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Warnings From Beyond (Hell), Part 3 of 3

To the Contemporary Church
[Confessions of Hell]
A literal text of the revelations made by the demons
Beelzebub, Judas Iscariot, Akabor, Allida,  and Veroba
during a series of exorcisms' from 1975 to 1978

A translation from the French, by Nancy Knowles Smith, of the book
'Avertissements de l'Au'delà à l’Église Contemporaine – Aveux de l’Enfer’ 
by Jean Marty.
 The revelations have also been published in German by Bonaventure Meyer in Switzerland.
 Jean Marty's book in French is available from 'Les Editions Saint Raphael, 31 Ouest, rue King, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J IH INS.

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EXORCISM OF MAY 1, 1978 - The Feast of Saint Joseph
















A literal text of the revelations made by the demons Beelzebub and Verdi-Garandieu during a series of exorcisms (December 8, 1977, March 25 and April 5, 1978)



After a stubborn battle between the exorcist and the demon Beelzebub, the latter absolutely refusing to speak, here are the avowals which he was finally compelled to make:


B: They (he points upward) say: Adore, adore more, have more veneration before the Most High, Infinite, Sublime, Universal Majesty of God. It is much greater than you believe. Never turn your back on the Blessed Sacrament (painful breathing) and exhort others also to adore the Majesty of God by bringing it to their notice without delay. Think how the greatest courage and even the greatest good will (gasps and groans) must appear compared with such Majesty; or think how everyone should prostrate themselves in the dust before such Majesty. And how much more should they grovel in the dust, and how repugnant to the Divine Majesty are those who are cowardly, like present-day superiors, bishops and priests who, in the name of God, have no courage at all and who turn more towards exterior things than towards that which is their duty: that which they are commanded to do by Those up there (he points upward), that which the impetus of grace inspires in them. Often they do not respond to the impulses of grace (because this is so difficult in our era) and take the road of so-called obedience, which is no longer obedience in the minds of Those up there (he points upward), as we have previously been compelled to say.

There will come a time when everyone, good and bad, modest and proud (very painful breathing), sick or well, will see everything clearly. But many will not see clearly until too late, or after they will already have allowed many graces to pass them by, and when they will already have led many into error through this. That is what is tragic. Those up there make me say (he points upward), because it is no longer possible to bring back a man who is lost and goes to Hell - nothing can be done to save his soul, if it is already lost.

There are many souls who have died within these last ten years who would have been saved, if they had been led well by the priests, the bishops and the superiors. It is horribly tragic (shouts and howls of despair), it is horribly tragic and it can no longer be corrected-we are compelled to say that (dreadful howls).

She (he points upward) is feted today, on this Her Feast-day as Mother, as the Immaculate Conception... there She is, celebrating Her Feast. Christ was totally without sin and without fault and She too was without the least sin or fault. She is, and She was, without the smallest blemish.

But men carry on the “way they are going, with their blemishes and their faults, believing that this is an improvement, and that there is nothing wrong with trumpeting their ideas to the world and converting others to their way; of thinking. They often wish to teach others the ideas they have in their hearts.

But this is not good, because these doctrines they have in their hearts are false. They should, they should... One cannot simply throw overboard a Church, a Mass and sermons that have existed for dozens and hundreds of years. The clergy are blind.[2] The clergy will see too late. Many of them will be lost because they have not wanted to see things clearly. We are being compelled to say all that on this Her Feast-day of the Immaculate Conception - She who was conceived totally immaculate.

She has always obeyed Him and has never done anything else, in the greatest as in the smallest matters - She has done nothing except carry out His Will. Yes, She has done even more than strictly what Christ required of Her. Oh, what has She not accomplished in Her great virtue! She has accomplished even more than was expected of Her up there (he points upward).

But you men, and especially the clergy, do not even accomplish what you should accomplish. True, the clergy are not without original sin; that is reserved for, Her, the Most Pure (he points upward). But these priests, bishops, superiors and lay people still receive many enlightenments which they could respond to, if they wanted to. If they were to pray more to the Holy Spirit, they would be able to accomplish much better what Those up there wish (he points upward), according to what is right and as it will be understood in the end, for they (these priests and lay people) are mistaken.

The current manner in which the clergy are directing and leading the Church is not in line with the views of Those up there (he points upward). They are our views (in a loud voice), originating from us down below (he points downward) - we are being compelled to say this. Imagine being obliged to say this! We are obliged to on this day of Her Immaculate Conception - She up there (he points upward), whose purity and sublimity no human can appreciate even in an approximate way (howls)!

Even we who are down below, who are proud and who were among the Angels, must bow down before so much sublimity, purity and virtue, must lower ourselves into the dust. How much more should you men sink down in into the dust and ashes, but you do not do it. Most men still think that they are almost Saints when they set themselves apart from others who are still truly humble and wish to make reparation. Many think that what is actually vice is virtue (groans and gasps).

When She will come (he points upward), when She will come (in a terrible voice), and that time is approaching ..... it will be too late. Then, for many, it will be too late. They do not realize; many no longer believe in the Great Warning or in the Great Catastrophe. In the same way, many do not believe - well, even less still - in what this book is proclaiming (“Warnings”) and what has had to be proclaimed.[3] (Terrible wailing.)

If we could come back, we would behave better. How much better we would behave if we were still able to (shouts, sobs in a disturbing voice). If only - if only we could come back! If we could have again those last ten seconds which we had up there (he points upward) before being hurled into the abyss, if we had only those last ten seconds just once more (cries of despair) so as to be able to adore His Majesty again and to say: we are sorry; we wanted, in our senseless pride, to be greater than Your Infinite Majesty. We are sorry, do not damn us! Take us up there (he points upward), let us stay there in the most remote corner... But it is too late, too late for us... it is too late for us... We can do nothing any more (with unspeakable despair, howling and weeping)... This despair, this endless torment... this darkness which surrounds us for all eternity...

Men, open your eyes! Clergy, priests, superiors, bishops, open your eyes! Come back! We can no longer do it - but you still can. You still have these last hours and seconds. Many of you still have years; what good will they be if you do not use them properly? What use will they be to you? What will be the good, if you do what should not be done, and do not do what you ought to do? Do you know what we would do if we were still able to? But we cannot any more - not any more!

The darkness is appalling, the gnawing worms are appalling, the fire which surrounds us and from which we cannot escape,[4] is appalling.

But appalling, too, in the sight of God, are these priests, superiors and bishops, who, in their pride, wish to exalt themselves above Goodness, above Messages, Warnings and Exhortations from Those up there (he points upward) and who are unwilling to do what Those up there (he points upward) wish and have ordained.

Many laymen are suffering because of this; The clergy are taking them with them, because the lay people believe the clergy, want to have faith in them, and so they should under normal circumstances. But with such men, they cannot, and must not, have faith in them any longer. Judas has said previously on July 17,1975: NOW, ONE CAN NO LONGER OBEY. And we are being compelled to repeat that on this day, the Feast of Her Immaculate Conception.

Follow the Way of the Cross, listen to the exhortations, the good exhortations. Without doubt, there are certain people who receive graces and yet are not good, but that quickly becomes obvious (painful breathing).

Look neither to the right nor to the left, neither to the front nor to the rear, neither towards the East nor the West,[5] but only upward, even if this Will from On High (he points upward) is now difficult to carry out. Do not carry out any other will but that from On High (he points upward), for we have seen what it costs to disobey His Infinite Majesty ... we disobeyed and must now pay the penalty eternally ... we will never be able to come back ... and many of these priests will never be able to come back, and that is their loss...

We have finished speaking for today, the day of the Immaculate Conception.



Declarations of the demon Beelzebub, which are at the same time: replies to the objections raised concerning the publication of the present work, “Warnings from the Beyond”, and also pieces of advice.

“I, Beelzebub, must repeat what I am repeating incessantly on the subject of the book, “Warnings from the Beyond”; I must repeat it on the day of the Annunciation.”

(The demon demands that we invoke the Holy Spirit, which is done.)


“.... The imprimatur would be a very great help for the spreading (of the book) of the Warnings. If the work had had the benefit of the imprimatur (from a bishop, in spite of all the fluttering leaves[6] and all that attacks, it would have made its way. This would be a great advantage for you, and you must work hard to obtain this goal... because it is the Will of Those from On High (he points upward).


You are already being ridiculed for all the good you wish to do with this book, as people who think they can see the devil. It is because time has run out that Heaven has provided for the demon to be made to speak in this way, in order to help the good, particularly in the lamentable state of the Church at the present time. There is no passage in this book which we had to take back as inexact, for it is all provided for in Heaven's Plan.


To those who reproach you for not having followed the rules of the RITUALE ROMANUM[7] you can reply that there are no rules without exceptions. If we (the demons) were found in a case of black obsession, it is obvious that we would not be able to tell the truth. If the obsession is black in the normal way, that is to say, if it is the consequence of sin,[8] then certainly, the normal procedure is to follow the rules of the RITUALE ROMANUM”.

(The demon goes on to explain with a comparison drawn from the Gospel, why under such conditions, the manifestation of “Warnings” constitutes, in fact, a legitimate exception to the rules of the RITUALE ROMANUM)

“To be sure, Christ has said that one should not work on the Sabbath Day, but when a beast has fallen into a pit on the Sabbath, one is allowed to pull it out on the Sabbath.[9] In the case of the “Warnings”, the Church represents thousands of beasts who would have been hurled into pits. And they believe themselves to be eagles still flying in the sky!

Why should these beasts in pits not be able to be saved? The more decadent humanity is, the more the Most High seeks ways of stirring men and waking them up. But if anyone refuses to believe, Those from On High (he points upward) can do nothing. This was an effect of their Mercy.

Those who stick to the letter and think themselves learned, and those who do not recognize in this book a means of Mercy will not receive Mercy. Those who do not honor Mercy and who do not practice it with regard to their neighbor would not know how to benefit from Mercy.



“Do not judge, and you will not be judged”[10] Most men take no notice of that and believe that they can judge others. In truth, they have a blindfold over their eyes, and they are judging in situations where they have nothing to judge. And they build a volcano out of specks of dust. They know how to recognize the speck of dust which is in the eyes of others, but they fail to recognize the beam which is on the point of falling down on themselves. They should pay much more attention to not rotting away inside; or to not being struck by the beam which is threatening them. They should pay attention to not becoming dust and rubble themselves.

All the reproaches which they address to others are nothing, compared to the reproaches they should be addressing to themselves. The most important thing, right now, would be to preach Charity: “What is the use of condemning someone else, when I should have been thinking about my own salvation? What need have we to judge others, since it is God Who judges: Who punishes them if they are not just; and Who rewards them if they are just?”

To judge is not their (men's) duty. This does not rest with them it is not their task to judge privileged souls. It is not their task to claim to reveal the truth by ruining their reputations. To be sure, it is right to be on guard against false seers, but people of good judgment become aware of things which are not as they should be in the case of bogus seers. A man who has sound judgment, an appreciation of what is good, will quickly notice when there is something amiss.

The worst thing is that they do not take a stand against the wicked ones; it is against the good ones that stands are taken; in this way, irreparable faults are committed. The accusers should first of all make their own 'mea culpa' before smashing in the breasts of others with the beam. Phariseeism has nothing to do with the commandments of God. Even if it is presented as “traditionalist”, this is still Phariseeism....



Act, act now! The days are numbered - we ourselves feel it down there below (he points downward). We have launched ourselves into all parts of the world, so vigorously that we have lost our breath.

In spite of all these difficulties, the Great Lady from On High makes us say (he points upward) that it is necessary to bring out all the translations[11]: in Italian, in English and in Spanish. This is because the book[12] must throw light on the disastrous situation of the Church and must become an aid for those who are searching for the truth about the state of the Church in the way Those up there (he points upward) see it; and the Holy Father, too (must act) in so far as he is able to do so.

Also, in the French edition[13] everything must be added which it is possible to include.[14] It must be printed that what we have said is for the good of the Church, and that we have not been able to lie. You must spread this book as much as you can.



(Beelzebub exclaims suddenly and cries out): She is there, She is there with her crown of stars! She is behind you, strengthening and sustaining you. Even if you do not feel it, even if you do-not see it, She is behind you all the same.

In spite of everything, She says, look for the possibility of having an imprimatur. Also publish without delay in the other languages.[15] At least in the three languages that we have nominated. She has hoped that things would have progressed more rapidly. Act without delay, because in a little while, it may be too late. For these things you have Her blessing, as Those from On High (he points upward) grant blessings to every. thing that they wish and determine.

We have spoken. We have been obliged to say all this against our will.



In our opinion, it seems to us that it cannot be long now.[16] That is why we are launching this terrible assault in all corners of the world - to be precise, because it seems to us that the wait for the Warning should not last long now. But we do not know the exact moment.




Exorcist: Father Ernest Fischer, retired missionary, Gossau (Saint-Gall, Switzerland.)

Demon: Verdi-Garandieu, a human demon.



The Abbot Verdi-Garandieu, human demon, priest of the diocese of Tarbes in the seventeenth century, addresses this pathetic message, through the possessed woman, to his brothers in the Priesthood, to beseech them - by order of the Most Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary - to go back onto the narrow road of the Gospel, and so prevent themselves in their turn, from suffering in eternal Hell the horrible fate which befell him because of his infidelities to grace.


At the end of the exorcism of Leo XIII used, in this instance, by Fr. Fischer, numerous invocations were pronounced, including that of Saint Vincent Ferrier,[18] the great Spanish Dominican missionary of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries; he traveled throughout Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France, where he died at Vannes in 1419. He was a formidable opponent of the devil, from whom he wrestled many souls,[19] through his life of love and penance and his stirring sermons.

In short: Saint Vincent Ferrier, a model to imitate; Abbot Verdi-Garandieu, an example not to follow.

The demon is going to speak for nearly two and a half hours on end. We reproduce here the text of his adjurations, by order of Heaven, to the priests of our time.[20]


Verdi-Garandieu after having pointed out that he also has become “a demon among the demons”, suddenly begins to cry out, saying): “What a stupid thing I did not responding to grace and leading the life that I led!”

(Then while uttering woeful cries, he exclaims, making the possessed woman jump to her feet): “Why did I let myself go that way, why? Why did I agree to being admitted to the Priesthood, this very heavy responsibility, since I was not equal to it if I was not prepared to take the trouble to lift myself up to the heights of this great ideal? Why did I give bad example as thousands and thousands of priests do today, by not acting in accordance with my priesthood? Why didn't I teach the catechism as I should have done?

