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Who caused The Big Blackout of 2003?

More than 100 power plants - including 22 nuclear reactors in the United States and Canada - were shut down, and the blackout affected 50 million people over a 9,300-square-mile area from New England to Michigan.

When more than 100 power plants shut down at the same time and they can't quickly determine the cause of any one of them, then something is frightfully wrong.

For decades Russia has been researching Nikola Tesla's powerful (EM) Electromagnetic weapons.  Using Tesla's technology Russia can neutralize electricity anywhere at any time they wish from inside Soviet Union.

With EM weapons Russia can neutralize the electrical systems on planes, satellites, or any system that runs on electricity or electrical activity in the nervous systems such as in the human body.  When ever you hear of a airplane crashing and nothing is recorded on the black box, that is a case where electrical systems have been duded or neutralized by electromagnetic weapons.

Russia used EM weapons in Afghanistan and the dead enemy soldiers lied in sun for 30 or more days and their bodies didn't decay because all the organisms in the bodies that would cause them to decay were also destroyed.  Russia then spread some red powder around the bodies and the US thought Russia had some new exotic chemical/biological weapon.

Continue to read this page and all the links and you will discover Russia could have easily caused The Big Blackout.

More frightening than the mind of Man has ever imagined...

Brezhnev's unheeded 1975 characterization of these weapons as "more frightening than the mind of ran has ever imagined" has very real justification.  There is now a "balance of terror" loose in the world that makes the old MAD men's MAD concept look like a sunny day in Hawaii.

Russia’s super weapons…

On August 14, 1981 Our Lady said, "Can you not recognize the accidents that are not accidents as they increase upon you?  Think, My children, accidents that are not accidents."

     There is absolute evidence that Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons were used to destroy the Columbia Space Shuttle on February 1st.  It was a brutal, cynical, overt act of war by the Soviet Union.  It was another demonstration from Russia showing the shocking fact that they have these powerful weapons deployed and operationally ready and tested.  This is very shocking but the proof lies in the five photos captured by an amateur astronomer in San Francisco who routinely snaps pictures of shuttles when they pass over the Bay area.  There were bolts of lighting and a fireball near the Columbia before it exploded.  The pictures were taken just minutes before Columbia's fatal demise.

     Soviet tests against actual U.S. targets continued over the years. In 1972 at a secret meeting in Prague of the leaders of the European Communist parties, Leonid Brezhnev confirmed that detente was a hoax (just as Gorbachev's Glasnost is a hoax!). Brezhnev named 1985 as the year that the Soviets would be ready to control the skies, the oceans, and most of the land area as they might wish. In other words, all the powerful strategic scalar electromagnetic weapons would be completed, deployed, and operationally tested.

     See the internet web page at http://ww.tldm.org/News6/Columbia.htm for the shocking story.  Be sure to look at all the links throughout this web page for documentation and proof. 

    Any vehicle, equipped with Scalar Electro-Magnetic (EM) weapons, can engage and destroy satellites, jet aircraft, other helicopters, cruise missiles, personnel, and armored vehicles at will.
    It can also hit all the other targets we've been talking about. Any vehicle equipped with scalar EM weapons becomes a formidable destroyer on the battlefield.  And "reconnaissance by fire" takes on a particularly lethal meaning.  For example, don't worry about the enemy in cover and concealment, or highly camouflaged.  Don't worry about decoys or dummy positions.  Just sweep the area with scalar EM fire. The actual targets will be discriminated by fire and destroyed.

    Russia has not been consecrated.  Tell your priests and bishops to encourage the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Mary before it is too late.

Tunguska River explosion . . .

   On June 30, 1908 a tremendous explosion took place at the Tunguska River in Central Siberia.  The blast flattened 500,000 acres of pine forest and was heard for 620 miles.  Everyone thought a 100,000 pound comet caused the explosion but no one ever saw the comet coming in.  Well drilling equipment was used to try and find fragments of the supposed comet but none were found. 

    Nikola Tesla indirectly admitted that he caused it with a low frequency radio beam from his Colorado Springs, Colorado, Laboratory.  Today knowledgeable scientists agree that Tesla had the technology to send electrical energy through the air to cause the explosion.  This happened in 1908!

