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February 19, 2002   Pope John Paul II has performed three exorcisms during his 23-year reign - with his most recent Satan-busting rite taking place just five months ago, the Italian newspaper La Stampa disclosed yesterday.  The report - based on an interview with the church's top exorcist, the Rev. Gabriele Amorth - came a day after the pontiff warned Roman Catholics to beware of the daily temptations of the devil.

John Paul's most recent exorcism took place in September, when he tackled the demons possessing a 20-year-old woman, Amorth said.  "This girl was rolling around on the ground," he said, describing her condition as "very serious - a series of curses."

"People in the Vatican had never seen anything like it," he said, but added, "For us exorcists, it is run of the mill."  A year earlier, in September 2000, the pope performed an exorcism on a 19-year-old woman who flew into a rage during a general audience in St. Peter's Square.  Press accounts at the time described how the teen screamed incomprehensibly in a deep voice and fought with super-human strength when Vatican guards tried to subdue her.

In the first exorcism performed by John Paul, in 1982, he drove the devil from a woman who was brought to him writhing on the ground, according to a published report.  In last Sunday's address, the pope urged his followers to beware Satan's "insidious actions."

"Each and every man . . . is tempted by the devil when he least expects it," he warned.  The Vatican, blaming Satan for many of the modern world's ills, updated its exorcism rules three years ago, for the first time since 1614.  In an 84-page manual, it outlined the symptoms of diabolic possession - including speaking unknown languages and having superhuman strength - and said not to confuse them with psychiatric problems.

The amazing Bayside Prophecies...
These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995.

"Lucifer is upon earth; you understand that his powers are great. That is why you must always test the spirits and say the Saint Michael Exorcism when it is possible. When it is not possible, you will say: Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, 0 prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all evil spirits who roam now throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.-Jesus, June 18, 1984

"You will know now that My Mother will crush the prince of darkness, and he will lie before- Her, chained by Michael and cast into the pit. He rages now upon your world, knowing that his time grows short."-Jesus, March 24, 1973

Veronica - Now Michael has placed his sword down as though he was digging into the ground, but he's not. I don't know what he placed it into. Oh, I see he's placed it into satan....
    "You have nothing to fear but fear. Face it, and it will disappear. Face it with prayer."-St. Michael, June 16, 1973

"They have given themselves to satan and no longer can be recognized as human. My children, they are sacrificing other humans in their rituals of black mass.
    Many young enter upon this scene seeking friendship among their fellow men, and why? Because they have a void in their lives that you as parents have not filled. And the leaders in My Son's House, they have been abandoned by them. They do not have a foundation of faith nor learning to protect them and to give them the armor to withstand these onslaughts."-Our Lady, November 1, 1977

"They [children] must not join occult groupings. There is no such group as a good witch or a bad witch. My children, they all are under the rule of satan!"-Our Lady, August 14, 1979

Our Lady - "The agents of hell have gathered now. The satanism is accelerating, My child. You must all pray and act upon this knowledge that among you are those who are practicing the worship of satan. They have even become so imbued with the spirit of evilness that they murder in sacrifice another human being."
Veronica - Oh.
Our Lady - "Yes, My child, look upon the scene before you."
Veronica - Oh, I see what looks like a cave. I don't think that this is in the United States. I get the impression it's a cave similar to the ones that I saw—the one I saw when Jesus was being crucified, and they were scourging Him at the pillar in a cave, like built out of a hill.
     I see a lot of people gathered there. Now I would say about fifteen, or maybe seventeen, I'm count . . . no, thirteen, there are thirteen people. Now they're all standing in a circle. And in the middle of that circle is a man. He's dressed with horns on his head, like satan, and he has a black cape which is red inside. And he's turning about and he's holding a spear in his hand. It has three prongs on it. And he's dipping these prongs now into a boiling big kettle. I believe it's water boiling, he's heating up. And now he's placing—after putting water, he dips his fork, this big fork, into the water, and then places it on top of the hot coals, and they sizzle. [Veronica gasps.] And now he's going over, and there's a man tied, just like Jesus was, to a post. [Veronica gasps again.] And he's taking this horrible, horrible thing in his hand and he's burning the skin of the man. I can hear his screams; the man is screaming. He's burning the prongs of the pitchfork on the man's back.
     Now Our Lady knows that I am getting dreadfully ill. It's a horrible sight. Now—oh! Now one of the—there's a woman there; she—her eyes are glassy, like she's drugged or something—now she's going over to the man and she's taking a—it's a long knife, like a hunting knife, and cutting him in his back. And then—oh, my . . . oh, no! Then there's another woman—they're all dressed in black capes with red on the interior—there's another woman, she's going over, and—oh, no! They—she has—oh, she has a chalice in her hands and she's placing it underneath the drops of blood that are coming out of the gash she's made in the man's back. And they're all laughing, like they're hysterically insane. They're all laughing.
     And now the woman is coming over and she's passing—it's a chalice, oh, it's a chalice, but she's passing it among them all and they're drinking the man's blood. Oh! March 18, 1983  

