"Russia will also utilize the manpower of China as they make their thrust forward."  

- Jesus, March 26, 1983




On June 4, 1989, the Chinese government ordered an assault on the demonstrators in Tiananmen Square and forced their way in with tanks, resulting in a massacre.



     According to the CIA's World Factbook, China is now estimated to have a potential force of  199,178,361  fit for military service (see Apoc. 9:16). We know from the Bayside message that "Russia will also utilize the manpower of China as they make their thrust forward." The continuing military buildup of both Russia and China is evidence that Our Lady's requests at Fatima remain unfulfilled. Many in the hierarchy are in a state of denial, or even active complicity with communists, and the Catholic faithful as a consequence have been terribly misled.  Many in the hierarchy obstinately refuse to face the facts: (1) that the collegial consecration of Russia by the Pope in union with all the bishops still has not been done (Read more...); and (2) there is proof that Russia and China are poised for their final thrust towards world domination.  Unfortunately, many have itching ears, hearing only what feeds their vanity and pride.

    From the Bayside message, we know the price Rome will pay for ignoring Our Lady's warnings: "Blood shall flow in the streets of Rome. Your Pastor, the leader of your sheep, shall flee in terror." (July 15, 1976)  Meanwhile, the signs are all around us, for those who have eyes to see. According to a UPI press release on August 12, 2000:

ROME, Aug 12 (UPI) - The Italian government faced a growing public outcry Saturday following reports that perhaps as many as hundreds of thousands of illegal Chinese immigrants were flooding across the border from the former Yugoslavia....  But the alarm was raised by Italian press reports that large numbers of Chinese had arrived in Serbia, many of them on direct scheduled flights to Belgrade, and were planning to cross into Italy in search of work. The normally sober Turin paper La Stampa puts the figure at 100,000 Chinese "who are pressing at the frontier," the paper said Saturday.


Also, a Newsmax article on August 11th entitled, "Chinese Enter U.S. Through Virgin Islands" reads:

At least one eyewitness on the islands, Jim McManus, believes there is a Chinese invasion taking place against the United States... (Read more...)


A chilling UPI press release in March entitled, "China Reveals Nuclear War Plans Against U.S." proves that China is ready to go to war with the United States:

WASHINGTON -- China's People's Liberation Army has outlined plans, including a nuclear conflict with the United States, to "liberate" Taiwan, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post newspaper reported Monday.
     The PLA issued a 16-page publication, the Howangjio Weekly, that was devoted to Taiwan, that was sold on street corners. In contrast, most Chinese newspapers had little to say about Taiwan's pro-independence vote....
     The PLA has reportedly been working on a new generation of nuclear weapons, the publication said, and it outlined steps by which China would threaten the United States with nuclear war. China would then sway U.S. public opinion by making economic concessions, and it would increase arms purchases from Russia, the Post reported.
     It would then stage a limited attack on Taiwan and if that failed, China would mobilize its people into exercises that would show that it is preparing to survive a nuclear war, the newspaper said.
     "The United States will not sacrifice 200 million Americans for 20 million Taiwanese and eventually they are going to back down," the publication said. (March 20, 2000)    (Read more...) 

Massive Chinese forces have recently been discovered in Sudan as well.  On August 27th, NewsMax.com broke this story in the United States, subtitled," Largest Undetected Military Movement in Modern Times": 

China Puts 700,000 Troops on Alert in Sudan - In a stunning revelation, London's Sunday Telegraph is reporting in today's editions that China has as many as 700,000 troops in the Sudan and is preparing to enter that country's civil war. According to the British paper, for the past three years China has been bringing Chinese nationals into the Sudan by cargo jets and boats. (NewsMax.com, August 27, 2000)   (Sunday Telegraph article...)


Bayside vision on China

Following is one of several visions from the Bayside message concerning China (please note that Sudan is Egypt's southern neighbor):

Sudan.jpgVeronica - And oh, oh! and over by the top of the steeple, I see St. Francis over there, by... over the top of the church is St. Francis. Oh, and he's picking up this bird. He's holding the bird in his hand. The bird... the bird looks like it might have died; it's very limp. And St. Francis now is placing his hand over the bird. No... it's sitting up in St. Francis' hand, and St. Francis is pointing over to the right side. He wants me to look over the right side. 
     He...oh, I see. He's pointing over, and over the right side is a map. And he said peace also will be denied the areas shown. Oh, dear! I can see Egypt, and I see oh, Asia. Oh, I see a lot of people there; they're all marching they look like kind of Chinese... Chinese. And, oh, they're getting ready for war. They've got all these tanks, all these tanks. And they're all marching, the armies; there's a whole lot of them. There's so many of them! Many of them look like young children, but there's so many of them. Oh! And Our Lady said:
 Our Lady - "They are gathering their strength." (May 30, 1973)


Bayside vision:  the start of World War III

Veronica - . . . Our Lady now is looking down sadly. And I see She's pointing now to what looks like a map. Oh, my!
     Now as I am watchingit's a map of . . . oh, I can see Jerusalem, and Egypt, Arabia, French Morocco, Africa. Oh, my goodness! There seems to be a very dense darkness now settling upon those countries. Oh, my!
     And Our Lady is saying:
     Our Lady - "The start of the Third World War, My child." (March 29, 1975)


"And you, My country, America the beautiful, you are all-wise but stupid in management, for you have the picture of your coming destruction right before your face and you refuse to look." - Our Lady, April 2, 1977



Directives from Heaven:

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