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Some of Our Lady of the Roses most ominous predictions are fast becoming a reality. On March 26, 1983 Our Lady warned, "Russia plans to invade the United States with missiles!"   The term "missile" is commonly associated with the much larger ICBMs and submarine ballistic nuclear missiles. Yet if the term also refers to portable nuclear devices and "briefcase nukes", this prophecy of Our Lady now appears to be explained and approaching fulfillment.

Threats of nuclear terrorism

Recent threats from terrorist bin Laden, and growing evidence that "suitcase nukes" are in the hands of terrorist organizations, may indicate the approaching fulfillment of two Our Lady of the Roses prophecies: (1) that Russia plans to invade the United States with "missiles" and (2) a prophetic vision given to Veronica on March 26, 1983 of a nuclear warhead in an abandoned New York City subway tunnel.

Numerous articles on November 10, 2001 indicate that the terrorist bin Laden possesses and is willing to use nuclear weapons against the United States:

Osama bin Laden claims today that he has nuclear weapons and is ready to use them. “We have chemical and nuclear weapons as a deterrent and if America used them against us we reserve the right to use them,” two Pakistani newspapers quote him as saying.
(Bin Laden makes nuclear threat, London Times, November 10, 2001)

Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden are working together on the operational coordination of a potential terrorist nuclear attack on the West, according to DEBKA-Net-Weekly. Hussein ordered his top nuclear scientists to make devices in stock ready for arming earlier this week – the first time this order has ever been issued.
(Bin Laden - Saddam Nuclear Pact?, WorldNetDaily, November 10, 2001)

Osama bin Laden may have already shipped weapons of mass destruction to the U.S.  Pakistan's Frontier Post says the Al-Qaida network has transported nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons there. It claims at least two briefcases containing nuclear weapons may have reached U.S. shores.
(Bin Laden may have shipped nuclear bomb to U.S., November 10, 2001)

Russia and nuclear terrorism

A WorldNetDaily article by Joseph Douglass and Sam Cohen answers questions about small portable nuclear devices that may have been shipped into the United States undetected:

Do terrorists have them? There have been many claims or rumors that terrorists have at least three and possibly as many as 100 plus. The source of these warheads is uniformly regarded as Russia – an unfortunate result of the confusion and economic strife following the breakup of the Soviet Union. No responsible official would deny the above possibility.
Realities of Nuclear Terrorism, WorldNetDaily, November 8, 2001)

KGB defector testifies before Congress

In a Congressional hearing in 2000, KGB defector Colonel Stanislav Lunev testified to the presence of small briefcase-sized nuclear devices that have been smuggled into the United States, awaiting a future date when they will be used by KGB agents. Following are excepts of this incredible revelation of Colonel Lunev, as taken from Newsmax, January 25, 2000:

LOS ANGELES – Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking Soviet spy ever to defect, warned members of Congress Monday a pre-emptive nuclear strike by Russia on American soil is a real possibility.
     At a House Committee on Government Reform hearing here, the one-time colonel in Soviet and then Russian Federation military intelligence, gave a chilling presentation of his country’s Cold War plans to defeat the United States.
     Under federal witness protection, Lunev was escorted into the hearing room with a black bag covering his head.
     From behind a screen to shield him from the view of the audience, Lunev testified Soviet generals had designed a special plan for the future war against America and its allies in which special-operation forces commanders would come to the United States and other NATO countries a few days – maybe even a few hours – before actual war.
     Lunev said one of his espionage assignments had been to scout "drop sites" for weapons caches.
     He said he believes Russian military weapons are currently hidden in strategic points all across the United States and Europe for just such a purpose.
     Those hidden stockpiles of weapons would include portable nuclear devices, chemical and biological weapons, conventional weapons and incendiary devices, he said.
     Lunev told the panel the weapon caches could be used whenever the Russian commanders in charge are given the "go." ("Ex-spy fears sneak Russian attack," Stephan Archer, January 25, 2000)

"60 Minutes" TV interview of Russian General Lebed

General Alexander Lebed was for a short time the chairman of the Russian Security Council and Boris Yeltsin's senior national security adviser. Lebed revealed on CBS's 60 Minutes broadcast on September 7, 1997 that Russia had built small, portable nuclear bombs called "Special Atomic Demolition Munitions" that are designed for sabotage, and are truly nuclear "first strike" weapons that would be used at the outbreak of nuclear war by saboteurs. During Lebed's short time in power, he ordered the Russian military to make an accounting of these weapons. According to Lebed, "more than a hundred" of the briefcase-sized nuclear devices are missing. He also warned:

"Can you imagine what would happen psychologically, morally, if this weapon is detonated in a big city? No government would want to see such a situation. About 50,000 to 70,000, up to 100,000 people would be killed."1

Bayside Prophecy:

     "My child, the last time We spoke to you, We told you that there was a far greater message to be given to mankind.  This is the message:  THAT RUSSIA PLANS TO INVADE THE UNITED STATES WITH MISSILES!
     "There is much that you don't know, My poor children, or perhaps some think it best that you don't know what is happening within your governments.  Many of the newspapers and other means of relaying this to you have been silenced.
     "But I, as your Mother, beg intercession through Jesus to the Eternal Father and the Holy Ghost to spare you these terrible punishments.  If there is a need for more victim souls, let them be satisfied to know that they have been warned.
     "My child, I know this has been a complete shock to you, but this message must go throughout the world.  Awaken those who sleep before it is too late." (Our Lady, March 26, 1983)

  1Bill Gertz, Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security, pp. 50-51.

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