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Contraception Archive

Contraception and abortifacients

Pope Benedict tells pharmacists not to dispense drugs to inhibit implantation; implications for Plan B at Catholic hospitals

Emergency "contraception" and early abortion

Colorado Springs Bishop says he does not and would not permit Plan B in Catholic hospitals

Australia's Cardinal Pell: Dispels "heresy" that Catholics can approve contraception "in good conscience"

US Court rules pharmacists must have rights of conscience respected'RightsOfConscienceMustBeRespected.htm

A 'seriously flawed' decision in Connecticut

World renowned theologian renders possibly decisive blow in debate on Plan B in Catholic hospitals

Pope Paul VI was prophetic

Contraception is intrinsically evil

Catholic pharmacist refuses to sell contraceptive pills

Confirmed deaths caused by RU-486

John Paul II reaffirms condom use sinful after Spain debacle

Abortion pill crackdown in Philippines has police chasing down U.N.-supported NGOs

United Nations issues call to save "Spaceship Earth" with contraceptives

Parents sue after 14-year-old daughter died with birth control patch

Doctors refusing to prescribe contraceptive Ortho Evra patch

Pharmacist vows he will not dispense abortifacient despite job loss

Abortion Pill, RU-486, kills 5 women in one month

Plan B manufacturer admits morning after pill can cause death of an embryo

Advisory doctor to FDA confirms morning-after pill acts as abortifacient

Major U.S. study shows oral contraceptives increase breast cancer risk 44%

Plan B manufacturer for New Zealand admits it causes abortion

Call for world leaders to revisit "prophetic" warnings of Humanae Vitae

Pharmacists sue Washington state for forcing them to sell morning after pill

Birth control pill creates blood clot causing death of Irish woman

Massive study finds the Pill significantly increases cancer risk if used more than eight years

Human Life International President - "Plan A: Keep 'Plan B' out of Catholic hospitals"'PlanB'OutOfCatholicHospitals.htm

American Life League urges Connecticut bishops to rethink Plan B at Catholic hospitals

Bishops of Connecticut: Are you willing to risk murder?

Catholic Media Coalition asks Connecticut Bishops to rescind approval of abortifacient Plan B

UK Cardinal standing firm in his refusal to allow a famous Catholic hospital to make abortion referrals or provide contraceptives




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