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Our Lady - "My child and My children, We are very pleased at the manner in which you are getting out the Directives from Heaven. Do not slacken your pace. There are many souls to be reached." - June 18, 1992

If you click on the "PDF" at the end of each Directive title you will get 2 page format.  See photo to the right.

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You can now order the Directives from Heaven online.  You can order in sets of #1 through #500.  If you call, you can order any quantity of each Directive individually to pass out to your family, friends, relatives, or in your parish churches.  There are Directives for any problem or abuse that you see.  The answer is to pass out the Directives.

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D1 - The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass  PDF
D2 - The Holy Eucharist  PDF
D3 - Communion in the Hand?  PDF
D4 - Permanent Deacons/Extraordinary Ministers? PDF
D5 - The Holy Priesthood, Part 1 PDF
D6 - Sacred Grounds  PDF
D7 - Pope John Paul II  PDF
D8 - Blessed Virgin Mary  PDF
D9 - Sacramentals  PDF
D10 - Consecrate Russia  PDF
D11 - Remain in the Parish Church PDF Logo PDF
D12 - One World Government / Religion PDF Logo PDF
D13 - Secret Societies PDF Logo PDF
D14 - Charismatic Renewal PDF Logo PDF
D15 - Holy Matrimony PDF Logo PDF
D16 - Role of Parents PDF Logo PDF
D17 - Fall of Education PDF Logo PDF
D18 - The Holy Rosary PDF Logo PDF
D19 - Prayers  PDF Logo PDF
D20 - Importance of Prayer (Part 1)  PDF Logo PDF
D21 - Importance of Prayer (Part 2)   PDF Logo PDF
D22 - Disciples of Latter Days (Part 1)   PDF Logo PDF
D23 - Abortion PDF Logo PDF
D24 - Homosexuality, Part 1   PDF Logo PDF
D25 - Heaven (Part 1)   PDF Logo PDF
D26 - Heaven (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D27 - Discernment of Spirits  PDF Logo PDF
D28 - Hell  PDF Logo PDF
D29 - Purgatory  PDF Logo PDF
D30 - Disciples of Latter Days (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D31 - Love of God  PDF Logo PDF
D32 - Love of Neighbor  PDF Logo PDF
D33 - The Holy Bible, Part 1  PDF Logo PDF
D34 - Woman PDF Logo PDF
D35 - Nuns  PDF Logo PDF
D36 - Bishops (Part 1)  PDF Logo PDF
D37 - Bishops (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D38 - Priests (Part 1)  PDF Logo PDF
D39 - Priests (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D40 - Infiltrators  PDF Logo PDF
D41 - St. Michael  PDF Logo PDF
D42 - Mass Media  PDF Logo PDF
D43 - The Warning / Miracle  PDF Logo PDF
D44 - The Occult  PDF Logo PDF
D45 - UFOs  PDF Logo PDF
D46 - Angels  PDF Logo PDF
D47 - United States (Part 1)  PDF Logo PDF
D48 - United States (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D49 - Pope Paul VI  PDF Logo PDF
D50 - The Impostor Pope PDF Logo PDF
D51 - Cure and Conversion  PDF Logo PDF
D52 - Mark of the Beast  PDF Logo PDF
D53 - Suffering (Part 1)  PDF Logo PDF
D54 - Suffering (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D55 - Test-Tube Babies  PDF Logo PDF
D56 - Science PDF Logo PDF
D57 - The Great WW III Chastisement (Part 1) PDF Logo PDF
D58 - The Great WW III Chastisement (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D59 - The Great WW III Chastisement (Part 3)  PDF Logo PDF
D60 - The Great Comet Chastisement (Part 4)  PDF Logo PDF
D61 - The Great Comet Chastisement (Part 5)  PDF Logo PDF
D62 - The Great Comet Chastisement (Part 6)  PDF Logo PDF
D63 - The Third Secret of Fatima  PDF Logo PDF
D64 - New York City  PDF Logo PDF
D65 - The Home (Part1)  PDF Logo PDF
D66 - The Passion of Christ (Part 1)  PDF Logo PDF 
D67 - The Passion of Christ (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D68 - The Eternal Father (Part 1)  PDF Logo PDF
