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Bishop Dominique Rey These Last Days News - September 21, 2022
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Vatican Attacks Faithful French Bishop While Turning a Blind Eye to Flagrant Sexual Immorality in the Clergy...

"The pages of John's writings, the Apocalypse, the Revelations, are turning faster and faster. Man controls the speed to his destruction. Your country, My child, the United States, and many countries of the world have become paganized. My Son's Church upon earth shall go through a great crucible of suffering with chaos.
    "The good shall be called the bad, and the bad shall be glorified. It will not be easy, My children, to remain upon the narrow road. You have been given many graces to retain you. Wear your sacramentals, and protect your children. Your home must be a fortress against evil.
    "My children, I ask that a constant vigil of prayer be conducted throughout your country and all of the nations of earth.
    "The time is fast approaching when many nations shall disappear from the earth. War is a punishment for the sins of mankind. Man cannot live without his God, for he will die both spiritually and physically.
    "You must read your Book of life and love, the Bible, and you will not be lost. You will understand the approach of the end days."
- Our Lady, October 6, 1978

"There will be much woe set upon the earth by 666: accidents that are not accidents, floods, famines, sin, impurity, immorality. My child, you will go about your earth--My children, you will all go about your earth wondering if mass insanity has set upon mankind. Oh, yes, My children, sin is surely insanity. As time accelerates and becomes an era of evil, My children, many will feel that life has reversed itself, for the good will be persecuted and the evil shall be glorified. As it was in the time of Noe and Sodom, so it is now, but the evils are far worse and more sophisticated. But as it was in those days, My children, so it will be now. The Chastisement is fast approaching upon mankind. Do not slow or slacken the pace of your work because of scoffers. I assure you, My children, even the scoffers will one day recognize the truth, but too late.
    "Keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world and your country. Unite with those of true reason to become part of Christ's holy legion."
- Jesus, April 9, 1977

The above Messages from Our Lady were given to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, New York. Read more

Vatican Strangles Tradition-Friendly Bishop...

ChurchMilitant.com reported on September 21, 2022:

by Jules Gomes

The Vatican has imposed draconian restrictions on a French bishop who upset Pope Francis by welcoming traditionalist Catholics into his diocese. 

The bishop of Fréjus–Toulon, Dominique Rey, who was blocked from ordaining six deacons and four priests at the end of June, has revealed that the Vatican's Dicastery for Bishops prohibited him from receiving new priests into the diocese.

Henceforth, a presbyteral council, and not the bishop, would make decisions regarding the reception of new priests, Rey told 150 diocesan priests at a meeting on Thursday. The Code of Canon Law (canon 495) prescribes a council of priests as an advisory body to the bishop. 

Rey told his clergy that Rome continued to remain silent on the fate of the candidates who had their ordinations suspended in June, thus exacerbating a "climate of uncertainty" in one of France's most flourishing dioceses. 

The Dicastery of Bishops, headed by scandal-plagued Cdl. Marc Ouellet, also ordered Rey to stop receiving new communities into the diocese. Rey, who belongs to the Emmanuel Community, has incurred Rome's wrath by offering hospitality to lay and clerical traditionalist and charismatic communities. 

Bishop Rey will also be compelled to force traditionalist priests to agree to concelebrate at the Chrism Mass and be available to celebrate the Ordinary Form as required, in accordance with the responsa ad dubium to Pope Francis' Traditionis Custodes — a motu proprio severely restricting the Traditional Latin Mass.

Ouellet's dicastery is further ordering Bp. Rey to establish an audit of the communities in the diocese. The audit will be overseen by "visitators" with canonical, pastoral and spiritual competencies. 

A priest close to Rey lamented the "neutralizing" of the French bishop, telling Church Militant:

On the one hand, Rome is hamstringing, neutralizing and punishing a faithful bishop who is a runaway pastoral and missionary success. On the other hand, Rome is tacitly approving and applauding German and Flemish prelates and priests who are rebelling against Church teaching and blessing same-sex couples.

While every diocese in France, including Paris, is struggling for vocations, Rey's seminary in Fréjus-Toulon has 50 seminarians. The diocese itself has 250 active priests, half the number of active priests in the Paris diocese. 

Further, the age pyramid of Fréjus-Toulon is the opposite of the other French dioceses, with 75% of priests under 64 years and 30% under 44 years. Almost 50% of priestly vocations come from traditionalist communities.

