WORLDNETDAILY exposé on Russian military confirms Our Lady’s June 18, 1992 message at Bayside:


We are deeply indebted to the investigative journalism of WorldNetDaily and their staff who have presented a series of articles exposing Russian treaty violations, as well as their horrendous military buildup. These facts should certainly lay to rest any naïve claims by the misinformed and misguided that Russia has been converted. No, documented facts indicate that Russia is preparing to fight, and survive, a nuclear war with the United States. You may read the entire article at WorldNetDaily.

              "Do not be deceived, My children, Russia is not free.  It is a cosmetic act to delude you.  Lenin and Stalin used the same tactics, My children.  Why do you not learn from your errors?…
            "That is the same old plan, My children, and those leaders of your nation are as blind as they were in the past.  I tell you for your own good, My children of the United States of America, that once was a nation under God and indivisible, that you will fall!  If you do not come out of your slumber now, you will fall!
           "For it is their plan to subdue you, once they get the billions that they need in aid, to bring up the economy and buy more armaments.  They have not disposed of their armaments, My child and My children.  They store them in other nations.  They have the same goals as their forefathers.” – Our Lady, June 18, 1992 

  • “For it is their plan to subdue you once they get the billions that they need in aid, to bring up the economy and buy more armaments.”  Today, Russia may be conducting nuclear deception on a far vaster scale beneath Yamantau Mountain, where it has dug out a gigantic underground military complex designed to withstand a sustained nuclear assault. U.S. intelligence sources tell WorldNetDaily that the Yamantau complex is but one of some 200 secret deep underground nuclear war-fighting sites in Russia, many of which have been significantly upgraded over the past six years at the cost of billions of dollars. Since the end of the Cold War in 1991, U.S. intelligence sources believe the Russian government has pumped more than $6 billion into Yamantau alone, to construct a sprawling underground complex that spans an area as large as Washington, D.C., inside the Beltway—some 400 square miles.... Russia is pouring money into this and other underground nuclear sites at the same time U.S. taxpayers have provided billions of dollars in aid to Russia to help dismantle nuclear warheads taken off line as a result of START I and START II [treaties].







On May 10, the Slovak Defense Ministry rolled out the SS-23s it had inherited from a secret Soviet missile cache left over from the Cold War.


  • “They have not disposed of their armaments, My child and My children. They store them in other nations.” As WorldNetDaily revealed yesterday (June 5, 2000), it is now known that the Soviet Union used secret underground bases in Eastern Europe to conceal nuclear missiles at the end of the Cold War, as an integral part of its nuclear war-fighting strategy. In all, some 73 SS-23 missiles, packing a nuclear punch 365 times the bomb that detonated over Hiroshima, were hidden by the Soviets in violation of the INF Treaty, which went into force in June 1988.


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