D69 - The Eternal Father (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D70 - The Trinity  PDF Logo PDF
D71 - Death and Judgment  PDF Logo PDF
D72 - Television  PDF Logo PDF
D73 - Extermination of Pope?  PDF Logo PDF
D74 - The Crucifix  PDF Logo PDF
D75 - Earthquake  PDF Logo PDF
D76 - Faithful and True  PDF Logo PDF
D77 - Obedience  PDF Logo PDF
D78 - Charity  PDF Logo PDF
D79 - Restore My Church  PDF Logo PDF
D80 - The Brown Scapular  PDF Logo PDF
D81 - Faith  PDF Logo PDF
D82 - Sacraments  PDF Logo PDF
D83 - Hope  PDF Logo PDF 
D84 - Commandments  PDF Logo PDF
D85 - Tradition  PDF Logo PDF
D86 - Dedication  PDF Logo PDF
D87 - Divinity of Jesus Christ  PDF Logo PDF
D88 - Martyrdom  PDF Logo PDF 
D89 - Sin  PDF Logo PDF
D90 - Truth  PDF Logo PDF
D91 - Grace  PDF Logo PDF
D92 - Free will  PDF Logo PDF 
D93 - Merit  PDF Logo PDF 
D94 - Sanctification  PDF Logo PDF
D95 - Law PDF Logo PDF
D96 - Conscience    PDF 
D97 - Soul, Part 1   PDF Logo PDF 
D98 - Soul, Part 2  PDF Logo PDF 
D99 - Salvation, Part 1  PDF Logo PDF 
D100 - Salvation, Part 2  PDF Logo PDF 
D101 - Russia and China, Part 1  PDF Logo PDF 
D102 - Russia and China, Part 2  PDF Logo PDF 
D103 - Communism  PDF Logo PDF 
D104 - Invasion  PDF Logo PDF 
D105 - Fatima  PDF Logo PDF 
D106 - Peace  PDF Logo PDF 
D107 - Pride    PDF Logo PDF 
D108 - Humility PDF Logo PDF 
D109 - Compromise   PDF Logo PDF 
D110 - Will of the Father  PDF Logo PDF 
D111 - Perseverance  PDF Logo PDF 
D112 - Patience  PDF Logo PDF
D113 - Penance and Sacrifice, Part 1  PDF Logo PDF
D114 - Penance and Sacrifice, Part 2  PDF Logo PDF
D115 - Mission from Heaven  PDF Logo PDF
D116 - The Supernatural  PDF Logo PDF
D117 - Miracles  PDF Logo PDF
D118 - The Little Way  PDF Logo PDF 
D119 - Jesus Christ, Redeemer  PDF Logo PDF
D120 - Resurrection  PDF Logo PDF 
D121 - Ascension and Assumption  PDF Logo PDF
D122 - Antichrist  PDF Logo PDF
D123 - Catholic Church, Part 1  PDF Logo PDF
D124 - Catholic Church, Part 2  PDF Logo PDF
D125 - Ecumenism  PDF Logo PDF
D126 - Adam & Eve  PDF Logo PDF
D127 - Vatican II  PDF Logo PDF
D128 - Modesty  PDF Logo PDF
D129 - Third Secret of Fatima, Part 1 - 666 in Rome  PDF Logo PDF
D130 - Third Secret of Fatima, Part 2 - Satan entered the Church in 1972  PDF Logo PDF
D131 - Third Secret of Fatima, Part 3 - Satan in highest realms of the hierarchy  PDF Logo PDF
D132 - Third Secret of Fatima, Part 4 - Bishop against bishop, cardinal against cardinal PDF Logo PDF
D133 - The Apocalypse / Revelations PDF Logo PDF
D134 - U.S. Government Leaders PDF Logo PDF
D135 - Moral Issues PDF Logo PDF
D136 - Visions of the Great War: The Mideast  PDF Logo PDF
D137 - Visions of the Great War: Russia and China  PDF Logo PDF
D138 - Permissiveness  PDF Logo PDF
D139 - Preparations: Spiritual  PDF Logo PDF
D140 - Preparations: Material   PDF Logo PDF
D141 - Responsibility  PDF Logo PDF
D142 - Sin of Omission  PDF Logo PDF
D143 - Humanism  PDF Logo PDF 
D144 - Modernism  PDF Logo PDF 
D145 - Materialism  PDF Logo PDF 
D146 - Honor the Eucharist, Part 1  PDF Logo PDF
D147 - Honor the Eucharist, Part 2  PDF Logo PDF
D148 - Adoration   PDF
D149 - Satanism, Part 1  PDF Logo PDF
D150 - Satanism, Part 2  PDF Logo PDF
D151 - Possession PDF Logo PDF
D152 - Angel of light PDF Logo PDF
D153 - Astrology PDF Logo PDF
D154 - Plague and Pestilence PDF Logo PDF
D155 - Antipope of History PDF Logo PDF
D156 - Terrorism PDF Logo PDF
D157 - Revolution in Rome PDF Logo PDF
D158 - America the Beautiful PDF Logo PDF
D159 - Religious  Orders  and the  Dedicated: Part 1  PDF Logo PDF
D160 - Religious  Orders  and the  Dedicated: Part 2  PDF Logo PDF
D161 - The Great Apostasy PDF Logo PDF
D162 - Power PDF Logo PDF 
D163 - Schism PDF Logo PDF
D164 - Heresy PDF Logo PDF
D165 - Apathy and Indifference PDF Logo PDF 
D166 - Drugs  PDF Logo PDF
D167 - The Family - Part 1 PDF Logo PDF
