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These Last Days News - December 13, 2016

Banish All Guitars and Pianos from the Church...

"The institution itself, as set by Me, remains to be true; however, the cavorting and the banjos and the guitars and the musical interludes and the dancing are all created by satan. So you can understand that satan has entered now with his armies in full regalia, appearing as humans. However, they are demons in disguise, and they have one ultimate aim: to try to destroy My Church, the Roman Catholic Church, with the seat of Peter as the head." - Jesus, March 18, 1989

The above Messages from Our Lady were given to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, New York. Read more

CCWatershed.org reported on March 28, 2013:

by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

Given the increasingly obvious failure of much of contemporary church music to embody the spirit of sacredness and the link with Tradition that Vatican II demands of all new compositions for the liturgy, it is surprising that there are still so many places left in the Catholic world where one can find guitars and pianos, those quintessentially secular instruments, furnishing accompaniment and interludes. This is all the more surprising, given that it has never been difficult to discern the mind of the Church on this matter.

Summarizing the view of the Popes prior to the Second Vatican Council, Venerable Pius XII teaches in his encyclical Musicae Sacrae of 1955: “Besides the organ, other instruments can be called upon to give great help in attaining the lofty purpose of sacred music, so long as they play nothing profane, nothing clamorous or strident, and nothing at variance with the sacred services or the dignity of the place” (n. 59).

The post-conciliar Instruction on Sacred Music, Musicam Sacram, of 1967, hones this judgment as follows: “One criterion for accepting and using musical instruments is the genius and tradition of particular peoples. At the same time, however, instruments that are generally associated with and used only by worldly music are to be absolutely barred from liturgical services and religious devotions. Any musical instrument permitted in divine worship should be used in such a way that it meets the needs of the liturgical celebration, and is in the interests both of the beauty of worship and the edification of the faithful” (n. 63).

At the time this document was written, guitars played in the folk style were strongly associated with worldly music—the music of the counterculture—and not with sacred music in church, which was the hallowed domain of the pipe organ, and on special occasions, strings and wind instruments.

In an Address to the Italian Association of Saint Cecilia on 18 September 1968, Pope Paul VI had this to say: “The primary purpose of sacred music is to evoke God’s majesty and to honor it. … Since that is the essential function for sacred music, what ground is there for allowing anything that is shabby or banal, or anything that caters to the vagaries of aestheticism or is based on the prevailing excesses of technology? … Vocal and instrumental music that is not at once marked by the spirit of prayer, dignity, and beauty, is barred from entrance into the world of the sacred and the religious. The assimilation and sanctification of the secular, which is today a distinguishing mark of the Church’s mission in the world, clearly has limits; this is all the more the case when the issue is to invest the secular with the sacredness proper to divine worship.”

Now, the piano—or, to give it its full and telling name, pianoforte—is a percussion instrument, a concert hall and jazz festival mainstay, a lounge and bar-room fixture. It was developed exclusively in the world of secular entertainment music in the classical period by musicians like Beethoven who were looking for a penetrating sound that would carry well through a concert hall. The whole point of the “Hammerklavier,” the precursor to today’s instrument, was to seize the listener and pin him to the music for its own sake. We are dealing here with a worldly instrument that announces to its audience: “I’m playing now for your entertainment, so sit back and (—fill in the blank—-) [sip your drink; tap your toes; read the newspaper; chat pleasantly with your companion; or, in Liszt’s day, swoon before the virtuoso].

For its part, the acoustic folk guitar was never an instrument used in church. In the baroque period the theorbo and lute were occasionally used as accompanying instruments with strings and organ, but the solo guitar, even played in a classical style, was simply not part of the tradition—much less a guitar played in the strumming and syncopated style of folk-music or pop music. In the late 1950s this instrument meant one thing and one thing only: secular entertainment music. That is why the strictures of the documents quoted above (to which more quotations could be added) apply so unequivocally to it; and these are strictures than no Church document has ever repudiated or relaxed.

Let us recall a fine saying of Blessed John Paul II: “Christians should rediscover the newness of the faith and its power to judge a prevalent and all-intrusive culture” (Veritatis Splendor, n. 88).