Rey has also been involved in evangelizing Muslims, and at least 10% of Catholics in his diocese in recent times hail from an Islamic background. The bishop recently ordained two Muslim converts to the priesthood, Church Militant reported.

The bishop told his priests that he has "recognized errors of appreciation and discernment in the reception and follow-up of certain communities," but he has "also highlighted the missionary fruits and the fruitfulness of the different charisms and pastoral initiatives of the diocese." 

"I have considered the remarks, the mistakes made, without questioning the work of missionary communion to be built together," he said, explaining how he had responded to a review ordered by the Vatican.

"The place of the traditionalist world in our seminary and in the diocese also constitutes one of the sensitive points raised by the Dicastery for Bishops," Rey explained earlier in a letter

Several members from different communities expressed their gratitude to Bp. Rey at the meeting, saying, "Thank you, bishop, for your welcome, your kindness and your fatherhood."

"We had [a] very nice fraternal day with the priests of the diocese with less than 10 years of priesthood," Rey tweeted. "[We hope] to meet again and start again better, united in the service of the gospel."

In 2012, the Guardian, a left-wing British newspaper, reprinted a story from the liberal French news outlet Le Monde, holding Rey as a model of active evangelism "by working with different religious communities, whether French or foreign, large or small, charismatic, traditionalist or missionary."

The diocese is "active in worship, prayer or explicit evangelization — for instance, by going door to door or being present on beaches and in nightclubs," The Guardian noted.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who has been a possible papal candidate in recent conclaves, refused to accept responsibility for a priest in the archdiocese of Quebec who raped a 17-year-old maid in the rectory, Church Militant reported

In August, a female intern accused Ouellet in a class action lawsuit of inappropriately touching her, kissing her at an ordination party and sliding his hand down her back to touch her buttocks.

The abuse occurred when the victim was an intern with the archdiocesan chancery from 2008–2010.

The victim says that she complained to Pope Francis in January 2021 and launched a lawsuit only after the pontiff failed to act. 

On Aug. 18, the Holy See Press Office issued a statement noting that "there are no elements to initiate a trial against Cdl. Ouellet for sexual assault."

New Italian Cardinal Allegedly Played ‘Key Role’ in Letting Pedophile Priest Escape Penalties...

Newly appointed Cardinal Oscar Cantoni, Bishop of ComoChurchMilitant.com reported on September 20, 2022:

by Michael Haynes

A newly appointed cardinal has been revealed to have played a “key role” in supporting a pedophile priest who was serving in his diocese, even reportedly lobbying Pope Francis to hand out a reduced penalty to the priest. 

Cardinal Oscar Cantoni, current bishop of the Como diocese, was raised to the cardinalate by Pope Francis in the recent August consistory. He has been recently shown to have tried shielding Father Mauro Inzoli, who was found guilty of molesting underage boys when in Cantoni’s former diocese.

Bishop Cantoni and Fr. Inzoli

Cantoni was appointed bishop of the Diocese of Crema from 2005 to October 2016. During his tenure as head of the diocese, Cantoni received allegations of sexual abuse of young boys committed by Father Mauro Inzoli. Italian Catholic blog Silere non possum reports that Cantoni received these reports as early as 2010.

Dubbed “Don Mercedes” for his love of flashy cars and high living, Inzoli was accused of molesting boys, including in the confessional. Silere non possum reported that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) and Bishop Cantoni concluded during a 2011 investigation into Inzoli that there was “the necessary moral certainty” to find him guilty of abuse. Cardinal Gerhard Müller, then head of the CDF, reportedly wrote that there were up to 20 different allegations of abuse committed by Inzoli against both male and female minors. 

With Cantoni handed responsibility for enacting an appropriate penalty against Inzoli, he merely signed a decree removing Inzoli from public ministry, ordering him to live outside the diocese, and to celebrate Mass in private, according to Silere non possum. Yet this act of leniency was overruled by the Vatican only months later, with Müller’s CDF ordering Cantoni to remove Inzoli from the clerical state.

Inzoli and Cantoni petition the Pope

Inzoli responded by appealing to the CDF in January 2013, which ultimately failed in May of that year, when the CDF voted against his petition: 14 against, one abstaining, and one defending Inzoli. But Silere non possum reports that thanks to “his bishop” – Cantoni – Inzoli was nevertheless able to take his cause to newly elected Pope Francis.