This gives you an idea of the power of these Tesla scalar electromagnetic weapons which Russia has been researching for many decades.

"Each side secretly develops new means of warfare in order to employ them unexpectedly.  History knows many examples how the employment of a new weapon initially gave considerable success because the enemy, caught unawares and not knowing the combat capabilities of this weapon, was for some time incapable of effective counteraction" - V. Yo. Savkin, The Basic Principles of Operational Art and Tactics,  Moscow, 1972.

Unfortunately, few modern Americans know of the great scientific and engineering achievements of Nikola Tesla.  Yet, many of Tesla’s achievements helped the United States reach its high standard of living and obtain its great productive capacity.

 Nikola Tesla (1857-1943) was born in Smitjan, Lika, which is now part of Yugoslavia.  In 1884, he came to America and became a naturalized U.S. citizen.

He first worked in the Edison plant in Orange, New Jersey.  Later he worked with George Westinghouse. Tesla discovered the principle of the rotary magnetic field, applying it in a practical manner in the induction motor.  It was Tesla’s design which provided the basis for the millions of electric motors now used all over the world.

In 1899, Tesla established an experimental laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  There Tesla developed a method to transmit power long distances without wires.  He lit a bank of 200 carbon filament lamps--consuming about 10 kilowatts at a point 26 miles from the transmission station--using no wires for connection. AS A RESULT OF THESE EXPERIMENTS TESLA DISCOVERED METHODS TO CREATE MASS ALTERAT1ONS IN THE WEATHER BY ELECTRICITY. 

Tesla wrote an article titled, “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy” that appeared in the June, 1900 issue of CENTURY MAGAZINE. The article showed the theoretical basis for the current Soviet weather warfare attacks against America. Tesla wrote:

“Stationary waves in the earth...will enable us to attain many important specific results impossible otherwise.  For instance, by their use, we may produce at will, from a sending ­station, an electrical effect in any particular region of the globe.  We may send...over the earth a wave, of electricity traveling at any rate we desire, from the pace of a turtle up to lightning speed.”Drawing showing a component of Tesla's beam weapon.

The June, 1976 issue of RADIO-ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE carried an article titled, “Twelve Million Volts.” The article reported that Tesla’s experiment in Colorado Springs are the basis for a new form of U.S. Government backed research into nuclear fusion.

The Soviet scientific attention to Tesla’ a last living assistant has even more ominous implications when one realizes that the U.S.S.R. is using nuclear fusion energy research in the creation of their horrible new PARTICLE BEAM DEATH RAY WEAPON.  General George Keegan, retired Air Force Chief of Intelligence, has devoted great energy to warning the American people about the immense danger of the Soviet particle beam weapon.  Keegan’s warnings met strong objections from the Rockefeller-CFR political flunkies who control the Pentagon.

A detailed and technical account of the Soviet’s near perfection of their particle bean DEATH RAY Weapon (which confirms General Keegan’s warning) appeared in the May 2, 1977 issue of AVIATION VIE & SPACE TECHNOLOGY.  The Soviet particle beam weapon will be able to destroy U.S. intercontinental ballistic missiles and thus, NEUTRALIZE MOST U.S.A. STRATEGIC WEAPONS.

The book, LIGHTNING IN HIS HAND. THE LIFE STORY OF NIKOLA TESLA by Ines Hunt and Wanetta V. Draper (Omni Publications), devotes an entire chapter to Tesla’s death ray design.  The description of Tesla’s death ray is very similar to the description of the Soviet particle beam weapon.  Hunt and Draper reported that news of Tesla’s death ray appeared in a Colorado Springs paper on May 30, 1924.  “The news story told of the invention of an invisible ray, developed by Tesla, which was capable of stopping airplanes in mid flight, an invention which had come about through improvements on Tesla’s Colorado Springs discoveries.”

The book stated that in 1934, an Associated Press report quoted Tesla as “saying that his ray was based on an entirely new principle of physics.  He claimed that his bean could destroy 10,000 planes at a distance of two hundred and fifty miles. ... The beam was only one one-hundred-millionth centimeter.” Tesla stated that his bean could create, “a veritable Chinese wall around the country, and could defend the United States against all foes.”  “His beam,” he claimed, “could melt any engine, whether driven by diesel or gasoline or oil, and THERE WAS NO POSSIBLE DEFENSE AGAINST IT.”

