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Communist inroads into the United States government:


Kerry dismissed the threat of global communism as "bogus" before a Senate hearing in 1971...


"My child, you must not have fear at speaking the truth. It is for the salvation of souls and the recovery of your country. America the beautiful must not fall to communism, My child. America the beautiful shall not be sold into slavery.  Cast out the money changers in your government! What manner of government is there that condones sin?  Abomination upon abomination--giving monies for the murder of children, giving monies for the murder of the elderly!  Your government, My child, has been infiltrated by men of sin." - Our Lady of the Roses, September 13, 1975

During his infamous Senate testimony in 1971, young John Kerry dismissed the threat of global communism:

"... It is my opinion that the United States is still reacting in very much the 1945 mood and postwar cold-war period when we reacted to the forces which were at work in World War II and came out of it with this paranoia about the Russians and how the world was going to be divided up between the super powers, and the foreign policy of John Foster Dulles which was responsible for the created of the SEATO treaty, which was, in fact, a direct reaction to this so-called Communist monolith. And I think we are reacting under cold-war precepts which are no longer applicable.

"I say that because so long as we have the kind of strike force we have, and I am not party to the secret statistics which you gentlemen have here, but as long as we have the ones which we of the public know we have, I think we have a strike force of such capability and I think we have a strike force simply in our Polaris submarines, in the 62 or some Polaris submarines, which are constantly roaming around under the sea. And I know as a Navy man that underwater detection is the hardest kind in the world, and they have not perfected it, that we have the ability to destroy the human race. Why do we have to, therefore, consider and keep considering threats?

"Therefore, I think it is ridiculous to assume we have to play this power game based on total warfare. I think there will be guerrilla wars and I think we must have a capability to fight those. And we may have to fight them somewhere based on legitimate threats, but we must learn, in this country, how to define those threats and that is what I would say to the question of world peace. I think it is bogus, totally artificial. There is no threat. The Communists are not about to take over our McDonald hamburger stands."


Commenting on Kerry's 1971 testimony, Peter Kirsanow wrote:

During his 1971 congressional testimony about the Vietnam War, a man who would one day seek the Democratic party's nomination in the 2004 presidential race was asked by a senator to assess the threat of Communism, not just to Indochina, but to world peace in general. The witness responded, "I think it is bogus, totally artificial. There is no threat. The Communists are not about to take over our McDonald hamburger stands."
     In the decade following the witness's testimony, the 'nonexistent threat' resulted in the slaughter of 2,000,000 Cambodians; the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets; the internment of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese in reeducation camps; numerous civil wars and bloody insurgencies in Central Africa, South and Central America and Southeast Asia; the mass migration of hordes of starving refugees; the proliferation of state-sponsored terrorism; the "disappearance" of hundreds of thousands of "undesirables" and enemies of the state; the imprisonment and torture of countless dissidents; and the continued brutal subjugation of more than one-third of the world's population.
     Whether this particular congressional witness was callous, calculating, cavalier, or just obtuse is perhaps less important than the fact that his assessment of Communism was (is) shared by many in the free world. There are several reasons for this, including the mendacity of Communism's apologists who covered up horrific crimes against humanity, the amnesia of those who concluded that the collapse of the Soviet Union closed the book on Communist atrocities and a worldview among many elites that casts American imperialism as a greater evil than Communism. (Read more...)

Kerry's 1971 testimony alleging that the communist threat was "bogus" reveals either his colossal ignorance or active complicity in the communist cause. Global communism has inflicted statistically the greatest suffering and death of any ideology in the history of the world. A great resource book is The Black Book of Communism which chronicles the nations enslaved by communism and the approximate 100,000,000 murders inflicted worldwide: "... indeed, as we are led from country to country and from horror to horror, the cumulative impact is overwhelming." (Black Book of Communism, p. xvii). Following are just a few examples of what communists have planned for the United States if we do not take this threat very seriously.


When Castro rose to power many people were deceived, considering him a benign reformer. Even the Catholic newspaper Our Sunday Visitor was deceived and denied the claims that Castro was a communist.   
     During the Cuban repressions of the 1960s, between 7,000 and 10,000 were killed and 30,000 people imprisoned for political reasons. In 1979 there were between 15,000 and 20,000 prisoners of conscience in Cuba.  From 1959 through the late 1990s more than 100,000 Cubans experienced life in one of the camps, prisons, or open-regime sites. Between 15,000 and 17,000 people were shot. 
     According to The Black Book of Communism, "From 1975 to 1989 Cuba was the major supporter of the Marxist-Leninist regime of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, which was engaged in a civil war against UNITA forces led by Jonas Savimbi. In addition to sending innumerable 'cooperators' and dozens of technical advisers, Cuba sent an expeditionary force of 50,000 men." (pp. 663-664)  In 1979 and 1980 Castro sent 600 military advisers to Grenada to prop up the pro-Soviet regime of Maurice Bishop. When U.S. forces invaded in 1983, they took prisoner 750 Cubans.
     Cuba's proximity to the United States makes it a paradise for spies. The Russians have established an massive spy station in Cuba to electronically eavesdrop on the United States:

"As Newsmax.com has previously reported, the Lourdes [Cuba] electronic intelligence station is spying on U.S. nuclear missile submarines in the Atlantic Ocean, and penetrating American military, governmental, and commercial communications on the East Coast and in the Midwest. According to Russian military officials, this station is 'a diamond in the system of Russian National Security'." (Read more...)

Also, Cuba is apparently stockpiling massive amounts of chemical weapons. According to Joseph D. Douglass Jr. and Neil C. Livingstone, in their book America the Vulnerable, Russian instructors at Cuban chemical warfare schools in the 1980s boasted that Castro was prepared to kill tens of millions of Americans with toxins he had stockpiled. ("High Anxiety," J.R. Nyquist, September 7, 2000).  In 1994 Castro announced that he "would rather die than abandon the revolution."   

Country Death Count
Russia 20,000,000
People's Republic of China 65,000,000
Vietnam (North & South) 1,000,000
North Korea 2,000,000
Cambodia 2,000,000
Eastern Europe 1,000,000
Latin America 150,000
Africa 1,700,000
Afghanistan 1,500,000
Cuba 15,000


In March 1975 the first Cuban and Soviet advisers landed in Angola. By October 23 of that year, Soviet and Cuban advisers numbered 7,000. According to Peter Schweizer in his book, Reagan's War:

The Soviet push into Angola came at an opportune time.  Back in Washington, the Nixon administration was under siege because of Watergate.  Nixon's abuse of presidential power was moving many on Capitol Hill to consider impeaching the president; many legislators were also working to severely restrict the president's power by taking away his option to sell arms or provide military assistance, and limiting his ability to use covert operations.  When Nixon finally resigned in August 1974, he was replaced by Vice President Gerald Ford. He new commander in chief was certainly aware of what Moscow was doing in Angola, thanks to a secret CIA report. But Congress was in no mood to check the Soviet advance, and Ford's hands were tied.  This sense of paralysis extended even to Vietnam, where more than fifty thousand Americans had died. As North Vietnamese forces violated the terms of the peace accords and advanced on Saigon, Congress turned back Ford's request for military aid to the Thieu government.
     So Moscow continued to pour it on. Neto received shipments that included six hundred trucks, sixty fighter aircraft, thirty surface-to-air missile systems, a thousand artillery pieces, and two hundred armored personnel carriers. Hundreds of Soviet internationalists arrived, flying MiG-21 fighter aircraft and HIND helicopter gunships. Famed General of the Army V.V. Varkenikov was secretly flown into the country to command Neto's forces and guide them to victory.
     Thousands of Cuban soldiers also flew in to join the fight. As Fidel Castro would later brag to East German leader Erich Honecker during a secret meeting, "We are giving Angola a great deal of military support. At the end of the liberation war, 36,000 troops and 300 tanks were deployed.'"
     When Agostinho Neto finally seized power in 1975, the victory gave Moscow an enormous boost of confidence. Yuri Andropov and the Soviet military brass had managed to wage a military campaign more than five thousand miles away from Moscow. (Reagan's War, Peter Schweizer, p. 81)

Various WorldNetDaily articles report:

This amazing story, stranger than fiction, involves slices of history, geography, geopolitics, corporate greed, mercenaries, betrayal and hope. It is a story that must be told, for the sake of the 100,000 people killed in Angola in the 1990s, and for those who continue, against all odds, to struggle for freedom in that nation today....
     The Soviet Union was quick to raise up the Marxist Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, or MPLA, providing billions in aid, weapons and Cuban, North Korean and East bloc mercenaries to fight against UNITA.
     Bolstered in part by the CIA and the white-led Afrikaner regime of South Africa, UNITA, with some Afrikaner help, had succeeded in driving the Russians and Cubans out of Angola by 1990.  ("A TRAGEDY IN ANGOLA: DeBeers, Clinton's executive order seeks to destroy anti-communist rebel movement," WorldNetDaily, January 30, 2000)