D168 - The Family - Part 2 PDF Logo PDF
D169 - Stigma of a Fallen Hierarchy, Part 1 PDF Logo PDF 
D170 - Stigma of a Fallen Hierarchy, Part 2  PDF Logo PDF 
D171 - Stigma of a Fallen Hierarchy, Part 3  PDF Logo PDF 
D172 - Priestly Celibacy PDF Logo PDF 
D173 - Women Priests  PDF Logo PDF 
D174 - Homosexuality, Part 2  PDF Logo PDF 
D175 - Defilement of the Young  PDF Logo PDF 
D176 - Sodom and Gomorrah  PDF Logo PDF 
D177 - Seminaries  PDF Logo PDF 
D178 - Head Coverings  PDF Logo PDF 
D179 - Women's Liberation  PDF Logo PDF 
D180 - UN & One World Government  PDF Logo PDF 
D181 - Mind Control & Indoctrination    PDF Logo PDF 
D182 - Bible Rewritten   PDF Logo PDF 
D183 - Sex Education   PDF Logo PDF 
D184 - Church of Man,  Part 1   PDF Logo PDF 
D185 - Church of Man,  Part 2  PDF Logo PDF 
D186 - Excommunication   PDF Logo PDF 
D187 - Many vs. All  PDF Logo PDF 
D188 - Wrath of God   PDF Logo PDF 
D189 - Armageddon    PDF Logo PDF 
D190 - Cardinals, Part 1   PDF Logo PDF
D191 - Cardinals, Part 2   PDF Logo PDF 
D192 - Cardinals, Part 3   PDF Logo PDF 
D193 - Turn Back: You are on the Wrong Road   PDF Logo PDF 
D194 - Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces  PDF Logo PDF 
D195 - Cloning   PDF Logo PDF 
D196 - Life Begins at Conception   PDF Logo PDF 
D197 - Wars are a Punishment for Man's Sins   PDF Logo PDF 
D198 - Kneel Before Your God   PDF Logo PDF 
D199 - Anger   PDF Logo PDF 
D200 - Lust   PDF Logo PDF 
D201 - Vanity   PDF Logo PDF 
D202 - Victim Souls, Part 1   PDF Logo PDF 
D203 - Victim Souls, Part 2   PDF Logo PDF 
D204 - The Saints   PDF Logo PDF 
D205 - Sin is insanity   PDF Logo PDF 
D206 - Despair   PDF Logo PDF 
D207 - Deceit and Deception   PDF Logo PDF 
D208 - Confusion   PDF Logo PDF 
D209 - Mercy of God   PDF Logo PDF 
D210 - Purity   PDF Logo PDF 
D211 - Changes, Part 1   PDF Logo PDF 
D212 - Changes, Part 2   PDF Logo PDF 
D213 - Riches, Part 1   PDF Logo PDF 
D214 - Riches, Part 2   PDF Logo PDF 
D215 - Money   PDF Logo PDF 
D216 - Pornography   PDF Logo PDF 
D217 - Missing childrenPDF Logo PDF 
D218 - Children, Part 1   PDF Logo PDF 
D219 - Children, Part 2   PDF Logo PDF  
D220 - Spiritual blindness   PDF Logo PDF  
D221 - Idolatry  PDF Logo PDF
D222 - Paganism   PDF Logo PDF  
D223 - Adultery & Divorce  PDF Logo PDF
D224 - Restore America to One Nation Under God  PDF Logo PDF 
D225 - Final Warning to the Clergy  PDF Logo PDF 
D226 - Many Mitres are on the Road to Hell  PDF Logo PDF 
D227 - Champions of Heaven  PDF Logo PDF  
D228 - Consecrated Hands  PDF Logo PDF  
D229 - Temptation  PDF LogoPDF 
D230 - Counsel to Pastors   PDF LogoPDF 
D231 - Statues, Relics, and Holy Images    PDF LogoPDF 
D232 - The Religious Habit & Clerical Garb   PDF LogoPDF 
D233 - Vocations, Part 1   PDF LogoPDF 
D234 - Vocations, Part 2  PDF LogoPDF  
D235 - Disciplining Children  PDF LogoPDF  
D236 - Rationalization  PDF LogoPDF  
D237 - An Ungrateful Generation PDF Logo PDF
D238 - Freedom  PDF LogoPDF   
D239 - Majesty of God PDF LogoPDF   
D240 - Man's Inhumanity to Man PDF LogoPDF
D241 - Fear, Part 1  PDF LogoPDF   
D242 - Fear, Part 2  PDF LogoPDF   
D243 - Holiness  PDF LogoPDF   
D244 - Prayer and Works PDF LogoPDF
D245 - Demons PDF LogoPDF 
D246 - Doctrines of Demons  PDF LogoPDF   
D247 - Euthanasia and Murder  PDF LogoPDF   
D248 - Man's Authority  PDF LogoPDF   
D249 - Fathers  PDF LogoPDF   
D250 - Mothers  PDF LogoPDF   
D251 - The Eternal City  PDF LogoPDF   
D252 - Reverence  PDF LogoPDF   
D253 - Evil  PDF LogoPDF
D254 - Hardened Hearts  PDF LogoPDF
D255 - Reality  PDF LogoPDF
D256 - Limbo and Baptism  PDF LogoPDF
D257 - Forgiveness   PDF LogoPDF   
D258 - Lukewarm  PDF LogoPDF    
D259 - Justice  PDF LogoPDF  
D260 - Satan, the Deceiver of Mankind PDF LogoPDF
D261 - Punishment  PDF LogoPDF   
