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#564 - Admit Your Errors

"Now the Spirit manifestly saith, that in the last times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to spirits of error, and doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy, and having their conscience seared, forbidding to marry, to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving by the faithful, and by them that have known the truth." - St. Timothy 4: 1-3

"My children, do not despise prophecy. The Eternal Father has found it necessary to set among you many prophets. They are not prophets of doom nor false prophets. They are prophets appointed by Heaven to guide you in these desperate days. I say unto you, look for the false prophets in My Son's House, those who bring you doctrines of demons. So powerful are they under Lucifer that many of the hierarchy now go forth with itching ears, searching for a new religion, deluded by satan and his agents.
    "It is not without reason that all of the past descendants of Peter guided you well against the false precepts of modernism and humanism in My Son's Church and the world. And now, My children, it is of a fact: by their fruits will they be known. And what have been the fruits of this humanistic and modernistic approach but discord, disunity, and a loss of souls to Heaven.
    "I say unto you: unless you turn back now, bishops and cardinals, and restore My Son's House . . . . Do not be prideful; it is too late for false pride! You must admit your errors. Turn back and start over! You were given a simple rule to follow. These rules were given to you and written for you in the Book of life, your Bible. You have chosen in your arrogance and pride to cast aside these teachings and to build another church upon earth, a church of man. You are building it without the help of the angels." - Our Lady, September 13, 1978

"My child and My children, make it known to all that the road to Heaven was never easy, but you can make it much easier upon yourselves and your families if you follow the rules, if you follow the Commandments from the Eternal Father. The changes that We see taking place in My House and upon earth are not good, for many, many souls are falling into hell. And a great measure of responsibility now is with those who have been called to the holy orders, who have given themselves to represent Me upon earth. Shall I say that I have found many Judases now within My House? Cannot this situation be changed?
    "There is only one way that this can be stopped, this evil that has seeped into My House and into the hearts of all mankind. You must stop now your seeking for change and novelty. You must restore My Church to its former glory. Admit your error. Do not conceal this with pride and arrogance.
    "Remember there was the time when it was necessary to cast Luciel and his followers from Heaven--Lucifer, who now goads you on to hell with him, upon earth. He had to be cast from Heaven because he, too, became prideful and arrogant, seeking to make himself another living god. This cannot be done. You cannot be above your Creator." - Jesus, September 7, 1978

"There is hope for mankind. My Mother brings you this hope. The warning She gives, She gives to you in love and charity, as only a Mother could express Her love in Her heart to you. Do not cast Her away. Do not turn from Her, but seek and you will be given the way. Believe, and you will understand what My Mother is saying.
    "Do not be prideful, My hierarchy. Admit when you make a mistake. Admit and start again. You owe nothing to the world and man, but you will stand before the Eternal Father. He will chastise those He loves, but He wants you to be humble of heart. Admit your mistakes and start over.
     "I cry to you. Tears of anguish fall upon mankind, for you do not know what you are doing. You are fast onto a road of damnation for many.
    "There are many dead souls walking in living bodies now. Whatever shall become of My straying sheep?" - Jesus, October 6, 1978

"The knowledge of the supernatural must be given to the children. Pastors in My Son's houses, are you bringing this knowledge to the children? Have you chosen to scatter the sheep? Whatever will become of them? You must exercise discipline and good, firm example for the flock.
    "Stand up, pastors in the houses of My Son, and give firm discipline by example and words chosen from the Book of love and life, the Bible. Remember all that can save a soul must be given to mankind. Good words kept in a closed mouth is like placing meat on a dead man's grave. What good is it to keep this knowledge to yourself, for would it not be, My children, selfishness not to share the way with the sheep? Awaken from your slumber, pastors! There is not much time left. You will have to account to My Son for your errors and for your arrogance and for your sloth. Awaken, pastors in My Son's houses! You are misleading the sheep.
    "O woe, O woe! The Red Hats have fallen and the Purple Hats are being misled. The Red Hats have fallen and the Purple Hats are being misled. O woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth!" - Our Lady, August 21, 1975

