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Radical feminism as a psychological disorder...

"My child, you understand well why this direction is no longer accepted upon earth. You have now a new rebellious group called ERA, 'equal rights for women.' O My children, what a delusion this is among you! Do you not recognize that you will lose more than you shall ever gain because you defy the direction of the Eternal Father.  Paul the Apostle wrote down the words given to him by My Son, Jesus. Adam was created in the image of God as man, and woman was given unto him as his helper. As such, My children, man must always be the head of the household. There shall not be strength in a home divided." - Our Lady of the Roses, July 15, 1978

by Mrs. Dale O'Leary, author of "The Gender Agenda: Redefining Equality":

I would like to propose the hypothesis: Radical Feminism is a psychological disorder caused by two generations of unforgiveness in the maternal line.

I want to make it clear from the start that I am not speaking of those persons who consider themselves "feminists" because they support equal rights under law, equal opportunity, equal protection under law, and protection from violence for all persons. These positions are supported by those on the right and the left.

It is the radical, anti-life, anti-family, deconstructionist, neo-Marxist Radical Feminism that is rampant on campuses and the government bureaucracies to which I object. I believe that the founders of this movement and those who are deeply committed to forwarding its ideology are seriously psychologically troubled.

A positive supportive relationship with one's father is essential to the proper development of the male and female personality. All those who have not had such a relationship need some form of repair or remediation. Such wounds can be healed, but it requires special intervention. Abusive, or even seriously inadequate fathering can have devastating consequences.

One path which leads to Radical Feminism begins with the grandmother. The grandmother of a radical feminist is frequently married to a man who is an inadequate father. The grandmother may have had a positive relationship with her father and tolerate a certain level of misbehavior from her husband. She fails, however, to see the effect her example has on her daughter.

If a daughter (the future mother of the radical feminist) is mistreated by her father, if he is an alcoholic, physically abusive, sexually abusive, deserts the family, is an adulterer, divorces his wife, or simply has a cruel disposition, the woman grows up with a warped idea of what a man should be and how a woman should be treated. This daughter is highly likely to marry a man who abuses her. She does this because subconsciously she is trying to repair the father-wound — trying at last to win her father's love, by winning the love of a man like her father.

But history repeats itself, the father-replacement husband is often equally abusive, and sometimes more abusive because the damaged daughter-now-wife is used to being abused and has learned to accept abuse. Some of these damaged daughters interpret abuse as love. In some cases the husband is just an ordinary male, but the damaged daughter-now-wife is so angry and unforgiving that she misinterprets simple sex differences as abuse. Often these women are masters of the passive/aggressive style of behavior. They may appear to others as victims, while underneath they wage a stealth campaign against their husbands.

Additionally, although the damaged daughter longs for father-love, and father affirmation, she is also angry and bitter toward her father and has not forgiven him. She transfers this anger to her husband and communicates it to her daughter. If the daughter-now-wife is unable to protect her children from an abusive father or teaches her daughters that ordinary male behavior is abuse, the daughters grow up with a distorted image of masculinity and anger towards men.

This daughter of a damaged daughter has been betrayed by both parents. Her father, who might — had he had a strong wife who had been able to motivate him and draw out his potential virtue — been an adequate father, betrays the daughter through abuse, but the mother also betrays the daughter by not protecting her and by fueling her resentment toward her father.

As the daughter of a damaged daughter grows up, at some point she rejects her mother as a model and mother's passive/aggressive behavior, and decides to become aggressive, but she holds on to the deep seated bitterness and resentment. Voila! We have a Radical Feminist.

The moment when she decides to exchange passive/aggressive behavior for aggressive behavior is viewed as the moment when her "consciousness was raised." From then on she tends to see all masculine behavior as evil and she recruits other women — who may have been only slightly damaged — into her army of angry, unforgiving women. To her, now fully converted to Radical Feminism, any woman who doesn't see men as evil is still under the oppression of men and needs to have her consciousness raised. The opinions and desires of these women are of no value because they haven't had their consciousness raised.

The Radicalized Feminist is filled with rage against "patriarchy" which is Fatherhood writ large, because she is filled with rage against her own father and afraid to express it. And she turns her rage on any man that comes within her purview. Yet at the same time she too longs for repair — for father-love which will heal her wound. But as much as she may want to put her world back together her refusal to forgive blocks the way. She insists that the reconciliation must be on her terms — total capitulation of the father principle. Thus the Radical Feminist dreams of a utopia where the differences between men and women do not matter. Fathers are the enemy and therefore fatherhood will be wiped out.

Mothers are also guilty because mothers are perpetual victims of fathers, therefore motherhood will also be eliminated. In the feminist dream world, there will be only non-gender identified parents, or no parents at all, only a nanny state which will create a perfect childhood, and children will at last be safe.

Because many of these angry women were sexually abused, sought male love in all the wrong places, or were victims of statutory rape, they tend to have an extremely warped view of sexuality. They use sex to gain power, to self-comfort, to seek father and mother love, and their relationships almost always disintegrate, leaving them more angry and bitter. They may marry, they may have children, but because they are totally unhealed these marriages are for the most part doomed. Their daughters are the real victims — the daughters are forced to choose between two bad examples. Usually they cling to their dysfunctional mother, because the need for mothering is even more powerful than the need for fathering.

