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Homeland Security These Last Days News - January 17, 2024
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How the Biden Administration Used A Counter-Terrorism Grant to Fund Anti-Conservative Propaganda...

"You must inform My children in your country that they must put into your government God-fearing men who follow the rules of the Father. If you bring murderers into the house, robbers and thieves, they will rob you until nothing remains. You will be stripped of all earthly wealth and this wealth will be turned over to one small group to govern the lives of many!"
- Our Lady, November 1, 1974

"There are masters in the world, grand masters in the world, who now seek to govern the lives of every man, woman, and child. They are gathering together to bring mankind under servitude."
- Our Lady, December 28, 1976

The above Messages from Our Lord and Our Lady were given to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, New York. Read more

DailyWire.com reported on January 17, 2024:

by Luke Rosiak

The Department of Homeland Security paid an activist group $700,000 to create self-described propaganda that attacked conservatives, a new investigation found.

DHS used a grant program intended to combat terrorists, called the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) Program, to pay activists to write blog posts that criticized Donald Trump and other conservatives under the guise of “media literacy,” the Media Research Center found through public records requests.

In its funding application, the University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab declared that “propaganda and misinformation concerning topics including immigration [and] racial justice” had become “disruptive.” It asked DHS for funding to run “community-created counter-propaganda.”

“Propaganda can also be used for socially beneficial purposes. Indeed, because the public has long been recognized as being suggestible, the United States has long made use of beneficial propaganda during WWI, WWII, and the Cold War,” the grant application said.

The findings position the University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab and a closely linked activist group, Media Literacy Now (MLN), at the center of a sprawling, government-funded campaign to run propaganda on Americans to create a mandate for increased censorship. The Daily Wire reported last week that the same groups were also paid by the State Department, which had them arrange for German anti-“disinformation” activists to train U.S. school teachers on the techniques used in that country, which has some of the most anti-free speech policies in the West.

MRC said the grant shows that Congress must abolish all domestic censorship programs.

“The Biden administration is able to get something quite special with its $700,000 TVTP grant,” the MRC concluded in its investigation. “Harnessing the Media Literacy Now ‘network’ and, ultimately, paying children to advocate for ‘media literacy’ mandates ensnares the whole of the American public school system in its agenda.”

“With just two grants — first from the State Department, and now from the DHS — the Biden administration has been able to artificially create a perpetual ‘[p]ublic demand for media literacy in public education,’ supercharging a censorship industry devoted to an inherently anti-American philosophy hidden beneath the asinine monicker of ‘media literacy,’” it wrote.

The DHS grant led to an entity known as “Courageous RI,” helmed by U-RI professor and leftist activist Renee Hobbs, which said that its program would use the funds to manipulate the public and policymakers into demanding policies to crack down on “misinformation.”

It said “media literacy” training was especially needed in Rhode Island because “the Southern Poverty Law Center identified several active hate groups in the state,” and that some residents of the January 6 “insurrection that breached the Capitol Building” were from the state.

The anti-terrorism grant program was created under the Obama administration, and Miles Taylor, the DHS chief of staff under Donald Trump who gained notoriety for writing a New York Times op-ed admitting to undermining Trump from within, maneuvered to ensure that it lived on despite his boss’ wishes, according to a 2020 Politico article. By this year, the program was being used to explicitly liken people who believed that there is a “deep state” — the idea that unelected bureaucrats might behave like Miles — to Holocaust deniers.

The Rhode Island Lab used the DHS money to pay people $250 each to write blog posts about “misinformation, disinformation, media literacy… and more!” The articles pushed for Left-wing policies, even though federal grants cannot be used to fund lobbying. The posts sometimes had less to do with “media literacy” than political opining, railing against the National Rifle Association and Stand Your Ground laws.

“We are all living in a darker, scarier, angrier, less hopeful country thanks to Mr. Trump’s influence. Are we on the verge of civil war?” one post said, complaining that Trump “was able to crawl into the safety of First Amendment protections.”

“It won’t be easy, but we really have to reduce Trump’s influence,” it pledged.

