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Seminarians in Maynooth, Ireland These Last Days News - September 13, 2017
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Vocations in Ireland Record Low in 222 Years...

"My child, We watch and see the houses of My Son crumbling, being destroyed throughout your world. Doors are closing, convents are emptying, and the dedicated are leaving and falling into all manner of sin and abominations. Who shall be in the remnant? Only a few will be saved." - Our Lady of the Roses, May 26, 1976

The above Messages from Our Lady were given to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, New York. Read more

IrishNews.com reported on September 5, 2017:

by Bimpe Archer

The number of trainees for the priesthood at Maynooth has dropped to a record low this year.

Just six first year seminarians are expected to be enrolled when classes resume later this month, according to figures obtained by The Irish Catholic.

The publication believes it is the lowest number on record in Maynooth's 222-year history.

Responses from 25 of Ireland's 26 dioceses show that while 15 men have begun studying for Irish dioceses this year, many will be doing in a so-called propaedeutic or preparatory year before in anticipation of starting in the seminary in 2018.

The drop in numbers at the national seminary follows the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin's decision to send its apprentice priests to the Irish College in Rome.

While the archbishop said he had "his own reasons" for the move it came amid growing unease over accusations of inappropriate behaviour among seminarians in Maynooth and claims some had been using the gay dating app Grindr.

A spokesperson told The Irish Catholic it expects to have new seminarians and will confirm numbers this week.

Also a factor is understood to be the presence of a number of mature students this year, who will be formed at the Pontifical Beda College in Rome which specialises in priestly training for older candidates.

However, 15 dioceses have no new students either entering seminary or participating in the preparatory year.

Killaloe diocese will send two new seminarians to Maynooth, while Tuam, Elphin, Kilmore and Cork and Ross diocese will send one student each.

Two students from Derry will complete their formation year in their home diocese and one Down and Connor student will begin his preparatory year at St Malachy’s College in Belfast.

One more will attend the Pontifical Irish College in Rome, two will attend the Beda there.

Last year a member of the Association of Catholic Priests warned Archbishop Martin's decision to transfer three seminarians to Rome could be extremely damaging to Maynooth.

Fr Brendan Hoban said it was "unfair" and said amid "consistent criticism" of St Patrick's College for being unorthodox or not traditional enough, the real issue of vocations was not being addressed.

Founded in 1795, Maynooth College was once the largest seminary in the world.

It was built to train 500 Catholic priests every year but numbers have plummeted to around 60 in recent years.

Vocations had been expected to receive a boost following the ordination of former Manchester United footballer Philip Mulryne last year.

Fr Mulryne, who is reported to have once earned £600,000 a year as a professional footballer, returned to St Oliver Plunkett in Lenadoon in west Belfast for a special Mass just two days after he was ordained into the Dominican Order in Dublin.

He went to the Pontifical Irish College, in Rome to study theology for one year at the Gregorian University before entering the Dominican Novitiate House in Cork in 2012.

"The great Council, the Council that has brought forth discord, disunity, and the loss of souls, the major fact behind this destruction was because of the lack of prayer.  Satan sat in within this Council, and he watched his advantage." - St. Michael, March 18, 1976

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The amazing Bayside Prophecies...  http://www.tldm.org/Bayside/default.htm
These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995:

"The numbers of those in the service of thy Father is growing smaller. Pray for the vocations that are sorely needed. A great void is being created by the loss of vocations, for the little ones are left to wander.
     "My poor children, you desire so much in material things and so little in the spiritual! We look down upon so many homes that are becoming the reason for the destruction of children's souls. The memory of the truth of My Son's existence must be kept in the homes." - Our Lady, December 24, 1970

"Women with vocations, you have become worldly! You have chosen of your free will to degrade your bodies and your habit. Whatever shall become of you, foolish maidens of the world? Return while there is time! Purify your bodies through suffering. Place upon your bodies garments of holiness--down to the floor! You shall not set yourselves to tempt your pastors! Satan has set a delusion among you. You have become maidens of sin.” - Our Lady, September 6, 1975

