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The True Story of the Virgin Birth

††††††††††† On April the eighth, 1976, Jesus came to me and said, "Veronica, you will write exactly as I give this to you. You will call it The Story of the Virgin Birth."

††††††††††† In this year of 1976, there are intellectuals, theologians, scientists, and so forth who question the virgin birth of Mary, the Mother of God. Do you not understand the almighty power of God? Nothing is impossible for or to Him. Let me in my humble learning, limitations, try to explain to you what the Eternal Father did for mankind.

††††††††††† When God created Adam, then gave him woman, Eve, to be part and companion to him, they were the first man and woman upon earth created in the image of God.

††††††††††† Satan, the high, fallen angel, who had been cast out of Heaven because he sought to dethrone God the Father and take over Heaven_well, satan went after Eve to tempt her to disobey God. He succeeded, and Adam and Eve_yes, Eve made Adam follow her in sin and were cast out of paradise.

††††††††††† God the Father told Eve, "I will multiply thy sorrows and thy conceptions." Hear that, all of you abortion advocates: God creates life in His conceptions. God said that He will place life within her, Eve and her offspring. Then God said, "In sorrow shall thou bring forth children." This sorrow being pain, trial, and labor. "And thou shall be under thy husband's power." If you will read Genesis 3, verse 16 you will understand. You must obey that, all women liberationists. You must, you shall bring forth children and be under thy husband's power and he shall have dominion over thee. Man shall guide woman and be the head, and he shall have dominion over thee.

††††††††††† Adam was given to labor and toil all of his lifetime to work, to eat and survive. Heaven was closed until a most perfect sacrifice could be made to open the gates to a fallen mankind. The sad Father in Heaven had a plan and the prophets revealed this plan of God to mankind and wrote this plan down as part of the testimony in the Bible. The seed, s-e-e-d, that God spoke of in Genesis, chapter three, verse fifteen, that Mary, the seed that Mary carried within Her . . . satan had his seed, the bad angels, the fallen angels, the demons that were cast out of Heaven with him, and those that he would claim in his future upon earth, the souls and fallen humans condemned to hell.

††††††††††† So you see, with Jesus, God the Father meant that Mary would lead the fight against satan. Of course, all under the direction of the Trinity until She would crush his head, his rule, and he, the snake, satan, would lie in wait knowing the plan. Hence, satan knew he would have only so much time to seduce, to capture souls for his kingdom of hell, to take them in anger and frustration from their Creator, God the Father in Heaven. So you see, satan wants souls to spite God and then he will torture them forever in hell. So why must you fall into his trap?

††††††††††† Joseph was betrothed_that means engaged_to Mary. Before they were presented to each other_that is, they came together to prepare for marriage and were married_Mary was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit. This was before She was married. It was a supernatural manifestation by God. The seed, the child, was placed into the womb by God, the Eternal Father, without Mary having known man, no contact physically with man in intercourse. Mary was pure, a virgin forever. It was God's plan. Of course, Mary understood. The angel explained to Her before, but Joseph was confused and scared, and loving Mary wanted to hide Her away until after the birth, feeling that the people would not understand. But God sent an angel to him to explain what was going on; that it was all in God's plan; that this was the Messiah promised and that Mary was chosen to be the Mother of the Son of God, the Savior of His people from their sins. Joseph was much relieved, and prayed and then was given the grace to understand all.

††††††††††† The angel explained that God the Father was sad that satan had taken so many souls away from Him, so He had to send His only begotten Son to try to save them, as many as would listen and believe after the coming Sacrifice.

††††††††††† Yes, Joseph knew the life ahead for Mary and Jesus and the Sacrifice to come, and the part he would have to play in their lives. God made it all known to him and gave him strength and purpose.

††††††††††† When Joseph experienced the birth of Jesus, there was never a chance to doubt. He saw Mary fall into a deep sleep, and he felt a change come over him, a sense of divine presence, a great light encasing the area of the stable. And before his very eyes_with no physical effort on the part of Mary_and Mary remained covered by a coverlet in Her sleep, fully clothed_the Christ-Child appeared, like from out of nowhere onto the prepared bed of straw and cloth.

