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Communist inroads into the United States government:

Clinton's White House


"Clinton has helped Marxists and terrorists and their 'world revolution' at every opportunity." - U.S. Army Brigadier General Albion Knight, Jr. (Ret.)

"My child and My children, prayer has not become a way of life for many. That is why communism has got such a foothold in your country and in other countries of the world." - Our Lady of the Roses, October 2, 1987 


We present below little-known facts concerning former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, who espouse many of "the errors of Russia," Marxist ideology. 

Bill Clinton's communist connections
Bill Clinton's college days at Oxford University in England are quite an eye-opener.  His activities there help to explain his appalling decisions as President of the United States. The exact nature of his trip to Moscow and Iron Curtain countries while at Oxford is still a mystery. It was at the height of the Cold War, yet he traveled alone (according to Dee Dee Myers) and stayed 40 days. The trip would have cost as much as $5,000 and he attended meetings of Group 68, an organization of American peace activists. Furthermore, his wife Hillary has communist connections as well, doing her post Yale Law school internship with Robert Treuhalft in Berkeley, California. He was the lawyer for the Communist Party of the United States. 
     The following excerpt is a detailed exposé of Clinton's activities during his Oxford years:

In late December, 1969 Bill Clinton crossed the Finnish border into the USSR and boarded a train for Moscow, the center of world atheism and the capital of the Soviet-Marxist state.
     William Jefferson Clinton's pilgrimage to the Soviet Union was the climax of a busy fall semester as a "Rhodes Scholar" at Oxford. It should perhaps be mentioned to those impressed by such presumed status that Rhodes Scholarships are granted to individuals passing ideological muster whose sentiments during the interview process are reflective of acceptable left-wing views to the selection committees, and not because of good grades.
     Once in England, Clinton lived up the expectations of his promoters and joined the British Peace Council, which was established by the British Communist Party. Quickly, Clinton helped the council organize other expatriate Americans and draft-dodgers for anti-war demonstrations on October 15, 1969 and again on November 16, 1969 in front of the U.S. Embassy in London. The British press, at that time, reported that the protestors chanted, "Ho, Ho, Ho," and "Ho-Chi Minh, Viet Cong is gonna win."
     Shortly after that, Clinton joined with other pro-communist and anti-American protestors on a trip to Norway to demonstrate in opposition to that Nation's desire to join NATO....
     Clinton's youthful affiliations explain many of his recent actions. Why, for example, the International Socialists were able to hold their annual conclave in February 1995, as guests of Papa-Marx Aristide at Haiti's National Palace in Port-au-Prince after Clinton restored the volatile voodoo priest to power. This explains why I stood in dismay observing a huge banner in front of the Palace proclaiming that event, while non-comprehending U.S. soldiers stood guard outside protecting it and the delegates inside, those very persons sworn to destroy everything most Americans revere.
     This explains why Communist Chinese agents could obtain sensitive positions within the Federal Government without having to obtain requisite security background checks. This explains how they could steal all our nuclear secrets—and God knows what else—and walk away with impunity, without a peep or protestation from the White House.
     This explains why we are backing the Kosovo Liberation Army—a terrorist gang of drug-financed Marxist thugs—and why we are attempting to bomb into submission the socialistic but nationalistic nation which opposes them.
     Yes, this explains a lot of things about Bill Clinton. Clinton has been a left-wing sympathizer all his life and has appointed openly pro-Communists to his administration, has promoted one Socialist measure after another in the U.S. Congress, has implemented policies calculated to subvert and weaken both the moral and physical defenses of the United States while doing everything possible to wreck the predominant cultural heritage of this nation. ("Clinton's Czech-communist connection," Joel A. Ruth, April 30, 1999, WorldNetDaily)

Allegations of Clinton's communist ties have been reported from other sources as well:

Back in 1993, I received a 49-page report entitled "Secret: FBI Documents Link Bill & Hillary Clinton to Marxist-Terrorist Network," published by the Sunset Research Group of Wichita, Kansas. It was a meticulously documented report showing the connections of the Clintons to the Institute for Policy Studies, a Marxist think tank in Washington. Clinton's top economic advisor was Derek Shearer, an IPS operative and advocate of Marxist socialism. Shearer's sister Brooke was also Hillary's traveling companion. The report states: "In a 1980 book he authored, Shearer confided that he and others were planning to so influence the Democratic Party that a President sharing their Marxist-socialist views could soon be elected."
("The Gramscian commie in the White House,"  Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld, September 19, 2000, WorldNetDaily)

Their aspirations materialized in the person of Bill Clinton. Concern for such a national disaster as a communist-sympathizing President was the project of retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Albion Knight, Jr.

