Cast the
United Nations 
from your shores . . .   Friday, Sept. 8, 2000
As the United Nations Millennium Summit continues in New York, conservatives in Washington are increasing their calls for the U.S. to withdraw from the left-wing world body.
    Thursday, in a press conference on Capitol Hill, supporters of H.R. 1146, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, presented more than 300,000 signed petitions in favor of the measure, which calls for the U.S. to cut its ties to the U.N.
    "We are putting a bright spotlight on those in Congress who don't support national sovereignty. And we've brought more than 300,000 signed petitions to show Congress that the American people want their sovereignty protected," said Tom DeWeese, president of American Policy Center, which organized the drive.

Bayside Prophecies . . .
Cast the United Nations from your shores .  .  .
Our Lady
- "You must now, My child, speak out the truth. Your country must send from its shores the coalition - the United Nations. Your country must purge itself of the many seekers of fortune at the expense of a loss of the souls of thousands, those who seek worldly gain and riches by bringing into your nation corrupters of souls and mind destroyers - pornography and drugs, My child." (9-13-75)

Serpents lashing their tongues out in every direction . . .
Veronica - "I see the floor of the Chamber of the Gathering of Nations, the United Nations, but I do not see faces behind the desks. I see serpents lashing their tongues out in every direction. Where is the godhead in this group? What is their true purpose as they play with lives of millions? Liars! Liars, sent by the father of all liars, Satan!" (12-31-70)

They wait to pounce upon you like vultures!
Our Lady - "It is in the direction of the Eternal Father, that you remove from your country the forces of Satan now running rampant in the grouping you call, the United Nations.
    "You must as a nation take yourself away from this group of Satan! You have opened your doors to the enemies of God! These enemies do not defend you but they wait to pounce upon you like vultures! They are bringing you down to your knees now, My children! Like vultures, they will await their time." (9-13-74)

Bayside Prophecies . . .

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Calls Grow for U.S. to Leave U.N.  Friday, Sept. 8, 2000  


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