Hunt and Draper continued, “The ray was described as the most important of all Tesla’s inventions so far.  It was said that IT COULD SEND CONSECRATED BEAMS OF PARTICLES THROUGH FREE AIR, and could cause armies of millions to drop dead in their tracks. ...The Tesla ray involved four new inventions: one, comprising an apparatus for producing rays and other manifestations of energy in free air, eliminating the high vacuum necessary for producing such rays and beans; the second, a method for producing great electrical forces and the third, a plan for amplifying this process in the second invention; and the fourth, a new method of producing a tremendous repelling force. ... The  voltages to be employed were fifty million volts, catapulted for destruction.  The entire process was labeled, by Tesla, his ‘TELEFORCE’.”

Additional evidence that the Soviets are using the scientific techniques of Nikola Tesla in their weather warfare against America appeared in a press report in the September 23, 1977 WASHINGTON POST.  The newspaper reported that “a strange, star-like ball of light was sighted over Petrozavodsk in Soviet Karelia, spreading over it like a jelly fish and showering down shafts of light.”  A number of Russians witnessed the event, which was reported by the Soviet news agency Tass.  A similar phenomenon was seen over neighboring Finland.

Witnesses in Helsinki stated that a strange and unusual “ball of fire was visible for about four minutes.”

An article in the JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RERSEARCH by Dr. B.N. Turuan stated that U.S. military intelligence satellites have also reported sighting what are apparently monster lightning bolts over the U.S.S.R.  Dr. Thurman revealed that the “superbolts” were thousands of times more powerful than any previously sighted there.

According to Dr. Turuan, these “superbolts” have electrical power to about 10 TRILLION WATTS and total energies of more than a billion joules.  Prior to the new Soviet sightings, the most powerful lightning bolts ever recorded were 10 billion watts and contained total energies of one million joules.

Anyone familiar with Nikola Tesla’s numerous experiments (especially those in Colorado Springs) would recognize that the strange Soviet super lightning bolts are probably the direct result of Russia’s use of the fantastically high power Tesla-style weather warfare attacks, nuclear fusion development, and the related particle beam death ray development. Tesla personally created lightning bolts about 1735 feet long, about 77 years ago.

The article in the June, 1976 issue of RADIO ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE described current US experimentation in creating gigantic Tesla-style man-made lightning and ball lightning (in the search for a fusion energy solution).  However, the U.S. experiment is relatively tiny, compared to the massive Soviet efforts.

Tesla Scalar Earthquake Machine...

    The January 1978 edition of Specula magazine ran an article which described an incredibly profound phenomenon that could be produced within the Earth by what is called the 'Tesla Effect.' According to the article, electromagnetic signals of certain frequencies can be transmitted through the Earth to form standing waves in the Earth itself. In certain cases, coherence to this standing wave can be induced wherein a fraction of the vast, surging electromagnetic current of the Earth itself feeds into and augments the induced standing wave. In other words, "much more energy is now present in the standing wave that the ...amount being fed in from the Earth's surface." By interferometer techniques, giant standing waves can be combined to produce a focused beam of very great energy. This can the be used to produce earthquakes induced at distant aiming points.

    This is one of the things which greatly concerned Mr. Tesla, because this is exactly the type of thing that could easily get out of control once it begins vibrating within the Earth and could actually cause the Earth to VIBRATE TO PIECES. Could the use of this technique have been responsible for the great earthquake in Tangshan, China in 1976?

    One source, Dr. Peter Beter, has stated that, by 1977, the Russians had placed fission-fusion-fission Superbombs in certain deep undersea trenches around the Phillipines. The source believes that the Phillipines are in the position of a 'keystone' within the giant Pacific Tectonic Plate. Russia had already been setting off lower yield undersea weapons in other areas around the Pacific Ocean causing strong earthquakes.

    Dr. Beter believes the intention was/is to relieve tensions all around the Pacific plate, except the Phillipines where stresses would build to tremendous levels. Then, at a certain point, the bombs around the Phillipines will be set off. It is expected that this will cause incredible earthquakes and tidal waves and ultimately devastate the American West Coast. Volcanoes erupting in the Phillipines are an indication that stresses are building in the area. (Readers need to understand that earthquakes and volcanoes are intimately connected and work hand in hand, with the one sometimes triggering the other, and sometimes the reverse. An earthquake can open vents deep in the Earth which allow lava to flow up. In other cases, the stresses driving volcanic activity can also cause earthquakes.