“Content moderation decisions of digital platforms actually do not violate ordinary people’s constitutionally guaranteed speech rights. That’s because private social media companies are not bound by the First Amendment,” another said, claiming that “the political right enjoys higher amplification compared to the political left.”

The DHS-funded entity served to bring together federal and state law enforcement officials, anti-speech activists, teachers, and Democrat advocacy groups.

Rhode Island Secretary of State Gregg Amore, a Democrat, made his department an official partner of Courageous RI, and assigned his staff to ghost-write the program’s “Manifesto.” The Manifesto said that “anti-government theories… can lead to targeted violence and domestic terrorism.”

“We have become so focused on individual rights, we have forgotten about the collective good,” Amore said at Courageous RI’s launch event.

The Rhode Island School Superintendents Association and the U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island, Zachary Cunha, are also among Courageous RI’s “coalition” members, as is Moms Demand Action, a Left-wing anti-gun group.

Though it was billed as teaching people how to identify propaganda and misinformation, the grant culminated in paying youth to create government-sanctioned messages. The “Statewide Community Creative Media Contest” gave cash prizes of up to $1,000 to students who generated “public service announcements … with support from local state public safety experts as well as communications and public relations professionals.”

As part of its “Media Literacy and Civic Engagement Curriculum,” it trained teachers to use the classroom to root out “misinformation,” encouraging them to “address[] controversial current events.” It said with DHS funding, it would train more than 6,800 educators and students to embed “media literacy and terrorism prevention in many different kinds of community programs.”

The final prong in the program was “Courageous Community Conversations.” A June 2023 event pushed a video that said that the reason Hispanics tilted towards the Republican Party in 2020 was because of “disinformation” against Joe Biden in “Spanish-language media,” with Russia possibly to blame. It called for social media companies like Meta to more aggressively censor information in response.

The conversations also included a podcast series. In one episode, DHS agent Robert Mahoney, the grant’s administrator, appeared as a guest. “Somebody who has access to guns or has anti-government theories or has conspiracy theories, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to mobilize to violence, but it does mean in the sense of wanting to do interventions. If you’re causing concerns among your friends and family, to have a way of reporting or maybe getting someone the help that they desperately need,” he said.

Courageous RI official Pam Steager asked how people could “help them before they get to the point where they could be radicalized so much that they turn to violence.”

Those precursors to theoretical extremism could include mainstream American positions. In another podcast episode, Hobbs promoted a lesson plan that had children listen to a podcast in which a Southern Poverty Law Center employee likened opposition to illegal immigration to Nazism.

“You know, if one looks at the anti-immigration movement today, it is astounding the things that are said by mainstream people. You know, we have national politicians right now walking around this country talking about how illegal aliens are, quote ‘coming here to kill me, and kill you, and kill our families,’” the SPLC official claimed.

The podcast also featured authoritarian leftists like Jennifer Lima, a school board member who said that students who “misgendered” people committed an “act of violence” that should be “dealt with accordingly.” Hobbs said she wanted to “inspire people to be as courageous as you are.”

Yet another podcast guest was former Congressman David Cicilline, who wrote that the “key threat to our democracy” is the GOP, which he described as “a Trumpist authoritarian cult.” On the podcast, Cicilline said that Congress needed to make laws to make social media companies liable for “dangerous” content like “misinformation” from “Trump,” MRC found. As a congressman, Cicilline advocated for DHS funding for the group.

Using the DHS money as seed money to leverage private donations, the group is now taking the program national, and is hosting a “Courageous Conversation” in Charlottesville, Virginia on Wednesday.

An activist group closely linked to the University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab called Media Literacy Now is intent on making these “media literacy” trainings mandatory for all American children, but only when media literacy is used to promote liberal views. It opposed a Texas bill that instituted media literacy, but which included the 1619 Project as an example of misinformation.

The head of the Rhode Island Media Lab, Hobbs, is also an advisory board member of MLN. She once convinced the National Council for Teachers of English to call for focusing on turning children into “change agents” through critical race theory, then claimed that a veteran Washington Post reporter needed to be subjected to her “media training” when he criticized it.

Hobbs did not return a request for comment on her work, nor did DHS.