In stark contrast to his predecessor, Francis then overturned the CDF’s ruling in 2014, allowing Inzoli to return to the priesthood. As LifeSiteNews has reported, this decision was based on lobbying on Inzoli’s behalf by influential friends in the curia, namely Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio and Monsignor Vito Pinto. Cardinal Müller warned Francis not to reinstate Inzoli – a warning which later led to his removal as prefect of the CDF at the hands of the Pope, according to a Vatican source in 2018.

Silere non possum reported that a member of the CDF spoke of the Congregation’s amazement at the Pope’s intervention: “Evidently someone had privileged access to Santa Marta,” Pope Francis’ chosen residence.

Inzoli was ordered to live a life of “humility and prayer,” but nevertheless attended an Italian conference on the family in 2015, which created a media storm in Italy. 

Inzoli’s fall and Cantoni’s rise

After Cantoni was appointed to the Diocese of Como in October 2016, Francis was then forced to act against Inzoli, when an Italian civil court convicted the priest of eight counts of sexual violence against boys aged 12 to 16 between 2004 to 2008. Prosecutors sought a sentence of six years, but Inzoli was given a jail term of four years and five months.

Inzoli had already agreed to pay €25,000 as compensation to the families of his victims prior to his sentencing. 

The civil prosecutor Roberto Di Martino suggested that there may have been more than 100 “questionable incidents” in Inzoli’s conduct toward minors. He also criticized the Vatican for not supplying the documents requested by the court.

Facing such criticism, Pope Francis then removed Inzoli’s priestly faculties following a second ecclesiastical trial. 

However, despite Cantoni being heavily responsible for the rehabilitation of Inzoli, he did not suffer a removal of honors, but instead has seen his ecclesial career proceed apace in recent months. After Francis announced Cantoni would be made a cardinal in the recent August consistory, the bishop of Como was appointed to join the Dicastery for Bishops, having responsibility in naming future Catholic prelates across the world. 

Cardinal Abets Gay Priest Who Kept Sex Slave...

Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer, archbishop of São Paulo, and Fr. BartolomeuChurchMilitant.com reported on September 21, 2022:

by Jules Gomes

Brazil's top cardinal, who is currently visiting Pope Francis, is covering for a sodomite priest who coerced a 17-year-old boy into sexual slavery, Church Militant has learned. 

Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer, archbishop of São Paulo, is refusing to comply with a court order that compels him to disclose documents of the archdiocese's canonical proceedings against homopredator priest Fr. Bartolomeu da Silva Paz. 

Brazilian liberation theologian Leonardo Boff reported the sodomite rape and sexual enslavement of Elissandro Dias Nazaré de Siqueira (aka "Eli") to Pope Francis, a source close to the victim said. The crimes were perpetrated by Fr. Bartolomeu from 2014 to 2017.    
Eli's lawyers, Guilherme Dudus, a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, and Dr. Maristela Basso, professor of international law at the University of São Paulo, are appealing to Pope Francis to grant justice to Eli during Scherer's ad limina visit to Rome.

"This ad limina visit is very curious and really puts Pope Francis to shame," Dudus told Church Militant. "We request the Holy Father to open an inquiry into the conduct of Cdl. Scherer, the apostolic nunciature in Brazil and the bishops involved in covering up the abuse."

"Even though the ad limina visit itself is not because of the Eli affair ... it certainly reveals the Church's indifference to the case, as the cardinal maneuvers daily to protect Fr. Bartolomeu," the lawyer added. 

Dudus, a faithful Catholic and cofounder of the Scars of Faith project for victims of predator priests, said he could not comment further due to procedural restraints, but he would "trust in God to grant justice to the victims." 

Sodomite Rape

In 2014, Bartolomeu offered to help Eli, who worked at a diner, after the boy revealed he was living with a father who was an alcoholic and drug addict. The priest said he would pay to rent a small room for Eli in exchange for small services in the parish. 

Meanwhile, Eli began training to be a lifeguard at the swimming pool next to the parish of Our Lady of Monte Serrat. Under the pretext of Eli teaching him how to swim, the priest took him to a farm owned by the Cultural and Beneficent Association for the Welfare of the Elderly, which Bartolomeu presided over. 

When they got in the pool, the priest groped his chest and tried to touch his genitals. Eli resisted but was plied with alcohol later that night and blacked out. The next morning, he woke up with severe pain in his anus and his underwear stained with blood. 