I spent my time looking at the women's dresses, rather than in observing the commandments of God. The truth of it is, I was neither hot nor cold, I was lukewarm and the Lord vomited me from His mouth.[21] In my youth, I was still good, I still responded to grace.”

(While he was speaking, we heard his cries through the possessed woman.)

“It was later that I became lukewarm. It was when I entered onto the wide and easy road of pleasure and abandoned the narrow road of virtue, by not responding to grace any more; and from then on, I fell lower and lower.

At the beginning, I used to still confess my sins; I wanted to change myself, but I did not succeed because I no longer knew how to pray adequately. I did not respond to grace because of this tepidity, I went further down to the stage of coldness. Between this tepidity and coldness, there is only the distance of an onionskin. If I had been warm and ardent, I would not have known this wretched destiny.

If the priests of our time do not pull themselves together - Ah, well! They will experience the same fate that I have. At the present time, there are thousands, tens of thousands of priests in the world who are like me, who give bad example, who are lukewarm and who no longer respond to God's grace. All, if they do not change themselves, will have a destiny no better than that which I, Verdi-Garandieu, have had.

Ah! What a destiny for me in Hell! If, at least, I had not been born.[22] If I were able to come back to life again! Ah! How I would love to return to earth in order to live a better life! Ah! How I would love to spend my nights and my days on my knees, in prayer, calling on the Most High! I would invoke the Angels and Saints of Heaven, in order for them to help me to leave the road to perdition, but I can no longer go back, I am condemned (he finishes in a woeful voice).

Alas, the priests do not know what it is to he condemned to Hell, and what Hell is. At the present time, nearly everyone on earth takes the line of least resistance. They want to enjoy the pleasures of life. They are convinced that practicing humanism, as they call it, being of the mentality of their time, is something that is now established forever.

Bishops, cardinals and abbots give an example that is no better than that given by their subordinates. Do they live according to the simplicity that Christ used to practice in his meals and the kind of food he ate? As the Gospel says, Jesus Christ did indeed participate in banquets, to which He was invited by various people, but at these meals, He did not eat very much. And if He did eat a little during the course of these banquets, it must also be stressed that, many times, He chose to suffer from hunger.


The Holy Family and the Apostles too, fasted a great deal. Otherwise, they would not have received all the graces with which they were blessed. And yet, Jesus did not need to acquire grace, since He was Himself the Author of grace, but He wanted to give an example: to His Apostles certainly, but also to all the cardinals. bishops and priests of all the centuries. But what good was that, since in our time cardinals, bishops and priests sit down to their meals in luxurious surroundings and enjoy delicious dishes.

They go so far as to ruin their health in following this way of life, but they imagine that this befits their position as bishop, cardinal or provincial. Poor cooks, who imagine that because they are serving bishops or important people, they must present complicated things on the table! They imagine, poor souls, that it would be a disgrace for them if they were not able to bring all these dishes to the table. They forget that by doing this, they are not helping the bishops to imitate Christ any more than the priests do. It would be better if these cooks could tell such personages that Christ (too) used to be alive, and that He lived much more simply.

Those from On High (he points upward) value whatever is in accordance with the imitation of Jesus Christ; and what is being done at the present time is completely contrary to the imitation of Jesus Christ. Many live in refinement, luxury, and abundance, to the point of excess, to the point even of sinfulness. Sin has often had its beginnings at the table. Sinning begins there where a certain asceticism should be practiced, but this asceticism is rejected.

The rejection of the spirit of sacrifice is not the sin, but the open door to sin through which it can enter. It is this lack of asceticism that slowly leads to sin. Between the two there is only an onionskin. If the priest does not follow the teachings of the Church, it is we who come along to pull him by the end of his robe[23] in order to lead him onto our path. It is only a little end of his robe that we take hold of, just for a moment, but with the hope of carrying off the whole habit.

For a long time, I fully intended to become a good priest; but it must be mentioned that priests are attacked by us (demons) much more than the lay people are. Certainly, the lay people are also in danger, especially those who are doing their utmost to be among the just and those who have an important responsibility. But since the priest has a very great power for blessing, we give preference to attacking the priest First of all.

As far as I was concerned, I used to remember that I was a priest and, at the beginning, I used to exercise my Priesthood responsibly. And then, as time went by, I found that monotonous and, forgetting prayer, I also forgot about celibacy. I cut out prayer, firstly because I believed I was too busy, and then I used to take it up again occasionally, and then, finally, I abandoned it altogether. I used to think that those long prayers in the breviary were tedious and useless and, in the end, I lost the taste for prayer.[24]


When I cut out the breviary, I fell into the sin of impurity, and from that moment on, I had no more taste for saying the Mass. This was a chain reaction. When I fell into impurity this was the chain reaction - I no longer said the Mass devoutly because I was no longer in the state of grace. In this condition, the reading of the Bible and of the Gospel, in particular, and also the sight of God's commandments, became a reproach to me.

There was a warning for me in that, and because I paid no attention to the warning, I resolved not to teach the children as it should have been my duty to teach them. How could I have been able to teach them about Good, if I myself was not practicing it? But those who, today, call themselves humanists and modernists, know all that just as well as I do.

How could they impose on lay people and children, things that they themselves do not believe and do not practice? How could they bear teaching them as they should, knowing that their teaching is not in accord with their interior life, and that they would therefore be telling enormous lies? Within many, in these times, the heart has become like an abyss of death. There are many more than one would think, who find themselves in this state. They are rotten apples; how could a rotten apple give off a good smell? It is only a priest who strives to attain virtue, who can touch souls and give them what they need.

If priests were to give an example of virtue, in particular to the young, we would have a world completely different from the one we know. You would have a world a thousand times and more better than the one you have at the present time. How can you want to spread Good if you do not have it in you? How can I speak of the Holy Spirit, if I myself am happy not to listen to Him? How can one point out the road to follow, when one has left if himself? It is a much deeper tragedy than you can imagine.

The tragedy is that it is at the very moment when the priest leaves the road of virtue, that he is tempted to draw many souls after him.

This begins with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is said from beginning to end without any taste for it. Consequently, no personal benefit is received from it. At all events, that is the way it was for me, and I developed an aversion for the Mass and for its sacred texts, which, for someone who is behaving badly, are a permanent reproach.

In my case, as for thousands of other priests, there was at least the Transubstantiation which allowed the faithful to assist truly at Mass, because these people cannot know the depths of a priest's heart; but woe betide priests who no longer say what they should say to ensure that the Mass is valid, and who no longer live by it.

Woe betide anyone who leads the faithful onto the road of error. These priests would do better to shout publicly from the height of the pulpit: “I have sinned. I am no longer capable of practicing virtue. Pray for me, so that I may be converted, and once again teach the ways of virtue.” Speaking in this way would be much better, and we demons would no longer have this power to dominate these priests, because they would have made an act of humility.

Even if some people were going to develop a contempt for a priest who would speak this way, the majority of those hearing him would be edified by his humility and would be able to help him to pull himself together. The majority of the faithful would have respect for a priest who would express himself in this manner; this would be much better than continuing along the way of lying and hypocrisy.

What is the use of celebrating Mass facing the people, and telling them: “Come near! God pardons you all your sins. He understands you. Come to the Father of Light; and if you are in the darkness, He will bring you back into grace again.” They all forget that something must be done beforehand, in order for the Father to take you back into His arms and bring you back into His grace.

It is true that the Father takes His children back into His arms, but before this happens, it is necessary for them to repent and to promise to change the direction of their lives. It is necessary to avoid the roads that lead to perdition.

The priest ought to think: “I must begin with myself. That would be the only way to be a model for each one, and to be able to preach the teaching of the Holy Spirit and of Jesus Christ to the whole community. That would also be the mission which the. Most High considers that I should preach and carry out among the people.”

Much too much is said about the love of neighbor, while forgetting that this love results from the love which one has for God. How can one speak of loving one's; neighbor, of drawing nearer to one another, if one forgets the first commandment, the principal commandment: “You must love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength.”[25] The directive to love your neighbor comes only in second place.

If the priest were to first of all make peace with Those from On High (he points upward), love of neighbor would immediately start to flow out. It is the freemasonic masquerade which says: “It is necessary to love each other, to help each other, to support each other.” But where does all that lead to? Even if one speaks of charity, or of forgiving, or of mutual support, see the result, should this only be the number of present-day suicides.

It is true that there is a commandment to love your neighbor as yourself, but that comes after the one to honor and adore God first of all. It is necessary to begin at the very beginning of this commandment, and to love God first, which in fact, includes love of neighbor. It is in the first part that the whole commandment is found. If one were to love God truly, one would not talk incessantly about loving one's neighbor, supporting him, helping him.[26]

But nothing like that actually happens. They chatter away about it all the time, in the parish rooms, at the bishops' conferences, and even in Rome. They chatter away, they discuss, they decide something, they forget about it, they want to accept everything in a way which Those from On High (he points upward) do not agree with.

Those from On High (he points upward) are not only Mercy, they are 'also Justice, and I, Verdi-Garandieu, know what I'm talking about! If I had exercised virtue, prayed, done penance, I would not have learned the hard way what I now know. I would have been obliged to ask for crosses in order to help my sheep to sanctify themselves and also to sanctify myself; but I forgot to ask for those things.

In our times, the majority of priests forget that it is necessary to put into practice the way of the cross, to make self-sacrifices, to pray for others, to forget about oneself. In our times, it should be proclaimed, from the height of the pulpits, to our faithful, that they must do penance to make reparation for and to raise up from the gutter all those who are wallowing there at the present time. This would be a way of practicing Charity in its true sense.

All that,[27] to be sure, has its importance, but it all sinks into the dust, more especially as God Himself has promised to give us what we need to live, particularly in our era where material things are dispensed in a remarkably organized way. That is why they must not be the main goal of our charity, but the means which allow us to have access to the other, that of God.

Certainly, it is necessary to help him who is in need, but to proceed from that to over-rating it to the point of thrusting aside duty towards God is too much. It would be much preferable to give one's attention from the height of the pulpit, to leading the people:

to pray for so and so who finds himself in great spiritual difficulty, and therefore in great danger; to ask them to light a blessed candle, or to make use of the cross, the cross of the dead[28] and of holy “water, not forgetting the Rosary in order to bring help from afar to this person.

All that brings blessings even when it is done by lay people; it flourishes in discretion and silence. And we (demons), when confronted by such things, have to withdraw our involvement in the affair.

Men should be reminded from the height of the pulpit, that it is necessary to take religion seriously, to sacrifice themselves for each other in order to keep up perseverance in each one's heart, and thus to keep men on the path of virtue.

The lay people should also be told that they must pray for the members of the clergy and for all their responsibilities, in order that they may be preserved in the service of God and not fall into the traps of the demon. They must pray for the priests to guide the faithful well. I, too, am a priest, and it is for that reason I suffer terribly in Hell because of the mark of my consecration.

The priests should also ask the faithful, from the height of the pulpit, to pray for themselves, because they should make it known to the faithful that the demons are attacking them much more strongly than they believe. They should pray for the priests in order that they may persevere in their ministry and in the right direction until the hour of their death. It is necessary also for the lay people to pray for each other, in order that they may continue on the road of virtue and of everything that is good, not just occasionally, but all of the time.

It is the tragedy of thousands and thousands of priests and lay people that they have grown like tender-weeds. Without warning, at the moment of temptation, they are trampled on by the demon, as Jesus Christ has pointed out to us in the Gospel: because they lack either sun or water, or because the sun has scorched them. This happens more and more as the lay people of our time are turned away from the right road by the priests themselves, who tell them that what used to be done previously has today been cast aside. Among them all (priests and lay people) there used to be some who practiced great virtue, then suddenly, they have wilted because they were not rooted sufficiently deeply in the good earth.

It is I, Verdi-Garandieu, who am telling you that it is necessary to pray constantly so that priests and lay people may continue in perseverance. It is necessary for priests in particular to know that it must be announced from the height of the pulpit, that prayer is more and more essential in our days. It is necessary to recall that perseverance along the road of the cross is the law of happiness, because he who knows how to bear (trials) is placing himself on the road to Heaven.

In particular, people who are poor must be told that they have to be content to bear their misfortune because it is later on that they will be profoundly happy in Heaven. Even if the poor have to bear (privations), these are, all things considered, still a long way away from the fastings and sacrifices which were accepted by, for example, the Curé of Ars, and other great Saints, right up to the very end of their lives. It is necessary to tell the poor that they should thank the Lord for the lot in which He has placed them, because acceptance of poverty can help them to imitate Jesus Christ more.

Thank the Good God,[29] because in accordance with the kind of poverty that you have, you also have much less time when you could, be succumbing to temptations, since it is necessary for you to work all the time. Those who are endowed with a large family, and who, as a consequence, have much to do to educate and feed them, must thank the Good God three times a day, because in these circumstances, they have every chance of escaping from the pleasures of the world and of preparing themselves better for the Kingdom of Heaven where their place is reserved.

When the fourth child comes into some families, then there is a drama both for the people around and for the family itself. What is to be done? What is true for the fourth is true for the second or the third; and, unfortunately, the priests enter into a spirit of understanding when-these complaints are presented to them and agree that the faithful may make use of the pill to avoid the child. The faithful do not realize the danger into which they are putting themselves, because between the taking of the pill (already a serious fault) and abortion (an even more serious fault), the distance is short.


ABORTION IS MURDER and, consequently, a very grave sin. In our times, people are unwilling to accept as the truth, what has been believed for thousands and thousands of centuries beforehand.[30] So, even if God does not punish onanism straight away, as He punished the crime of Onan,[31] our God considers the means of birth control to be as serious as anything which is done. You just imagine then, what He thinks of abortion! FOR ALL THESE MISDEEDS ARE CONTRARY TO THE PLAN OF SALVATION CONCEIVED BY GOD.


So, therefore, I Verdi-Garandieu, see myself under an obligation to tell everyone, bishops, cardinals and priests, that they must, from the height of the pulpit, announce - what, then? - : “Follow the way of the Lord, for there where self-denial and sacrifice are found, there also is the possibility of grace.”

Where there is neither sacrifice nor self-denial, no grace is possible. And where there is neither self-denial nor sacrifice, the very smallest chink offers us, with our guile, the chance of very soon becoming the masters. This little chink is enough for us to turn the whole house upside down, which is what has happened to all your churches at the present time.

It is necessary to give missions to the people again, and to preach to them again, not from the choir but from the pulpit, as we have already said before. There are even some churches where one must descend to the altar rather than go up to it and, immediately, the people are distracted because their gaze is not directed upward but toward the distractions which abound below, and sometimes a very long way below, right down to our place. These popular missions should be brought back in force, because when the road of virtue is presented in this way, it is a shower of graces that is being offered to the people.

