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Communism archives


Attacks against the Church:

Russian persecution of the Catholic Church back in high gear

Vatican condemns arrests of priests and seminarians in China

Vatican II, part 1: Infiltration of the Church

Communist agents have infiltrated the Church to destroy from within

A new wave of persecution against Chinese Catholics

Polish Archbishop who spied for communists resigns

Global communism:

Global communism, part 1

Global communism, part 2


Avowed communists in Italy's government

Latin America:

Planned U.S. invasion through Mexico

Moscow's new empire: Latin America

Latin America going communist

Venezuela's Chavez spreading socialism with oil

A look at Latin American Leftist leaders

A Latino cabal is looming

Chavez: "Those of you who want to know what type of socialism I have planned for Venezuela should read Marx and Lenin"

Russia returns to Latin America

U.S. fears terrorist access to Nicaraguan missiles


Masters of deceit

Russia's master plan

Satellites pinpoint Russian nuclear arms in Baltics

The Vatican-Moscow Treaty

Missile invasion

What "peace"?

Russian subs

Russia deploys "unrivaled" missiles

Russian arms network seen behind Al-Qaeda

WorldNetDaily exposé on Russian military confirms Our Lady of the Roses June 18, 1992 message

Russian spying in Britain "back to Cold War levels"

Russia tied to missing weapons in Iraq

Within the U.S., plans against the U.S.

Nancy Pelosi part of powerful, socialist-linked bloc

Communism's 45 goals to destroy the United States

Kerry dismissed the threat of global communism as "bogus" before a Senate hearing in 1971

Kerry's campaign slogan taken from a communist poem

Russia: America's #1 danger

Planned U.S. invasion through Mexico

First strike

Veronica's "landing points" vision: Is this the communist strategy for invading the United States?

Russian spying in the United States has reached the high-water mark of the Cold War

Russian espionage and penetration of the U.S. government

Communism is not dead! The Petr Cibulka interview

The enemy behind our enemy: Russia is the spider at the center of the global terrorism web

God or Man?

President Carter's appeasement of global communism

Russia: the most deceitful and godless nation on earth

Supreme Court Justice Warren and how he aided the communist subversion of the United States

Communist influence over President Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Franklin D. Roosevelt ignored warnings of communist infiltration

Michael Savage: Homosexual activists similar to Marxists

Michael Savage speaks out against the Dem death worshipers

Communist strategy and tactics

Vatican condemns arrest of Catholic priests in China

Political correctness is Marxism

ACLU founder a communist idealogue bent on uprooting Judeo-Christian foundation of America

A recently discovered memo reveals Senator Ted Kennedy cooperated with the KGB, Soviet leaders to undermine Reagan

Communist Party supporting Dems: 'Stakes have never been so high: control of the House and Senate'

Lenin's prophecy about the United States'sProphecyAboutAmerica.htm

The Commies are coming! Should the 2008 elections go to the Democrats, as the Communist Party USA is working to accomplish, the direction of the nation will change dramatically

Old commies like new face




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