When he tried to escape the abuse, Bartolomeu threatened him with a .38 revolver. Secret audio recordings reveal how the priest would order the boy to massage his legs, manicure his feet and perform oral sex on him in the parish rooms on Monday and Friday mornings. 

Eli's mother, Elizete, protested outside the Sé Cathedral in São Paulo in 2019 with a banner reading, "I put on the altar the pain of being the mother of a child raped by a priest from the Monte Serrat church." She was removed by diocesan security personnel. Cardinal Scherer was presiding at the Mass.  

Local media reported that Fr. Bartolomeu was holding alcohol and drug-fueled gay orgies involving minors on parish property used for the welfare of the elderly.

Second Victim

A second victim came forward after the media reported on Eli's abuse. Sales promoter Wellington Carvalho Ribeiro de Jesus says that Bartolomeu raped him at a Christmas party in 2004 — he was 17.  

Wellington says he felt sick after drinking a few glasses of beer, and Bartolomeu suggested that he go and rest in a room. The boy passed out and woke up with the priest kneeling over and kissing him. 

"He was naked, masturbating, with his penis close to my face. He tried to penetrate me, but he ended up ejaculating on top of me," the victim recalls. 

Sex Slave

Eli's case took on historical legal significance when, for the first time in Brazil, a labor action was filed based on the sexual slavery that Eli was subjected to. The appeal filed by Dudus states that the victim was obliged to sexually serve Bartolomeu daily until the end of 2017.  

The only compensation Eli received for submitting to Bartolomeu's "domination" was food and clothes from the parish bazaar, and shelter in a boarding house managed by the parish sacristan, Dudus noted in his appeal.  

Bartolomeu forced his victim "to perform acts of degrading sexual savagery, like performing oral sex on the priest 'cross-dressed' in liturgical clothes," the legal brief stated. "Eli acted as a slave, always following orders from Fr. Bartolomeu, also cleaning pigeon-infested towers and selling religious articles." 

The canonical process instituted by the São Paulo archdiocese and overseen by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith concluded that the relationship between Fr. Bartolomeu and Eli was "consensual." 

After Eli testified to his abuse in March 2018 before a commission of preliminary investigation comprised of two bishops, Scherer transferred Fr. Bartolomeu to the parish of St. Cecilia in the center of São Paulo — an act seen by local media as a promotion.

The threats against Eli intensified after his testimony, forcing him to take refuge in a house provided by a former seminarian, Alessandro Salles, in a gated community in Cotia, São Paulo. Salles, a wedding decorator, mysteriously began losing business contracts soon thereafter, a source said.  

Cardinal's Cover-Up

In 2018, Scherer visited the Vatican to defend the priest and claimed that Eli was his "lover." He also portrayed Eli as a "vulnerable adult" rather than a minor, even though Bartolomeu began grooming his victim in July 2014 when the boy was 17 years old, a source said.  

The CDF did not go through with the case, even though all documentation was sent to them, because the cardinal presented the case as a homosexual liaison rather than rape and abuse, the source added. 

In April 2021, Eli filed a lawsuit seeking access to the canonical procedure established after his complaint to Scherer. The archdiocese of São Paulo contested the case, claiming that the state was interfering in religious matters and that Eli was Fr. Bartolomeu's "boyfriend."

Scherer hired a prestigious law firm to file an embargos de declaração (declaration embargoes) appeal claiming that the canonical procedure involving Fr. Bartolomeu and Eli was requested by the Holy See in 2020 and, hence, could not be submitted to the victim. 

Eli's lawyers cited Pope Francis' 2019 rescriptum that states that the pontifical secret does not apply to offenses referred to in Article 1 of the motu proprio Vos Estis Lux Mundi, which includes "sexual acts with a minor or vulnerable person."

The Court of Justice of São Paulo dismissed the archdiocese's appeal, insisting that the Church had an obligation to provide the victim with the canonical procedure.

Scherer's Bait and Switch

Following a public outcry, in March 2020, the priest was finally suspended for three years. The document signed by Scherer states that "no crimes of sexual abuse against a minor, nor a crime perpetrated with threats or violence" committed by the priest have been proven. 

"Behavior and acts of a homosexual nature and of infidelity to the promise of celibacy have been proven with scandal and not consistent with the dignity of the priesthood," the decree of suspension adds, permitting Bartolomeu to return to full ministry in March 2023. 

doctoral dissertation on clerical sex abuse by Brazilian sociologist Regina Soares Jurkewicz, submitted to the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, observes that a key strategy in protecting predator priests is to adopt a canonical procedure against them. 

