Russia reality check:

Communism dead? 

(The following is the reply of WorldNetDaily columnist J.R. Nyquist, to a reader who insisted "Communism is dead."  Grateful acknowledgements to J.R. Nyquist who gave permission to reprint his response).

 J.R. Nyquist Replies:

    You say that Communism is dead because it is unpopular.  But this is an error.  Communism has always been unpopular, at all times and in all places.  This unpopular idea took over Russia in 1917.  Bitterly opposed, it won the Russian Civil War.  Hated throughout the world, Communism nevertheless captured Eastern Europe and conquered China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Angola, Congo, Cuba.   This minority is well organized across the planet, and they have successfully imposed their schemes on billions of human beings. You might deny this, you might have said with many pundits in 1922 that Communism was finished, dead in the water, since Lenin himself initiated his New Economic Policy (a return to limited capitalism, as today).  But NEP was a bridge to decades of Communist Party rule and oppression in the decades that followed.  The current pan-Eurasian NEP is no different, and promises decades of murder and mayhem in the first half of the 21st century. 

    Communism is the ideology of a small group which has become very quiet in recent years. But Lenin has not been buried, the KGB has not disappeared, Ukraine is independent in name only as the bodies of headless journalists turn up. In truth, the mechanisms of the Red Empire remain intact. Don't be fooled. 

    As for your accusations against America, you are like a drowning man who curses a life preserver because it is not an ocean liner.  Our country is not perfect, but it's the only force on earth capable of restraining Russia and China.  But you see no Communism. You see only nationalist ambitions. Okay, call the growing threat from Russia and China by any name you like. Are you pro-Chinese or pro-Russian? Or are you a citizen of America, concerned that your own country should survive the international forces aligning against it?  

    I cannot understand this lack of patriotism and appreciation for America. All these people spit on the flag, they spit on the idea of a strong country that defends our shores at a distance. Is there no comprehension of the advantages of space and distance in modern warfare? Is a Third World War thought to be so impossible that we might disarm and let the world's ambitious dictators romp over Asia and Europe and Latin America?  

    Strategic position is strategic position. If it deteriorates through year after year of retreat and disarmament the final consequence will follow: the end of national independence, the end of economic freedom, the end of Western Civilization and the beginning of a new civilization, based on Asiatic principles.  

    Communism not a threat?

    Listen to the propaganda you have swallowed!  

    I suppose the communist insurgency in Colombia is a figment of my imagination, or the Marxist president in Venezuela who now refers to himself as Latin America's "second Fidel Castro."  Or what about the self-described Marxist president of South Africa, whose ruling ANC is riddled with Communists whose goal is to build a black Marxist-Leninist Africa?  Are the Communist regimes in Angola and Congo also figments of my imagination?  Do the Russian cargo planes entering these countries with guns and ammunition make no impression on you?  

    What about the buildup of the Communist armies in Korea?  

    America has given up combating communism because it is said that communism is dead.  Now the sources of oil and strategic metals have been falling, bit by bit, into the hands of dictators and aspiring rebels who are united with Moscow and Beijing in a long range policy to bring our country to its knees.  

    If this is not happening then pinch me, so I can wake up.  If it is happening then pinch yourself.  



"O My children, how I wanted to caress you and tell you good news, for I am not the bearer of bad news always. I am your Mother and must tell you the truth. I repeat again. My child Veronica, you repeat now in your weakened state, again: the Pope, John Paul II, and all the bishops of the world must allot one day on which they will pray for the conversion of Russia. Not one day for the world, but one day for Russia; or else, I tell you now, Russia will go about and annihilate, destroy many countries. Nations shall disappear from the face of the earth in the twinkling of an eye. That is how desperate the situation is now throughout your world, My children."  - Our Lady, October 2, 1987

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