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"All of you who now plan in conspiracy in My House to bring about a new world religion, a religion that is not of the God you know, but a religion that is coming up from the depths of hell! Deluded you are, O pastors. A delusion has been set upon the world so that those who are evil shall be cut down, and those who are lukewarm shall fall. And those who persevere to the end shall be saved."
 - Jesus, February 1, 1977

"Your world, mankind, is now developing into a one-world government and a one-world religion that will cast aside My Son. Woe, I say unto you, as I cried before, that unless you pray, unless you act now, 666 shall entrench himself in Rome, the Eternal City of Rome, and then it shall become the seat of the antichrist forces. My children, remove the blindness from your hearts and your eyes. Can you not recognize what is happening?
    "I cry bitter tears of sorrow. I ask all My children to save My Son's House, His Church upon earth. And how may this be accomplished? By prayer, My children; by good example; constructive criticism. You cannot give full confidence to satan or his agents. You cannot expect another to take your part in this battle of the spirits. Each and every one of conscionable age must now go forward as a bearer of truth and light. These days, My children, are the days that had been spoken of and written of by the prophets of old."
- Our Lady, December 7, 1977

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The awesome Bayside Prophecies...  https://www.tldm.org/Bayside/
These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995:

Our Lady - "He will be covered as a sheep with robes of purity, but look into his heart, My child..." 
     Veronica - Oh, I see a horrible, black-looking, ugly thing that was down there in the, in the pit. It's inside of this man who--outside he looks, he looks holy and human; but he's actually one of those things--he's actually a creature of hell. - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

"Many priests, bishops, cardinals in My Son's House need prayers from the laity that they may be strong enough not to fall into the plan of the third worlders, who are also known, My child, as the one worlders. They seek to destroy My Son's Church and build one on the creation of man." -Our Lady, October 6, 1976

"There is a man who hides behind the mask ruling your country! He will soon approach and reveal himself. He is the man who compromises your country for the love of power. He has affiliated all of the money powers of the world--joined them for unity of a one-world government. Step down and reveal yourself, the leader--"
    Veronica - Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! The man behind the mask, Mr. Rockefeller, the man behind the mask! - St. Michael, September 13, 1975

"My children have lost their way. Like sheep they wander to and fro looking for My Son. They do not have the Spirit. They cry out in groups called Charismatics, and that too has been promoted with an evil reasoning. My children, understand what is happening now. It is the work of Lucifer using human agents to remove all institutionalized churches from your world and unite all of mankind in the name of peace and brotherhood under one roof--and it will be a one world religion and a one-world government." - Our Lady, November 25, 1978

"The leaders of your country and the rulers of your world are faster and faster plunging forward, bringing in the reign of the evil one whom you will know as the Antichrist of one world. The plan for his rule has been set for many years."- Our Lady, August 14, 1974

"I say unto you, My pastors, hierarchy and priests of all nations: You will follow the rules as given through countless earth-years. My Church, My House has been set up upon earth. I gave the direction. It was a simple way. And you have entered upon the wide road to damnation. Many mitres shall fall into hell! But sadly they will take others with them.
     "The justice of the Eternal Father has charity, gives hope. However, you cannot compromise the Faith. You cannot compromise with evil. There is no middle road between good and evil.” - Jesus, October 6, 1978

"Many mitres now hold major responsibility for the loss of their sheep. You have scattered them in all directions. And now what do you intend to do to restore My House? Restore My House now, for I shall return and I shall send you out of My House, forever lost to Heaven. Your rank has no precedence over another soul when this soul is being sent into the abyss. You hold a major responsibility for the loss of My sheep.” - Jesus, May 29, 1976 

"Because of the arrogance and pride of My clergy, many of Our sheep, Our children, are lost to the Kingdom of Heaven. Many mitres are destined for the abyss. Heresy and apostasy abounds upon earth.” - Jesus, June 18, 1979 

“Clergy in My Son’s houses, you must show more honor to My Son. There are some who are a disgrace to their profession, leading others into ways of sin. Oh ye of little faith, why do you debase the young? You who have given themselves over to worldly pleasures and defamed their profession shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” - Our Lady, June 18, 1993"Red Hats, bishops, you go about earth oppressing the children of God, but you neither chastise nor condemn the evil ones in your House, the Church." - Our Lady of the Roses, May 3, 1978