The hierarchy employs this strategy, especially when a civil or criminal judicial process has been initiated, writes Jurkewicz. "In general, the canonical procedure remains paralyzed indefinitely" and the priest is quietly transferred to another parish, diocese or country.

"I completely deny the accusation of omission, either on the part of the archdiocese of São Paulo or on the part of any of its representatives," Cdl. Scherer, a member of Pope Francis' Council for the Economytold local media. 

The ad limina visit of the Brazilian bishops to the Vatican begins Monday and lasts until Oct. 1.

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     "My children, the Eternal Father has a way that no human mind or man could understand. He is patient; He is all-suffering and long-suffering, never wishing that one should be lost to satan.”
 – Our Lady, April 2, 1977

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    "Parents, you must guard, safeguard your children's souls. You must indoctrinate into their being the knowledge of your God, and the existence of the supernatural, and the eventual exit from your world, and the coming across into the realm of the supernatural in the spirit. You must give your children the knowledge of the existence of hell, purgatory, and the eternal Kingdom of Heaven.
    "The world has become a cesspool of sin and error. No country has escaped the contamination. America the beautiful has succumbed to the evils. The morality of the young has fallen to the evil created by the masters of deceit.
    "My children, I travel throughout the world as your Mother. I come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. I plead with you, as your Mother, to listen to My words of direction and caution. The time is growing short. There hovers far out in your universe the Ball of Redemption. This Ball shall be guided by the Eternal Father to bring mankind to its knees, My children." - Our Lady, August 21, 1976

"The octopus of evil, the international conspiracy of evil, has at its head a Grand Master. I cannot at this time, My children, reveal in entirety the order of succession of those who seek to enslave your world.
    "The fall of man, this destruction that is fast approaching upon mankind, is being allowed as a redemptive measure by the Eternal Father, a means, a way to separate the sheep from the goats.
    "In the past many have cried out, warning you of the coming of false teachers. Now you must open your eyes, come out of your slumber, and pray a constant vigilance for guidance from your Holy Spirit.
    "The persecution to all those who follow and defend My Son in truth, in the light, the persecution will be great. The masters of deceit, they are gathering like vultures to send into motion a conspiracy of evil that has been brought about because mankind has given himself to all manner of evil.
    "The time given by your prophets of old, the time of times is here. You will all, My children, wear your sacramentals in the battle, the days ahead. What was to happen in the future shall be now. Your world will be baptized by fire. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.
    "False teachers and teachings abound in your world now. False teachers roam in My Son's House. You must now, pastors, reverse your ways, for they offend the Eternal Father much. I cannot hold back the hand of My Son; it grows heavy." - Our Lady, May 26, 1976

"I have warned you in the past that as man rejects the Commandments of his God, all manner of sin and evil shall fall upon mankind: murders, homosexuality, all aberrations of the flesh. The good shall be persecuted, and the bad lauded as saviors of the world. There shall enter many false prophets among you who preach and give out doctrines of demons.” – Our Lady, May 23, 1979 

"The good shall be called the bad, and the bad shall be glorified. It will not be easy, My children, to remain upon the narrow road. You have been given many graces to retain you. Wear your sacramentals, and protect your children. Your home must be a fortress against evil.
     "My children, I ask that a constant vigil of prayer be conducted throughout your country and all of the nations of earth.
     "The time is fast approaching when many nations shall disappear from the earth. War is a punishment for the sins of mankind. Man cannot live without his God, for he will die both spiritually and physically.
     "You must read your Book of life and love, the Bible, and you will not be lost. You will understand the approach of the end days." - Our Lady, October 6, 1978

"My child, as it was in the days of Noe, you have your scoffers, you have those who will persecute Our voice-boxes. The good must suffer, for the thorns will be long, and they will become abundant in the days ahead. But always remember, My children: you must pass through these thorns to gather the roses. And I say unto you as your Mother, I send upon you a full garden of roses in graces.” – Our Lady, December 7, 1978 