    However when invited to Tesla's laboratory Kelvin was astounded to see by experimental demonstration that Tesla was indeed creating longitudinal vibrational or scalar E/M waves of pure electrostatic potential, or as Tesla called them NON-HERTZIAN radiations. Kelvin then apologized in public and confirmed the existence and nature of the new "Tesla Wave".

     Recent private research in the USA has demonstrated that "Tesla Waves" can propagate in "n" dimensional space and may be engineered to operate in a non-linear time dimension at any speed from zero to infinite (not being limited to "c" - the speed of light). Several Tesla waves sent from different transmitters may also be engineered to combine by interferometry to produce an E/M slug of very high infolded or contained energy, with any desired light emission shape, colour, and intensity. This slug of E/M energy may be moved around the planet at will (visible or invisible). The contained energy may be released by a further specific transmission. The E/M slug can be moved into the Earth, through the air, or into the sea. If "detonated" in the earth an earthquake is the result. In a building or a city a violent explosion of pseudo-nuclear style is the result.

    It is well documented that after his death in 1943, the FBI was actively involved in suppressing many of Tesla's documents, including plans for a 'death-ray' weapon capable of destroying aircraft, and electromagnetic earthquake-inducing machine. The latter machine had proved so powerful, that during its testing phase Tesla destroyed it with a sledgehammer to keep it's vibrations from destroying his entire neighborhood.

       The uses of the complex grid, scanners, and scalar howitzers is limited only by human ingenuity and state-of-the-art of the technology developed.
        By shifting to the scalar-carrier mode and transmitting in the surface layer of the earth, the interference zone can be established in a distant region of the earth, beneath the earth's surface.
        Suppose we establish a very small interference grid in the earth at and around a distant fault zone. Then by steadily depositing energy in the zone in the continuous exothermic mode, the stress in the fault area is steadily and gradually increased. Eventually the plates on each side of the fault will slip, and a "natural appearing earthquake" occurs. If the energy is deposited slowly and gently, a gentler quake can usually be effected. If the energy is deposited fairly rapidly, a higher peak stress can usually be reached before the rocks slip, and a larger, more destructive earthquake results.
        By making a wider grid in the earth in a larger area, a strange kind of earthquake can be induced, whether or not a fault zone exists in the area. By pouring energy out of alternate cells and extracting energy from the others, a "wave-like" buckling tensile and
compressive stress is created throughout the zone. As this continues, the entire plate area will try to oscillate, moving and causing an anomalous sort of "rocking, flat earthquake" throughout a large area.
        Not too many days after the destruction of the Challenger on January 28, 1986, such an anomalous "flat earthquake" occurred in the U.S., near the Great Lakes, involving some 10 states. This was probably the subsequent testing of an additional weapons mode of the same Soviet scalar EM system that destroyed the shuttle.

Russia is the world's major Tesla researcher.  Tesla's papers in museums around the world have come up missing.  Years ago Russia sent out a world wide request to meet with anyone who personally knew or worked with Tesla.  They found one person who had worked with Tesla.

The amazing Bayside Prophecies...
These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995.

Russia shall be your scourge...
Our Lady
- "There are evil powers, My child, being set up to enslave your world! I have begged you, I have asked you through countless years to pray much for the conversion of Our adversaries. One nation, Russia, My children, shall be your scourge. As they shall go across the world, ravenous in appetite, destruction as their means for enslaving the world!" (9-13-75)

Consecrate Russia, not the world...
Our Lady
- "When I came to Fatima many years ago, I knew that communism would go throughout the world destroying many nations and attacking My Son's Church. Therefore, I made a promise that if the Pope, the Pope of those days and the Pope today, would unite with all the bishops of the world, all together on one day - not the world - but the bishops and the Pope will unite and pray for the consecration of Russia. I do not mean the world, My children; I mean Russia - Russia, the scourge of mankind. You will pray for Russia. One day must be allotted in which Pope John Paul II and, also, all the bishops of the world must unite on one day, I repeat, and pray for Russia; or Russia will continue to be the scourge from God. Russia will continue to go throughout the world annihilating people and places and countries." (10-2-87)

