Children's Plague

The Plague Among The Children...
    Our Lady - "My child and My children, I have counseled you on the approaching plague among children because of the sin of man, this cannot be avoided, this cannot be held back, My child." (6-18-81)

Plague to Claim Many Children...

    Our Lady - "There will be visited upon your country a plague! Many children will be taken from your world. It will be an act of mercy from the Father. Many young souls will be destined for the kingdom of hell, claimed by Lucifer, were they to remain upon earth." (2-1-73)

Great Heat To Come Soon...

    Jesus - "My Mother has directed you well through this stage of man's progressing towards sanctity. However, you must remember this: words were given, and actions have taken place. Our Lady told you several years ago that there would be great floods, and there were great floods; that there would be a great heat, and that will come soon; and after that there will be a great plague. You had a plague now, My children - two diseases unknown in cure for mankind. Did not My Mother, pass along to you that knowledge that there would be diseases that your scientists will not be able to explain nor stop? They will find not cure for it.
    "Now, My children, I tell you this: I do not wish to come to you as a visitor with dire warnings, but the object of My coming is to warn you that you may do something and correct the evil that has been perpetrated by the few.

Devastating Plague Within Six Months...
    "There will be one more most devastating plague upon you. That will come within the next six months, My children. You ask, My child, why is this allowed? My child, you have forgotten the real reason for all this: man will benefit from it in the end. For I once said to you many years ago that penance is difficult, but after penance there is a great joy." (6-18-83)

Many children will die...

    Our Lady - "There will be visited upon your country and the world a great plague. Many children will die in this cleansing. Young souls rescued from the contamination of a world that has given itself to satan!" (3-18-73)

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