"I send to My clergy, those whom I have given the grace to represent Heaven upon earth, this warning: You must now return to your traditional rites! You must restore My House from its crumbling exterior and rotting interior. You must rebuild what you seek to destroy--NOW!
    "Many who call themselves My chosen ones have set them­selves to destroy from within. Your actions have not gone by un­noticed by the Eternal Father. Error, deception, deceit, in the guise of sanctity and piousness! You are unmasked before the Eternal Father. You shall start little by little and repair the foundation, or you shall be within and destroy.
    "I look upon all manner of abominations being committed in My House. Do you think you will go much longer without chastise­ment? Awaken from your slumber, My clergy! You deceive no one!
    "For your errors and your greed and your giving yourselves to the flesh, succumbering to all of the creations of satan, you gain noth­ing but an eternity in hell!" - Jesus, November 22, 1975

"In your ignorance, O theologians, ever studying and seeking knowledge, you do this in pride and arrogance, and you find nothing! For you plunge your minds and your spirits farther into the darkness. And woe upon woe! You spread your errors into those who are entrusted to your care in My seminaries.
    "Woe unto you, teachers who shall stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight! And I shall cast you out as vipers into the flames where you belong. You sons of satan! You know not the Father in Heaven, for your father is the father of all liars! You compound lies and errors in My seminaries. I say unto you, pastors, bishops, you are given the time to clean up My seminaries. You are deluded in your searching for humanism and modernism, for you have found satanism. Satan has become your master. You are blinded by your pursuit of worldly pleasures.
    "I say unto you: take yourselves out of the world, pastors, and pray more. Retire within yourself. Allow your heart and your spirit to determine the true knowledge, which is of God and not of the world.
    "I do not intend to spend My time counseling My pastors again. My Mother begs as a Mediatrix between God and man for your salvation. Pastors in My House, you have been given many graces that you cast aside, allowing yourselves to be blinded. Awaken now from your sleep before it is too late, for you, too, shall burn. Already many mitres are in hell, forever condemned to damnation." - Jesus, May 30, 1978

"My children, I have come to earth from the beautiful realms of Heaven to warn you as a Mother. The Eternal Father has sent Me as a Mediatrix between God and man--neither seeking to take the glory from My Son, as many make accusations of. No, My children, I come in support of My sacrificed Son, for He is being resacrificed by mankind. My children, I have been through this whole ordeal in the past, and I watch now as you recrucify My Son. Is this how you have set yourselves about to repay Him for His sacrifice: by blaspheming His name, destroying His divinity, destroying the sheep?
     "I cry unto you as your Mother, O pastors, you shall all be made accountable to My Son for your errors. And in your arrogance you are setting up a new religion that falls far short of the plan of My Son given to you in the beginning.
    "The enemies of your God have infiltrated into the systems of the world, the political systems, and also the lives, the homes of mankind. You now, with the knowledge given to you through your Baptism in the light, must retain the Faith. Be defenders of your Faith in the days ahead." - Our Lady, March 18, 1978

"As in the time of Noe, one was sent to you crying like a voice in the wilderness, but trying to prepare you, bringing the warning from Heaven--a warning that was ignored and cast aside with derisive laughter. I say unto you: as it was in the time of Noe, so shall it be in your generation. What was planned by the Eternal Father for your future shall be now. No man, woman, or child shall escape the testing!
     "My Mother has given you My way. It is a simple road that must be followed. The rules have been given to you that must not be changed, as you cater to the basic carnal nature of man, a generation that has fallen! You will not make changes within My House, for you have dispersed My sheep. You will restore My House to its former glory. Strip you hearts of your pride! Recognize your errors and restore My House!
    "I say this to you for your Creator, as your God: Restore My House, or I shall come down and restore it Myself with a firm hand! And shall you stand before Me, O pastors, and say that your teachings have been pure in My sight? I shall take you and spit you out as spittle into the fires of eternal damnation! Vermin that came out of the flowers!" - Jesus, December 28, 1976

"My children, you do not learn from your errors. Do you not see what you are doing in your quest for peace and security? You are stockpiling armaments for the world's destruction. You are gathering riches for security, but they are materialistic riches. Nothing spiritual is going in for your welfare.
    "Many of you, and many who now hear My counsel, will be removed from the earth soon. Death shall be commonplace in your streets.
     "My children, I do not come to you or send among you prophets of doom, but I send among you prophets with truth of what is to be. So come out of your slumber, pastors. You have the greatest responsibility, as leaders of My Son's sheep, to save them! Save their souls and you will also save their bodies. Destroy their souls and their body shall also die. Think and ponder upon this counsel, O pastors. The time is growing short for your reprieve." - Our Lady, September 7, 1978