During the early years of the Clinton administration, Knight was involved in a unique project. With the help of some colleagues, he drafted a list of goals that would be the framework of a Marxist president if one were to be elected to lead the United States.
     "We concluded that a Marxist and / or communist president, if he ever came to power, would focus on the transfer of national sovereignty at every opportunity to international organizations. He or she would also weaken the armed forces physically, mentally and spiritually. The 'dumbing down' of our public school educational system would also accelerate."
     "Furthermore, we decided that a Marxist president would assist all or most of America's enemies
Russia, China, Cuba, radical Islam, North Korea and others. He would disregard the Constitution at every opportunity and rule by decree, meaning executive orders, would earmark such an administration. Bogus arms control agreements, buying-off or intimidating Congress by stealing the FBI files of its members, controlling the media and trying to stop all alternative media would also be major goals."
     In addressing the two terms in office of President Bill Clinton, Gen. Knight is resolute.
     "What has Clinton done in this regard? He has hit every one of the above actions and more. I have a file over six inches thick with articles describing these actions. The salami slices add-up to a message of treason. Sex and perjury were the wrong impeachment offenses. It should have been on his treachery and failure to live up to his oath-of-office.
     "Clinton has helped Marxists and terrorists and their 'world revolution' at every opportunity. Cultural Marxism is also a key Clinton goal. He has been giving us a bad example that it is all right to lie, cheat, steal, threaten and even rape women if it is done in high office. There is a steady movement toward a Gestapo-like control over the people. There is today in the U.S. a total lack of any sense of nation and its protection as required by his oath-of-office. Furthermore, Clinton has been selling and giving our nuclear and other high technology secrets to communist China and giving Russia the money to re-arm at U.S. taxpayers' expense."
     Speaking on U.S. relations in the 1990s and at the turn of the millennium, Knight says, "China and Russia have threatened to nuke us. Why are Americans unconcerned? I believe it is because so many of our people don't know and many don't want to know. The government does not want them to know because, by and large, the present government fears and distrusts the people. The government-controlled media and the transnational banks don't want Americans to know. But, our people must know if we are to survive as a free nation." ("Retired general's advice on fixing America," Anthony LoBaido, May 6, 2000, WorldNetDaily)

J.R. Nyquist personally witnessed a lecture in which a communist lecturer spoke of plans of putting a closet Marxist in the White House:

When I got to the Science Lecture Hall, there was Communist party literature on tables in the lobby.  The speaker had a long Jewish-sounding name and was of dark complexion with a short beard.  He spoke forcefully, eloquently.  It was genuine oratory like you seldom hear today.  The hall was half-full. I saw Billie Masters with others from the Education Department.  She hugged the speaker before he spoke.  He talked of a plan to capture America by taking control of the Left Wing of the Democrat Party, and putting a closet Marxist in the White House.  He spoke of the inevitable economic crisis that would give this future Marxist president an opportunity to transform the American political system into a Socialist one, in which everything, as Lenin suggested, would be run like the Post Office.  The vile capitalists would be smashed. 
     Two years later, I had a chat with Billie, and she mentioned her high hopes for this young man, Bill Clinton in Arkansas.  She spoke of him as a possible future president.  I did not know anything about Clinton then…. (Read more...)

Communist penetration of the U.S. government
It is now known that there have been active attempts by communist China to influence American elections. A 1998 Senate Governmental Affairs Committee report concluded:

"It is clear that illegal foreign contributions were made to the DNC [Democratic National Committee] and that these contributions were facilitated by individuals with extensive ties to the PRC [People's Republic of China].... It is also clear that well before the 1996 elections, officials at the highest levels of the Chinese government approved of efforts to increase the PRC's involvement in the U.S. political process."

According to Investor's Business Daily, "Congressional investigators believe Chinese operatives funneled as much as $5.6 million to the Democratic National Committee, which the DNC used to support Clinton's campaigns. The DNC has already returned $3.8 million in illegal contributions…. Congressional investigators say that, between 1993 and 1996, Chinese contributors and their go-betweens visited the White House some 200 times, often meeting with the President." (Investor's Business Daily, Brian Mitchell, March 22, 1999)
     Also, House Government Reform and Oversight Committee investigators report that the FBI intercepted telephone calls from the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles, mentioning plans to influence American elections.

Sellout to communist China
It is also known that Bill Clinton and his administration have facilitated sensitive technology transfers to the Communist Chinese in exchange for campaign donations and other favors.  Not only were there technology transfers that amounted to treason, but multiple counts of espionage were covered up as apparent "payback" for donations received. Thanks to Bill Clinton and other accomplices, the U.S. government's response to the nuclear theft at Los Alamos was marked by delays, inaction and skepticism—even though some senior intelligence officials believed the theft was among the most damaging cases of espionage in recent history.