"My child and My children of grace, remember in the days ahead: your world and your country shall appear to all those in the light as though insanity has come upon them. The good shall be trodden upon, and the evil ones shall gain in worldly goods until all voices cry to Heaven: 'Lord, Lord! When shall you send Your vengeance upon them? Why do the wicked go about their way in gain while they trod underfoot the godly?'
    "My children, the Eternal Father has a way that no human mind or man could understand. He is patient; He is all-suffering and long-suffering, never wishing that one should be lost to satan.
    "The world's peoples will cry: and where is His coming? They await My Son, but for what? Are they ready for Him? No, I say unto you: if you receive tomorrow the Chastisement, three-quarters of mankind will be destroyed without deliverance! Is that what you want, My children?" - Our Lady, April 2, 1977

"Satan knows the full Scriptures; he can quote. Satan learned much from the Father when he was in the realm of the Kingdom. He will use all of his knowledge now to seduce you, My children. Recognize the faces of evil among you. Pray for the light.
    "You will not cast aside the sacramentals given to you; they are for your protection. The enemies of God laugh and scorn these sacramentals, but one day they, too, shall be trodden underfoot.
    "Know with great hope, My children, and trust that the eventual victory will be with My Son. The Father has set His plan. He will let these abominations run their course unto the final cleansing of the earth.
    "Your country will not be free from the chastisements and warnings long due a country that has given itself to satan.
    "Pagans roam the world, pagans walk into the House of God. Man, you have reduced yourselves to the state of an animal. Your intellectual pride has set you down the ladder to the fires.
    "The greatest sorrow in My heart, My child, is the debasement that man has allowed for his body, the sacred temple of his spirit. He has now lost the knowledge of sin. His life has become a way of sin. The word of God has lost its way from his heart." - Our Lady, August 5, 1973

"As in the time of Noe, one was sent to you crying like a voice in the wilderness, but trying to prepare you, bringing the warning from Heaven--a warning that was ignored and cast aside with derisive laughter. I say unto you: as it was in the time of Noe, so shall it be in your generation. What was planned by the Eternal Father for your future shall be now. No man, woman, or child shall escape the testing!
    "My Mother has given you My way. It is a simple road that must be followed. The rules have been given to you that must not be changed, as you cater to the basic carnal nature of man, a generation that has fallen! You will not make changes within My House, for you have dispersed My sheep. You will restore My House to its former glory. Strip you hearts of your pride! Recognize your errors and restore My House!
    "I say this to you for your Creator, as your God: Restore My House, or I shall come down and restore it Myself with a firm hand! And shall you stand before Me, O pastors, and say that your teachings have been pure in My sight? I shall take you and spit you out as spittle into the fires of eternal damnation! Vermin that came out of the flowers!
    "You have despoiled Our garden of souls, O pastors! You have trampled the lilies! You have trodden upon your Faith and truth. You have whittled away like rodents into My House, My Church! O man of little faith, whatever shall become of you? I repeat for your fair warning that the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled. Take the blindness from your hearts. Seek the light, for you are in darkness, and a house in darkness wears a band of death about it.
    "All who remain in the light of well spirit will have nothing to fear, My children. You will go forward in the days ahead with perseverance, for all who persevere to the end will be saved." - Jesus, December 28, 1976

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"I ask that all who hear My voice will take their Bibles, and if they do not have one, search, but find the right Bible, those printed not after 1965, My children." -  Jesus, October 5, 1985
     "You must all obtain a copy of the Book of life and love, the Bible. Do not accept the new mods. Try to find in your bookstores the old Bibles, My children, for many are being changed to suit the carnal nature of man.  I repeat, sin has become a way of life." - Our Lady, October 6, 1992  
    "I must ask you all to read but a few short chapters a day now, the Book of life and love, your Bible. Knowledge must be gained for all the disciples of My Son, for you will be attacked by scientific minds. But do not be concerned what you will say to them when accosted, for the words will be given to you by the Spirit." - Our Lady, April 10, 1976 
    The Douay-Rheims Bible was published in 1899.  It is the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church.  Almost all other Bibles have been rewritten by Satan.   See: https://www.tldm.org/directives/d33.htmhttps://www.tldm.org/directives/d415.htm and https://www.tldm.org/directives/d182.htm   If you don't have a Douay-Rheims Bible order it now!  (Order Form)  Yours and your loved ones salvation could depend on it. 
    Read the Bible cover to cover.  If you read 4 chapters a day, you will complete the whole Bible in 334 days.  I have read the Bible 2 times and working on the third time.  A 75 year old Baptism gentleman told me that he and his wife have read the Bible nine times.  Wow!