"I have asked you in countless visitations to earth to pray and pray again that Russia would not send her errors throughout the world. But you did not listen, carried away with the cares of your world, being materialistic, casting aside spirituality for power and greed. What will you gain if you obtain this power and you leave your earth without merit and cannot enter the eternal Kingdom of Heaven?" -  Our Lady, March 15, 1978 

"The United States of America shall not escape this time the punishments and the desolation of the nation that has gone now throughout the world, with Russia as the main force for this evil.
   "Man was created to live peacefully. Man was created to know his God, and in this manner to have a world that is not a paradise, but one in which man could live in peace and security. But now all of the leaders of the world run about and they say it is peace, it is security. Their words are like two prongs from the mouth: they say those words, but then they turn their backs and they are busy getting ready for a major invasion of the United States and Canada.
   "Yes, My child, all who read and listen to the Message must know that there is a plan now for Russia, a plan against the United States and Canada. Your nation and Canada are surrounded!" - Our Lady, March 26, 1983

"I assure you, My children, there is no freedom in Russia. It is all a delusion.
   "They seek the monies of the world from the nations of the world. And why do you not learn a lesson? It happened in the time of Lenin; it happened in the time of Stalin. And there you are all on the same road, ready to give billions of monies that should be given to those of your nation and the free nations of the world.
   "Do not be deceived, My children, Russia is not free. It is a cosmetic act to delude you. Lenin and Stalin used the same tactics, My children. Why do you not learn from your errors?" - Our Lady, June 18, 1992

"My child and My children, I wish that you all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout the world, your country, the United States, and Canada. I warn you again that Russia plans an attack upon the United States.
   "You must remember, My children, when you accept the talkings and the words of an atheist: there is no honor in the atheist. There is no truth in the atheist. They will cajole you, and buy you, until you no longer are what is called a 'free nation,' but you will be enslaved-if they do not kill the multitudes before, My child. I say 'if,' because it is their plan to destroy your nation and rebuild it by themselves. The cost of life means nothing to them, as you can recognize in all of the countries around your world that have been invaded by Russia, or Russia is the secret agent giving over the firearms and the destructive missiles to destroy the United States and Canada."
- Our Lady, September 14, 1985

Russia will use ray guns...
Veronica - Oh, and I see that - Our Lady is showing me now - there are some kind of implements they're using that... it doesn't look like a gun, it looks like a flashlight, but I know it's not a flashlight; it's some object of some kind of a ray they've got. And then - now he's lifting - I see a man in a very odd looking uniform; I don't recognize the uniform. But he's raising high, like this, this ray gun. That's what it is, it's a ray gun. And he's now pushing the trigger, and I see... it looks like long streams of light, but everything it hits just disintegrates and melts. (Veronica groans.)
    Our Lady - "Russia, My children, has this implement of destruction. While the United States and Canada, and most of the world, go about crying for peace, tranquility, love, they are not aware of the fact that Russia has every mind to take them over, be it good or bad.  And if they have to annihilate the whole land of it people, they want that land, and they will use any means to get it.
    "You understand, My child and My children, when a man is not with his God, his god then becomes Lucifer.  He is then taken over to be an agent of hell. And he has many helpers, for all hell now is opened wide in these last days.  All the demons of hell are loosed.
    "And do not become smug, My children, and think that you will be saved. Do not take this lightly.  They are very powerful and cajoling.  Yes, My child, you have every reason to be affrighted.
    "I do not say, My children and My child, that the situation is a hundred percent hopeless.  I say that each and every child upon earth is wanted back, as the man whose sheep has scattered, and he will await that one lost sheep to return.  And much joy should be had over that one lost sheep than if the whole fold had returned." (7-25-85)

Russia shall be your scourge...
Our Lady -
"There are evil powers, My child, being set up to enslave your world! I have begged you, I have asked you through countless years to pray much for the conversion of Our adversaries.  One nation, Russia, My children, shall be your scourge.  As they shall go across the world, ravenous in appetite, destruction as their means for enslaving the world!" (9-13-75)

 Directives from Heaven...

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