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St. John Paul II and Francis These Last Days News - February 20, 2017

Reopening the Question of Women Priests: a Theological Travesty and a Spiritual Tragedy...

"Already We hear you clamor for the ordination of woman.  No woman shall stand in My House to represent Me!  How dare you bring in this heresy to My House!  I shall go among you and I shall sling you out from My temples!" Jesus - December 27, 1975

Veronica reads the following:
"The conduct of women during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass shall be one of silence.  No woman shall speak out during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.[1]    Women must wear head coverings when they enter the House of God.[2]  The House of God is a place of prayer, and not a meeting place or dance hall.  No woman shall speak from the pulpit.  No woman shall enter the ministry."[3] 
December 7, 1976   [1]1 Cor 14:34-35; [2] 1 Cor 11:5-10; [3] 1 Tim 2:9-15.

LifeSiteNews.com reported on February 13, 2017:

by Dr. Jeff Mirus

 La Civilta Cattolica has published an essay by its deputy editor, Father Giancarlo Pani, which seeks to reopen the possibility of ordaining women to the priesthood. This journal, published by the Jesuits but vetted by the Vatican Secretariat of State, has long been a means of communicating lines of thought which reigning popes consider important. Therefore, the kindest way to describe this particular article is “peculiar”. It is, in fact, peculiar in at least three serious ways: politically, administratively, and theologically.

When I say “politically peculiar”, I am applying the idea of political correctness to the Church. The question here is what sort of “political atmosphere” prevails in the Vatican under Pope Francis. What viewpoints do the subtle clues of the powerful indicate are open for discussion, and what viewpoints are discouraged to the point of exiling those who articulate them? We already know, for example, that it is considered very good form to lament the “rigidity” of all who choose to emphasize that adherence to Catholic doctrine and moral teaching is required of us by Jesus Christ.

This consideration of the “political atmosphere” is relevant to La Civilta Cattolica because of its unique status. Since its establishment in Rome in 1850, the journal has served as a kind of unofficial voice of the Holy See. It is the only periodical in the world for which each issue is examined and revised as needed by Vatican personnel, and each issue must be approved prior to publication. At the very least, then, the current understanding within the Vatican is that challenging established Catholic teaching is not frowned upon. Such challenges are not the kind of thing that gets a writer into trouble.

Administrative incompetence?

The publication of this article is also “administratively peculiar”. Again, at the very minimum, it implies that the oversight of La Civilta Cattolica by the office of the Secretariat of State is seriously inadequate. But the situation could easily be even worse. If that oversight is actually adequate—in other words, if the Secretariat of State knowledgeably and deliberately approved publication—then either the Secretariat of State is incompetent or it has received cues from Pope Francis that raising doubts about settled Catholic doctrine is desirable.

Given what has happened with the question of reception of Communion by those who are divorced and remarried without an annulment, the latter possibility certainly comes to mind. Pope Francis has clearly encouraged the conclusion that reception of Communion should be possible in some cases after a period of careful discernment, and yet he did not actually go that far in his official text (Amoris Laetitia), nor has he issued a revision to Canon Law, which directly prohibits this privately-encouraged practice. Strategic use of La Civilta Cattolica is another way to encourage ideas and practices which the Holy Spirit would never permit a pope to specify magisterially. It is impossible not to imagine that this is part of an unfortunate pattern.

This possibility of papal approval is rendered even stronger by the Pope’s strong commendation of the editorial staff of Civilta Cattolica immediately following the publication of the article which questioned the permanence of the Church’s teaching that women cannot be priests. Among other things, Francis told the staff that their journal “continues courageously to navigate open waters”, counseling that Catholics should “never be afraid of open waters, and must never seek the shelter of safe harbors.” The Pope deliberately emphasized this point: “You above all, as Jesuits: avoid clinging to certainties and security.”

One can wiggle around to suggest that the Pope must surely be referring only to the danger of clinging to mere human opinions. But Francis speaks in these terms so broadly and frequently that we can only wonder if the Church herself, not to mention her members, has somehow lost her ability to distinguish what is Divinely permanent in the Christian dispensation from transitory human interpretations. Are we really so wrong, for example, to cling to the certainty of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Theological Peculiarity

Surely a moment’s reflections enables us to see that attempting to reopen the question of the ordination of women is peculiar in one more way: It is “theologically peculiar”, and that is putting it very mildly. This is so because of the deliberately-intended definitive manner in which Pope St. John Paul II settled this question—clearly once and for all—in his 1994 Apostolic Letter, Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. After a brief discussion of the topic in three numbered sections, the Pope stated his conclusion in No. 4, which I will quote in its entirety:

4. Although the teaching that priestly ordination is to be reserved to men alone has been preserved by the constant and universal Tradition of the Church and firmly taught by the Magisterium in its more recent documents, at the present time in some places it is nonetheless considered still open to debate, or the Church’s judgment that women are not to be admitted to ordination is considered to have a merely disciplinary force.
Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church’s divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32) I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.