D262 - Many will be lost PDF LogoPDF
D263 - Good vs. Evil PDF LogoPDF         
D264 - Worldliness, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D265 - The Papacy  PDF LogoPDF
D266 - Persecution  PDF LogoPDF     
D267 - Rome, the Eternal City  PDF LogoPDF
D268 - Every Soul is Precious PDF LogoPDF  
D269 - Fornication PDF LogoPDF  
D270 - Gifts from God PDF LogoPDF  
D271 - Atheists and Unbelievers PDF LogoPDF  
D272 - Many Nations shall Disappear PDF LogoPDF  
D273 - Sin has Become a Way of Life PDF LogoPDF  
D274 - Open Your Hearts  PDF LogoPDF  
D275 - The Eagle has been Plucked PDF LogoPDF 
D276 - Pure and Holy Thoughts PDF LogoPDF  
D277 - Fallen-away Catholics PDF LogoPDF 
D278 - Famine PDF LogoPDF 
D279 - Unity PDF LogoPDF 
D280 - Ungodly Music PDF LogoPDF 
D281 - The Peak of Iniquity PDF LogoPDF 
D282 - Nuclear War  PDF LogoPDF 
D283 - The Deceit of Russia  PDF LogoPDF 
D284 - Eternal Life  PDF LogoPDF 
D285 - Restore Holiness to the Priesthood  PDF LogoPDF 
D286 - The Day of the Lord  PDF LogoPDF  
D287 - Conspiracy  PDF LogoPDF  
D288 - Occasions of Sin  PDF LogoPDF  
D289 - Sheep to the Slaughter  PDF LogoPDF  
D290 - Awaken from Your Slumber  PDF LogoPDF  
D291 - Selling Their Souls  PDF LogoPDF  
D292 - Way of the Cross  PDF LogoPDF  
D293 - Worldliness, Part 2  PDF LogoPDF  
D294 - The Prophets of Old, Part 1  PDF LogoPDF   
D295 - The Prophets of Old, Part 2  PDF LogoPDF  
D296 - The Wide Road  PDF LogoPDF
D297 - Compassion  PDF LogoPDF
D298 - The Living Will Envy the Dead  PDF LogoPDF
D299 - All That Is Rotten Will Fall  PDF LogoPDF  
D300 - Satan's War Against the Papacy, Part 1  PDF LogoPDF  
D301 - Satan's war against the Papacy, Part 2  PDF LogoPDF  
D302 - The House of God, Part 1  PDF LogoPDF  
D303 - The House of God, Part 2  PDF LogoPDF  
D304 - When the World and the Church Unite as One   PDF LogoPDF
D305 - The Home (Part 2)  PDF LogoPDF  
D306 - Innocence  PDF LogoPDF
D307 - Monetary Crash  PDF LogoPDF  
D308 - Christianity in Public Life  PDF LogoPDF
D309 - Masons and Illuminati  PDF LogoPDF  
D310 - Sacrilege  PDF LogoPDF
D311 - Pray for Your Clergy  PDF LogoPDF
D312 - False Security  PDF LogoPDF
D313 - American Cities  PDF LogoPDF
D314 - God's Plan for Every Life  PDF LogoPDF
D315 - Starving for the Light  PDF LogoPDF  
D316 - Protect Your Children  PDF LogoPDF  
D317 - Dictatorship  PDF LogoPDF  
D318 - A Man-made Morality and Theology  PDF LogoPDF
D319 - Angel of Death  PDF LogoPDF
D320 - If You Conform to the World, You Will Die on the Vine   PDF LogoPDF  
D321 - Unite Against Evil   PDF LogoPDF
D322 - Warnings Unrecognized   PDF LogoPDF
D323 - The Elect   PDF LogoPDF
D324 - Admonish the Sinner   PDF LogoPDF
D325 - A Flicker of Faith   PDF LogoPDF
D326 - Divine Intervention   PDF LogoPDF
D327 - Time is Running Out   PDF LogoPDF 
D328 - Famine and Hunger   PDF LogoPDF 
D329 - Revolution  PDF LogoPDF 
D330 - God Alone Creates the Human Soul   PDF LogoPDF 
D331 - Teaching Pure In God's Sight?   PDF LogoPDF 
D332 - Prepare To Meet Your God   PDF LogoPDF 
D333 - Eternity   PDF LogoPDF 
D334 - Glories of Heaven, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF 
D335 - Glories of Heaven, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF 
D336 - Corruption   PDF LogoPDF 
D337 - Hierarchy Infiltrated   PDF LogoPDF
D338 - Temple of the Holy Spirit  PDF LogoPDF
D339 - Good Example  PDF LogoPDF 
D340 - Signs of the Times  PDF LogoPDF 
D341 - No Evil Is Ever Triumphant  PDF LogoPDF 
D342 - Dying to Self  PDF LogoPDF 
D343 - Trust  PDF LogoPDF 
D344 - Purification  PDF LogoPDF 
D345 - Shout Message from the Rooftops  PDF LogoPDF 
D346 - Liberalism  PDF LogoPDF 
D347 - When the World Cries Peace  PDF LogoPDF 
D348 - Fall of the Nations  PDF LogoPDF 
D349 - Socialism  PDF LogoPDF 