The influence of a priest who lives according to the laws of the Lord is enormous, which is what can be noted in the life of the Curé of Ars of Ars. The Curé of Ars did not save souls by running off on trips, by eating very fine food, by attending all kinds of conferences, but by remaining in his room and in front of the Most Blessed Sacrament, which is, moreover, what I myself, Verdi-Garandieu, should have done. Instead of that, I neglected my pastoral duties with respect to my parish, and I led it in this manner, onto this path. In our era, there should be thousands and thousands of Curés of Ars, and if they do not still exist, then this man should be being thought of as someone to imitate.

This is what I, Verdi-Garandieu, am obliged to say: priests must avoid habitual contact with women and must recite the entire breviary. It is a fact that, if the priests do not say the breviary, they are in great danger of succumbing to temptation; on the other hand, if they do recite it, the Most High Himself helps them to overcome it, because the priests are subjected to great temptations in relation to this.[32] It is noticeable that, even when the priest falls into sin, and in spite of that, recites his breviary, the Most High gives him the chance of continuing his ministry and being a profitable instrument for the faithful.

It must be said to all those who are subjected to great difficulties, that they must persevere in the hope of the Lord, because the Lord loves to put those who love Him to the test, particularly in an age where financial means allow men to protect themselves[33] against suffering and trials. It must be repeated often, from the height of the pulpit, that they must first of all put their trust in the Lord in order to be able to wrestle against their trials and to bear them.

At the present time, this point should be stressed very much, because those financial means are an occasion of weakness, especially in parish communities, and because the easy and pleasure-filled (or free and easy) lives of the priests, and even of the bishops, do not lead in this way to the imitation of Christ, but rather to the loss of souls.

How could the Holy Spirit come into souls, if the priest fosters easy-going ways, by not giving the people the understanding of sin and by holding out bright prospects before them that God is merciful and pardons everything very easily, without their being asked to repent or to do penance. It must be shouted from all the rooftops that the Way of the Cross is required by Heaven. It is by following the Cross of Jesus Christ that one can best help one's neighbor to salvation, because the Good God makes use of this penance; or rather, the Good God makes use of this penance to help in the salvation of the neighbor. Because if one carries out the first part of the commandment of God, one also carries out the second part of the commandment of love.

Is it really practicing love with regard to God, to celebrate Mass facing the people, as if it were being addressed to the people and not to God? The priests must say their Masses in such a way that they are recognizing that it is uniquely the service of God and the honor of God that are being sought through this Sacrifice. All the rest is only complementary or supplementary; the priests preach far too much about the things of everyday life and about love of neighbor, in general or in particular, forgetting that it is the love of God that leads to the true love of neighbor and the true practice of charity. This manner of action and behavior would, through the practice of self-denial and penance, bring about the salvation of thousands and thousands of souls if people truly set about it. So many souls are falling like snowflakes into Hell, as the privileged souls have so often reminded you.

If the bishops and priests persist in maintaining this disastrous situation, thousands and thousands of churches will no longer be The Church, which situation has begun to happen even now. For thousands and thousands of the faithful, the present-day sermons in the churches are justifications for remaining perfunctory in the service of the Lord; consequently they are instruments of death, since they do not lead directly to Heaven and do not make people think about it.

All this happened because the priest himself has got into careless ways, and no longer lives the first commandment of love for God. Such a one is like an apple with a worm inside it, and he is no longer the guide in the way he ought to be. If the bishops, priests and abbots had lived following the laws determined by the Lord, you would not have this catastrophe that you now see in Rome.


This state of affairs, which moreover has spread outwards from the Vatican, is the work of freemasonry. But if, everywhere in the world, millions of faithful had united through religious exercises to pray and do penance, and at the same time ask the Lord to bring us out from this situation, Heaven would have prevented, would not have allowed this catastrophe to happen.


I have to say this too: I must say to thousands and thousands of present-day priests that women can become their downfall, and that this would not happen if they were to arm themselves with prayer. If the priests were to take up their breviary and to nourish themselves on the doctrine of the Doctors of the Church, who, as a result of prayer, have such great knowledge of men, things would go differently for them; whereas, if they do not do this, they belong among those thousands and thousands of priests who today are living in mortal sin.

Thousands of priests are living outside the state of grace, and they no longer say their breviary - just as I myself used to act. If only, at the very least, I had called on my Guardian Angel[34] to help me; but no, I rejected every means which would have allowed me to pull myself together, and in following this way of life, I indeed neglected to teach the young people, and yet I was not nearly as bad as what is happening today with the priests and the young people. This warning should be a. light for the priests who are on the way to perdition.

Formerly there were still many priests who were watchful, for their own sanctification, but today they have adopted the wide road that is, at the same time, the road to perdition. If prayers are not said for them, if penitential souls do not rise to their defense and to obtain graces for them, they are lost. That seems incredible, it is tragic, but I am obliged to tell it the way it is.

It is all the more tragic because our God is not a God who resembles a “sugar daddy”. He has created laws; these laws are eternal. They must be obeyed, and the faithful should not listen to those in the clergy who advocate change, because it is not the clergy who fix the laws, but the Lord, and His laws remain in force eternally. It is not for nothing that the Lord caused it to be noted in the Gospel that it is better to enter the Kingdom of Heaven blind in one eye, then to have both eyes in Hell.[35]

It is indeed through his sight that the priest of our times is becoming more and more lost. These days. the priests do not mortify their gaze sufficiently. They receive into their hearts far too many images that are constraints on their interior life. This begins with television, and continues on in the activities of the parish where women are now numerous. Formerly the women in the church used to have their heads covered. In our times, that isn't done any more. Then why turn the altar to face the people? I, Verdi-Garandieu, used to say Mass with my back turned to the people, and even then I was still seduced by women; today's priests with Mass said turned towards the people, have more temptations than ever.

It is not for nothing that the Lord, in the Gospel, has said that it is better to enter (into the Kingdom) blind in one eye, or with only one hand, or only one foot, than to enter the terrible torment of Hell with both eyes, both hands and both feet. Could the priests believe that the Gospel has lost its value today, and they can change it about to suit their taste? Could they believe that the Lord Jesus spoke only for the men in whose presence He gave His message? In His time, they used to wear long robes.[36]

It doesn't occur to the priests that perhaps He might have been speaking more for the people of our age, where perdition is being spread more and more through technical means, and where no one is capable of stopping what is happening. It is a burning furnace of perdition that cannot be extinguished by the rain of efforts, to which a certain number of good priests who are struggling here and there, feel themselves compelled.

The Lord always addresses Himself to the freedom of each individual. Besides, the Bible is there, the Gospel in particular; and also all THE MESSAGES WHICH CONSTANTLY RECALL THE DIRECTIVES WHICH HAVE BEEN DETERMINED BY THE LORD. If people refuse to listen to them, Heaven can do nothing about it, especially if people are amusing themselves by adapting the Gospel to their own taste.

If all these mercies are thrown to the wind, what can Heaven do about it? How will grace be able to act if holy books are no longer read, or books about the Saints, for example the life of Catherine Emmerich, or that of the Cure of Ars, or even that of Padre Pio who has given a great example to our times. Each of these Saints feels the same love for the same sacrifice, in the same self-denials, through love of others. The penance of these Saints has been acceptable to the Most High.

He would be just as prepared to accept still more reparations, still more sacrifices, made for the conversion of souls. The Good God would often love people to be capable of saying to Him: “I accept the sufferings You will send me. Give me the grace to bear them for the conversion of this one or that one.” But on the whole, it must be said that when the Lord sends Sufferings, very often the Christians reject them with horror and with all their strength. Man too often does his best to avoid suffering. It should be up to the priests to live according to this way of seeing things and to preach it to the faithful.

All those who reject suffering and seek only to eliminate it are not living in conformity with the first commandment of God. The best way to conform to the Will of God is to say: “Not my will, but Thine be done!”[37] This uniting oneself to the Agony of Christ would be the best way of honoring the love of God. If suffering was united with acceptance of the Will of God, it would take on a very great value.[38]

Excruciating as certain sufferings may be, by uniting them with those of Christ, they would be the means both of sanctification and of reparation for the sins of others. I am thinking of all the sufferings which are sometimes inherent in the state of marriage and how they are rejected in the hope that one day, perhaps, one will be able to separate from one's partner, and yet, if they are borne, these sufferings would accomplish great reparations. Thousands and thousands of people would be able to suffer thinking of others and these sufferings offered up would not be in vain.

All that is completely forgotten in your Catholic Church of today. Very rarely is it mentioned from the pulpit, and that applies everywhere. The imitation of Jesus Christ and the solicitude for the salvation of one's neighbor are the things that are important. The rest is secondary, and this is what “Love you neighbor as yourself[39] is all about.

If Christ were to come back into your midst, there would be thousands and thousands of people who would again look on Him as a revolutionary and a madman. All those who are pledged to following Christ today are looked upon as fools. Instead of raising themselves up to the heights, people are going down to the depths, and so many priests are no longer preaching these truths because they are for them a vivid reproach, because they are no longer living by them. If they themselves were to practice virtue, they would be able to ask much more from the people. How can I think that others might want what I do not want myself?

It is a truly tragic state of affairs in which you are living now in the Catholic Church. That applies from the priests right to the cardinals in Rome. If the priests were to live like Christ and the Apostles, they would be leading souls along a much better-lit and much safer road. As Saint John the Baptist and Jesus preached in their time, they must be converted and do penance.

So many priests nowadays are fighting against effort and good because they themselves have turned in the direction of evil. They are already on the broad highway which leads to the abyss. This is what the priests should be told straight to the face, but in a manner which respects the ways of psychology and which indicates that one is only concerned about their well-being. It is not a question of telling them that they are bad, but of MAKING USE OF PSYCHOLOGY,[40] to bring them to the point of coming back (to where they should be).

It is necessary to ask questions in their presence, at all events very discreetly, to find out whether they have stopped praying or not, and to bring them to the understanding that the things of God become clear only through prayer, just as solicitude for the salvation of souls. As for those who are more capable of accepting criticism, one could make use of that with regard to them, and, perhaps, thanks to God, bring them back again. Natures are different. It is necessary to adapt oneself according to what one is faced with, in the same way that Padre Pio used to do.

Some among the priests are perhaps victims of ignorance, but the majority know very well into what a state of deficiency they have fallen; reminding them of their vocation could perhaps be a way of bringing them back onto the straight road and to the Lord. All, without exception, would lead the souls they have to be concerned with, much better, if they were to enter onto the road of self-denial[41] It is very, very true that I would prefer to remain silent, except that Those from On High (he points upward) are ordering me to reveal and to recall to mind, although I am in Hell, into which I never thought I would fall.

What sufferings I would undergo, on my knees, for the defense of my flock, if I could come back on earth! I would accept even martyrdom to save my flock, and several times even. I would accept it voluntarily and with the greatest devoutness, if this were the Will of Those from On High (he points upward). My main goal would be first of all to carry out the first commandment, and to seek means of honoring it and making myself worthy of this commandment. I would ask the Good God to enlighten me about His Will concerning me.

There is a principle that says that, when in doubt, one should choose the way that costs the most.[42] Are the priests and the faithful giving any thought to this principle? It is only a proverb. God did not say it, but it is quite suitable to the situation. Thousands of priests are on the road to perdition because they have chosen the easiest road. Yes, they choose the way of least resistance. This manner of action is not what is pleasing in the eyes of God.

It is necessary to know, paying heed to the Apostle Saint Paul, how to distinguish between the possible solutions, and to choose the best. It is essential to pray to the Holy Spirit, as Beelzebub, Judas and all the other demons have already said, before me. Everyone must strive to recognize his true vocation, because THE LORD HAS A PRECISE PLAN FOR EACH PERSON. Already highly regarded before the Lord, because of his priestly state, the priest should also present himself before men with a great authority. He must draw near men and make himself esteemed among them because he is truly following the way about which he speaks, which is in line with his vocation.

The faithful need to see before them someone who gives them example, and not someone who leads them to perdition, or who, at all events, in spite of the fact that he is a priest, lives the way of perdition. There should be a great distance between a priest and a layman. The Most High has always wanted that, because THE PRIEST IS A TREASURE-HOUSE OF BLESSINGS. The priest ought to make people think of this High Priest Who is Jesus Christ, and for this reason, should draw to himself the respect of the faithful. Throughout his life he must remember untiringly, what a great majesty the Divinity represents, and he must believe that we have the duty to adore It and to live It as It commands.

It is something which should be taught from earliest years. Children, even the very young, must be led into the churches in such a way that, when passing in front of the Tabernacle, they get into the habit of genuflecting with the greatest devotion; they must be helped to adore the Most Blessed Sacrament, by saying prayers such as this one: “Praised and adored be the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.” The children should then be invited to invoke the Holy Angels so that they can help them to praise the Divine Majesty and the grandeur of the Most Holy Trinity in the highest heavens.

What does a Church stand for which is no longer capable of raising hearts towards the Most Holy Trinity? What does a Church stand for which no longer presents God as being above men in every way, which no longer points out the sublimity of the Most Holy Trinity, which no longer recalls that it is absolutely essential to be pleasing to the Almighty in Heaven? If the priests don't do this any more, at least the parents should be doing it as far as their own children are concerned. One must never cease making it known that God must be adored, even if all around one, the state of souls is very bad and very distressing.

It should be known that, when suffering is accepted, it is necessary to thank God for the triumph which He will know how to extract for us from this difficulty. The Lord should be thanked on one's knees, for the sufferings that He sends to us in order to make us better and to lead us on the way of virtue. THOSE WHO FLEE FROM DIFFICULTIES AND SUFFERINGS ARE DOOMED TO LOSE VIRTUE. In past centuries, there were always priests who were at the heights of their vocation. But, in our times too, there are some who are living the same way, in very humble circumstances; because they carry the peace of the Lord in their hearts, they surpass everyone on earth.:'' What use is it if a man gains the universe, but ends up losing his soul?”[43] I, Verdi-Garandieu, have to say that our era is very badly enlightened on this subject. It is in an age, where there is no love of neighbor, that the Church has set about preaching the love of neighbor, exclusively. The true love of neighbor begins with concern for his soul, and not with concern for his body. Isn't it better for men to perish through plague and war and all kinds of suffering, and, by saving their souls, to acquire the glory of God?

Furthermore, men who live in luxury and earthly pleasures are in great danger of losing their souls. CHARITY OF THE MASONIC TYPE HAS THE SMELL OF DECAY. It is the perdition of so many souls because it is not truly love of neighbor, but comes from hypocrisy. If they (the priests) knew into what perdition they are making their faithful sink, they would hurry away from this kind of talk and would speak completely differently.

