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“But to every one of us is given grace, according to the measure of the giving of Christ. Wherefore he saith: Ascending on high, He led captivity captive; He gave gifts to men.” - Ephesians 4:7-8



"When you leave your body, My children, your spirit will live on forever. However, there is no guarantee without merit of the Eternal Kingdom of the Father. You must want to go there, My children. You must work to go there. You must pray, you must make sacrifices, and really know the true meaning of 'love' that is being exaggerated, My child, in your world. They cry 'love' and 'peace' where there is no love and no peace. The only example of love, true love, is in the cross, My child-the lifetime of My Son upon earth and His Ascension into the Eternal Kingdom."

- Our Lady, August 5, 1975



"I ask all to become apostles of these last days because it will be necessary now for man to understand and acknowledge the supremacy of His God in Heaven. I ask that all who have been born into and baptized into the true Faith to go forward as apostles of light, disciples for Heaven in these latter days. The knowledge must be given to those who cannot comprehend, who have hardened their hearts and closed their ears-the knowledge must be given to them that My Son is the Messiah; My Son has been upon earth, and He shall return again as He ascended."

- Our Lady, August 4, 1979



"When My Son ascended to the Father, I spent many years spreading His word. I know the frailties of human nature. I know the heartbreak, the suffering, for I spent many years on earth. Therefore, I always beg for mercy, My children, to the Father for My errant children on earth. That is why I have been placed here as a Mediatrix between God and man. My Son has deemed this necessary."

- Our Lady, August 14, 1972



"My Son will return to your earth as He ascended from your earth. He will return with the legions, the armies of Heaven, in the final battle against the agents and forces of evil. He will destroy the nations that have given themselves to satan. He will destroy those who have become agents of satan." - Our Lady, August 5, 1974



"My Mother received Her crown through suffering and perseverance. She walked among men for many years after I ascended to the Father. She waited and prayed and directed those about Her with care and patience. She strengthened the foundation of My House upon earth, and was awarded the crown gained by Her efforts. My children, know that My Mother left your earth in both body and spirit. She joined Me with the Eternal Father."

- Jesus, August 14, 1976



"They did not fall asleep. My Son ascended in full view. His loved ones were not asleep."

   Veronica-Our Lady says there is much fallacy in the world. The great Apostles of Jesus did not fall asleep. They were wide and fully awake when they watched Jesus ascend into Heaven.

- Our Lady, May 22, 1974



"I give you My heart, torn anew by My own. I give you My Mother, the gentlest of creatures, human and sublime. I give you My Mother Who will be with you through the battle until I return as I ascended into Heaven.

   "My Mother remembers full well, as I do, Our years among you people upon earth. We know of your human frailties. In that manner can We-Our hearts bleed with anguish for you." - Jesus, August 14, 1979



Jesus-"I want to show you, My child, the Assumption of My Mother."

   Veronica-Now I see, I see like a hillside. And there's a cave-like, oh, I guess it's a grave, sort of, but it's not like in a graveyard. It's like cut out of a hillside. And there's a slab, there's a slab of stone. And I see-it looks like a mummy, because I see a body all wound up in white sheeting-like pieces. But it's sort of not white sheeting, exactly; it's like very rough-looking with dots sort of in it, like muslin, sort of, and wound up just like a mummy.

   Now Jesus is-oh, He's coming. Now this place is all closed off. There's no door. It's like-oh, like a mausoleum or something, but it's more like a cave. And I see Jesus now; He's coming right through the rock. And He's standing there now, and He's placed His hand on the sheeting. And all of a sudden there's a tremendous light around this, like a person in the sheeting. Ah! And I see the sheeting is just unwinding, falling away. And there-it's Our Lady, but She's sitting up. And Jesus is standing next to Her. And now as the sheeting is falling off, it's just falling away from Her, disintegrating.

   She has a most beautiful white gown-oh, pure white. She's barefooted now. And Jesus has placed out His hand, and He's taken Her hand. And She's all lit up. Beautiful!

   Now I see Our Lady is-I know it's Our Lady-She's getting younger and younger. When the sheet was first away from Her, She looked kind of old, maybe-well, maybe seventy-three, seventy-four. But now She looks a little girl. She's beautiful! She's very young-looking.

   And Jesus now is taking Her hand, and They are both just rising. They're going up, up, up, and right through the rock! Absolutely! They went through the rock! Now I see Them outside the door, and I see Jesus and Our Lady, and the light is tremendous. Oh, and Jesus now is holding Our Lady's hand.

   And there are, oh, hundreds of angel figures about Them. And there's beautiful music. Ah-ah, alleluia, ah-ah, alleluia. [Veronica repeats some of the music she hears.] And there's voices; they're so loud they're-it sounds like millions of voices.

   I see Them, and Our Lady now is rising. Our Lady is all beautiful in white. It's-I can't explain it. It's just like in a tremendous light. And now They're rising far, far up into the sky. And I can't see Them any more. Now it's though They've disappeared right into the sky. Absolutely gone, and the sky now has become a very deep, deep, deep blue. - August 14, 1973



"My children, I bring to you now a little-known story of the Assumption of My Mother. Yes, there were present two small children, standing outside the crypt as I brought My Mother forward. She lay but a short time in Her burial shroud, and I came with Michael and Gabriel to take My Mother to the Kingdom of the Eternal Father to receive Her much awarded crown.

   "My Mother received Her crown through suffering and perseverance. She walked among men for many years after I ascended to the Father. She waited and prayed and directed those about Her with care and patience. She strengthened the foundation of My House upon earth, and was awarded the crown gained by Her efforts. My children, know that My Mother left your earth in both body and spirit. She joined Me with the Eternal Father." - Jesus, August 14, 1976



Our Lady-"Seventy-two years of service to the Father."

Veronica-Our Lady is repeating:

Our Lady-"Seventy-two years of service to the Father.

   "I was honored by the Father in your years of twelve. My young years, My child, were spent in seclusion. I, too, was not without persecution when I carried on the apostleship of My Son."

- Our Lady, August 14, 1974



"Veronica, My child, you must bring forward the knowledge of My going into the Kingdom. I was assumed. It is your Feast of the Assumption. I extend to all My children the knowledge that they shall join Me and My Son in the eternal Kingdom when they cross over the veil. Prayer, penance, and atonement-it is the way of the cross." - Our Lady, August 14, 1975



"For your mission upon earth, My child, it is necessary that the Father endow you with knowledge. You have stated, I understand, that you have found difference in seeing My Son and I and viewing all the personages of Heaven. I appear to you, My child, in solid form, as does My Son, because My Son ascended and I was assumed into Heaven in Our body state. But others appear different to you, My child, in their forms because they come in their soul-spirit state. That is the way they were taken to Heaven, through natural human means, through the veil.

   "My Son, in the Father, took Me into the realm of the Kingdom when My work was finished upon earth. I rose by the power of God into the Kingdom." - Our Lady, December 31, 1972



"Remember, My children, come to My Mother; for in Her memory of Her human days upon earth, She above all humans created-sinless, without the stigma of sin, a perfect life upon earth without sin, and assumed into Heaven, body and spirit-She above all can direct you because She is your Mother; She is the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother of every human being upon earth."

- Jesus, August 14, 1979


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Our Lady 5-28-83 - "I tell you now, My child, because the road has been filled with thorns, that Heaven, all Heaven, is greatly of heart for you and those who came with you from Heaven's direction to build up an apostleship that shall be forever written in the annals of the Church.  This surprises you,  My child; I understand you are quite shocked, but, pleasantly so, I hope.”

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