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Pope Benedict XVI Archives

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI has read the REAL Third Secret, says it deals with "dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian", and that it is contained in Holy Scripture

Pope Benedict XVI says public figures who dissent from Church teachings should not receive Holy Communion

Pope Benedict XVI says that refusing Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians is a "doctrine of the Church"

Pope Benedict XVI's letter to the U.S. bishops, on refusing Communion to pro-abortion politicians and those in obstinate sin

Pope Benedict XVI describes unworthy reception of Communion as Christ's greatest suffering

Pope Benedict XVI on the disintegration of the liturgy

Pope Benedict XVI on life, faith, family and freedom

Pope Benedict XVI's email address: [email protected]

Official Vatican translation of Pope Benedict's homily at Inauguration Mass

Pope Benedict XVI on Church after Vatican II: "incontrovertible that this period has definitely been unfavorable for the Church"

Pope Benedict XVI: the Mass reduced to a show

Pope Benedict XVI on the theology of kneeling

Pope makes bishop of priest who said he'd deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians

Pope Benedict: marriage is between a man and a woman "admit no alternatives"

Pope Benedict: Church has "the only failsafe way to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS"

Pope Benedict against Harry Potter: speaks of "subtle seductions" that  "deeply affect (children) and corrupt the Christian faith in souls"

Pope Benedict stresses necessity to halt cafeteria Catholicism

Holy Communion for divorced and remarried undermines Sacrament of Matrimony says Pope Benedict

Vatican says no to homosexuals in priesthood - approved by Pope Benedict 

Pope Benedict attacks 'hypocritical' secularists: calls those who want to exclude God from public life intolerant

Vatican correspondent notes Pope Benedict using "apocalyptic" language

Pope Benedict XVI and his support for the Old Mass

Pope Benedict spied on by East German Communist Secret Police from 1974

Pope Benedict to bishops: Don't water down Church teachings'tWaterDownTeachings.htm

Pope Benedict enforcing traditional rules and orthodoxy

Pope Benedict to bishops: Make everyone understand the "evil of the crime of abortion"

Pope Benedict urges rediscovery of Christmas traditions

Pope Benedict warned of a "dictatorship of moral relativism" in the Church and in the world

Pope Benedict: Islamic 'holy war' is unreasonable and against God's nature

Pope Benedict: "We don't impose our faith on anyone"'tImposeOurFaith.htm

Pope Benedict preaches against chance evolution: "Man is not the chance result of evolution"

Pope Benedict: A society with legal abortion cannot fight crime effectively

Pope Benedict: Abortions are "never justifiable", even in cases of fetal abnormality

Pope Benedict set to bring back the Latin Mass

Pope Benedict: Abortion, divorce, homosexual unions "are evident signs of de-Christianization"

Pope Benedict reaffirms value of priestly celibacy, blocks move to allow Catholic priests to marry

Pope Benedict honors slain priest in Turkey

Pope Benedict: Religious symbols should be displayed on public buildings

Worship God not technology, Pope says on Christmas

Pope Benedict: homosexuals destroy themselves

Pope Benedict blasts 'dismal theories' on gays

Pope Benedict "alarmed" at global "attacks on life"

Pope says parents must counter media’s “formative” influence on children’sInfluence.htm

Pope Benedict XVI: “Discover the beauty of the truth of marriage"

Pope Benedict asks young people to maintain virginity even during engagement

Pope Benedict says goal of media is “educating people to truth”

Pope Benedict: "It is my heartfelt hope" that science respects and defends right to life

Pope Benedict supports excommunication for pro-abortion politicians: "Incompatible with receiving Communion"

Vatican changes transcript of Pope's Brazil interview'sTranscript.htm

Pope Benedict condemns globalization

Pope Benedict: Other Christian denominations not true churches





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