It is obvious that one should help others materially, especially if they are suffering much misery, but it is not the main thing. The main thing is to remain faithful to the Doctrine which one must defend, and not to sell one's soul. To practise love of neighbor is to lead the neighbor onto the straight road. Alas! Thousands of priests, directed by their bishops and cardinals, have imposed on the Church this way of living charity;[44] by doing this, they have altered the shape of this virtue in a manner, which is not at all what God determined it should be.

This is because TRUE LOVE OF NEIGHBOR IS NEVER PRESENT WITHOUT SOLICITUDE FOR THE SOUL OF THE NEIGHBOR, because making him suffer by telling him and showing him the truth, is also practicing love of neighbor. Later on, he will recognize[45] that this was, indeed, the right medicine.

The priest, from the height of the pulpit, should, in his language, make use of the stick and very determined words, because justice exists in eternity; and because Hell exists, which they never speak about any more, since they no longer believe in it. They no longer even believe in Heaven in it's supreme reality. If they did believe in it, they would not be leading thousands of people into error, people whom they should be leading towards Heaven.

What kind of priests are we up against today? I myself did not speak in my time as contemptibly as they do today. They are running towards perdition and their place in Hell is already prepared (the demon shouts this last observation). '

But what I am saying now, I am saying equally as much for the cardinals, the bishops, the priests, the lay people. If all these people knew the chaotic situation in which they are entangled, they would say a thousand times 'mea culpa' - a thousand times a thousand times. They would take themselves by the scruff of the neck and they would tear out these worms that are eating away their souls. They would not stop tearing these worms out in order to prevent them from spreading everywhere. They should use red-hot pincers to destroy these parasites that are working so much destruction in souls. They should immediately put into practice the first part of the commandment of love, and after that, the proper love of neighbor.

True love is not manifested only through gifts, because even with these gifts, the neighbor can still be being maintained on the road to Hell. That is what I have been obliged to say, and that is what explains why, for such a long time, I refused to say my name. But Those from On High (he points upward) have forced me to speak, because I have lived this destiny myself; because I myself did not carry out my priesthood as I should have.

The difficulties of the Sixth Commandment,[46] I must say this, together with luxury,[47] have become the means of perdition for many priests. If they were to recognize this immense tragedy they would sacrifice themselves to the last drop of their blood. They would have an immense sorrow for everything which has happened, and they would go right back to square one. They would call to their rescue all the Saints and Angels, so that they could help them to find the true road again, because in the eternity of Hell the fire is continuous, and the worm eats away at your soul for ever. This immense pain, this horrible tragedy of Hell, lasts for eternity, and I, Verdi-Garandieu, am forced to say these things.”






EXORCISM OF MAY 1, 1978 - The Feast of Saint Joseph


Avowal of the angelic demon, Allida:


“All would be completely destroyed - in the Vatican - if it were not for the presence of the true Pope. Yes! If the Pope were not praying, on his knees, day and night, and sending his pleas up to the Lord, by now the Church would have been wrecked - the whole Church would have reached the bottom. But this Holy Father, with his great sanctity, has been installed and predestined so that the Church does not sink.

Your Church would not be The Church any more if Pope Paul VI had not existed. But Pope Paul VI has been predestined for all eternity in the Plan of God, for this age: so that that Church would not be submerged and that one man, the Pope, would know how to carry it. Because his sufferings and his crosses allow him to carry it still. Every day he is living a martyrdom, a great martyrdom. The Pope bears immense sorrows, which no one else among those who are in the Vatican, would be capable of bearing.

And foul mouths have the temerity to attack this very Holy Father! For it is not the Pope who has set the Church in the wrong direction, but the double and his helpers. These wretches do not realize that the sufferings which they have been responsible for in the soul of the Pope, have been the means by which they have donned the boots which are leading them to Hell and condemning them.

It is we (demons - by order of the Most Holy Trinity) who are making known what the Gospel has already repeated several times ... that Hell is a terrible thing. Neither the Gospel, nor all the descriptions which could be given to you, would be able to convey to you the appalling thing which is Hell. And we are the ones who are suggesting to everybody, priests or lay people, that Hell does not exist.”




Holy Michael, Archangel, defend us in the day of battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and the snares of the Devil.

May, God restrain him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust Satan down to Hell, and with him all the other wicked spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.






A Question: Why such an exceptional procedure of avowals drawn from the demon, to make known the truth about the Church today? The Answer (given by Judas during the Exorcism of September 15, 1977 - unedited text): “The Church has never, in man's memory, been delivered to a destruction carried out so subtly by all the demonic forces and powers, free-masonry and everything which is connected with them. That is why the Most High (he points upward) must use all the means which are STILL AVAILABLE to Him.” Since, let us specify: ... the means of His Apparitions: Kerizinen, Garabandal, San Damiano ... have failed; ... the means of the privileged souls: Filiola, the priest of Utrecht, Jeanette of France ('Parce Domine') and so many others ... have failed; etc.

If what is left fails again, the only means remaining will be the Chastisements.





(Of France - “The Eldest Daughter of the Church”)[49]


The “Warnings” from Heaven, directed to “Traditionalists”[50] through the spokesmanship of the Demon Beelzebub, on June 18, 1977, have prompted us to reflect as follows:


“Cry aloud, never ceasing, raise thy voice like a trumpet call, and tell my people of their transgressions, call the sons of Jacob to account” (ISAIS 58, 1)


It will be noticed that in these Warnings, as also in the others on the same subject, the Demon does not use the word: “integrationists”. And yet, outside of the pejorative meaning which is artificially attributed to it, this term contains an authentic reality: that of maintaining in the face of ravening wolves, the INTEGRITY OF DOCTRINE, which originates from Revelation AND from Apostolic Tradition.

Neither does the Demon make use of the word: “progressivists”, one of his inspired godsends moreover, because it suggests the word “Progress” - this mirage - the Blessed Virgin without a doubt not having authorized its use here.

In this term “progress”, there is, very often, a return to pagan spiritual barbarism. It is, fundamentally, the affirmation of the rights of man being substituted for the rights of God. It is quite simply and unconditionally the “non serviam” - “I refuse to obey” of the first rebel, Lucifer.[51]

The most important - and far-reaching, because of its almost universal influence - official public manifestation of this spirit of revolt of the creature against his Creator, is the “Declaration of the Rights of Man”, voted by the Constituent Assembly on August 26, 1789, still in force, and directly inspired by the ideas of the deistic and naturalistic philosophers of the eighteenth century, ideas having been impregnated with Masonic principles.

This satanic principle of the rights of man has acquired its universal status under the name of “the right of peoples to make their own decisions”, which became, after the war, the right to self-determination. It has its official translation in the very Masonic UNO, the work on this occasion of High American Masonry. This cacaphonic aviary of the UNO, in which more than 140 countries or states sing, some louder than others!

Whoever sees only this planetary spread would not know that the only ones to profit are the two associated master singers[52]: American plutocracy and Soviet imperialism; the first having in tow the liberal systems, the second: the communist regimes. With, at the summit, their common orchestral conductor: LUCIFER.

Michel Servant explains all this in his book: “Watch and Pray ....”, mentioned previously. His thesis is confirmed by facts on the natural plane, and by prophecies on the supernatural plane; for these two planes cannot be dissociated under pain of condemning oneself to UNDERSTANDING NOTHING of what is happening.

And the Warnings from the Beyond, published here, fit perfectly into this chain, being both realistic and prophetic at the same time, which gives them an extraordinary solidity. “If it has been the Will of God, in this case, to make use of demons to proclaim the truth: His Church is occupied, taken over, humanity is reduced to slavery.- this is not only to show that He was the Master, the only Master of the demons as of all the other creatures, and of events, but also to reveal that all the iniquities which are corrupting the Church, and through that the whole world, are not simply the work of men, however depraved they may be, but are more profoundly, the work of the demons, who are driving them from interior action. That is called: possession, infestation, envelopment, obsession, temptation. The analysis of this can be read in the pamphlet: “Exorcisme. Expérience Vécue.” (“Exorcism. An Actual Experience.”)

That is really why, fundamentally, nothing remains but spiritual means to regain peace and liberty, for God alone knows how to deliver us and to liberate the Church,[53] the Mistress of Truth, from its occupiers: cardinals and other unworthy prelates, of whom the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, is the prisoner and the victim.

To achieve that, all sincere Christians must, of necessity, unite with courage in reciprocal love and the mutual respect for their vocation.

That is really why the heavenly accusations addressed to the “traditionalists” through the demonic voice assume a tragic accent, because it is THROUGH THEIR UNITY, SEALED WITH HUMILITY, THAT VICTORY CAN COME. Failing that, we are heading straight for the Chastisements.

One can therefore, legitimately ask oneself: If the world does not believe, is this not ALSO the fault of those who want to keep on the good way: in the light of Tradition and in the Truth? “I pray ... that they may ALL be ONE ... so that the world may come to believe that it is Thou (the Father) Who has sent Me.” (John 17, 21)

When then is the criminal behavior of their disunity - where pride looms large - finally going to end?

What Heaven has affirmed so strongly in these “Warnings”, on the subject of Ecône and its Superior, clearly points out the way, the only way, for salvation: the maintaining of the “True Mass”.

This is exactly what Our Lord demanded three years earlier in His messages transmitted through Jeannette of France, and which we have published in the pamphlet 'Parce Domine': “The Mass for all times, fraudulently supplanted, must in point of fact, be brought back” (June 26, 1972) “Rome will in effect, have to put the helm hard over to re-establish the TRUE MASS” (June 23, 1973)

The HOLY SACRIFICE of the Mass, the renewal of that of Calvary, is the Sovereign Center for all the graces of the world, their reviving and irreplaceable Source, the Focus and Culminating Point of all the Liturgy (cf. Vatican II) and the Source of all the vitality of the Church, and through Her, of the world.

All those who wish to be Her (the Church's) defenders must be UNITED around Her, and, in the front ranks, the “Traditionalists” on whom it falls to give the example, according to the degree of their vocation ... and their responsibility.

THEN, the Holy Father, Paul VI, would be in a much stronger position to be able lo free himself from his imprisoning mould and to proclaim the Truth URBIS ET ORBI, by publishing his document which has been ready for three years, on the re-establishment of the one authentic Sacrifice of the Mass (at least in the Latin Church of today): the Tridentine Mass.[54]

AT THE SAME TIME the “great movement of reparation and public penance” demanded by the Heart of Jesus, could take place A movement: which must be initiated by “the Holy Father ... at Vézelay” by a personal public act of penance; which must he taken up by “France, the eldest daughter of the Church”, which “must give the example”; and which, finally, must be spread through the whole world (messages of January 31, April 6, April 23, 1967, etc. - 'Parce Domine')


THEN, God would act - He alone can do it, but He will not do it without us - and sweep away the ecclesial Subversion: the clique of treacherous cardinals and disloyal prelates who, with their followers, have taken over the Church.


THEN, without the Chastisements,[55] that would be God's victory which will be the triumph of the Holy Church; through the return to unity of ALL Christians, and the return to Truth of ALL “men of good will”, the unyielding ungodly suffering their fate. And that will be the “Golden Age” on earth:





President of the French Association



P.S. 1

We find, in the text of the exorcism of January 23, 1978, this exhortation from Judas: “You must support each other, you must regroup yourselves. But this is the age of which Christ has said that there would come a time when brother would rise up against brother, son against father etc.[57] And that is what is happening in your Church, even in the “Traditionalists” camp ... we do not wish to speak!”


P.S. 2

Beelzebub declared during the exorcism of November 7, 1977: “No barricades stand against us at the present time. ALL the barriers have been raised. We can cross as we please.”

That is clear, and alas, true! The demons are no longer meeting any obstacles standing in their way, not even within the Church. Paul VI proclaimed it on June 29, 1972: “The smoke of Satan[58] has entered into the Temple of God”: the Church. So if Satan is IN THE CHURCH, how can anyone hold that he is not EVERYWHERE ELSE as well?

Beelzebub adds: “The Traditionalists, those fools, are making openings.[59] They do not have the courage to stand fast, and they make openings. And through them we can most often pass.”

The conclusion seems clear to us. To the frequent usage of the sovereign remedies: HOLY CONFESSION and HOLY EUCHARIST, one MUST add the two specific remedies: THE ROSARY and EXORCISM, the one which Leo XIII made accessible to ALL: priests and lay people, since 1884.

We can bear witness to the marvelous results that their daily recitation brings (the Rosary and the Exorcism) into humanly desperate situations. 



We asked a theologian, Father Bernard, who is well versed in mysticism, if he would be agreeable to expressing his thoughts following the reading of these “Warnings”:

“For a theologian, the principal objection which can present itself when confronted by such “revelations”, is this: What credit can be given to the statements of possessed people? For there are two possibilities:

  1. That it may be the human spirit who is speaking and may be expressing its own thoughts;
  2. That it may be the demonic spirits, and that they may be lying, lying being the soul of Hell.


For the first, we reply: the human spirit of the possessed woman in this instance,[60] would not know how to speak as a damned soul and at the same time, to proclaim ceaselessly the truths of salvation, not to mention thousands of things outside her competence, and thousands of phenomena peculiar to possessions and exorcisms, and inexplicable by natural laws.


For the second, we reply: it is true that the demons are always very clever about lying. But it is also true that they can be COMPELLED by God to tell the truth, just as they can be compelled by Him to go away.


How do you know if they are lying or if they are acting under compulsion from God? Firstly, by the contents of what they are saying: everything which conforms to the authentic Faith is true, and inversely for what is contrary to it. Finally, by the circumstances demonstrating their compulsion, in particular by the fact that they are not able to resist the Divine adjurations and prayers, by the sanctity of the person whom they are possessing, by the necessity whereby they have to speak before being expelled, and to go away after having said EVERYTHING that they must say.


In the present case, the two points are inarguable. What is more, it is obvious that they are under a singular compulsion - as they themselves keep on saying, OVER AND OVER AGAIN - to have to proclaim the truths which are the most damaging to their own interests as demons, and the most useful for the Divine Cause.

We are well aware that this book will be violently rejected, by some, criticized profusely by many others, in ALL camps. It is not difficult to foresee that it will not please everybody.

We state only this: the position, that is to say the overall position, which each one will take when faced with these “revelations” will be exactly that which he will take faced with God. For it is the very teaching of the Church, the authentic teaching of the authentic 2,000-year old Church which is contained in the evidence here.

