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Holy Eucharist Archives

Holy Eucharist

"Kneel before your God in the Eucharist"

What inspired Archbishop Sheen to make the daily holy hour?

The Vatican on kneeling for Holy Communion

Vatican defends the right to kneel for Holy Communion

Sacrilegious Communion and the U.S. bishops

Catholics must be free of grave sin to receive Holy Communion

The Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation

Bishop Sheridan will deny Communion to Catholics who vote pro-abortion

Bishop Wenski calls pro-abortion Catholics who demand to receive Communion "boorish and sacrilegious"

Archbishop Chaput sees pro-abortion Communion scandal as needed "moment of truth"

Cardinal George says no Communion for gay protesters

Vatican warns Catholic pro-abortion politicians not to receive Holy Communion

Congressman Hyde is on the U.S. bishops' case

Cardinal Ratzinger says public figures who dissent from Church teachings should not receive Holy Communion

Abortion-Communion issue: Fr. Robert Drinan advises Kerry to "shut up about it"

Archbishop Burke: more profoundly sorrowful would be a bishop who failed "to safeguard the worthy reception of  Communion"

Archbishop Pell: people who reject Church teaching not entitled to Holy Communion

Cardinal Ratzinger's letter to the U.S. bishops, on refusing Communion to pro-abortion politicians and those in obstinate sin

U.S. bishops non-decision in Denver on pro-abortion politicians and Communion widens Catholic divide

Pope speaks out against laity distributing Holy Communion

Gay activists denied Communion in Chicago

Monsignor will deny Holy Communion to New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Bernard Kenny

Controversy heats up over Cardinal McCarrick downplaying Vatican direction on refusing Communion to abortionists and other dissenters

Bishop Galeone: Can a Catholic politician be pro-choice?

The consecrated hands of a priest

Cardinal Ratzinger says that refusing Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians is a "doctrine of the Church"

Satanists are stealing consecrated Hosts

Pro-abortion Catholic politicians ignore U.S. bishops' warnings

At least 75 pro-abortion Catholic politicians still receiving Communion

What inspired Archbishop Sheen to make a daily holy hour?

Three Southern bishops ban Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians

Archbishop Burke says that Vatican letter on pro-abort politicians withheld from U.S. bishops

Bishop Gracida twelve-step program for dealing with pro-abortion "Catholics"

Bishop Gracida: denying Holy Communion to a pro-abort politician, a case history

Vatican Cardinal ends debate: No Communion for pro-abortion politicians or Rainbow Sashers

Bishop Henry says he would refuse Prime Minister Holy Communion, would consider excommunication

Catholic priest to withhold Communion from pro gay "marriage" politician

Pope Benedict prefers Communion on tongue, says Vatican liturgist: believes that people receiving Communion kneeling and on the tongue will become common practice at the Vatican

A the Mass for St. Peter and St. Paul on June 29, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI distributed Holy Communion only to people who are kneeling and on the tongue only

New Papal norm for Papal liturgies: Anyone receiving Holy Communion from the Pope must receive kneeling and on the tongue only

Head of Vatican's highest court: Ministers have "obligation to deny" Communion to pro-abortion politicians






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