 "I am your God, and I say unto you:  continue to change My Church and you will fall!  You will build a secular church, bringing in all--even heretics, even homosexuals.  All aberrations condemned by the Eternal Father, you will permit in the name of humanism.  Nay, no!  I say unto you as your God.  You will be given a short reign, for I consider you then an abomination, and as such you will be removed." - Jesus, May 23, 1979 

"How I warned and warned that satan would enter into the highest realms of the hierarchy in Rome. The Third Secret, My child, is that satan would enter into My Son's Church." - Our Lady, May 13, 1978

"My children, the forces of 666, the forces of darkness now are gathering to do full war with all of the children of God in the light. It will be a battle that will call for great spirit, great sacrifice. And one must retain the knowledge of the Faith, for it will give you necessary strength in the battle.
    "In Rome, the Eternal City of the hills, My children, the forces are gathering to bring about the capitulation of the Seat of Peter to communism and atheism, all promoted in the name of humanism. My children, all this is coming about fast because man has neglected sacrifice and prayer.
    "A delusion has been set upon mankind. The Eternal Father has deemed that man shall go along now and reap what he has sown. Man is forever searching for peace--peace of heart, peace in armaments. But the more he cries for peace the farther he flies from it. There shall be no peace upon earth unless man returns to his God.
    "The state of your world has been reduced by the immorality. The state of your world is capitulating now to all of the forces of the octopus that will seek to bring about a one-world religion and a one-world government under a supreme dictator of evil." - Our Lady, March 18, 1978

"Yes, My child, the Message from Heaven has reached the Eter­nal City of Rome. You will not know until the end of time the full plan of the Eternal Father. In a war, My child, a war of human nature as well as the battle of the spirits, there is One Who will guide during this battle. The Eternal Father in Heaven knows the plan of all. In your human nature, you must not ques­tion, but you must receive, accept, and not question the direc­tion of the Eternal Father to you.
    "Do not be ashamed, My children, to shed tears with My Son. Weep with Him; pray with Him; please, make Him happy. All who have received much, much is expected of them." - Our Lady, March 18, 1976

"My children, do not condemn your Holy Father, Pope Paul in Rome. He has made human errors in the past--I grant you this, My children, as he is still a human being, but they are not major errors. The enemy is in his own house, in the Eternal City of Rome. The hierarchy has become infiltrated.
    "I do not at this time have to go through a long discourse with you, My children, giving you names and dates. I'm certain that with the grace from Heaven you have received this knowledge from other sources.
    "The armies from Heaven are gathering upon earth. The Eternal Father has full control over the progress of the armies upon earth. My children, you must understand and not question the ways of the Eternal Father.
    "Many manifestations shall be given in the days ahead. You must understand and repeat over and over: My Jesus, my confidence! I say this to you because many who listen now to this counsel shall be tested.
    "In the years past, My children, I have given messages to individuals both in Rome and in countries throughout the world. Some have listened; others have not. And others have turned away from this counsel. But I assure you that in the final count all will have time to remember this counsel and shall feel sadness of heart when it is too late to recover their merits, their graces for their entrance into the Eternal Kingdom." - Our Lady, June 18, 1978

"My child, if you remember, I have counseled you in the past that all would remain secret until the proper moment. Now I give you this knowledge, My child, for all mankind to listen to and understand.
    "In the city of Rome there will be great confusion and trial. Satan, Lucifer in human form, entered into Rome in the year 1972. He cut off the rule, the role of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. Lucifer has controlled Rome and continues this control now. And I tell you now, My children, unless you pray and make My counsel known to all of the ruling fathers of the Eternal City of Rome, My Son's Church, His House, will be forced into the catacombs. A great struggle lies ahead for mankind. The eventual outcome is for good of all, for this trial in My Son's Church will be a true proving ground for all the faithful. Many latter-day saints shall rise out of the tribulation.
    "My child and My children, I need not repeat to you the necessity to retain tradition. It was like a valve, a safeguard from the eruption of My Son's Church, a schism, a division within My Son's House upon earth. I cry unto you, your Mother, as I hasten back and forth bringing you the message, the counsel from Heaven. You must recognize--bishops, cardinals, and pastors, you must recognize what is happening now in My Son's House. There is being rebuilt before your very eyes another religion, another church of man. No angels are helping in this building." - Our Lady, September 7, 1978