There are, it is true, points that relate to contingent matters in particular on the subject of the impostors who imprison and torture the Pope. But even there, if one is willing to really think about it, the logic of the True Faith pertains there much more than the facile skepticism of the “Freethinkers”, those whom the Enemy blinds and makes use of with the greatest ease and cheek.

Let us also note that, taken as a whole, these “revelations” can be verified, and are in fact verified, from different and important sources. And, indeed, many good souls knew all this already, or at least, the essential part of it.

In the same way as, in fact this division between those who “believe in them” and those who “don't believe in them” is largely predetermined beforehand by the choice of each one opposite God.

In the final analysis, the best advice we can give to those who are sincerely seeking the truth, is that given in the text itself: Get down on your knees, and pray with humility, fervor and persistence, pray especially to the Holy Spirit.

We want to add just one thing: put yourself in the presence of God, with the same intensity as if you knew you were going to die in a few hours and be judged by Him.[61] It is to those who refuse to take this view of Eternity as a fundamental precondition for seeing things clearly, that Our Lord gives the terrible lesson of the “Wicked Rich Man”[62]; he saw clearly only when it was too late, irrevocably and cruelly too late, and all through his own fault.

And it is not we, but Our Lord who bitterly concludes His Lesson: “If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will be unbelieving still, though one should rise from the dead.”






In the drama related in this work


April 25, 1977 - “Not even in the case of minor declarations do Those up there allow them to be false. Yet if anyone does not believe them, we are delighted about it (we, the demons).”


June 18, 1977 - “We (the demons) were hoping that this book might disappear before being successfully distributed. However, this wretched scrap paper (“Warnings from the Beyond”) has grown even bigger. Alas! Only thanks to the will of Those up there. From the human viewpoint, this rag would not have been able to proceed.”


July 13, 1977 - SHE (the Blessed Virgin) and the Holy Trinity ... make it known that it is sad that They have been forced to reveal so many things through the medium of demons, because they were not believed when they came from the mouths of privileged souls.”





The Blessed Virgin to sister Josefa Menendez, the messenger of the Heart of Jesus:

“My daughter, I wish to give you a lesson of great importance: the demon is like a wild dog, but he is chained, which means he has only limited freedom. He can therefore only seize and devour his prey when it comes near him; and in order to lay hold of it, his usual tactic is to transform himself into a lamb. The soul does not realize this, comes gradually nearer and discovers his malice only when it finds itself within striking distance. When he seems to be a long way away, do not cease to watch out for yourself, my daughter; his movement is silent and stealthy in order to pass unnoticed.”[64]





The priests whose names are listed below, testify that, based on their personal knowledge of this case of possession, they are firmly convinced of the authenticity of the revelations made by the demons, by order of the Blessed Virgin:

Abbot Albert d'Arx, Nieder-Buchsiten,

Abbot Arnold Egli, Ramiswil,

Abbot Ernest Fischer, missionary, Gossau,

Reverend Father Pius Gervasi, o.s.b., Disentis,

Abbot Karl Holdener, retired, Ried.

Reverend Father Gregoire Meyer, Trimbach,

Reverend Father Robert Rinderer, e.p.p.s., Auw,

Abbot Louis Veillard, retired, Cerneux-Pequignot.


NOTE (French edition).

The eight priests or religious named above are all of Swiss nationality, except Father Fischer, who is a German: they all took part in the exorcisms, except Father Gregoire Meyer, who was at one time Spiritual Director for the possessed woman, and therefore knows her well.

Two other priests, of French nationality, have also taken part in the exorcisms.





Some of the shepherds of the Church who ought to be protectors of the Faith and of the Truth are that no longer. That is why the Blessed Virgin Mary forces Satan -the father of lies - to tell the truth and to teach the pure doctrine of the Church, even while he fulminates against these Warnings. It is a question of waking the shepherds up and bringing about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Mother of the Holy Church.

It must be understood that all these communications should be compared with the authentic doctrine of the Church and with its present situation. But it is certain, here and now, that the contents of this book show the way towards a profound renewal of the Church.


Reverend Father Arnold Renz.





The “Warnings from the Beyond”: nothing extraordinary, yet everything is extraordinarily clear. Nothing has changed in Catholic Doctrine. Hell exists ... and how! Demons, under compulsion by the Virgin Mary, have put forward a despairing description of it.

The Church can change, can adapt itself in its non-essential points, as it has always done throughout history. But its message, its doctrine, its 'dogma' concerning' the Sacrifice of the Mass, remain complete and unchanging. Woe to whoever takes advantage of our eccentric times to preach a different Gospel from that which was stamped by the Blood of Jesus, Christ on the Cross.

After the Holy Trinity, the Virgin Mary is the Great Personage of Heaven and Earth. Anyone who can imagine that in our days a truly Catholic Pastorate can go without her help ... is already set on the road which leads to the loss of the Catholic Faith. Nothing is more humble than the Virgin Mary, nothing is more immense.

Who is it saying these things, who is preaching so well? It is Judas Iscariot; it is demons, furious at being forced to wake our shepherds up, by order of the sublime Shepherdess of the Church, the Virgin Mary!

In all this, what is happening to the Pope? Paul VI is a new “Man of Sorrows”, a man for whom every Catholic should have compassion - for a mystery surrounds this apparently disastrous Pontificate. But, as you read ... you will understand that this Vicar of Jesus Christ has not yet finished being spoken about.[66]

A book to think about, a book to be read, an unforgettable book. Hell is spitting out the truth.[67] It is a miracle from God.

December 24, 1977


 (ADDITIONAL NOTE: Pope Paul VI is no longer with us, but surely this book may be regarded as being a posthumous vindication for this holy and suffering martyr.)





I. The revelations which are the subject of this work have been collected and published:

-          by Bonaventure Meyer, for the German language edition, for the “Marianisches Schriftenwerk” - 4632 Trimbach (Switzerland) under the title: “Mahnung aus dem Jenseits uber die Kirche in unserer Zeit”, with the sub-title: “Textliche Dokumentation der Aussagen von Dämonen beim Exorzismus”

-          by Jean Marty, for the French language edition, accompanied by original notes, under the auspices of the Association “Tout Restaurer dans le Christ” with the title “Avertissements de l'Au-delà à l'Eglise contemporaine”, sub-titled “Aveux de L' Enfer.”[68]


II. This “Beyond” - which is beyond the visible world and is, therefore, the invisible world - is also and, most importantly, an “Above”: above the perceptible world. For it consists of purely spiritual beings: Angels and Demons, who are pure spirits.

This invisible Beyond - which is not self-evident because those who belong to it need intermediary bodies or materials: men, animals, plants, elements ... to be made perceptible - is still perfectly real or living. We are going to see the truth of that all through these pages.

Here, the actors in this drama are demons - fallen angels, angelic demons therefore; but there are also human demons present in the case, fur example Judas Iscariot.[69]


III. SIMPLE OPINION It was during the third reading of these Warnings, while reflecting and praying about them - always with pen in hand, as a supplementary aid for reflection - that we began to discover the meat in them and to assimilate their substance. And yet, God knows whether, for almost ten years, the announcements and information from the Beyond were becoming familiar to us as a preparation for this work-sailing by in the midst of reefs of ancient prophecies and shoals of modern prophecies.

But the Word of God, even transmitted through private prophecies, once perceived, lets itself be integrated into our life only after we have given our complete attention to it.



N.B. 1 - The number of exorcists present during the exorcisms varies from two to six. The exorcisms are still going on.

N.B. 2 - During the exorcisms - particularly lively as you will see -there are always people praying in a chapel before the Most Blessed Sacrament.

N.B. 3 - “We have invited the Swiss Bishops to be present during the Exorcisms. No favorable response has been received.” (Bonaventure Meyer)

N.B. 4 - A copy of a film of the exorcisms carried out on January 23, 1978, has been sent to the Swiss Bishops.



N.B. 1 - All the notes at the bottom of the pages are proper to the French edition.

N.B. 2 - The abbreviated expression: “In the name ...!”, used very frequently in the book, recalls that the Exorcist has been constantly obliged, in order to compel the Demon to tell the truth, to give him the command to do so: “In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit” followed by many other invocations (see Part One). The constant repetition of these adjurations is not justified in the text, which would have become too tedious (see the explanatory note of Father Renz, on this same topic)



The demons will leave the possessed woman when the imprimatur is obtained. Indeed, Beelzebub declared in the course of the exorcism of November 7, 1977: “We will not have to leave before you get the imprimatur. We will not be compelled to.”

Which seems to signify that the demoniacal revelations about the tragic situation of the Church will continue - and will be made public -until the imprimatur is obtained. To date (1978, the date of the French edition), the imprimatur has not been obtained, either for the German or for the French editions.





Never in the course of the history of the Church, have the truths of the Faith been placed in question by its own members, nor been so shaky in the minds of the faithful, as in our day. We are living the self-destruction of the Church by its own members, which Pope Paul lamented earlier in Holy Week 1969.

The Catholic doctrine about the Holy Angels and the Devil has also been plunged into the fiery furnace of the forge of Truth, and has become for many a red-hot poker. The burning character and the reality of the questions which are connected with this topic are testified to, on the one hand, by the great increase on the world book market of literature concerning the Holy Angels and the Devil; on the other hand, through such phenomena as the new cult of Satan in the United States, and the world-wide success of the film, “The Exorcist”.

At the same time, while Catholic professors of Theology are proclaiming the “death of the devil” and the whole ecclesiastic Institution is taking on a diabolical character in all sorts of ways, the opinion is spreading, even into the liberal papers of the USA, that “the devil is no more than the product of a primitive superstition.”

In the seven volume dogmatique “Mysterium Salutis”, the work of Swiss Theologians J. Feiner and M. Lohrer, M. Speman first deals with some preliminary questions on angelology and demonology.

The author endeavors to build on biblical and dogmatic foundations with human experience. He observes: “The existence and activity of Satan can be perceived, or at least recognized, better today, in a time when evil, violence and inhumanity have acquired a public legitimacy as never before; in a time when in depth psychology teaches that realities cannot be eliminated or made inoperative, by simply declaring, in the name of rationalist reasoning, that they do not exist.”

The Roman Catechism teaches, and the Second Vatican Council confirms, that the Church draws revealed Truth from two sources: Holy Scripture and oral Tradition. The Church, through its Magisterium, has the authority to declare the truths of Faith obligatory for all the faithful. Public revelation ceased with the death of the last of the Apostles.

Thus we have a clearly defined treasury of Faith, the “depositum fidei”. The Church must transmit this treasury of Faith, intact, to all generations. In that consists the role and the duty of Tradition in the Church. In the framework of this public Revelation, the Church recognizes and ratifies the existence of private revelations, above all those that have a general interest for the Church. “Private revelations, says theologian Karl Rahner, are not a luxury for the Church, but a necessity indicating to her how to act in an historically determined situation.”

On the basis of this information, it has seemed at least useful, if not necessary, to reproduce at the beginning of these revelations resulting from the exorcism, the most recent teachings of Paul VI on the existence and activity of demons;[70] then an interview with His Eminence, Cardinal Joseph Hoeffner of Cologne, on the occasion of an actual case of possession; and after that to show the parallelism between the visions of the stigmatic Catherine Emmerich and the present crisis of the Church.





 (At the General Audience of November 15,1972) What are the most important needs of the Church today? Do not be astonished by our reply, which you could find simplistic, or even superstitious or unreal. One of its greatest needs is to defend itself against this evil that we call the demon.

Before giving details of our thinking, we invite you to consider, within a perspective of faith, human life, the immense panorama of which we can henceforth uncover and examine in depth. This tableau whose whole reality we are to contemplate is, indeed, very beautiful. It is the tableau of creation, of God's work, the substantial beauty of which, being an exterior reflection of His Wisdom and Power, He Himself has admired.

So it is with much interest that we look at this tableau of the dramatic history of humanity, from which emerges the story of Christ's Redemption, of our salvation, with its marvelous treasures of revelation, prophecy and sanctity, of life elevated to a supernatural plane, of eternal promises. (Cf. Eph. 1,10)

If we know how to look at this picture properly, we cannot fail to be amazed. (Cf. St. Augustine, “Soliloquies”)

Everything has a meaning, everything has a purpose, an order; everything indicates a transcending presence, a thought, a life, and finally, a love of such a kind that the universe, through what it is and through what it is not, is presented to us as a rapturous and intoxicating preparation for something still more beautiful and still more perfect. (Cf. 1 Cor. 2,9; 13,12; Rom. 8. 19-23)

The Christian vision of the cosmos and of life is therefore triumphantly optimistic. This vision justifies our joy and our understanding of living; in celebrating the Glory of God, we sing of our happiness (Cf. the “Gloria” of the Mass)

But is this vision complete? Is it correct? Are we insensible to the deficiencies which exist in the world, to the things which are out of harmony in our existence - to suffering, death, wickedness, cruelty, sin - in short, to evil? Do we not see all the evil which exists in the world, especially moral evil - that is, evil which is committed simultaneously, although by varying degrees, against man and against God? Is this not a sad spectacle, an inexplicable mystery?

And we, the disciples of the Word, we who extol good, we the believers - are we no longer sensitive to, no longer troubled by the sight and the experience of evil? We find it in the realm of nature, where so many of its manifestations seem to us to proclaim a disorder; we find it among men, where we see weakness, fragility, suffering, death and even worse; we are in the presence of two opposing laws: the one which would wish for good, the other which tends towards evil. Saint Paul has shown clearly the humbling evidence of this torment in order to show the necessity of, the good fortune of, the grace which saves us - this means of the salvation brought by Christ. (Cf. Rom. 7) In the past, the pagan poet, Ovid, wrote of this conflict in the heart of man: “Video meliora proboque, deteriora sequor.” (“I see what is good and I am in agreement with it, but I do what is evil” (Met. 7, 19)

We find sin, the corruption of human liberty and the fundamental cause of death, because it is a separation from God, the Source of life (Rom. 5,12); sin, the occasion and the effect of the intervention within us and in our world, of a dark and hostile agent, the Demon. Evil is not just a deficiency, it is the fact of a living, spiritual being, corrupt and corrupting. A terrible, mysterious and dangerous reality.

Those who refuse to acknowledge his existence, or who attribute him with an autonomous beginning, not having had his origin in God as did all creation, are deviating from the teaching of the Bible and of the Church; as also are those who explain him as a pseudo-reality, an invention of the mind to personify the unknown causes of our evils.

