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'American Hiroshima' Archives

"If only I could show you, the prideful and boastful United States and Canadaif I could show you what the enemy has in store for you now, you would grovel on your knees to make restitution to the Eternal Father. But now this must be taught to you in a most sorrowful way." - Our Lady of the Roses, September 27, 1986

Veronica -
Now Jesus is pointing over, and I'm looking at the skyline of New York as you're coming in from Long Island. I'm looking at the skyline, and there just in front of me is that submarine. Now it's diving, and it's going about--I don't know, it's--I don't know where it's heading, but it's very deep. But I noticed the submarine is off the New York skyline, the New York side of the United States.

      Now Jesus is going like this, and the scene is fading away; it's disintegrating just like it was made of smoke. And the sky has returned to its closed state of darkness.
      And Jesus is now telling me to look down. I'm looking down, and it appears to be a subway station, but there's no one. I know, I recognize tracks going into a tunnel. There's no one about in this tunnel. I seem to feel that it has been discarded as a major network for the trains. Now Our Lady and Jesus now are standing at my side. I'm standing with Them on the platform. And Jesus says:

Jesus - "Look, My child, what is coming in."

Veronica - And there on the tracks--it's made of wheels--there's a carting, some type of a carting--train-like board. And on this--I know, I, I know it's a bomb, a very large bomb, and it has a point, like a V-shape upside down, pointed type of nozzle, or whatever you'd call it. I don't know the mechanics of bombs or anything, but I know it's a bomb.
      And then Jesus touched His lips. He said: "Warhead! A warhead!"
      It's an underground tunnel that's not being used for transporting the passengers at this time. It's been abandoned. But it has made, said Jesus, an ideal parking place for a major destructive force that man has created--a missile.

Our Lady - "My child and My children, there is one fact that must be brought forward to all mankind. I know that many have tried to make up for the void that the bishops of your country and the world have created when they will not go about and consecrate the major offender in this world now, Russia--will not consecrate Russia to the--both the Immaculate Hearts. My Son and I, We wish to save you from this destruction. And there is only one way that you can: that's through penance and prayer. Your future, which is coming to a point of what you call the end of an era, your future is upon you.
      "The United States of America shall not escape this time the punishments and the desolation of the nation that has gone now throughout the world, with Russia as the main force for this evil." - March 26, 1983


'American Hiroshima'

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