2.)  The Complete Virgin Mary’s Bayside Prophesies in 6 Paperback Books..

The Virgin Mary brings directions from God, the Father in Heaven on how to survive the end times.  God, the Father, through the Virgin Mary, tells what is coming, how to prepare for it, how to survive it, and how to even stop it.  These six volumes along with the Bible are most important to save yourself and your loved ones.  Order it now.  Tomorrow may be to late.  These 6 pocket size paperback books costs $33.00.   (Order Form)

3.)  Heaven's Home Protection Packet...

Heaven’s Home Protection Packet...
Our Lord stated we must have crucifixes upon the outside of all of our outside doors. In the "Heaven’s Home Protection Packet" there are instructions, four crucifixes, a tube of special cement for wooden or metal crucifixes. Wooden crucifixes adhere better to the doors when the aluminum strap is removed from the back. Put a light coat of cement on the back of the crucifix and then press it to the outside of the door. If you have any problems, you can call us at 616-698-6448 for assistance. This Heaven’s Home Protection Packet is available for a donation of $10.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Send $14.00 to TLD Ministries, P.O. Box 40, Lowell, MI 49331. Item # P15  (Order Form)

Crucifix on front and back door...  The only real protection against terrorists...
Jesus - "Pray and wear your sacramentals. And, also, My children, I ask you again to place a crucifix upon your door. Both front and back doors must have a crucifix. I say this to you because there will be carnage within your areas, and this will pass you by if you keep your crucifix upon your doors." (6-30-84) (Testimonies of lives and homes saved by the crucifixes.)  https://www.tldm.org/news/crucifix.htm    (Order Form)

4.) Heaven's Personal Protection Packet...

Heaven’s Personal Protection Packet . . .
Our Lady tells us to be protected from all evil, we must wear the following sacramentals around our necks: a Rosary, a crucifix, the St. Benedict medal, Our Lady of the Roses medal, the Miraculous Medal, and the scapular. We have all of these sacramentals in a packet we call "Heaven's Personal Protection Packet." This packet is available for a donation of $7.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Send $10.00 to TLD Ministries, P.O. Box 40, Lowell, MI 49331. Item # P5  (Order Form)

    Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers promises to help protect our children. On September 13, 1977, She said, "He has an army of ogres wandering now throughout your country and all of the countries of the world. They are in possession of great power; so wear your sacramentals, and protect your children and your households. Learn the use every day of holy water throughout your household. Insist even with obstructions, insist that your children always wear a sacramental. One day they will understand that they will repel the demons."
    On February 1, 1974, Our Lady said, "My children, know the value of these sacramentals. Guard your children well. You must awaken to the knowledge that you will not be protected without the sacramentals. Guard your children's souls. They must be surrounded with an aura of purity. Remove them if necessary from the sources of contamination, be it your schools or even false pastors."
    This Heaven’s Personal Protection Packet is available for a donation of $7.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Send $10.00 to TLD Ministries, P.O. Box 40, Lowell, MI 49331. You may use your MasterCard, VISA, or American Express and call 1-616-698-6448.  Item # P5 (Order Form)

Incredible Bayside Prophecies on the United States and Canada book . . .
We have researched the Bayside Prophecies on the United States and Canada and put these outstanding prophecies in a 360 page pocket size paperback book.   Veronica said it was very good.  It tells what is going to happen here and how to prepare for it.  Every North American must read this book!  Item #B2 Cost $5.00 (Order Form)

Your names have been written in Heaven… "It is not by accident that you are called by My Mother, for your names have been written in Heaven.... But with this great grace you have great responsibility to send this Message from Heaven throughout the world, for if you are able to recover just one more for Heaven, an additional star shall be placed in your crown." - Jesus, August 5, 1975

A great obligation to go forward... "It is not by accident that you are called by My Mother, for it is by merit and the prayers that have risen to Heaven for your salvation.  For those who have received the grace to hear the Message from Heaven, you have a great obligation to go forward and bring this Message to your brothers and sisters.  Do not expect a rest upon your earth, for you will have eternal rest very soon." - Jesus, June 12, 1976

The sin of omission...  "The sin of omission shall condemn many to hell, be they layman or Hierarchy.  I repeat:  not the sin of commission, but the sin of omission will commit many to hell." - Our Lady of the Roses,  October 6, 1980

My gift to help spread Our Lady of the Roses' messages to the world.


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