The problem of evil, complex and preposterous for our unilaterally rational minds, becomes obsessive. It constitutes the greatest difficulty for our religious conception of the cosmos. Saint Augustine who suffered from it for many years, knew this well: “I was searching to find the source of evil, but I could find no explanation.” (“Confessions” VII 5,7,11 etc.)

Hence the importance of the awareness of evil, in order to be able to see the world, life, and salvation, in a correct Christian perspective. Who does not recall in the Gospel, that chapter so heavy with meaning, about the triple temptation of Christ at the beginning of His public life: or the numerous accounts where the Lord meets the demon, and features him in His teachings (for example. Matt 12, 43)? And how can we forget that three times Christ calls His enemy, the Demon: “Prince of this world” (John 12,31; 14,30; 16,11).

The reality of this baleful presence is emphasized in very numerous passages of the New Testament. Saint Paul calls him “the God of this world” (2 Cor. 4,4); and he warns us that we Christians have to struggle against the powers of darkness, having not one such demon, but a redoubtable plurality of demons confronting us: Put on the armor of God, so you will be able to withstand the maneuvers of the devil. It is not man who is our opponent, but Principalities, Powers, Dominations from this world of darkness, Spirits of Evil who are widely distributed in the atmosphere. (See Eph. 6, 12-13)

Many passages from the Gospel show us that it is not a question of just one, but of numerous demons. (Luke 11.21; Mark 5.9) One of them however, is the principal one. This is Satan, who wants to become the Adversary, the Enemy; and with him there are many others, who are all creatures of God, but they are fallen creatures who rebelled and were damned. We know very little indeed about this whole mysterious world, thrown into confusion in an almost painful drama.

We do, however, know many things about this diabolical world which concern our life and the whole history of humanity. The demon was the cause of humanity's first misfortune. He was the insidious and deadly tempter, the instigator of the first sin -original sin (Gen. 3 - Sag. 1,24).

Since the fall of Adam, the Demon has acquired a certain dominion over man from which only the Redemption of Christ can deliver us. And this story is still going on. Let us call to mind the Baptismal exorcisms and the frequent references in Holy Scripture and the Liturgy to the aggressive and oppressive “power of darkness”. (Cf. Luke 22, 53 - Col. 1,13) he is the enemy. Number One, the tempter par excellence.

We know, therefore, that this dark and troublesome being truly exists and that he is always at work with a treacherous guile. He is the occult enemy who sows error and misfortune into the human story. Let us not forget the very enlightening parable about the good grain and the cockle; it summarizes and explains the illogic that seems to govern our inconsistencies: “It is an enemy who has done that” (Matt, 13,28).

Christ describes him as one who “from the first was a murderer ... the father of lies” (Cf. John 8, 44-45). Insidiously, he threatens the moral equilibrium of man. He is the perfidious and wily seducer who knows how to infiltrate into us through our senses, our imagination, our concupiscence, Utopian logic and socially disordered contacts; to introduce into our actions deviations which are so harmful, but on the surface appear to be in keeping with our physical or psychic make-up, or with our instinctive and profound aspirations.

Concerning the demon and the influence which he can exert over individuals, communities, whole societies, or over events, a very important section of Catholic doctrine in which very little interest's shown today, should be studied anew. Some people think they can find sufficient information in the study of psychoanalysis and psychiatry, in the experiences of spiritualism which today, unhappily, is very widespread in certain countries. There is a fear of falling again into the old Manichean theories or into fatal, fantastic or superstitious deviations.

Today, one prefers to display a strong, unprejudiced, positivist mind which then makes one free to put one's faith gratuitously in so many magic or popular fads; or worse to deliver one's soul - a baptized soul which has so many times been visited by the Eucharistic Presence and which is the dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit -to sensual and licentious experiences, to experiences poisoned by drugs, or to the ideological seductions of fashionable errors. These are, moreover, the cracks through which the Evil One can easily insinuate himself to alter the spirit of man.

Certainly, all sin is not attributable directly to the action of the devil. But it is none the less true that he who does not watch himself sufficiently closely (Cf. Matt. 12-45 - Eph. 6.11) exposes himself to the influence of “the mystery of iniquity” of which Saint Paul speaks (2 Thess. 2. 3-12) and compromises his salvation.

Our teaching becomes uncertain obscured as it is by the darkness which surrounds the Demon.

But two questions legitimately call for our curiosity, aroused by the certainly of his multiple existence. Are there signs, and . what are they, of the presence of the devil's actions? What are the means of defending ourselves against such an insidious danger? The reply to the first question requires a great deal of prudence, even if the signs of the Evil One seem sometimes to be obvious. We could presuppose his sinister intervention there, where God is denied in a radical, subtle and preposterous way; there, where hypocritical lies are affirmed vigorously in opposition to evident truth; there, where love is suffocated by a cold and cruel selfishness; there, where the name of Christ is the object of a premeditated and wild hatred (Cf. 1 Cor. 16,22; 12,3); there, where the spirit of the Gospel is distorted and belied by what is being done; there where it is asserted that despair is the only outlook, etc.

But here we have a matter for diagnosis that is too vast and too difficult so that, for the moment, we do not venture to go into it deeply and establish the whole truth about it. However, it is not devoid of dramatic interest for everyone. Modern literature has, indeed, devoted famous pages to the subject. The problem of evil remains, for the human mind, one of the most important and most permanent, even after the victorious answer to it given by Jesus Christ: “We can be sure, writes Saint John the Evangelist, that we are God's children, though the whole world about us lies in the power of evil” (1 John 5.19)

The other question is: What is the defense, what remedy to oppose the action of the Demon? The reply is easier to formulate, even if it remains difficult to put into practice. We could say -everything which defends us from sin protects us, by the same effect, from the invisible Enemy. Grace is the decisive defense. Innocence has the appearance of force. And everyone remembers how the apostolic teaching took the arms of a soldier as a symbol of the virtues which can render the Christian invincible (Cf. Rom. 13.12; Eph. 6, 11, 14, 17; 1 Thess. 5.8). The Christian must be militant, vigilant and strong. Sometimes he must practice a special asceticism to banish certain attacks of the devil. Jesus teaches us and demonstrates the effectiveness of prayer and fasting (Mark 9,29). And Saint Paul suggests the guideline, we should follow: “Do not allow yourself to be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.” (Rom. 12,21; and Matt. 13.29)

Being thus aware of the adversity in which souls, the Church, the world, find themselves today, we should do our utmost to give meaning and effectiveness to the words of our principal prayer: “Our Father ... deliver us from Evil.”





(From the visions of the Venerable Anne-Catherine Emmerich, as related to the Pilgrim,[72] during the years 1819 and 1820)[73]


“I saw St. Peter's. A great crowd of men were trying to pull it down whilst others constantly built it up again. Lines connected these men one with another and with others throughout the whole world. I was amazed at their perfect understanding. The demolishers, mostly apostates and members of the different sects, broke off whole pieces and worked according to rules and instructions. They wore white aprons bound with blue ribbon. In them were pockets and they had trowels stuck in their belts. The costumes of the others were various.


“There were among the demolishers distinguished men wearing uniforms and crosses. They did not work themselves, but they marked out on the wall with a trowel where and how it should be torn down.[74] To my horror, I saw among them Catholic priests.


“Whenever the workmen did not know how to go on, they went to a certain one in their party. He had a large book, which seemed to contain the whole plan of the building and the way to destroy it. They marked out exactly with a trowel the parts to be attacked, and they soon came down. They worked quietly and confidently, but slyly, furtively and warily.


“I saw the Pope praying, surrounded by false friends who often did the very opposite to what he ordered, and I saw a little black fellow (a laic) laboring actively against the Church.


“Whilst it was thus being pulled down on one side, it was rebuilt on the other, but not very zealously. I saw many of the clergy whom I knew. The Vicar-General gives me great joy. He went to and fro, coolly giving orders for the repairing of the injured parts. I saw my confessor dragging a huge stone by a roundabout way.


“I saw others carelessly saying their breviary and, now and then, bringing a little stone under their cloak or giving it to another as something very rare. They seemed to have neither confidence nor earnestness nor method. They hardly knew what was going on. It was lamentable....”


From the beginning of August to the end of October 1820, Anne-Catherine devoted herself to prayers and supplications for the Holy Father, which were brought about by a comprehensive vision:


“I see new martyrs, not of the present but of the future, though even now they are oppressed.


“I saw the secret society undermining the great church (St. Peter's) and near them a horrible beast that rose out of the sea. It had a tail like a fish, claws like a lion, and numberless heads that lay like a crown around one large head; its jaws were large and red, its body spotted like a tiger. It was very familiar with the demolishers lying near them whilst they worked, and again, concealing itself in a cave.


“Here and there throughout the whole world I saw many good, pious people, especially ecclesiastics, harassed, imprisoned and oppressed, and I felt that at some future day, they would be martyred.


“When the church was well-nigh overturned, the choir and altar alone remaining untouched, I saw the demolishers thronging into it accompanied by the beast. But they encountered a tall, majestic female who seemed to be with child for she walked very slowly. The wretches were filled with affright on seeing her and the beast lay paralyzed, furiously darting its head towards her, as if to devour her; but she turned and fell prostrate on her face. Then I saw the beast fleeing to the sea, the enemy hurrying off in disorder, and immense circles of combatants surrounding the church, some on the earth, others high in the air...”


On August 10, she relates: “I see the Holy Father in great distress. He lives in another palace and receives only a few to his presence. If the wicked party knew their own great strength, they would even now have made an attack. I fear the Holy Father will suffer many tribulations before his death, for I see the black counterfeit church gaining ground, I see its fatal influence on the public. The distress of the Holy Father and of the Church is really so great that one ought to pray to God day and night. I have been told to pray much for the Church and the Pope...

“Last night I was taken to Rome where the Holy Father, plunged in affliction, is still concealed in order to elude dangerous exigencies. He is very feeble, quite worn out by distress, anxiety and prayer. His chief reason for lying concealed is because he can trust so few. But he has by him a very simple-hearted, pious old priest, his true friend, whom his enemies on account of his simplicity think it not worthwhile to remove. Now, this good old priest is full of God's grace. He sees, he remarks many things, which he faithfully communicates to the Holy Father. More than once I have had to point out to him in prayer traitors and evil-minded men among the Pope's high, confidential officers, that he might give him notice of them. In this way, he has been warned against one who was all-influential up to the present; but who will be so no more. The Pope is so feeble that he can no longer walk alone.


October 1: “The Church,” she groaned, “is in great danger. I must ask every one who comes to see me to say an “Our Father” for that intention. We must pray that the Pope may not leave Rome, for unheard-of evils would result from such a step. We must pray the Holy Ghost to enlighten him.


October 4: “Last night I had a vision of the Pope. I saw Saint Francis carrying the church, and the basilica of Saint Peter borne on the shoulders of a little man who had something of the Jew in his countenance.' It looked very perilous.


“Mary stood on the north side of the church with her mantle extended over it. The little man was almost bent double. He is, as yet, a laic. I know who he is. The twelve men whom I always see as the twelve new Apostles ought to have helped him, but they arrived too late; however, just as he was about to fall, they all ran up with myriads of angels to his assistance. It was only the pavement and the back part of the church, for all the rest had been demolished by the secret society helped by the servants of the church themselves. They bore it to another place, and it seemed as if rows of palaces fell before it like fields of wheat in harvest time.


“When I saw Saint Peter's in this ruinous state and so many ecclesiastics laboring, though secretly, at its destruction, I was so overcome that I cried earnestly to Jesus for mercy. Then I saw my Heavenly Spouse before me under the form of a youth. He spoke to me for a long time. He told me that this translation of Saint Peter's signified that the Church would apparently fall to total ruin: but that, resting on these supports, she would be raised up again. Even if there should remain but one Catholic Christian, the Church would again triumph since its foundations were not cast in the intellect or councils of men. She had never yet been without members praying and suffering for her.”


“I was also told that very few Christians, in the true sense of the term, are to be found nowadays ... I am greatly afflicted at what I saw.


October 7: “As I went through Rome with Frances[75] and the (other) Saint, we saw a great palace enveloped in flames (the Vatican). I was in dread lest the inmates would be consumed, for no one tried to extinguish the fire; but when we drew near, it suddenly ceased and left the building black and scorched. After passing through numerous magnificent apartments, we reached that of the Pope. We found him sitting in the dark asleep in a large armchair. He was very sick and weak, no longer able to walk.


“I see the Church alone, forsaken by all and around her strife, misery, hatred, treason, resentment, total blindness.


October 10: “I saw Saint Peter's utterly demolished, all except the choir and main altar. Saint Michael girt and armed, descended into the church and with his sword repulsed several bad pastors who were trying to enter.

“Soon the whole front of the church was down; the sanctuary alone stood. Then I saw a most majestic lady floating, over the great square before the church. Her wide mantle fell over her arms as she arose gently on high, until she stood on the cupola and spread it over all the church like golden rays.


“The destroyers were taking a short repose, and when they returned they could in no way approach the square covered by the mantle. On the opposite side, the repairs progressed with incredible activity. There came men, old, crippled, long-forgotten, followed by vigorous young people, men, women, children, ecclesiastic and lay, and the edifice was soon restored.


“Then I saw a new Pope coming in procession, younger and far sterner looking than his predecessor. He was received with pomp. He appeared about to consecrate the church. But I heard a voice proclaiming that it was unnecessary, as the Blessed Sacrament had not been disturbed.


“The same voice said that they should solemnly celebrate a double feast, a universal jubilee and the restoration of the church. The Pope, before the feast began, instructed his officers to drive out from the assembled faithful a crowd of the clergy both high and low, scolding and grumbling. Then the Holy Father took into his service others, ecclesiastic and lay. Now commenced the grand solemnity of Saint Peter's.


December 30: “Again I saw Saint Peter's with its lofty cupola on whose top stood Michael shining with light. He wore a blood-red robe, a great banner in his hand. A desperate struggle was going on below - green and blue combatants against white, and over the latter, who seemed to be worsted, appeared a fiery red sword. None knew why they fought. The church was all red like the angel, and I was told that it would be bathed in blood. The longer the combat lasted, the paler grew the color of the church, the more transparent it became.”


“Then the angel descended and approached the white troops. I saw him several times in front of them. Their courage was wonderfully aroused, they knew not why or how, and the angel struck right and left among the enemy who fled in all directions. Then the fiery sword over the victorious whites disappeared. During the engagement the enemy's troops kept constantly deserting to the other side; once they went in great numbers.”


“Numbers of Saints hovered in the air over the combatants, pointing out what was to be done, making signs with the hand, etc., all different, but impelled by one spirit.”


