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These Last Days Newsletters

The news medias are controlled.  Get the truth.  Read the latest news in world events predicted by the Bayside Prophecies. 

October 7, 2005 Newsletter  Latest news!  The Rosary defeats the Muslims at Lepanto, Hurricane Katrina, giant earthquake coming to US, euthanasia, miraculous spring coming to Bayside, the new Heaven's military protection packet, the history of the Russian Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons, new Directives from Heaven, testimonies, and much more.

December 3, 2004 Newsletter  Latest news!  Islamic attacks, Homosexual clergy, locusts swarm across Egypt, Mad Cow Disease in U.S., 6,500 witches meet, and much more.

May 28, 2002 - Latest news!  The latest on the sex scandals in the American Catholic Church, coming nuclear terrorism, softball size nuclear bombs, death of the dollar, the Harry Potter plague, and Jogging in a Jug drink.

July 31, 2001 - Latest news! Articles cover Mad Cow Disease, Vatican III, human sacrifices, flying Hosts, God responds to evil, Aurora Borealis means war and much more.

March 2001 -  The latest news!  Our Lady and the 2000 election,  armaments throughout Russia, Fatima Cover-up, fantastic Father John Corapi testimony, the coming persecution, coming monetary crash and much more.  

December 2000 - Chinese illegally entering US, Russia arming Mideast countries, Syria holds the key to the Mideast peace, Rethinking communion in the hand, Save your priest from Purgatory, Miracle Food Cures in the Bible and much more.

September  2000   - Russia’s new hand grenade, The Kursk sub, “Digital Angel”: technology that cares or the Mark of the Beast, and much more.

May 2000 - A strike planned at the heart of the Catholic Church; Will you help send out Directives? Massive computer breakdown at Pentagon; Largest point drop in history; Memories with Veronica Lueken Mrs. Ann Ferguson shared her memories of Veronica on the radio program over a period of 15 months starting in August 1995.

February 2000 - Y2K – a non crisis? NATO is building up for another war with Iraq; Poison from the sky: The Contrails Crisis; Adding to your punishment; Alignment of the planets; Vote Pro-Life candidates or be destroyed; Do you want to help to spread Our Lady’s message via Email?

November 1999 - Another Angel of Death coming, Fall of Communism a hoax, Russian ray gun, Earthquake machine, Soviet missiles hid in US, Nikola Tesla invented free unlimited electricity, Bishops: despoilers of the human race

 July 1999 - Comet Lee approaches, Pope ponders end of world, President Eisenhower

April 1999 - Russia to invade the US with missiles, Cold explosion

October 1998 - Mark of the Beast, Crop failures, Terrorism in US, a monetary crash

April 1998  - Famine in America, Pistol Star a threat, UFO's, War in the Persian Gulf


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