It is simply not possible for the Magisterium to speak more clearly than that. In fact Pope Francis himself seemed to say as much during the in-flight interview following his visit to Sweden: “As for the ordination of women in the Catholic Church, the last clear word was given by Saint John Paul II, and this holds.”

It is telling that Fr. Pani, in suggesting a reopening of the question, gave as his reason what he described as tensions between the Church’s teaching and the work of theologians. At the risk of slipping down a rabbit hole, this grows curiouser and curiouser. Peculiar in the extreme, this perpetuates a false view of theology that was developed by dissident theologians during the twentieth-century, and still affects huge numbers of academic theologians today. We absolutely must shake out of our woolly heads the notion that the task of theologians is to reflect on cultural changes as if they can discern in them new and changed fundamental truths of the Faith.

Real theology

In reality it is impossible for a theologian who understands the nature of his discipline to find that his theological perceptions put him at odds with the teaching of the Church. Each discipline has its own proper subject matter and methods. The subject matter proper to theology is Divine Revelation, which is expressed and clarified only in Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church, all of which are guaranteed free from error by the Holy Spirit. Thus it is the role of the Catholic theologian to seek to penetrate the meaning of Revelation ever more fully, explaining it with greater depth and more precise understanding as study continues over time.

There can never be a legitimate tension between the Church’s teaching and the work of theologians, for the simple reason that the Church’s teaching is part of the theological data which the theologian seeks to understand. Theology is always faith seeking understanding through the study of Revelation. Apart from that, theologians have no subject matter, and so there can be no discipline called “theology” at all. In this case, the implicit Modernism of the author comes through clearly, as it always does in writings of this type, in the complaint that the CDF statement in 1995, which reminded us that Pope John Paul II’s teaching was definitive, “does not take into account the developments that the presence of woman in the family and in society have undergone in the 21st century.”

But these cultural developments, whether good or bad, are not the data of theology at all. What they are is a source of additional questions which theologians may need to address more clearly based on renewed study of the revealed data with new concerns in mind. In fact, Pope St. John Paul II did this himself in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. In considering exactly this sort of question, arising precisely from cultural issues which had in fact long since come to the fore, John Paul wrote:

Furthermore, the fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, received neither the mission proper to the Apostles nor the ministerial priesthood clearly shows that the non-admission of women to priestly ordination cannot mean that women are of lesser dignity, nor can it be construed as discrimination against them. Rather, it is to be seen as the faithful observance of a plan to be ascribed to the wisdom of the Lord of the universe. [3]

That, my friends, is an exercise in theology, and it is a great trial in our time that so many of those who play a role in clarifying Catholic doctrine lack even a basic understanding of what it means to master so sublime a discipline. This effort to extract changes in Catholic doctrine from cultural trends has always been a sure sign that a theologian submits his mind not to Christ and the Church, but to the spirit of the age. Theology without fidelity to Revelation is not theology at all.

Finally, I am saddened once again to see evidence that Pope Francis does not believe it to be a significant part of his responsibility as the Vicar of Christ to protect the faithful against whatever weakens their trust in the permanence of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Too often, Francis even suggests the opposite—that this trust is actually misplaced. We need to remember that when Our Lord rebuked the Pharisees, he did not speak about their “rigidity” generally, but rather about their unvarying commitment to the wrong things, by which he meant their worldly ways of thinking:

And he said to them: “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.’ You leave the commandment of God, and hold fast the tradition of men.” [Mk 7:6-8]

These words of Jesus Christ are directly applicable to La Civilta Cattolica’s faulty approach to the ordination of women as priests. To make the point even more strongly, here is what Christ in glory told St. John to convey to the Church in the third chapter of the Book of Revelation: “I am coming soon; hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown.”