“When the angel had descended, I beheld above him a great shining cross in the heavens. On it hung the Savior from Whose Wounds shot brilliant rays over the whole earth. Those glorious Wounds were red like resplendent doorways, their center golden-yellow, like the sun.”


“He wore no Crown, of Thorns, but from all the Wounds of His Head stream rays. Those from His Hands, Feet and Side were fine as hair and shone with rainbow colors; sometimes they all united and fell upon villages, cities and houses throughout the world. I saw them here and there, far and near, falling upon the dying, and the soul entering by the colored rays into the Savior’s Wounds. The rays from the Side spread over the Church like a mighty current lighting up every part of it, and I saw that the greater number of souls enter into the Lord by these glittering streams.”


“I saw also a shining red heart floating in the air. From one side a current of white light to the Wound of the Sacred Side, and from the other a second current fell upon the Church in many regions; its rays attracted numerous souls who, by the Heart and the current of light, entered into the Side of Jesus. I was told that this was the Heart of Mary.”


“When the combat on earth was over, the church and the angel became bright and shining, and the latter disappeared; the cross also vanished and in its place stood a tall, resplendent lady extending over it her mantle of golden rays. There was a reconciliation going on inside, and acts of humility were being made.”


“I saw bishops and pastors approaching one another and exchanging books. The various sects recognized the Church by her miraculous victory and the pure light of revelation they had seen beaming upon her. This light sprang from the spray of the fountain gushing from the Prophet Mountain.”


“When I saw this reunion, I felt that the Kingdom of God was near.. I perceived a new splendor, a higher life in all nature, and a holy emotion in all mankind as at the time of the Savior’s birth. I felt so sensibly the approach of the Kingdom of God that I was forced to run to meet it uttering cries of joy.[76]





Heaven forces the demons to speak, against their will, about the Church and its present situation, and to do so in such a way that their statements run counter to their reign and favour the reign of Christ.

In their rage, the infernal spirits most of the time avoid naming Mary, the Most Blessed Virgin Mother of God; they call her: “that Woman up there”. They do not say “Mary wishes it”, but “she wishes it”, “She forces me”, “She makes us say...”

In the same way, they dodge all around the name of Jesus and of God. Most of the time, they emphasize their words by an upwards gesture of the possessed woman's finger.

When the demons demand prayers - for example, when they say that such and such a prayer must be said before they speak, it is clear that this demand is not resultant from the wishes of Hell, but from those of Heaven which expressed them through the medium of the demons.

It should be kept in mind that, as the revelations were being made through the mouth of the possessed woman, she was often violently tormented - by difficulty in breathing, gnawing pains, cardiac troubles and choking fits. Hence the often disjointed character of the sentences.

As this publication is in opposition to Hell, the demons often refused to continue speaking. As well as this, they were continually making various objections-grumbling, shouting or sneering. A large number of these interruptions, particularly in the second part, have been omitted for reasons of brevity and simplification. But taken as a whole, the battle was often harder and longer than the reader can possibly imagine.

This must be borne in mind so that one does not go away with the impression that these revelations, so important for the Church, have been obtained easily.





In his book, Jean Marty says Beelzebub was from the choir of Archangels. Unless by this term he means just high angel, I do not believe he is correct. In the exorcism in Earling, Iowa in 1928, Beelzebub admitted he was from the Seraphic choir, which certainly makes sense if as he says in “Warnings” he was second only to Lucifer amongst the angels prior to the Fall.

The order of the Angelic choirs as printed on the first page of this work is that revealed by St. Michael the Archangel himself to Antonia d' Astonac and is the order found in the St. Michael Chaplet. This Chaplet was approved by Pope Pius IX on August 8, 1851 and was highly indulgenced by him.

Further confirmation that this is the correct order of the angelic choirs is found in the revelations of the German mystic, Magdalene of the Cross, in this century.

However, this is not universally believed and Donald Attwater's Catholic dictionary has a slightly different order. It appears that this latter order is what Jean Marty has used in his book.

Thus in this order, the Principalities are the 5th choir, but in the Angelic Chaplet, they are the 7th choir.

When we talk of St. Michael the Archangel, does this mean just high angel or is he from the choir of Archangels. From the revelations of Magdalene of the Cross, it appears he is from the choir of Archangels, the eighth choir.

From the Mystical City of God of Mary of Agreda, it is apparent that the good angels at the time of the Battle in Heaven gained varying degrees of merit according to how they behaved at that time. St. Michael, referred to by Beelzebub in “Warnings” as a little unimportant angel they had paid little attention to, so distinguished himself that God elevated him above all the Superior Choirs and made him chief angel, Prince of the Heavenly host. Is this so surprising when we consider Our Lady, a human being of a nature inferior to the lowest angel, has been placed way above the highest Angels in Heaven.

Thus it can be seen, that one's definitive place in Heaven, both for Angels and men, does not depend on “the accidents of birth”, but on the use one makes of what one has, the degree of love of God and conformity with the Divine will. Thus St. John Vianney - a dunce at school - can end up in Heaven, one of the greatest saints, and St. Michael from a lower choir of Angels becomes the Chief. It is worth recalling here the words of Christ that some of the first shall be last and some of the last first.





Note by A.C. Marystone.


In the New Testament, the fallen angel, Beelzebub, is mentioned in Matt. 10:25, Matt. 12:24-27, Mark 3:22, and Luke 11:15-18. In Matt. 12:24, Beelzebub is called “the prince of devils.”

In the Old Testament, Beelzebub is mentioned in II Kings, where he is called “the god (or lord) of Ekron”. A magnificent temple to Beelzebub was erected in the Philistine city of Ekron; and during the time of Elijah (9th cenutry BC:), King Ahaziah of Israel sent his emissaries to consult this false god. Ahaziah himself was on his way to the shrine of Beelzebub when Elijah intercepted him, demanding to know if Israel was without a God such that he consulted the false god of Ekron.

The name “Beelzebub” (Hebrew “Baal-zebub”) means “Lord (or god) of the flying ones (or flies)”. This name may be a Hebrew alteration of the Canaanite name, “Baal-zebul”, which means “Exalted Baal” or “Lord of the high place.” Baal-zebub (or Baal-sebul) reappears in the New Testament as “the prince of devils”.


From the Bible alone, one does not know if Beelzebub, “the prince of devils”, is the same as Lucifer. Thanks to the Swiss revelations, however, we now know that Beelzebub and Lucifer are two different devils. We also know that Beelzebub is the second ruling devil in Hell, having power immediately after Lucifer.


Actually, these things are not entirely new. In the famous exorcism at Earling, Iowa, in 1928, almost the same facts are indicated. That exorcism is described in the booklet, Begone Satan! (Published by Tan Books, Box 424, Rockford, Illinois 61105). The following citations are taken from this booklet:


“When Satan was asked in the Name of Jesus, the crucified Savior, whether there were more spirits involved in the possession of the woman, he did not feign in the least, but boastfully admitted that there were a number of them present. As soon as the name of Jesus was mentioned, he began through the woman to foam and howl like a wild raving animal.”


“This ugly bellowing and howling took place every day and at times it lasted for hours. At other times, it sounded as though a horde of lions and hyenas were let loose, then again as the mewing of cats, the bellowing of cattle and the barking of dogs. A complete uproar of different animal noises would also resound. This was at first so taxing on the nerves of those present that the 12 nuns were forced to take turns at assisting in order to save themselves and to have the necessary strength to continue facing the siege.”


The exorcist: “In the name of Jesus and His Most Blessed Mother, Mary the Immaculate, who crushed the head of the Serpent, tell me the truth. Who is the leader or prince among you? What is your name?

Devil, barking like the hound of Hell: “Beelzebub”.

Exorcist: “You call yourself Beelzebub. Are you not Lucifer, the prince of devils?”

Devil: “No, not the prince, the chieftain, but one of the leaders.”

Exorcist: “You were therefore not a human being, but you are one of the fallen angels, who with selfish pride wanted to be like unto God?”

Devil, with grinning teeth: “Yes, that is so. Ha, how we hate Him!”

Exorcist: “Why do you call yourself Beelzebub if you are not the prince of the devils?”

Devil: “Enough, my name is Beelzebub.”

Exorcist: “From the point of influence and dignity, you must rank near Lucifer, or do you hail from the lower choir of angels?”

Devil: “I once belonged to the seraphic choir.”

Exorcist: “What would you do, if God made it possible for you to atone for your injustice to Him?”

Devil, sneering: “Are you a competent theologian?”

Exorcist: “How long have you been torturing this poor woman?”

Devil: “Since her fourteenth year.”

Exorcist: “How dared you enter into that innocent girl and torture her like that?”

Devil, sneering: “Ha, did not her own father curse us into her?”

Exorcist: “But why did you, Beelzebub, alone take possession of her? Who gave you that permission?”

Devil: “Don't talk so foolishly. Don't I have to render obedience to Satan?”

Exorcist: “Then you are here at the direction and command of Lucifer?”

Devil: “Well, how could it be otherwise?”


“Let it be noted, too, that Father Theophilus[77] addressed the devil in English, German, and again in Latin. And the devil, Beelzebub, and all the other devils, replied correctly in the very same tongues in which they were addressed. Apparently they would have understood any language spoken today and would have answered in it ... “


“Father Theophilus indeed was anxious to know why the father had cursed his own daughter. But he only received a curt uncivil reply: “You can ask him. Leave me in peace for once.”

Exorcist: “Is then the father of the woman also present as one of the devils? Since when?

Devil: “What a foolish question. He has been with us ever since he was damned.” A terrible, sneering laughter followed, full of malicious joy.

Exorcist: “Then I solemnly command in the name of the Crucified Savior of Nazareth that you present the father of this woman and that he give me answer!”

“A deep rough voice announced itself, which had already been noticed alongside the voice of Beelzebub.”[78]

Exorcist: “Are you the unfortunate father who has cursed his own child?”

With a defiant roar: “No!”

“Who are you then?”

“I am Judas.” “What, Judas! Are you Judas Iscariot, the former Apostle?”

Thereupon followed a horrible, woefully prolonged: “Y-e-s, I am the one.”


This was howled in the deepest bass voice. It set the whole room a-quivering so that out of pure fright and horror the pastor and some of the nuns ran out. Then followed a disgusting exhibition of spitting and vomiting as if Judas were intending to spit at his Lord and Master with all his might, or as if he had in mind to unloose his inner waste and filth upon Him (the exorcist had a consecrated Host in a pyx on his breast).


Finally Judas was asked: “What business have you here?”

“To bring her to despair, so that she will commit suicide and hang herself! She must get the rope, she must go to Hell!”

“Is it then a fact that everyone that commits suicide goes to Hell?”

“Rather not.”

“Why not?”

“Ha, we devils are the ones that urge them to commit suicide, to hang themselves, just as I did myself.”


When the prayer of exorcism was renewed, the demon Jacob made his appearance with a healthy, manly voice. As in the case of Judas, one could detect at once that he had been a human being.

“Which Jacob are you?” asked the exorcist.

“The father of the possessed girl.”


Later developments disclosed the fact that he had led a frightfully coarse and brutal life, a passionately unchaste and debased life. He now admitted that he had repeatedly tried to force his own daughter to commit incest with him. But she had firmly resisted him. Therefore he had cursed her and wished inhumanly that the devils would enter into her and entice her to commit every possible sin against chastity, thereby ruining her, body and soul...


The reader would undoubtedly be misled if he were of the opinion that these questions and answers followed in regular order. It must be remembered that these battles and encounters with the devils extended over a number of days. At times the answers were interrupted by hours and hours of howling and yelling that could be brought into submission only by prolonged prayer and persistent exorcism. Often no further answers could be forced from the devils in any other way. Countless brats of devils also interrupted the process of exorcism by their disagreeable and almost unbearable interferences.

As a result of these disturbances, the woman's face became so distorted that no one could recognize her features. Then, too, her whole body became so horribly disfigured that the regular contour of her body- vanished. Her pale, death-like and emaciated head. often assuming the size of an inverted water pitcher, became as red as glowing embers. Her eyes protruded out of their sockets, her lips swelled up to proportions equaling the size of hands, and her thin emaciated body was bloated to such enormous size that the pastor and some of the Sisters drew back in fright, thinking that the woman would be torn to pieces and burst asunder. At times her abdominal region and extremities became as hard as iron and stone. In such instances the weight of her body pressed into the iron bedstead so that the iron rods of the bed bent to the floor ...

It has been intimated above that out of the voices coming from the possessed woman, four different ones could be very clearly distinguished. They announced themselves as Beelzebub, Judas Iscariot, Jacob, the father of the possessed woman, and Mina, Jacob's concubine ... in addition, there were also a great number of other unclean spirits in her. Among these the so-called dumb devils and avenging spirits made themselves especially prominent. The number of silent devils was countless. Apparently they were from the lower classes, for they displayed no marks of strength or power. Their voices were rather a confusion of sounds from which no definite answers could be distinguished. There was no articulate speech, rather a pitiful moaning and subdued howling ... It seems as though they came and left in hordes ... The avenging spirits were wild and violent, of rough and ill-mannered character. They were filled with hatred and anger against all human beings. Their very presence suggested an ugly and disgusting attitude - a mixture of hatred and envy, meanness and revenge, deception and trickery. These were precisely the ones that threatened to make the pastor rue his consent to the exorcism...

It was very evident that the forces of Hell were under the direction of a high commander, who, like a general and field marshal, sent forth new recruits for battle whenever the veterans, in their exhausted condition, were forced to retire. What pitiful sighs and pleadings they sent forth. One could hear voices to this effect: “Oh, what we have to put up with here; it is just terrible, all that we have suffered.” There were other voices that kept on urging their fellow-devils not to let up: “And how we will again have to suffer and cringe under him, how he will torture us again if we return without having accomplished our task.” They clearly referred to Lucifer as the torturer...


Father Theophilus, basing his opinion on his numerous experiences with cases of possession, believes that the hour of the Antichrist is not far distant. Lucifer himself was present for about 14 days in the Earling case. With all the forces of Hell at his disposal, he tried his utmost to make this a test case. Once Father Theophilus saw Lucifer standing visibly before him for half an hour - a fiery being in his characteristically demoniac reality. He had a crown on his head and carried a fiery sword in his hand. Beelzebub stood alongside of him. During this time the whole room was filled with flames. Lucifer was cursing and blaspheming in a terrible rage: “If I could, I would have choked you long ago. If I only had my former powers, you would soon experience what I could do to you.”

Through the powers of Christ, he had been deprived of his original might as even now through exorcism his influence was further diminished. Father Theophilus asked him one time: “What can you accomplish, you helpless Lucifer?” To which he replied: “What could you do, if you were bound as I am?”