"My child and My children, need I repeat to you all of the abominations being committed upon the earth now? I can also repeat to you that in some of these horrible, excruciatingly painful cults that are growing up fast in your country and other countries about the world, they have even gone so far as to dab now in cannibalism, the eating of human flesh as a sacrifice to satan. That is why, My children, so many cannot be found who are missing-mostly, My children, young children. Mothers have cried, their hearts torn with anguish when their children disappear from the streets. Your police do not investigate fully. Sending out photographs of the missing children, this is of little help when they fall into the clutches of the satanists, for they do not remain about long. Their bodies are often cremated on pyres to satan." Jesus, November 1, 1985 

Veronica - Oh! Our Lady is also pointing over with a very angry look on Her face. And I see—oh, a terrible . . . oh, it's—oh, my goodness! I know what it is; I see . . . I know they're human beings, but they're wearing black garments and slit holes in their faces. And Our Lady said:
Our Lady - "See, My child, the worship of the prince of evil. You are shocked, My child? Do not delude yourselves that this does not exist upon your earth now, the worship of satan. Pagans! Pagans in the House of God! Pagans roaming your nations, leaders of your nations giving themselves to satan!" June 15, 1974 

"It is only to deceive and destroy the soul that the agents of hell, the followers of the prince of darkness, will try to convince you with honeyed words and the power of their rank, that there is no hell. O My children, how sad that you are following this road. Blindness, blindness of the spirit! How soon many will find the fires of hell engulfing them!" Our Lady, October 2, 1974 

"I have always asked you, the Eternal Father has written it in the good Book, your Bible, to always test the spirits. My children, the evil, the spirits of darkness always reveal themselves with time. They cannot conceal their farce and lies. My children, you will understand now that satan is trying to conceal his nature and his being to mankind to deceive you. If you do not believe in the existence of Lucifer, satan, and his agents, demons, he can go forward working his will among you unseen, unknown, unbelieved, but creating disaster and death to souls. 
     "My children, the man you call 'Sam' is satan in a human body. He has powers beyond what most human beings could understand." Our Lady, November 21, 1977 

"Listen well, My children, and understand that I ask you to remove all diabolical musical recordings from your homes. Your children are bringing demons into your homes because, at the time that these records were produced, called 'rock, hard rock'—they were produced in the temple of satan, consecrated to satan. You do not understand, My children, but many of your companies, your record companies, are under the control of Wicca, the international organization of witches and warlocks. Do not laugh! It is true! Lucifer has given them power over mankind. However, the power is allowed by God the Father in Heaven to test all of mankind." Our Lady, November 25, 1978 

St. Theresa - "There are four agents from hell upon earth. One is now—"
Veronica - Oh, and Theresa is pointing, and I see Saint Peter's. It's a very large church. It's very large. Oh, and I see this horrible-looking thing. This thing, he's going now into the door. He's very smug-looking. Oh, and he's now gone into  a back room—in the room off the church; it's a room off the side of the church. There's a lot of people gathered there. There are cardinals and bishops. I can tell by the way they're dressed.
     Now one is going over, and he's counting. He's saying: "One! two! three! four! five! six!" And he's placing his hand now on the chest of the cardinal. Now as I watch—oh! Oh, I see him—he's just like ... oh, he's like evaporating into his body; he's just going right in! Now I can't see him anymore. But I see—oh! Oh! Now I see—oh, my! Oh! Our Lady says:
    Our Lady - "Yes, My child, you will have no fear in speaking out, for they must be warned."
     Veronica - I see now that the one, the cardinal, is now taking off his—he has a very wide hat. Now as he's taking it off he's smiling, but as he takes it off, his hat off, he has ears like a, like a devil—these things coming out of his head like a devil! And he's holding up the number—he's holding up his hand: five and one make six. - June 8, 1973 

"My final word, My children, is to warn all mankind at this time that they must guard their families well—the children, with sacramentals. For there are mysterious forces now and false miracles that will abound upon earth, even to deceive the elect. Therefore, to protect your children, they must use all the armor available from Heaven." - Jesus, October 6, 1980 

"The forces of 666 are gathered throughout the world. They seek to destroy your Vicar in Rome and gain full control of the Seat of Peter. The Message from Heaven is known now in Rome, My children. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer for your bishops and your cardinals that they will take their heads from the clouds and open their hearts to the truth!
     "The hierarchy has been infiltrated by agents of hell. Many have come posing as angels of light, but with darkness of heart and dark secrets." - Our Lady, May 30, 1977 

"Parents, you have a great responsibility now for the salvation of your children's souls. You cannot turn them over to others to be trained, for when your children go outside of your doors, they are now as sheep among wolves! And many of these wolves are shepherds parading as angels of light, bringing doctrines of devils into My Son's House and schools.
     "It will be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, and satan will set himself in their midst. Like a game of chess, he manipulates for his benefit, not mankind. Like a game of chess, he will play cardinal against cardinal and bishop against bishop." - Our Lady, May 18, 1977

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