"Already We hear you clamor for the ordination of woman.  No woman shall stand in My House to represent Me!  How dare you bring in this heresy to My House!  I shall go among you and I shall sling you out from My temples!" Jesus - December 27, 1975

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The Holy Douay-Rheims Bible...  http://www.tldm.org/bible/bible.htm

Let women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted them to speak but to be subject, as also the law saith.  But if they would learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is a shame for a woman to speak in the church.  1 Cor 14:34-35

But every woman praying or prophesying (teaching) with her head not covered disgraceth her head: for it is all one as if she were shaven.  For if a woman be not covered, let her be shorn.  But if it be a shame to a woman to be shorn or made bald, let her cover her head.  The man indeed ought not to cover his head: because he is the image and glory of God. But the woman is the glory of the man.  For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man.  For the man was not created for the woman: but the woman for the man.  Therefore ought the woman to have a power over her head, because of the angels.  1 Cor 11:5-10

In like manner, women also in decent apparel: adorning themselves with modesty and sobriety, not with plaited hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly attire:  But, as it becometh women professing godliness, with good works.  Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.  But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man: but to be in silence.  For Adam was first formed; then Eve.  And Adam was not seduced; but the woman, being seduced, was in the transgression.  Yet she shall be saved through child bearing; if she continue in faith and love and sanctification with sobriety.  1 Tim 2:9-15

And Adam said: The woman, whom thou gavest me to be my companion, gave me of the tree, and I did eat.  And the Lord God said to the woman: Why hast thou done this? And she answered: The serpent deceived me, and I did eat....  To the woman also he said: I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband’s power, and he shall have dominion (authority) over thee.  And to Adam he said: Because thou hast hearkened to the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee, that thou shouldst not eat, cursed is the earth in thy work: with labour and toil shalt thou eat thereof all the days of thy life.  Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to thee, and thou shalt eat the herbs of the earth.  In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return to the earth out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return.  Gen 3:12-13, 3:16-19

St. Paul - "Listen, My child, how satan has corrupted the word."
    Veronica - And now he's becoming quite angry and pointing, jabbing with his finger the Book, and saying:
    St. Paul - "Observe: Women shall be meek in the presence of their husbands.  We hear the call of 'liberation'!  Whom shall woman be liberated to but satan!
    "A man, as a figure of the Christ, my child, shall be the head of his household.  So it is from the Lord.
    "A woman shall adorn herself not in pearls and braided hair, but in goodness and piety and good example to her children.  A woman will not expose her body as a pagan.  What manner of example has she given to her children?  Woe to the parent who brings scandal to her children!
   "Woman, remove your arrogance!  You are searching in darkness.  As a sign of reverence, you will cover your head.  It is not that I call it custom, My children; it is that the angels demand this in the presence of the Sacrifice, Mass!"
- St. Paul, March 22, 1975

 "You will remove woman from My Church, as leaders and rulers.  Of what?  What manner of foul action do you promote?
    "In the beginning I gave to you, through your prophets, the establishment of My Church upon earth.  The rules were simple but now have become changed and defiled to please the carnal nature of mankind.  You must restore the holiness to My House!  You must bend your knees in humility and penance."
- Jesus, December 31, 1975

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Our Lady of the Roses Awesome Bayside Prophecies... http://www.tldm.org/Bayside/
These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995.

"In the Holy Sacrifice that I left with you, I did not ask for women to be upon the altar, nor try to be a high priestess. They carry this on in the churches of satan; therefore, it shall not be carried on in My Church.
   "When I had the Last Supper with the Apostles, My Mother was not present.  If I had it in My power from the Eternal Father to make a priestess, I would surely have chosen My Mother; but, no, there were no women present at the first Dedication."
- Jesus, October 2, 1987

"Already We hear you clamor for the ordination of woman. No woman shall stand in My House to represent Me!  How dare you bring in this heresy to My House! I shall go among you and I shall sling you out from My temples!" - Jesus, December 27, 1975

"As a Mother, My heart is torn, for the example of many mothers on earth is poor. Woman, who has come from Adam, would regain her glory by childbearing. This, too, has she cast aside for the ways of darkness. No longer does she seek to purge her soul and to enter the Kingdom of the Father. Her sins multiply, for no longer does she not only miss the opportunity of purging, but she has committed murder! All the evils of the flesh.
     "Women of the world reject their places as helpmates to their husbands. What manner of creature have they become? The Day of the Lord approaches fast upon you, for what has been foretold is coming to pass."
- Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, March 24, 1974

"Only in dire need of death shall a man - I say a man, not a woman or a child-shall a man be given the power through the legally-ordained priest to bring in urgency and haste the Host to the dying!
    "This debasement to My Son's Body shall not go unpunished! - Our Lady of the Roses, August 21, 1975