At the very mention of St. Michael, Satan began to recoil. He was tortured by that part of the prayer which refers to the solemn petition addressed to St. Michael. He absolutely refused to listen to the statement that St. Michael, as leader of the faithful angels, cast Lucifer together with his legions into the very abyss of Hell. It was astounding how much he dreaded the prayer in honor of St. Michael commonly recited at the end of the Mass ...


A rather peculiar circumstance induced Pope Leo XIII to compose this powerful prayer. After celebrating Mass one day, he was in conference with the Cardinals. Suddenly he sank to the floor. A doctor was summoned and several came at once. There was no sign of any pulse-beating, the very life seemed to have ebbed away from the already weakened and aged body. Suddenly he recovered and said: “What a horrible picture I was permitted to see!” He saw what was going to happen In the future, the misleading powers and ravings of the devils against the Church in all countries. But St. Michael had appeared in the nick of time and cast Satan and his cohorts back into the abyss of Hell. Such was the occasion that caused Pope Leo XIII to have this prayer recited over the entire world at the end of the Mass...


... the poor (possessed) woman admitted during her periods of rest that she had visions of horrible battles between the good and evil spirits. Countless numbers of evil spirits continually arrived. Satan tried his utmost not to be outdone this time. The good angels came to assist at the exorcism. Many approached seated on white horses (Apoc. 19:15) and under the leadership of St. Michael, completely routed the infernal serpents and drove the demons back to the abyss of Hell...

On one occasion, when Father Theophilus insisted “that the devil should depart and return to Hell, the devil replied in a growling tone: “How can you banish me to Hell? I must be free to prepare the way for the Antichrist.” And again he spoke out of the possessed woman: “We know a lot. We read the signs of the times. This is the last century. When people will write the year 2000, the end will be at hand.” ...

Father Theophilus, who has had 19 cases of possession under his care within recent years, seems convinced that present indications point to the beginning of the great battle between Christ and Antichrist. He also seems to have learned that Judas will appear as Antichrist in this manner, that a human person, soon after birth, will he controlled and completely ruled by him...

At one time Satan became rather talkative about the Antichrist (and said:) “Yes, Satan is already abroad, and the Antichrist is already born in Palestine (on another occasion he also mentioned America). But he is still young. He must first grow up incognito before his power can become known.”*


* In John 17:12, Judas Iscariot is called “the son of perdition”; and in 2 Thes. 2:3. Antichrist is called “the son of perdition”. One may conclude that Antichrist will be the demon Judas Iscariot in the body of a man.







EXORCISM OF MAY 1, 1978 - The Feast of Saint Joseph.

















[1] This text is not included in the German-language edition of “Warnings” (Oct. 1977) It was sent to us direct with view to publication in the French edition, together with the other two exorcisms of “Part Three”.

[2] “The heads, the leaders of the people of God, have neglected prayer and penance, and the demon has darkened their understanding... Lucifer with a great number of his demons will be released from Hell: by degrees they shall abolish the Faith, even among persons consecrated to God. They shall blind them...” “They shall blind them” announced Our Lady at La Salette, September 19, 1846.

“The clergy are blind” confirms the demon in 1977.

[3] By us, demons.

[4] Under the title “Manuscrit de L'Enfer” (Manuscript from Hell) there was published in 1964, with imprimatur (Lib du Carmel, 27 rue Madame, Paris) a “Letter from the Beyond”, noted down by a nun, which originated from one of her friends who had fallen into Hell. Mgr. L. Cristiane, a specialist in demonology, wrote the preface for it. “This writing ... racks the soul with a shuddering of emotion, of piety, and at the same time, a feeling of horror.” It corroborates completely everything which we have read about Hell in the present “Warnings”.

[5] Ah yes! We know that well. Salvation lies neither in atheistic communism (“East”), nor in luxurious capitalism which turns souls lukewarm with its liberalism (“West”). Both are materialistic and, in fact, narrowly and secretly associated at the summit, with the aim of dominating the world and enslaving the church, under the rule of the “Prince of this world”. Salvation lies in GOD ALONE.

[6] A reference to the leaflets which were printed and widely distributed in Switzerland, attacking the revelations made by the demons and published in the book of “Warnings”, as soon as it appeared in the German language in Switzerland.

[7] See RITUALE ROMANUM, heading 11, Chap. 1: “Let the exorcist not be misled into gossip, useless or idle questions ... with no connection with his function ... ; let him not believe anything, if the demon claims to be the soul of a saint, of a deceased person, of a good angel...”

[8] This in not the case here, as the possessed woman is a reparatory victim.

[9] Cf. Matt. 12, 10-13; “And of what value is a sheep compared to a man? There is nothing unlawful, then, in doing a work of mercy on the Sabbath day” (v.12) (Cf. also Luke 14, 1-6)

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[11] Complete translations, not abridged.

[12] Of the present “Warnings”.

[13] At that time ready for final printing as soon as this text was received.

[14] Which has been done - all of “Part Three” of this book.

[15] Therefore, in all possible languages in use in the world.

[16] According to the studies of Michel Servant, a certain merciful delay is still being offered to us. But “the hour is near” (end of the title of his work).

[17] Exhortations which are, at the game time, warnings.

[18] Whose liturgical Feast Day happens to be April 5.

[19] “It is the Old One (Lucifer) who has carried these souls off, and not me.” (Declaration of the demon Garandieu, in the course of the exorcism).

[20] In actual fact, to the Priesthood as a whole, because as the demon states, he is also addressing: “bishops, cardinals and abbots (ecclesiastical superiors).”

[21] “Being what thou art, lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, thou wilt make Me vomit thee out of My mouth.” (Apoc. 3, 16)

[22] “...better for that man if he had never been born.” (Matt. 26, 24) - Our Lord, speaking about Judas, whom we now know to be in Hell.)

[23] By his soutane? ...or perhaps, his “garment of flesh” (Cf Saint Augustine, “Confessions”)

[24] Let us invoke the Holy Angels of the Fifth Choir: the Principalities, to give us the taste for and a love of prayer, and perseverance in prayer, for such is their vocation.

[25] “The first commandment of all is, Listen, Israel; there is no God but the Lord thy God; and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with the love of thy whole heart, and thy whole soul, and thy whole mind, and thy whole strength. This is the first commandment, and the second, its like, is this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Mark 12, 30-31)

[26] It would be done.

[27] All the ways of helping one's neighbor.

[28] A cross indulgenced for the purpose of helping the dying.

[29] “Give thanks (to God) upon all occasions; this is what God expects of you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thess. 5, 18)

[30] In other words, forever.

[31] “Whereupon Juda bade his son Onan mate with the widow, and do a husband's duty by her, so as to beget children in his brother's name; but Onan, who knew that they would not be reckoned as his, frustrated the act of marriage when he mated with her, so that his brother's line should remain without issue. Him, too, tor this abominable deed of his, the Lord punished with death.” (Gen. 38, 8-10)

[32] Those which are the result of “habitual contact with women”, the demon has just said.

[33] Jean Marty explains that the French word used, “se parer” means: “To take precautions against any danger whatsoever.” (Larousse)

[34] This angelic help, placed permanently at our disposal by God, is all the more necessary since - outside of the daily struggles against the inclinations of our poor human nature, tainted by Original Sin, and constantly led into confusion by our passions - it if not “against beings of flesh and blood” that we have to battle, but “with principalities and powers, with those who have mastery of the world in these dark days, with malign influences in an order higher than ours.” (Eph. 6, 12)

[35] “And if thy eye is an occasion of failing, pluck it out; better for thee to enter blind into the Kingdom of God, than to have two eyes when thou art cast into the fires of Hell; the worm which eats them there never dies, the fire is never quenched.” (Mark 9, 46-47)

[36] ADDITIONAL NOTE: i.e. old-fashioned, out of date, different from modern men!

[37] “Sufferings are the greatest gifts and the greatest graces from God ... they are the only thing the Angels would envy you, if they were capable of envying anything.” (Her Guardian Angel to Mechtilde Thaller in “The Angels” (“Les Anges”))

[38] “I then recognized my lack of courage and how wrong it was of me to wish so ardently for an end to my sufferings” - “I recognized with what indescribable ardor Jesus had desired suffering, and how a soul dwells within God's Love and His Grace, when it suffers patiently, in accordance with the Will of God.” (M. Thaller, idem.)

[39] “Thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself'. A commandment decreed by God Himself, first in the Old Testament through Moses (Leviticus 19, 18) ; then again in the New Testament thru our Lord ... and quoted, passed down, and taken up again afterwards by the Evangelists, the Apostles, etc.

[40] Everything which is natural is in the service of the supernatural. Clearly, this is a question of PSYCHOLOGY here, and not psychoanalysis, a sacrilegious and demonic parody of the Sacrament of Penance, a veritable violation of the soul.

[41] “If any man has a mind to come My way, let him renounce self, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” (Mark 8, 34)

[42] The way of self-denial and sacrifice, and not that of ease.

[43] “How is a man the better for gaining the whole world, if he loses himself, if he pays the forfeit of himself?” (Luke 9, 25 - The New Testament in English, Mgr. Ronald Knox) Probably more familiar: “What doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul?”

[44] The wrong way, described earlier by the demon Verdi-Garandieu.

[45] If he accepts the light.

[46] The Sixth Commandment of God; “Thou shalt not commit adultery”.

[47] The spirit of luxury, that is of indolence, lack of restraint, free-and-easiness.

[48] (1) Shortened prayer of Exorcism, after Low Mass, prescribed by Leo XIII in 1884. which the demons have said must be taken up again; privileged souls have said the same thing (Jeanette of France, for example).

[49] Pius XII again described France in this way on June 25, 1956, in his message marking the occasion of the fourth centenary of the rehabilitation of Saint Joan of Arc. In another connection, Jesus said to Jeannette of France: “France, the eldest daughter of the Church, must give the example to the other nations.” Now is the time for France to accomplish her liberating mission with regard to other peoples, by being the first to get down on her knees” ('Parce Domine' messages, Jan. 31, 1967 and August 27, 1968).

[50] To be “traditionalist” is in fact to be quite simply “catholic”, to have remained completely faithful to one's religion (which is the only true one). It is to be, as in duty bound, attached to the Faith and to the Tradition - the FAITHFUL transmission of Revelation.

[51] “It is an old tale, now, how thou didst break in pieces the yoke of my dominion, didst sever all the bonds between us, crying out, I will serve no more!” (Jeremias 2, 20)

[52] Accomplices could be more correct: Secret agreements from Yalta in 1945 (published in part in 1955 in America) on the dividing up of the world between the two Great Powers; Agreements renewed in Moscow in 1972 and detailed at Vladivostok in 1974, the three agreements having been signed, very significantly, in Soviet territory. Thus the lack of American, and subsequently European, action: in Hungary in 1956, in Czechoslovakia in 1968, in Angola in 1975 (and elsewhere in Africa); and the abandonment in the end of Vietnam in 1975. Next on the list: Yugoslavia. All countries delivered through the terms of the agreements to the Soviet octopus.

[53] This is exactly the direction of the messages received by Jeannette of France, published (in February and June 1975) in the pamphlet 'Parce Domine'. These messages are like a forward to the present “Warnings” which began on August 14, 1975 and which finish them off, in a manner of speaking.


[54] The codification, in fact, of the Mass, going back to all intents and purpose to Apostolic times, at least for its essential core. (Council of Trent 1562 - Saint Pius V, 1570)

[55] Or perhaps, with these being less widespread. Only God knows the answer!

[56] The “Spiritual Reign” as Michel Servant calls it. He devotes Chapters XVI and XVII of Volume II of his work, “The Triumph of Love”, to this subject.

[57] God is love and Mercy; He warns when he is going to chastise ... so that people may come back to Him. Then, as soon as man repents, He pardons him (cf. Jonah, Chap. 3: the preaching of Jonah, the demon, the conversion of the Ninivites ... through the announcement of the Divine Chastisements, and Divine pardon).

[58] Which generates cloudiness, whence blindness is born.

[59] They open the “barrier” - the obstacle he has just spoken of.

[60] She is a victim soul; the sufferings arising from her possession are expiatory and reparatory sufferings for others.

[61] See the parable of the hoarder (Luke 12,16-21), a model for those who refuse to take as a perspective for their plans, the only truth: ETERNITY. “Thou fool, this night thou must render up thy soul...” (Luke 12,21)

[62] Luke 16, 19-31.

[63] Made under compulsion of the exorcisms.

[64] “Un Appèl à l'Amour” (A Call to Love) - message of the Heart of Jesus to the world; original edition with Imprimatur of Cardinal Saliège in 1944.

[65] Written by one of the French priests present at the exorcism.

[66] The author, very well-informed on the Vatican, has told us he is convinced that Our Lord Jesus Christ will not permit Paul VI to depart this earth leaving behind the impression that he had concealed the rationalist and modernist errors which have invaded the Church, and that He will defend His Vicar against the injustice of the present situation by making known the truth.

[67] Hell “is spitting out” - this implies “poison”. “The Truth” -that is the “antidote”. This contrast of opposing words gives great strength to the idea expressed by the author.

[68] This is an English translation from the French. Most of the notes from the French edition are included - only those with no apparent relevance to the English-speaking reader have been omitted.

[69] The angelic demons are demons, strictly according to modern usage of the word. The word “demons” is also applied here, by extension, to condemned human souls - principally Judas - who, in fact behave the same way as the angelic demons.

[70] Rev. Father Renz comes back to this subject in his article: “What is Possession?”

[71] Symbol of the Church. From now on, all notes are proper to the French edition.

[72] The name by which Clement Brentano is described according to a vision of Anne- Catherine Emmerich herself.

[73] Rather than translating from Jean Marty's French, this section has been taken directly from the 2. volume English edition of “The Life of Anne-Catherine Emmerich “ (1968 edition of Maria Regina Guild, Los Angeles, reprinted from Eng. edition 1885)

[74] The description is clear - the anti-Christian Conspiracy. The “distinguished men”: the hidden heads of High Masonry who give the orders; the “workmen”: the KNOWN members of the Freemasons who carry out the orders.

[75] This refers to Saint Frances of Rome, the mother of a family (died 1440) who was a frequent communicant and who used to converse familiarly with her Guardian Angel.

[76] This she really did in her vision, praying in a loud voice.


[77] Rev. Theophilus Riesinger, O.M., Capuchin, 1868-1941.

[78] From here on, quotation marks will be used only for the conversation between the exorcist and the demon, and not for the narrative.


Warnings from Beyond  Part 1 of 3

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