D350 - Carry your Cross  PDF LogoPDF 
D351 - Divide and Conquer  PDF LogoPDF 
D352 - Repeating the Same Mistakes  PDF LogoPDF 
D353 - Dark Clouds Over America  PDF LogoPDF 
D354 - Prince of this World  PDF LogoPDF
D355 - Miraculous Photographs  PDF LogoPDF
D356 - U.S. Headed for Destruction  PDF LogoPDF
D357 - Spiritual Combat  PDF LogoPDF
D358 - Eternal Father, the Final Judge  PDF LogoPDF
D359 - The Poor  PDF LogoPDF
D360 - Hand of God  PDF LogoPDF
D361 - Good will be called evil  PDF LogoPDF
D362 - Savior of the World  PDF LogoPDF
D363 - Wisdom PDF LogoPDF
D364 - Babylon the Great PDF LogoPDF
D365 - Happiness, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D366 - Happiness, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D367 - Sanctity PDF LogoPDF
D368 - Highest Places of Government PDF LogoPDF
D369 - Responsibility of Parents, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D370 - Responsibility of Parents, Part 2  PDF LogoPDF
D371 - The Aged and Infirm  PDF LogoPDF
D372 - Victims of Their Elders, Part 1  PDF LogoPDF  
D373 - Victims of Their Elders, Part 2  PDF LogoPDF  
D374 - Retire From This World, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  
D375 - Retire From This World, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF  
D376 - Triumph of the Church, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  
D377 - Triumph of the Church, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D378 - The Convents, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D379 - The Convents, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D380 - The Ruling Elite  PDF LogoPDF
D381 - Traitors  PDF LogoPDF
D382 - All Are Not Saved  PDF LogoPDF
D383 - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing  PDF LogoPDF
D384 - Our Lady of the Roses Shrine, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  
D385 - Our Lady of the Roses Shrine, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF  
D386 - Obstacles to the Mission From Heaven PDF LogoPDF  
D387 - The Mass is Valid PDF LogoPDF  
D388 - False Obedience PDF LogoPDF  
D389 - The Final Battle, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  
D390 - The Final Battle, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF  
D391 - Media Controlled PDF LogoPDF  
D392 - Victory, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  
D393 - Victory, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF  
D394 - Global Meltdown, Part 1: Regional Disasters PDF LogoPDF 
D395 - Global Meltdown, Part 2: Worldwide Disasters PDF LogoPDF  
D396 - Acceleration of Evil PDF LogoPDF  
D397 - End of the Era PDF LogoPDF  
D398 - Fidelity PDF LogoPDF
D399 - Doctrine PDF LogoPDF  
D400 - Egypt PDF LogoPDF  
D401 - Guidance, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  
D402 - Guidance, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF  
D403 - Sins of the Flesh, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  
D404 - Sins of the Flesh, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF  
D405 - The Holy Priesthood, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D406 - Led Astray, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D407 - Led Astray, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D408 - Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen PDF LogoPDF  
D409 - The Narrow Road, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  
D410 - The Narrow Road, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF  
D411 - Schools, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  
D412 - Schools, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF  
D413 - Chaos PDF LogoPDF 
D414 - Anxiety PDF LogoPDF 
D415 - Holy Bible, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D416 - Holy Bible, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D417 - Bible Prophecies PDF LogoPDF
