King of Jordan warns of "Armageddon" in the Mideast...

Jordan's King Abdullah II is urging the U.S. to rethink its plans to attack Iraq, warning that such an action against Iraq could precipitate an "Armageddon" in the Middle East. "Once you go down the road of violence, it is very, very difficult to control it," King Abdulah said. "If the region explodes, Europe and the West are going to have to get involved."
("Jordan's King Sees Pitfalls in a Strike on Iraq," by Robin Wright, Los Angeles Times, March 17, 2002)

The amazing Bayside Prophecies...
These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995.

Culmination of Armageddon...
Veronica - The sky is lighting up. And I am looking into a mapped area that looks like—yes, it is Africa. And I can see.....I'm looking over from the African part of the map, and I can see the other countries of Egypt and Israel and, Oh! Now Our Lady is saying:
    Our Lady - "A coalition, My child, of the dark races. The world is fast heading to the culmination of the Armageddon."
March 18, 1975

It is the time of Armageddon...
- Using the numbers, four and eight, if you will read like a clock our so - called 'peace symbol 'of today, you will find the whole story of what is going on in the time of Armageddon. For the hands will point to twelve, which means that the hour has struck; six, for the arrival of six - sixty - six; four, the anti - Christ forces against eight, the Eucharist. (4-17-76)

Armageddon is here...
- "Understand, My children, that there will be scoffers who will set in motion plans to deceive the nations. Understand, My children, that you are living in the days of trial and the days spoken of by the prophets. The Armageddon is here. 666 is here. All manners of evil so foul that no human mind could have conceived them have been set loose upon earth. The very bowels of hell have opened up and spewed forth demons of great strength, demons set loose upon the earth such as have never entered upon the earth before. It is a war, a war that will test the faith of all." (12-28-76)

Final stages of Armageddon!
Our Lady
- "My child, make it known to the world - that man, Children of God led astray - You must not compromise your faith! There shall not be one world and one religion at this time! For no man shall now gather the flock. No one man shall gather the flock together. This will be done by My Son when he returns in the final stages of Armageddon!
    "You must remember - do not be deceived, My children, by those who claim to be the christ, for they will say: "Come out to the field, for he is there. Come out to the barn - Come in to the centers." But no, My children, My Son shall come as He ascended - He will come down from the sky - shouting with a call of triumph to all! He will come down with the legions from Heaven of angels and all of the souls who have bathed themselves in His blood and now wear the garments of Light and Life!
    "Wait and Watch, My children; Pray much, For the Book of Life is unfolding - the pages are turning. You are truly in the days of the Apocalypse. Read the Revelations, My children, and know what lies ahead. As you were told in the past. Much will be opened to you for the days of the Armageddon are here! Read the Revelations, your Apocalypse, My children. Saint John was given the knowledge to reveal to you the days in which you are living. Recognize the signs of your times." (8-21-75)

The time of Armageddon at hand...
- "Lucifer, 666, does full battle now to My children upon earth. This battle is allowed. It is the day that has been written of and spoken of in the past. The day is upon you, and the time of Armageddon at hand.
    "My children, pray constantly. The prayers do not have to come from a book, but you will pray from your hearts. Lift up your hearts in belief. Believe and you will be given the way. I bless you all, My children, and I send you the grace of perseverance in the face of adversity and persecution. My children, pray constantly. I cannot counsel you enough, for prayer is one of the greatest parts of your armor." (12-7-78)

An Arabian Saber... 
Veronica - And I can see now Jesus and Our Lady are going high up into the sky, and there's forming directly over Our Lady's statue, high in the skyit is a cross, a very large cross. The handle, though, of a . . . daggerit looks like a dagger, a knife. It's a strange-looking dagger with a loop at the bottom, like. It's a symbol. And Jesus is nodding.
    Jesus - "You will understand, My child, soon."
    Veronica - Yes, it is a, like a saber. Gee, it, it's a very strange-looking, dagger-like saber, with a cross on a handle. Likeit's not the kind that you seeit looks almost like Arabian or something. I can't explain itlike a very strange-looking Arabic, or something. I don't know where I have seen that before, but it's a very odd-looking type of dagger-like sword, with a hook on the end of it, though. That's strange. Oh, now it's beginning to fade; I can't see it anymore.  December 24, 1979  

The peace symbol of deception...
- Our Lady is pointing up now to the sky, and there is appearing a very large clock. It's directly over the tree to our right side. The clock now has hands. There is a dividing line cut through the middle, pointing directly from twelve to six; it goes down like you're slicing a pie. The line is now directly connected between the twelve and the six. And the two hands now have revolved, and they're pointing to four and eight.
    Our Lady - "Observe, My children, the sign of your times, the peace symbol of deception, the time of Armageddon: the fight between good and evil, the forces of evil man against the Eucharist, My Son and His Church. Peace shall be restored, but not until there has been much gnashing of teeth and woe set upon your earth by the evil one.
   "Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, My children. Do not discard your sacramentals; do not listen to those mockers and those who seek to remove from you your protection. They were all given for reason. Many were given, My child, for these very days. The medal of Saint Benedict must be worn; the Scapular must be worn, the brown Scapular. And My children, never have your Rosary farther than your hands can reach from you, for O how great will be the sorrow of many when they must run with what they have on their backs, and if they do not have the consolement of a sacramental, My children, they will not be able to persevere in the days ahead." (11-20-76)

Directives from Heaven...

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