††††††††††† Joseph looked into the eyes of this new-born babe, born in a manner only begot by God alone; beyond most human understanding, a painless birth, a supernatural birth with no passage from the vagina; His entrance into the world resembling in human form any other baby, but this was not an ordinary human being, this was, is God, the Son of God just taking upon Himself a human form to come to mankind as recognizable in a body to walk among mankind to plead the cause for Heaven, to awaken a fallen mankind to the necessity to understand the Eternal Father and to follow His plan to reach Heaven, to save their eternal, living soul, their immortal being, their souls.

††††††††††† Yes, the Son of God performed miracles. Those who saw believed, and some saw but believed for a short time until satan blinded them or closed their hearts. Graces in abundance were given, cures of body and spirit, and yet He was persecuted and His body killed upon the cross, the Sacrifice most perfect, to die in body so that others may live in the spirit with Him in Heaven. "To You, Father, I commend My Spirit." Please see Luke chapter 23 verse 46.

††††††††††† I must also add that Mary was born without original sin; She bore not the taint of Eve, as Mary's coming was planned by God way before Saint Anne brought her into the world. She was written of in the Old Testament: "Behold the Virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which means God is with us. (Check this out, please. Refer to this in Isaias chapter 7 verse 14.) Joseph called Him Jesus, the Greek and Latin form of the late Hebrew and Aramaic name, Jeshua, meaning the Lord is salvation.

††††††††††† Blessed Mary ever Virgin, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

††††††††††† Jesus spoke simply to mankind, if one would only try to listen. He said, "Let the dead bury the dead." In reference to this, read Matthew chapter 8 verse 22. Obviously, as Jesus went about, He found some peoples already with dead souls among the dead bodies. In reference to that, I may say there are living bodies with dead souls already lost to Heaven, too hardened to come back; loving their sin too much to give it up to save their souls.

††††††††††† Are you a soul living in the light on the way to Heaven, or do you suffer a darkness of the spirit on the road to death of your soul to be claimed by satan, eternally damned? There's still time to get onto the right road. Won't you please come back and follow My direction?

††††††††††† This was given, dictated to me by Jesus with Our Lady present towards the end of the message at two a.m. in the morning of April 8, 1976. I was very surprised because I was about to retire, having spent quite a time doing Our Lady's written work in answering letters, when Jesus said, "Veronica, penance, more penance is needed."

††††††††††† I understood Jesus. You see, anything that is difficult, like Jesus has often said, penance is hard, but at the end of penance is a great joy. So anything, even if you have to stay up later at night to do some work involving the work of God, Jesus will call anything that's difficult penance. Think of how many graces we can do and gain. I mean, how many graces we can obtain with our acceptance of all the penance that God will allow us to receive.

††††††††††† And so it was at two a.m. on the morning of April the eighth, 1976, that Jesus said, "Much penance is needed because of the vile defamation of My Mother and the relation of the manner in which I was born. It is for this reason that much suffering shall be sent upon mankind unless, and I say unless," Jesus said, for all punishment is conditional to man's response_"unless there is penance and atonement to the Eternal Father for the abominations and sins being committed in your world," Jesus said, "and the now rampant sin and abominations being committed by My trusted throughout My churches, My Church, the universal Roman Catholic Church upon earth."

††††††††††† That is why we must pray for our hierarchy, pray for Pope John Paul II, pray for all of the bishops, the cardinals, the priests. For there is a war now of the spirits going on now throughout the world. Many do not recognize now the signs of the times. But soon, through suffering if necessary, God will make known His will upon mankind.

††††††††††† Do we have to force the hand of God upon us? As in the time of Noe, as in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, can we not save our country and the world? Is it too much to ask for penance and atonement now before it is too late? Please pray the Rosary. Please accept all of the trials allowed by Heaven upon you when you are doing the work of Our Lady of the Roses and the Mission from Heaven. I will pray for you all, and I hope you will all pray for me, for I, too, am just an ordinary sinner among mankind, a voice-box for Our Lady and Jesus, but still just an ordinary human being.

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