D418 - Crucible of Suffering, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D419 - Crucible of Suffering, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D420 - Acclaim of the World PDF LogoPDF
D421 - "Listen to Me", Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D422 - "Listen to Me", Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D423 - Repentance, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D424 - Repentance, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D425 - Repentance, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D426 - Nothing is Impossible with God PDF LogoPDF
D427 - Slavery, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D428 - Slavery, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D429 - Arrogance, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D430 - Arrogance, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D431 - Arrogance, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D432 - Blood Will Flow Through the Streets PDF LogoPDF
D433 - This Generation, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D434 - This Generation, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D435 - Saints who appeared to Veronica, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D436 - Saints who appeared to Veronica, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D437 - Saints who appeared to Veronica, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D438 - St. Paul PDF LogoPDF
D439 - Glory and Honor, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D440 - Glory and Honor, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D441 - Heavenly Reward, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D442 - Heavenly Reward, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D443 - Politics, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D444 - Politics, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D445 - Christ the King PDF LogoPDF
D446 - Kingdom of God, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D447 - Kingdom of God, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D448 - Kingdom of God, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D449 - The Greatest Trials PDF LogoPDF
D450 - Kingdom of Satan PDF LogoPDF
D451 - Visions of Hell, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D452 - Visions of Hell, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D453 - Reality of Hell PDF LogoPDF
D454 - Loss of Faith PDF LogoPDF
D455 - Conversion, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D456 - Conversion, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D457 - Guardian PDF LogoPDF
D458 - A Just Punishment, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D459 - A Just Punishment, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D460 - Not a Myth PDF LogoPDF
D461 - Publications Before 1965 PDF LogoPDF
D462 - God Sees into the Heart PDF LogoPDF
D463 - Worship, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D464 - Worship, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D465 - Jesus the Vinedresser PDF LogoPDF
D466 - Our Lady, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D467 - UFOs, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D468 - Pleasing to God, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D469 - Pleasing to God, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D470 - War of the Spirits, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D471 - War of the Spirits, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D472 - War of the Spirits, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D473 - The Balance, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D474 - The Balance, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D475 - The Saints Cry Out, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D476 - The Saints Cry Out, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D477 - A Church in Darkness, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D478 - A Church in Darkness, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D479 - False Peace, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D480 - False Peace, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D481 - The Strong Must Carry the Weak PDF LogoPDF