"I have visited My Son's House seeing all of the abominations being committed in the name of peace, love, and brotherhood, a delusion and deception upon mankind from satan. For no love or peace shall come to mankind unless he places his God first and above all men or man.
     "In your errors and your darkness of spirit your scientists and your men of great knowledge are seeking to build a utopia upon earth for man. You are feeding his body and starving his soul. No man of science can keep that body eternally alive, but that is not the object that's important. Man of science must recognize the supernatural and the existence of a God, and as such, do honor to God the Father. He must, as a man of science. And doctors in the world, you must do good and cure honorably. You have become murderers! You have used your profession to destroy the unborn. Woe unto any man who has any measure of involvement in the murders of the unborn!
    "The spirit of life and light enters into the body at the moment of conception, and you take these creations of the Eternal Father and toss them into garbage pails. Is this what you think of life--a piece of garbage? As such if you consider life, the creation of your Father in Heaven, as a piece of garbage, you all shall be treated as a piece of garbage and rot." - Our Lady, May 27, 1978

"When a man has stepped over the threshold and allowed himself to fall into mortal sin, he must be purified by trial, but he must also, My children, be purified by the rule of penance and confession. What manner of evil is being set now upon mankind that compels him to lose his soul by rejecting the Sacraments, by no longer confessing to his confessor, but coming to receive My Son in sacrifice, while his soul is degraded by sin of mortal nature!
    "O My children, leaders of Our flock, Our pastors, you must spend more time in voicing out, crying out against the evils that have invaded your society. You are, in your permissiveness, scattering Our flock. You are, in your permissiveness, floundering, and the bark is sinking. I have asked you to keep the bark of Peter afloat, to bail her out. And how? To return, turn away from your errors. In your arrogance and pride, can you not strip yourselves of your pride and turn back and restore My Son's Church?
    "O My children, your world is going into deeper darkness of spirit. Recognize the signs of your times. Do not be caught asleep, Our pastors. Awaken from your sleep, before it is too late. The foulest of crimes against your God are being committed. And these crimes are being committed in the name of humanism and modernism and satanism. Many of the learned men of science have turned their searching for knowledge to channels of corruption and satanism." - Our Lady, September 7, 1976

"I have given to you, My child, a message for your Vicar, and he must act upon it. Should he proceed by following the ways of man, using humanism and modernism to the destruction of souls and My Son's Church, I cannot then any longer hold back the heavy hand of punishment from mankind.
    "My children, I come to you as your Mother. I plead with you to listen now. Do not repeat your errors, for you will be given a great Chastisement." - Our Lady, December 7, 1978

"My child, you will make it known to the bishops of My Son's House, those in authority, that they must not compromise. They do not gather souls by compromising their Faith. They must stand forth as symbols of chastity, piety, and humbleness. What has become of these virtues in mankind?
    "Your city is a cesspool of degradation. Your city shall not escape the punishment planned by the Father. This punishment, this great Chastisement, shall be meted in measure of the numbers of countless murders committed within your city and the cities of the world--cesspools of sin!
     "Priests in the House of God, have you forgotten your dedication? Can you not stand forward and fight for My Son? Your errors, your laxity, and your carelessness have destroyed the Faith in the hearts of the young. Parents, where are you while your children are on the road to hell? Can you not close your doors from the world and teach your children? Have you also given yourselves to the world and satan?" - Our Lady, May 30, 1974

"I tell you now, and I will not tell you again. This is the last time you will receive this counsel.
    "As in the past, Lenin; as in the past, Stalin; and Khrushchev; and many others had tried to deceive the United States. They all felt that by trying to ensnare you with delusions of casting aside their communistic aspirations, that they had become as you, a free nation for all.
     "I assure you, My children, there is no freedom in Russia. It is all a delusion.
    "They seek the monies of the world from the nations of the world. And why do you not learn a lesson? It happened in the time of Lenin; it happened in the time of Stalin. And there you are all on the same road, ready to give billions of monies that should be given to those of your nation and the free nations of the world.
     "Do not be deceived, My children, Russia is not free. It is a cosmetic act to delude you. Lenin and Stalin used the same tactics, My children. Why do you not learn from your errors?" - Our Lady, June 18, 1992