"Your newspapers, even those who call themselves Catholic, have fallen. They have now been given to the enemies of God, for when they seek to destroy the Church of the Son of God, they are enemies of God, and they are of the Antichrist.
    "Make it known, my child, that you all now are proceeding in the days of the Revelations. All will come to pass as given in the Book of life. There are many seers now throughout the world who will carry the message forward. Many must accept martyrdom, but the glory beyond the veil far exceeds the suffering of earth time.
    "Control--you must know, my child, and tell the world that satan has control now of many major positions in the House of God, in the Eternal City of Rome. Traitors surround your Vicar. His sufferings are great.
    "Already they have chosen his successor. But pray, my children, pray much that he does not be removed, for woe to the world! The crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ! Woe to mankind!" - St. Michael, August 21, 1974

"Hasten, harken, and listen! The Message from Heaven is going throughout your world. The Queen of Heaven, your Mother, has come to your earth to bring you the admonition from Heaven. Each man shall accept or reject this message in his free will. The sheep shall be separated from the goats.
    "Rome, Eternal City, the light is dim. Rome, haven for heretics and all manners of abomination, shall you not cleanse yourself before the Eternal Father places His hand upon you in chastisement? You have opened your doors to all manner of evil spirits.
    "Holiness and piety! Man--men of God, you must wear your garment of purity, dedication, and piety. What manner of foul deeds do you perform for the destruction of your sheep! For what? Material gain and pride and arrogance? You shall be cast into the abyss! Rank shall give you no advantage when you come over the veil." - St. Michael, December 24, 1975

"My children, the forces of evil are gathering in the Eternal City of Rome. You must all pray a constant vigilance. Your Holy Father has accepted a heavy cross.
    "The Message from Heaven has entered upon the Eternal City. It is only through humbleness of heart and prayer that those who have a high station in My Son's House will understand the errors they have fallen into and will turn back now while there is time. They have consorted with the enemies of God. The road to hell is often paved with good intentions, My children, but you have been deluded by many.
    "In your striving to bring peace and brotherhood, you have lost your way, O pastors of My Son's houses. There shall be, without prayer, a battle: bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, and all that is rotten shall fall." - Our Lady, May 29, 1976

"There is a great spirit of darkness covering the Eternal City of Rome. I, your Mother, as Mediatrix between God and man, implore you now to turn back, for you are creating your own destruction. A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it!
    "My children, pastors in My Son's House, you must not compromise your Faith! What manner of church are you creating? Who has yielded My Son into the hands of the enemies of God?
    "My children, the time is growing short. There are many victim souls now in your world who have carried the balance, the balance that grows heavily to the left. When the peak of iniquity is reached, know that the final cleansing of mankind shall be at hand!
    "My children, I cannot, as your Mother, refrain from bringing to you the facts. I give you hope in My Son. Remain with Him at the tabernacles in your world. I bring you confidence from My Son, that if you persevere you will overcome all of the evils now rampant in your world." - Our Lady, December 28, 1976

Directives from Heaven... https://www.tldm.org/directives/directives.htm

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D188 - Wrath of God PDF
D225 - Final Warning to the Clergy  PDF Logo PDF  
D226 - Many Mitres are on the Road to Hell  PDF Logo PDF
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D527 - Warnings to the Vatican, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
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D529 - Warnings to the Vatican, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF

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A great obligation to go forward... "It is not by accident that you are called by My Mother, for it is by merit and the prayers that have risen to Heaven for your salvation.  For those who have received the grace to hear the Message from Heaven, you have a great obligation to go forward and bring this Message to your brothers and sisters.  Do not expect a rest upon your earth, for you will have eternal rest very soon." - Jesus, June 12, 1976

The sin of omission...  "The sin of omission shall condemn many to hell, be they layman or Hierarchy.  I repeat:  not the sin of commission, but the sin of omission will commit many to hell."  Our Lady of the Roses,  October 6, 1980

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