D482 - Zeal PDF LogoPDF
D483 - Eternal Crown PDF LogoPDF
D484 - Reported Apparitions PDF LogoPDF
D485 - As in the Days of Noah, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D486 - As in the Days of Noah, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D487 - As in the Days of Noah, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D488 - Cry Out to the Last Breath PDF LogoPDF
D489 - You Must be Different PDF LogoPDF
D490 - Following Like Ducks Downstream PDF LogoPDF
D491 - “My Tears Fall on You”, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D492 - “My Tears Fall on You”, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D493 - Teardrops from Heaven, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D494 - Teardrops from Heaven, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D495 - Simplicity, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D496 - Simplicity, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D497 - Simplicity, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D498 - Satan's Time is Short PDF LogoPDF
D499 - Annihilation PDF LogoPDF
D500 - Second Coming PDF LogoPDF
D501 - A Good Tree Brings Forth Good Fruit PDF LogoPDF
D502 - In the World, But Not of the World PDF LogoPDF
D503 - Disciples of Christ PDF LogoPDF
D504 - The Message from Heaven, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D505 - The Message from Heaven, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D506 - The Message from Heaven, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D507 - Give Clergy the Message from Heaven PDF LogoPDF
D508 - Unrecognizable PDF LogoPDF
D509 - What does it profit? PDF LogoPDF
D510 - Heavenly Beauty PDF LogoPDF
D511 - Evil Shall Be Glorified PDF LogoPDF
D512 - Over the Veil, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D513 - Over the Veil, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D514 - Over the Veil, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D515 - The End is Near, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D516 - The End is Near, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D517 - The Good Shall Be Trodden Upon PDF LogoPDF
D518 - Mercy, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D519 - Mercy, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D520 - Mercy, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D521 - The New Way PDF LogoPDF
D522 - Agents of Satan, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D523 - Agents of Satan, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D524 - Restoration, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D525 - Restoration, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D526 - Restoration, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D527 - Warnings to the Vatican, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D528 - Warnings to the Vatican, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D529 - Warnings to the Vatican, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D530 - Unprepared, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D531 - Unprepared, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D532 - Search for the Truth PDF LogoPDF
D533 - Console Your God PDF LogoPDF