"Should you go and wish to buy a small instrument, even a guitar, that We hear plucking away at the dervishly, and devilry, of what is called the musical Mass, strung by guitars, and other creations of satan." - Our Lady of the Roses, September 7, 1985

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Our Lady of the Roses Awesome Bayside Prophecies... http://www.tldm.org/Bayside/
These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995:

"My children and parents, listen to Me well. You must not allow your children to listen to recordings known as rock and roll. They have been specifically created by Lucifer and his agents to seduce your children. They are the major instrument for leading your children into the plague, the country-wide plague of drugs, the country-wide plague of atheism, the country-wide and world-wide plague of casting aside your God and substituting false gods and religions.
     "My children, awaken from your slumber!
     "Parents, do not expect your clergy to come forth from their pulpits and give counsel to your children. This responsibility lies alone with you now!
     "You must remove from your homes these diabolical agents of hell, the recordings of Lucifer, that will put into your child a spell, a hypnotism leading to promiscuity, deviant sex, homosexuality, drugs, murders, abortions, and all manner of foul deeds that could only be conceived in the mind of the prince of darkness, Lucifer himself. He knows his time grows short, and he now goes about the world deceiving even the elect.
     "I have given you your armor through the direction of Heaven. You must wear your sacramentals. You must be sure that your children wear their sacramentals, for when they leave your homes, the safety and armament of your own home, they then set forth into the world that has been given now to satan." - Our Lady of the Roses, September 14, 1979

"Women must adorn themselves in modesty. Pagan practices of diabolical music is not condoned by the Eternal Father, nor shall We condone dancing and all manner of worldly entrance within the holy houses of God." - Our Lady of the Roses, March 18, 1975

Veronica There is a door. It’s a very large building. And Theresa has opened the door, and I hear music. It’s very loud. And I see girls in black tights, and they’re jumping around. Now one is wiggling, and Theresa has turned her back. She walked over and she picked up a dress. Oh, and she took it and held it out like it was very distasteful to her. And she dropped it into the wastepaper basket. Theresa went outside, and I see a whole group of nuns filing into the room. They’re all dressed in long habits. They’re dressed like novices in the Carmel. They have white—they’re white, sort of like mantles over their heads, and a white, large bib. And they’re carrying the garments to the ladies that are dancing in the tights. And they said: “Place them on and no longer offend your God. You have been misled. You will be only responsible to the Father for what you do of your free will in heart.”
     I see a nun. I think she’s a nun. She’s playing a flute, and she’s dancing down the road. And all these—I think they’re nuns; they have veils on their heads, but they’re dressed in hot pants and slacks and short skirts and silk stockings and high heels. And this nun—[Veronica screamed.] Oh, she turned around. The nun has an awful face. It looks like satan! Oh, he’s grinning, and he looks horrible! And all the nuns, they’re skipping down the road. And there are hundreds of them, and at the end of the road they fall in! It’s a big open pit, and they’re all falling in. And when the group falls in another one who looks like satan comes. And it seems like there’s no end of it. Oh! Oh! [Veronica sobs.]
     Theresa said:
St. Theresa “Sisters of Christ, children in darkness, come out before it is too late. The end is not as far as you can see. Come out of your darkness into the light.” - August 5, 1972

"O pastors in My Son's House, how many times must I warn you of the dangers of your innovations, the dangers of your experimenting in My Son's House? You will not convert, you will not return Our straying sheep with your improvisions. You must return discipline to My Son's House. This discipline must start with the rulers in My Son's House.
     "Satan has poisoned many minds. The hour grows short and the sand is running out.
     "What manner of dereliction do We hear in a form of music that takes the hearts and minds of Our children from prayer? My Son's House, His Church, is a house of prayer to the Eternal Father through My Son. You are making it a meeting place and a hall of gathering for all of the demons loosed upon your world. Slowly My Son's House is being changed into a church of man, until all vestige of recognition will be removed from it." - Our Lady of the Roses, November 22, 1976

"Parents, I ask you now to remove from your home all agents or significations relating to the agents and forces of hellLucifer and his demons now loosed upon earth. Because you are not accepting the graces given to you from Heaven, parents, you are not aware that your children are being brainwashed by Lucifer. He sends into your homes music. You accept these to make your children happy, but there is a power called witchcraft. Do not laugh as I tell you this. It is here, it is now, and it is powerful, even unto the death of a human being. It is a group that is using religion as a front, My children. There is only one religion that can save your country and all of the countries of the world: the religion of the cross and My Son's sacrifice upon that cross." - Our Lady of the Roses, November 25, 1978