"My children, see My habit given by the Eternal Father. Children of God, in vocations to the sisterhood, whatever shall become of you? You have become foolish maidens without modesty and piety. You run with your heads high in the air in clouds of darkness. You remove your habit and take on the raiment of the world. O My children, you are defaming your vocation!
     "Sisters, do you not understand why you were given a long habit to wear? It was a sign to the world of your dedication. You were to become brides of Christ, My children. And what have you given to the world, but a poor example of worldliness without dedication. You have become of the world; you have proceeded onto the wide road.
     "Sisters in vocations, turn back! Do not become maidens of the world, foolish maidens, but return and be brides of Christ, brides who have been given the key to the Eternal Kingdom of your God.
     "My sisters, without this firm dedication and example of piety and holiness, you cannot induce or lead others into your vocation. The convents are slowly closing. And why, My children? Because there are too few who try to find the real reason. They have succumbed to the lures of the world.” - Our Lady, July 15, 1977

"My child and My children, I come once more with an urgent and pleading message to the hierarchy in the Church, My Church upon earth. I want you to know now that We look upon you and find many that do not fall into grace. They are falling out of grace and misleading many of Our sheep.
     "Therefore, I warn you now as your God: You will stop your intricacies within My Church. You will stop experimenting. I gave you the rules to follow many years ago, two thousand years approximately. And why now, two thousand years later, do you deem it necessary to change My Church upon earth? I, your God, say to you, you will be judged accordingly. You will return My Church to its former glory, and in that manner you will have more vocations and more entering the seminaries, and not fleeing from them as they hear the heresies and all other innovations that are going on within My Church. This is My last and final word to My clergy: Change now or suffer a just punishment and banishment.” - Jesus, June 18, 1986

"My children, you must hasten to tell the good sisters that they must not join the world. They are losing vocations because of their changes. They must restore their habit worn to the ground. It was an example of great strength and piety for others and brought many vocations to the convents. Have you not realized the fruits of your endeavors to become modern? Good sisters, return and restore the convents." - Our Lady, April 1, 1978

"There will be many manifestations given to those who have taken over the role as disciples of the latter days for My Son. The people must now save My Son's Church. This battle upon earth has been given now to the people, and through the people shall you bring back My Son's Church to its former position of holiness, piety, and numerous entrances into the vocations. Many holy priests are needed.” - Our Lady, August 19, 1978

"My sister, Veronica, you must continue. And please counsel my sisters in vocations that they have fallen asleep. They must remove the blindness from their hearts. They have been misled! Modesty and discipline must be a rule of habit." - St. Theresa, October 1, 1977

"My child, I have tied the knot, the belt, to represent the carrying of My beads of prayer on the dress of the dedicated. The vocations have fallen, My child. Our young children, their souls are darkening daily because there is a shortage, a severe shortage, My child, of teaching nuns. Whatever shall become of the young souls for Heaven? The Eternal Father has a plan to remove many young souls before the corruptive forces will come upon them.” - Our Lady, April 10, 1976

"The sin of pride and the arrogance of many in My House, Church, have set a pattern of soul-destruction among the young. I have asked that all who have been given the glory from the Eternal Father to follow My road as pastors, shepherds of Our sheep--there is much lacking in their direction. I do not have to give a listing by name; the plan of the Eternal Father shall reach those who permit and commit evil in their vocations.
     "We ask that all remain steadfast in their missions. We ask that all do not leave now, but remain and await the Warning that will soon be given to mankind. We do not wish a separation or a division among Our sheep. You shall not compromise your Faith. You shall not be misled into error in the name of humanism and modernization.
     "Heresy abounds in My House. All manners of aberration and impurities are being tolerated by My pastors. I say unto you that you must now clean your House! No man who has been chosen from among the multitudes to be a representative from Heaven shall use his rank, his vocation to gain worldly treasures and fall into the pattern of worldly living to the sorrow of those souls entrusted to him. You must awaken now from your slumber. I repeat: cleanse My House now, or I shall set a Chastisement upon you!” - Jesus, March 18, 1976

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A great obligation to go forward... "It is not by accident that you are called by My Mother, for it is by merit and the prayers that have risen to Heaven for your salvation.  For those who have received the grace to hear the Message from Heaven, you have a great obligation to go forward and bring this Message to your brothers and sisters.  Do not expect a rest upon your earth, for you will have eternal rest very soon." - Jesus, June 12, 1976

The sin of omission...  "The sin of omission shall condemn many to hell, be they layman or Hierarchy.  I repeat:  not the sin of commission, but the sin of omission will commit many to hell."  Our Lady of the Roses,  October 6, 1980

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