They may be fiercely loyal to their angry mother, yet underneath know how damaged she is.

This, I believe, is the genesis of the psychological disorder that drives Radical Feminism. I wrote a column several years ago encouraging forgiveness, in particular I stressed the need for women to forgive the fathers. Four local feminists shot back responses, rambling raging attacks on me which failed to address the points I had made. Their scream was — we will not forgive, if you ask us to forgive, you are asking us to go back to being abused.

This, of course, is not true. When we forgive, we are free from the behaviors which set us up for abuse. Not forgiving perpetuates the resentment — the "re-feeling" of the original trauma. Resentment is a destructive form of self abuse, but these angry women could not, or will not hear the truth.

Radical Feminism is a psychological disorder (psyche is the Greek for soul) because unforgiveness is a disorder of the soul. When a soul is trapped in unforgiveness, the person's thinking is clouded and the behavior self-destructive. These unforgiving women are modern Medea's, who will sacrifice their own children to satisfy their need for revenge against unfaithful men.

These women will destroy the child in the womb to bring down "patriarchy".

They will rip their children away from their fathers and cause permanent damage, because they weren't properly fathered.

They will pull down every societal support for families, for motherhood, and for love, in order to create an impossible dream of a gender-neutral world.

The only answer is forgiveness. I have seen it over and over again, if a woman caught up in Radical Feminist ideology, a woman spouting Radical Feminist nonsense, can be shown how to forgive, and is willing to forgive, the disorder is healed. The Radical Feminist nonsense disappears.

Asking people to extend forgiveness to those who have really hurt them may appear to some to be difficult or even impossible, but I have found that once people understand how to forgive and why they should forgive, many are willing to try. Those who want to learn more about forgiveness and how it works should contact the International Forgiveness Institute.

If we want to heal the family and save the next generation from the evil of Radical Feminism, we have to teach people how to forgive. Anything which perpetuates the idea that it is okay not to forgive fortifies the Radical Feminist position. Once forgiveness becomes the expected response, then healing and reconciliation will become the norm, and families and individuals will be healed.

The last verses of the Old Testament remind us that this process is essential if we wish to avert the catastrophe that inevitably comes when families fall apart: 

Lo, I will send you Elijah, the prophet before the day of the Lord comes,
the great and terrible day, to turn the hearts of the fathers to their
children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and
strike the land with doom. (Mal. 3:23-24)

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"Do you not recognize, My children, the signs of your times? Read and learn: 'Women will become unlike women. They shall go forth, and seven women will take hold of one man and say to him: Make me as you are. I wish to eat your bread.' [see Isaias 4:1] 
     "Know, My child, this simple lesson, that in these days of the latter times, women shall seek to cast off their role as mother and a woman. Woman will cast it off under the direction of satan, and murder her children. Woe to the woman who does not repent of this vile abomination! She has walked the road to eternal damnation and hell.  Repent, O woman, or forever be lost!"
- Our Lady of the Roses, March 18, 1975  

The amazing Bayside Prophecies...
These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995.

"Paganism will not be tolerated by the Father, neither in your lay life nor in the House of My Son. It is an abomination for women to speak in the House of God! I hear a word—defilement of man, liberation? My child, what is this liberation women ask for? Satan has created the plan for their destruction. Take your Bible, take the Book of life and study it and learn!" - Our Lady, July 15, 1974

"My child, make it known to the world that woman must return to her place as woman, for she has been misled. Was it not woman who fell to satan in the beginning?
   "Her disobedience to the will of God brings much sorrow upon her and her children. It would be better now, My children, if woman would be silent, for she does not know the road she is traveling. It is only satan who has set her to rebel against her destiny." - Our Lady, March 24, 1974

"Where is the place of the man and father? Where has he gone from the homes? Why has woman sought to take his place? Satan has created this delusion. The place of woman is in the home and the rearment of the child. The man will be the breadwinner and safeguard his home." - St. Joachim, July 25, 1973

"As Saint Paul wrote to the Romans, that when man has given up God and replaced Him by the creatures, he would be abandoned, allowed to go onto his path of sin.
     "Since women have exchanged their roles as women, preferring to be as men, and have abandoned their true, true value of life—have abandoned their role as a mother to carry the creation of their God within their wombs, they, therefore, will also find that their husbands and sons will find rejection of women, and men will seek lustfully pleasures with men, known, My child, as homosexuality. And they will be given and abandoned to their lust, until all creatures upon earth would live in fear. Women then will find themselves turning lustful eyes to women-lesbianism, My child." - Our Lady, September 28, 1974

"They will do as they have done in the past in honor of the Father; and in the path of the Father, they will listen to their husbands and honor their husbands within the home. If they do thus, they will receive honor from their children. The example in the homes is very, very poor.
     "So husbands, now, you will act with love to your wives, but you will keep them in discipline. Many of them have lost their way. Discipline. And wives, honor your husbands and do your role as mothers in honor to your God. We see the example of the homes is very poor....
     "Womanhood must be returned to the state in which the Father created it. Right at this moment a great chastisement is coming upon you, for you have cast aside your role as women. This you will not do without receiving great chastisement.
     "There will be division in homes unless the fathers stand forth as examples to their sons and daughters, and the mothers return to their roles as mothers in the light of God, the Father." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

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