"Listen well, My children, and understand that I ask you to remove all diabolical musical recordings from your homes. Your children are bringing demons into your homes because, at the time that these records were produced, called 'rock, hard rock'they were produced in the temple of satan, consecrated to satan. You do not understand, My children, but many of your companies, your record companies, are under the control of Wicca, the international organization of witches and warlocks. Do not laugh! It is true! Lucifer has given them power over mankind. However, the power is allowed by God the Father in Heaven to test all of mankind." - Our Lady of the Roses, November 25, 1978

"Already there is much discord in My Church upon earth. It saddens everyone in Heaven. And We are out in force now, going throughout the world seeking to set up armies of good children who will fight, to the bitter end if necessary, to save My Church upon earth. It is being destroyed. Just as rodents will burrow into a house, those who have evil natures are burrowing into My Church. We find it almost unrecognizable, My children. However, I will say this: I asked you to remain in your parish churches, not to judge by the actions of man.
     "The institution itself, as set by Me, remains to be true; however, the cavorting and the banjos and the guitars and the musical interludes and the dancing are all created by satan. So you can understand that satan has entered now with his armies in full regalia, appearing as humans. However, they are demons in disguise, and they have one ultimate aim: to try to destroy My Church, the Roman Catholic Church, with the seat of Peter as the head." - Jesus, March 18, 1989

"My child and My children, the days will grow darker, and there will be hunger in your land. Yes, My child, what I brought you here for this evening is to tell the world that there will be a crash in the monetary doings of your government--an absolute crash that will affect every man, woman, and child in the United States and Canada, and then, like a serpent, creep all over Europe, until the world sees one big, massive depression. I can illustrate to you, My children, what I mean by this monetary depression.
     "Should you go and wish to buy a small instrument, even a guitar, that We hear plucking away at the dervishly, and devilry, of what is called the musical Mass, strung by guitars, and other creations of satan. My child, I go on to tell you, you will say that the guitar is not a costly item, but in order to buy this guitar you will carry an actual satchel, an overnight bag-size, My child--let Us put it that way clearly--of notes, your currency. It will take a whole suitcase of paper--paper money that no longer has a value. You will soon be reduced to bartering for your food." - Our Lady of the Roses, September 7, 1985

Veronica - Our Lady is placing Her hands upon Her eyes, and She's pointing over to the left side, Her right side. I see the inside of a church. There is a service going on. But however, what are they doing? They are skipping, like frolicking down the aisle. As I watch, I see--it is the priest, I believe, behind the altar.
     He's motioning to two children to come out of the pews and go to the rear of the church. The children are hastily- almost running to the back of the church, and I see they are picking up something. Oh, it is the ciborium and the plate. Oh!
Our Lady - "Now what are they doing, My child?"
Veronica - They are taking it up to the altar. Now the priest and the other man--
Our Lady - "The deacon, he is called, My child, the deacon."
Veronica - They are giving these over to them and the priest is now going back to his station behind the altar. Now all of a sudden he raises his hand, and a young- oh, a young woman is coming out of the pew. But oh, my goodness me! She has on a pair of shorts, and she's heading for the altar.
     Now Our Lady is pointing. The woman starts to sing. Her music is not one of the church, or those accepted by God. And as she sings, the priest stands behind the altar. And in his eyes -"Is he admiring her or admonishing her?"
Our Lady - "It looks, My child, like he is admiring her." - June 18, 1993

Directives from Heaven… http://www.tldm.org/directives/directives.htm

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EDITOR'S COMMENT:  Evil is accelerating and the Anti-Christ forces are gaining power in the world.  When the persecution starts, all Christian web sites on the internet will be forced to close.  Be sure to have in your possession all the following items: the Bayside Prophecy books, Bayside Medals, Douay-Rheims Bibles, the Protection Packets, Candles, Sacramentals, and Religious Books.  Purchase these items now while they are still available!  You will urgently need them in the days ahead.  Also, you can print out all PDF files for the Directives from Heaven and all of the Bayside Prophecies.  Copy Our Lady's messages and the Directives from Heaven now while they are still available!  Pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance on how to prepare now and for the days ahead when the Antichrist is revealed.  Viva Cristo Rey!


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