D534 - Abandoned, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D535 - Abandoned, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D536 - Abandoned, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D537 - Worldly Popularity PDF LogoPDF
D538 - Protection, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D539 - Protection, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D540 - Protection, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D541 - Lack of Holiness, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D542 - Lack of Holiness, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D543 - Much is Expected, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D544 - Much is Expected, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D545 - Novelty & Experimentation, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D546 - Novelty & Experimentation, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D547 - Rejection of Our Lady's Message, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D548 - Rejection of Our Lady's Message, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D549 - Rejection of Our Lady's Message, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D550 - Attempts to Silence the Truth PDF LogoPDF
D551 - Hold Back the Darkness, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D552 - Hold Back the Darkness, Part 2PDF LogoPDF
D553 - Not Alone in the Battle PDF LogoPDF
D554 - Human Dignity PDF LogoPDF
D555 - Peace of Heart PDF LogoPDF
D556 - Loneliness PDF LogoPDF
D557 - Fallen Nature of Mankind, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D558 - Fallen Nature of Mankind, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D559 - Fallen Nature of Mankind, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D560 - Luxury PDF LogoPDF
D561 - Courage, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D562 - Courage, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D563 - The Sheep Are Straying PDF LogoPDF
D564 - Admit Your Errors PDF LogoPDF
D565 - Chosen, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D566 - Chosen, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D567 - Chosen, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D568 - Destruction Within the Church, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D569 - Destruction Within the Church, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF
D570 - Destruction Within the Church, Part 3 PDF LogoPDF
D571 - Destruction Within the Church, Part 4 PDF LogoPDF
D572 - Destruction Within the Church, Part 5 PDF LogoPDF
D573 - Europe PDF LogoPDF
D574 - Gates of Hell Shall not Prevail PDF LogoPDF
D575 - The Church Will Rise PDF LogoPDF
D576 - Children's Plague PDF LogoPDF
D577 - Believe and You Will Be Given the Way PDF LogoPDF  New
D578 - Natural Disasters PDF LogoPDF  New
D579 - Clergy Misleading the Faithful PDF LogoPDF  New
D580 - False Prophets, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF  New
D581 - False Prophets, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF  New

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A great obligation to go forward... "It is not by accident that you are called by My Mother, for it is by merit and the prayers that have risen to Heaven for your salvation.  For those who have received the grace to hear the Message from Heaven, you have a great obligation to go forward and bring this Message to your brothers and sisters.  Do not expect a rest upon your earth, for you will have eternal rest very soon." - Jesus, June 12, 1976

The sin of omission...  "The sin of omission shall condemn many to hell, be they layman or Hierarchy.  I repeat:  not the sin of commission, but the sin of omission will commit many to hell."  - Our Lady of the Roses,  October 6, 1980

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