In Angola, "These invaders include the Soviet Union, North Korea, the East Bloc, 50,000 Cuba mercenaries, the U.N. Army, Executive Outcomes (called Apartheid attack dogs by dissidents in Sierra Leone, a former EO stomping ground), the betrayal of the Afrikaner government as well as attacks by communist neighbors Namibia and Zimbabwe." ("Cold War alive, battles in Africa," WorldNetDaily, May 15, 2000)

Ethiopia (1977):

In February 1977, a communist coup occurred in Ethiopia and by April 1977 Ethiopia broke off military relations with the United States. "The Cubans and the Soviet Union stepped in with massive aid, including both personnel and equipment... Soviet leaders appreciated the new regimes attempts at Sovietization..." (Black Book of Communism, p. 689).  "For the period February 1977-June 1978 the figure of 10,000 political assassinations in the capital alone [of Ethiopia] was cited during trials of Addis Ababa in May 1995." (p. 690).  Other grim statistics include the following: "In was common practice to expose the victims of torture on the pavements of the capital.  On 17 May 1977 the Swedish general secretary of the Save the Children Fund lamented that '1,000 children have been killed, and their bodies are left in the streets and are being eaten by wild hyenas... You can see the heaped-up bodies of murdered children, most of them aged eleven to thirteen, lying in the gutter, as you drive out of Addis Ababa.'" (Black Book of Communism, p. 691)

According to Peter Schweizer in his book, Reagan's War:

The Carter administration watched as the country fell into the Soviet orbit. An official from the National Security Council was dispatched to discuss the situation. But the message he delivered was tepid at best. The United States did not "oppose the socialist choice of new Ethiopia", he told officials. And when he met secretly with Soviet representatives in Addis Ababa, he wondered how the United States could keep its influence in the region in a way that would "not be counter to the interests of the Soviet Union."
     Ponomarev got the same impression during his meeting with Carter. As he told his colleagues, Carter "pretended to be concerned about Soviet arms deliveries in Ethiopia."
     When war broke out between Ethiopia and neighboring Somalia over a bitter land dispute, Moscow jumped in quickly. Over a three-month period in late 1977, 225 Soviet transport aircraft ferried arms, troops, and war materiel to Ethiopia, landing on average every twenty minutes. Cuban troops took up their positions and were launched into battle. To secure victory, according to a secret Soviet Foreign Ministry report, Cuban soldiers "were used in the main lines of attack." (pp. 101-102)

Afghanistan (1979): 

The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on December 27,1979 and with it toppled the communist government of Hafizullah Amin, replacing him with Babrak Karmal, a long time KGB spy and the head of the Parcham faction of the People Democratic Party of Afghanistan. The Afghan war was fought under four general secretariesBrezhnev, Chernenko, Andropov and Gorbachev.  Although many in the West naively viewed Gorbachev as a liberal democrat, the bloodiest years of fighting in Afghanistan (1985-1986) were under his leadership. 
     The more than 600,000 Soviet soldiers that fought in Afghanistan were primarily from the western republics, including Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. As a result of the war, the number of Afghan refugees reached 5 million in the early 1990s. In addition to those who left the country, there were 2 million internal refugees who were forced to leave their homes. According to Amnesty International, the refugees who left Afghanistan were "the largest refugee group in the world." (Amnesty International, Annual Report, 1989, covering the year 1988, p. 172)
     Atrocities were common. It is reported that in March 1979 in the village of Keral "1,700 adults and children, the entire male population of the village, were all assembled in the town square and machine-gunned at point blank range." (Black Book of Communism, p. 712)
     Terror tactics were used even against Afghan children. It is reported that at the height of the war, Soviet troops deliberately targeted children, dropping booby-trapped toys from airplanes. (Black Book of Communism, p. 719). Also, it is estimated that more than 30,000 children between the ages of six and fourteen were abducted and sent to the Soviet Union. 
     Between 1.5 million and 2 million Afghans were killed, 90% of whom were civilians, and between 2 million and 4 million were wounded.  

Nicaragua (1980s): 