"All who have received the Holy Spirit have consecrated hands. And I say unto you none but legally-ordained priests in My House shall bring My Body to the multitudes! No woman shall stand in the holy place! No woman shall vie or compete for rulership in My House. I say unto you, you must go back and read the Commandments of the Eternal Father; you must go back and read the rules that Paul gave to you. You cast him aside and you write another book, a bible, a tome; you write it to suit your own basic carnal human nature." - Jesus, July 15, 1977

"You will remove woman from My Church, as leaders and rulers. Of what?  What manner of foul action do you promote?
     "In the beginning I gave to you, through your prophets, the establishment of My Church upon earth. The rules were simple but now have become changed and defiled to please the carnal nature of mankind. You must restore the holiness to My House! You must bend your knees in humility and penance."
- Jesus, December 31, 1975

"I refuse any soul the privilege of being with My Mother unless properly attired. Women will not dress as men in Her presence, nor will women condone the attire during their earthly existence. Can you not sacrifice for Me? Better the abuse of the flesh than the fire to the soul."
- Jesus, February 28, 1971

"I repeat the warning from Heaven that man shall not dress as woman and woman shall not adopt the attire of a man, because the external indications, My children, soon penetrate the heart and expose a darkness of spirit. Many shall judge you by your attire." - Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, September 6, 1975

"Women of your nation and all of the nations of the world, the Eternal Father shall send a grievous boil upon you, for you have become unchaste, for you have become immodest, and you have cast aside your role as a woman, as a mother, and as a bearer of  children for the Eternal Father in Heaven.
     "Woman of the world, you have chosen to become murderers, killing your young.  You defy the Eternal Father in your quest for luxury and pleasure.  You have cast aside your role as women and have aligned yourselves with homosexuality and lesbianism, and as such you corrupt the young.  Woe to a generation that has made sin a way of life."
- Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, June 1, 1978

"Paganism will not be tolerated by the Father, neither in your lay life nor in the House of My Son. It is an abomination for women to speak in the House of God! I hear a word—defilement of man, liberation? My child, what is this liberation women ask for? Satan has created the plan for their destruction. Take your Bible, take the Book of life and study it and learn!" - Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, July 15, 1974

"My child, make it known to the world that woman must return to her place as woman, for she has been misled. Was it not woman who fell to satan in the beginning?
   "Her disobedience to the will of God brings much sorrow upon her and her children. It would be better now, My children, if woman would be silent, for she does not know the road she is traveling. It is only satan who has set her to rebel against her destiny."
- Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, March 24, 1974

"My child, you ask why I cry? I shed tears of great anguish. I watch anew the desecration to My Son's Body being committed upon earth. None shall place their hands upon His Body!
    "My Son has given you in trust those He has chosen among mankind to represent Him-your priests. None others shall carry My Son to mankind! You shall not defile His Body by giving Him into the hands of women, or those that have not been prepared by the Father as legally-ordained priests in the houses of God-laziness, preoccupied with the world and the pleasures of the flesh!" - Our Lady of the Roses, November 1, 1974

"A priest, My children, is a chosen man of God. A true legally-ordained priest is far superior than any man, as he represents Me in the Godhead."  Jesus, May 23, 1979

"If you are willing to ask the Eternal Father, and if you do not give yourselves over to doctrines of demons, you will have priests sufficient to carry out the ministry."  Jesus, May 23, 1979

"Woman, who has come from Adam, would regain her glory by childbearing. This, too, has she cast aside for the ways of darkness."  Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, March 24, 1974 

"Therefore, I warn you now as your God: You will stop your intricacies within My Church. You will stop experimenting. I gave you the rules to follow many years ago, two thousand years approximately. And why now, two thousand years later, do you deem it necessary to change My Church upon earth? I, your God, say to you, you will be judged accordingly. You will return My Church to its former glory, and in that manner you will have more vocations and more entering the seminaries, and not fleeing from them as they hear the heresies and all other innovations that are going on within My Church. This is My last and final word to My clergy: Change now or suffer a just punishment and banishment.” - Jesus, June 18, 1986 

"You will return My Church to its former glory, and in that manner you will have more vocations and more entering the seminaries, and not fleeing from them as they hear the heresies and all other innovations that are going on within My Church."  Jesus, June 18, 1986

Directives from Heaven... http://www.tldm.org/directives/directives.htm

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D127 - Vatican II  PDF Logo PDF
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D211 - Changes, Part 1  PDF Logo PDF
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D248 - Man's Authority PDF LogoPDF
D378 - The Convents, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
D379 - The Convents, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF

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