"I gave you My human life upon earth, and what have you done? You crucify Me again in My own House, My Church! You crucify those who stand in righteousness in My Church and cast them out, as you rebuild My Church. For what? A renewal? And what are you renewing? What is your renewal? What are you renewing? Have you found fault with My way? Shall you create a new way of man? I say unto you, you blaspheme! You have cast yourself out of the light into the darkness, O pastors.
     "I cannot at this time give you, My child, dates. It would be of no merit to give the date now that you ask, My child. That will be given to you in secret. Let others speculate, but I say unto you, you must be prepared at all times, for it will come upon you suddenly.
     "There is no reason to modernize My Church. Discipline must be returned.
    "My Mother has made many visits to earth, crying out to you to stop now, turn back, do penance, make atonement for your sins. And what has She met but derision, lukewarmness, and arrogance!” – Jesus, February 1, 1978

"Awaken from your slumber, My pastors. You will turn back now and retrieve what you have lost when you have succumbed to the errors of humanism and modernism. Do not be filled with pride. Be humble and accept your cross. Acknowledge before mankind that error has been followed, for to err is human, My children. But when you know you have made a mistake, what have you to gain but to follow this road of folly. Turn back and start again.
    "I left with you a true foundation of faith. This faith is slowly being taken from your world. There are only small flickers of light throughout your world. The darkness is heavily closing in upon you. Know, My children, that you must hasten to follow the direction of My Mother.
    "All who have command by their rank in the governing of Our sheep must do a full pardon in suffering, must gain this full pardon in suffering from the Eternal Father.” - Jesus, August 14, 1976

“My children, I counsel you now as your God to turn back while there is time. The sands of the hourglass are falling through; the grains are few. How many of you have prepared yourselves? Too late will there be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Too late, I say unto you! For you who have not heeded My Mother’s counsel shall die a cruel death. And this death shall exist as you go as dead souls into hell. And I say unto you: hell shall be filled with mitres if you continue on your present course. Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your country and all of the countries of the earth.” - Jesus, May 26, 1979

“There must be holiness returned to My Son’s Church. This responsibility weighs heavily on the shoulders of the clergy, the hierarchy. I assure you, My clergy, unless you act immediately upon the counsel from Heaven, many mitres shall fall into hell.” – Our Lady, July 14, 1979

"The plan for your salvation was given. It was a simple plan of faith, faith in what has been given to you in the past! You mock the past in Tradition! You set yourselves to build a new church. The gates of hell shall never prevail against My Church!
   "Man shall not judge My Church on the actions of man, for man now is taking it and building a church for man, not to honor his God, the Eternal Father, not to honor and prepare his soul for the entrance over the veil! No! He is now wasting valuable time in promoting a mode of humanism and modernism. You are feeding the nature, the carnal nature of mankind, while you are starving their spirit.” - Jesus, May 15, 1976

“Please, My children, pray for your priests. Many are being led astray. Discipline and the rule must be followed in the priesthood. This brings great sorrow to the Eternal Father and My Son to see the manner in which the priesthood has cast aside the rule in the name of modernism and humanism.
    “The destruction of souls accelerates. My children, can you not recognize the path you have allowed yourself to go upon? It is a way of destruction. It is not the way as given by My Son, for you have set yourselves to build a new church, a church for the glorification of man.” - Our Lady, March 25, 1978

"The great Council, the Council that has brought forth dis­cord, disunity, and the loss of souls, the major fact behind this destruction was because of the lack of prayer.
    “Satan sat in within this Council, and he watched his ad­vantage. He is now playing a game of chess with the Red Hats and the Purple Hats, moving them with great glee as he watches the evil accelerate, and all manners of people are flowing fast through the doors of the Holy City and all ecumenical bodies.” – St. Michael, March 18, 1976

"Satan was present, he listened with careful ears at the great Council. He awaited every move, and he placed his agents among you! Recognize and reconstruct your path. You have been deluded. You are on the wrong road. Turn about now, or you will sow the seeds for your own destruction!” – Our Lady, August 14, 1974

“Awaken, My clergy, those entrusted with the Faith. Turn back, turn back; you are on the wrong road! Restore My Son's House; patch the cracks! Tradition, My children—you cannot separate Tradition with the Faith. You cannot separate Tradition from the Faith.” – Our Lady, November 20, 1974

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"As disciples of the latter days, My children, much shall be asked of you, but I assure you:  all that you give in faith and charity shall be returned to you threefold." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

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