cardinals are now giving him the keys. (February 1, 1973)

Jacinta - "I come to tell you of the poor Holy Father. I cried much for him. We love him. But man will destroy him now…. I gave you the picture. I wrote on your picture. I did not know how to write much on earth, but I wrote. Our Father showed me how to write. Won't you give everyone my picture? I want them to remember what I tried to tell them.” (February 1, 1973)

Veronica - Oh! Oh! Oh! Now I am . . . Our Lady is taking me into a bedroom. Oh! I see sisters—they're nurses—in the bedroom. Oh, and there—I can see him in his bed—is the Holy Father. The nurse now has a needle, and she's rolling up now the sleeve. He has on . . . it looks like a robe, the Holy Father, and she's giving him a needle in his arm. He . . . and he looks very sick. Now the needle was placed into his left arm, into his left arm. Now as the needle is placed into his left arm, Pope Paul is reaching over onto a table near his bed. He's reaching for his crucifix. He's placing it across his chest. (April 13, 1974)

Jacinta - "No, Veronica, the picture—it was not accepted. This gives me great sorrow. But one day it will be accepted, so do not put it in your file, Veronica. Send the picture throughout the world. Perhaps then mankind will listen to what Our Lady told me to tell them when I was on earth. I, too, was asked by Our Lady to give a message. I did not understand all that Our Lady said, but I gave the message. Our Lady told me that the nuns would start to wear clothes that would offend the Father and Our Lady very much because these new fashions were created by satan to seduce the souls." (Jacinta, June 8, 1974)

Our Lady - "The ruler is your Pope, Pope Paul VI, who is now every ill and kept an invalid. My child, I have asked you to warn the three bishops in Rome [Casaroli, Benelli, and Villot] that We are watching their actions. None escape the Eternal Father, and they will receive a just judgment from Him." (November 20, 1975)

Our Lady - "Satan, Lucifer in human form, entered into Rome in the year 1972. He cut off the rule, the role of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI." (September 7, 1978)

"From some fissure the smoke of satan entered into the temple of God." 
- Pope Paul VI, June 29, 1972

“Listen to your Vicar who stated that the smoke of satan had entered My Church. Did he have pride when he brought this knowledge to you? No! He asked for help. And what did you do? You turned away and widened the door for satan to enter!” – Jesus, September 28, 1978

When Sister Lucy met Pope Paul VI on May 13, 1967, why did she weep? Perhaps we now know why.

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