"…Until recently, China's nuclear weapons designs were a generation behind those of the United States, largely because Beijing was unable to produce small warheads that could be launched from a single missile at multiple targets and form the backbone of a modern nuclear force. But by the mid-1990s, China had built and tested such small bombs, a breakthrough that officials say was accelerated by the theft of U.S. nuclear secrets from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico…." (New York Times, Jeff Gerth, March 6, 1999)

As a direct result of this technology acquisition, China now has the capacity to target American cities for annihilation: "Thirteen of China's 18 long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles are targeted on the United States." (CIA's National Intelligence Daily, 1998) 

Clinton disarms America, arms our enemies
According to a March 10, 1999 column by Christopher Ruddy, Clinton has compromised American security on multiple counts: he released classified missile technology to China after receiving political contributions from the communist Chinese, he has allowed China to take control of port cities on both ends of the strategically-vital Panama Canal, and has allowed the Russians and Chinese access to sensitive missile bases, command centers, and shipyards:

"…Here are the shocking facts: CLINTON URGED TURNOVER OF LONG BEACH PORT TO THE RED ARMY: … COSCO—the Chinese Overseas Shipping Company, a subsidiary of China's People's Liberation Army—would be allowed to lease the navy shipyards in Long Beach, California for 16 annual payments of $14.5 million a year (total: $232 million). The deal would also have required the Port of Long Beach to spend $235 million to modernize the facilities….
In 1996, soon after Clinton had signed a law outlawing importing foreign semi-automatic weapons into the U.S., he signed a waiver allowing the Chinese Overseas Shipping Co.—COSCO (a subsidiary of the Red Army)—to allow them to import 100,000 semi-automatic military rifles into the U.S., as well as millions of rounds of ammunition. Not content to just bring in semi-automatic weapons, COSCO also tried to smuggle in 2,000 illegal, fully automatic Chinese AK-47s. According to press reports, these weapons were destined to be sold to street gangs in Oakland. That seems like a phony cover story. We still need to know why China tried to smuggle into California enough weapons to equip an army.
On May 13, 1997, Defense Secretary Cohen signed a military cooperation agreement with Russia. Under the agreement, U.S. and Russian forces would work together on over 100 exercises in 1997 alone…..
Under the Open Skies Treaty, Russian military planes began flying over and photographing U.S. military bases last year. Chinese military aircraft will be allowed to fly over U.S. military bases beginning in 1999. Information Russia and China obtain from these flyovers would be invaluable if they ever attack the US.
President Clinton has allowed a company controlled by Chinese communists—Hutchinson-Whampoa Ltd.—to take control of the Canal cities at both ends of the Canal. Further, under Panamanian Law #5, Hutchinson-Whampoa will determine which ships are allowed to enter the Canal and many of the Canal's operations. This is utterly absurd and frightening….
     U.S. SELLS STRATEGIC WEAPONS TECHNOLOGY TO CHINA: On March 23, 1998, The Washington Times revealed a secret Clinton Administration proposal to sell advanced missile technology to China. Under Clinton, 47 supercomputers have been sold to China, most for use by the Red Army—the butchers of Tibet and Tiananmen Square. These U.S. computers can be used to target nuclear missiles at America and to build design new and more powerful nuclear weapons…." ("China and Russia Prepare for War - Part 2," Christopher Ruddy, March 10, 1999)

National security at great risk
Not content with collaborating with the enemies of the United States, Clinton (once quoted as saying, "I loathe the military and all it stands for") has scraped his very own military to such a degree that it will take years to recover:

"…At the same time that Russia has been building an enormous war machine and making war preparations, the US has been slashing its strategic nuclear arsenal, mothballing ships, and eliminating entire military battle groups. Equally suicidal, Clinton has cut troop levels in the US Army by 40% and the Air Force, Navy and Marines by over 30%. Clinton has also tied up many of America’s best troops in endless and futile foreign quagmires, including "peace-keeping" in Bosnia and the Middle East, humanitarian projects in Africa, and drug interdiction in Latin America. Few troops are left to defend the United States. Clinton also been throwing away America’s limited arsenal of cruise missiles. These missiles were primarily built to deliver strategic nuclear warheads deep into Russia. Russia is believed to be vulnerable to such weapons because they evade radar and fly low to the ground....
     US defense spending has been dramatically reduced, from about 28 percent of the federal budget in 1988 by almost half, to 17 percent today. Former Secretary of Defense, Casper Weinberger, states in his book The Next War:
     "...the United States has embarked on a massive disarmament. Since 1985, military budgets have declined 35%. Spending on research and development has been slashed by 57%, and procurement of newly produced weapons by a whopping 71%.” (Christopher Ruddy, March 17, 1999)

While it has gone largely unreported, President Clinton has overseen the destruction of nearly two-thirds of America’s nuclear weapons stockpile. He has ordered that America no longer have a "launch on warning” policy and has replaced it with one that says America will retaliate only after it has been attacked. This non-sensical Clinton policy means that American cities and American military targets must first be destroyed before America retaliates. ("Russia and China Prepare for War - Part 1," Christopher Ruddy, March 9, 1999)


     If that were not enough, the navy has decommissioned almost half of its ships, down from 600 in 1991 to 336 today, the lowest level since 1938.
     In the words of Christopher Ruddy, "Never before has America been so vulnerable to devastating attack by the worst mass murderers in human history, and never before has an American leader so jeopardized America’s ability to defend itself." 

     All of this because the "errors of Russia" have now made their home in the highest office of the land:  the Presidency of the United States.

"My child, you must not have fear at speaking the truth. It is for the salvation of souls and the recovery of your country. America the beautiful must not fall to communism, My child. America the beautiful shall not be sold into slavery. Cast out the money changers in your government!" 
- Our Lady of the Roses, September 13, 1975

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