Already in 1986, Bulgarian ships had delivered more than 15,000 tons of heavy military equipment to the Nicaraguan port of El Bluff.
     As of 1986 there were already 120 anti-aircraft guns, 700 heat-seeking missiles and more than 100 heavy tanks, at least 18 helicopters and several MIG warjets in Nicaragua. Today there are many more.
     On the very same day that Mikhail Gorbachev was in Washington signing the INF Treaty, his accomplices in Moscow were agreeing to provide Nicaragua with enough arms to conquer any nation in Latin America.
     The Russians are building one of the largest military ports in the entire world on the west coast of Nicaragua, large enough to base an entire Communist fleet a few miles from the Panama Canal and to unload massive amounts of military hardware, including new Soviet tanks with reactive armor that no U.S. tank cannon can destroy. A 600,000-man army is being formed, that is, an army larger than the whole North American based U.S. Army, and that army will be equipped with high-tech weapons. A 10,500 foot airstrip with six foot deep runways that can accommodate the most deadly Soviet bombers is now completely built at Punta Huete in Nicaragua. This airstrip is already fortified as a military installation. Anti-aircraft batteries and surface to air missiles are already in place.
     Communist Nicaraguan pilots are already being trained in Communist Bulgaria to fly the Soviet MIG fighter jets that have already been shipped in crates to Nicaragua.
     The final preparations for the total military conquest of North America are now being made. Tomas Borge, the Interior Minister of Nicaragua said: "We have Nicaragua, soon we will have El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Mexico. One day, tomorrow or five years or fifteen years from now, we're going to take 5 to 10 million Mexicans and they are going into Dallas, into El Paso, into Houston, into New Mexico, into San Diego, and each one will have embedded in his mind the idea of killing ten Americans." (Thomas Borge, Nicaragua Interior Minister as quoted in Washington Times, March 27, 1985)
     Years ago, pictures of Soviet tanks were taken 100 miles south of Brownsville, Texas, outside Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. The pictures were presented to the U.S. State Department, but the affair was "hushed up".
     [Note: a very interesting footnote to the communist inroads in Nicaragua is Our Lady's words on June 18, 1987, that she actually spoke in locution to President Reagan concerning Nicaragua: 

"You see, My child and My children, I am sure that with My attempts to approach your president of the United States . . . . Yes, My child, though he is not of the Faith, I have approached him. He heard My voice. He heard My voice but cannot speak of it. He does not understand the fully supernatural. I asked him to be sure that he does not let the evil go from the shores of Nicaragua, and also cut off all the supplies in the Persian Gulf. You understand, My children, that what you read in your newspapers are not fully the truth. They are, also, guarded well by a group named the Illuminati." (Our Lady, June 18, 1987)


The atrocities committed by the communists in China are too many to mention in this brief article. We will focus on Chinese communists persecuting and murdering Catholic priests and bishops that stood in their way:

Persecution of the Catholic Church: In 1991 and 1992, the Chinese government killed Catholic bishops SHI Chunjie, LIU Difen, and Joseph FAN Xueyan while they were incarcerated. The story of the battered body of Bishop Joseph Fan was published in the Italian newspaper Avvenire. The date of the death of Bishop FAN as announced by the Chinese government was April 13, 1992. His body was transported to Baoding on April 16. Later, a public official secretly disclosed that Bishop Fan died in February. Bishop Fan was secretly detained in a mosque in Shijiazhuang City.
     In 1996, several hundred plain clothe agents from the government gathered twenty primary school teachers in Dong Lu village and ordered them to prohibit religious activities among students, and forced students to write letters of apostasy. These letters stated: "…in order to respond to the Party's leadership and to continue my education, I hereby renounce my Catholic religion…." Students who disobeyed were beaten and dismissed from school. Teachers who disobeyed were fired and arrested. At that time, the government had already forced about 4,000 Catholics villagers to renounce their religion in Baoding. There were about 4,000 Catholics in Dong Lu. 2,000 of them were beaten or fined for their religious activities.
     On January 10, 1997 the Cardinal Kung Foundation (based in Stamford, Connecticut)  released a copy of the Chinese Communist Party's document for Chongren Xian in the Fuzhou District of Jiangxi Province in China. This document details a procedure to eradicate the underground Catholic Church in China. Joseph Kung, President of the Foundation, said: "The document proves that the ongoing persecution of the Roman Catholic Church by the Chinese Government is not regional, or an isolated case of abuse of power by a certain government official. On the contrary, it is a carefully planned strategy by the central government to destroy the Roman Catholic Church commonly known as the underground church."  (Communist document on eradicating the Catholic Church in China)
     Many other atrocities have been committed by the Chinese communists against the Catholic Church. For more information, please visit the Cardinal Kung Foundation website.


"I think it is bogus, totally artificial. There is no threat." - John Kerry, 1971

"O My children of the United States, do you not understand what is ahead for you? Your country, the United States, has not known what it is to suffer through destructive forces. My children, you shall not escape the destruction that the Bear of communism has set upon many countries in Europe and the world. You cannot compromise your Faith to save what there is left, for everything upon earth shall fall as rubble with the Chastisement. A ball of fire, a chastisement, a baptism of fire, is heading for mankind. Can you not understand?" - Our Lady of the Roses, November 20, 1978

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