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The Failed Government Bailout
and the Socialization of America...

The Failed Government Bailout and the Socialization of America...

    "Your medias of communication are controlled." - Our Lady, May 26, 1976
Don McAlvany and his team of investigators, using Bible principles, inform us of what is really happening with the bailouts.  You will be shocked to find out.  The news media and government are grossly manipulating the news to hide the truth to what is really happening.   It is pure propaganda!
   The golden rule is:  "The ones who have the gold make the rules."  Our enemies are hoarding gold by the ton.  They are out to replace the dollar with a new currency.
   In this report McAlvany give us the facts of what is really happening and gives us advice on the best decisions to survive in the days ahead.  He gives 14 suggestions on what to do.
   This report covers the real state; the economy; Wall Street; the bond market; retirementplans; gold and silver investments; coming increases in the income tax rates; the plans of Russia, China, and India; and much more.  The last 2 pages of this report he quotes the Bible shows us that God always takes care of His faithful servants.
   I strongly recommend you obtain this report to help make wise decisions and gain peace of mind in the troubling times.  It costs $5.00  16 pages.  Item# R190

The Failed Government Bailout and the Socialization of America report...
Qty: Price: $5.00

Our Lady
- "My child and My children, the days will grow darker, and there will be hunger in your land. Yes, My child, what I brought you here for this evening is to tell the world that there will be a crash in the monetary doings of your government—an absolute crash that will affect every man, woman, and child in the United States and Canada, and then, like a serpent, creep all over Europe, until the world sees one big, massive depression. I can illustrate to you, My children, what I mean by this monetary depression.
    "Should you go and wish to buy a small instrument, even a guitar, that We hear plucking away at the dervishly, and devilry, of what is called the musical Mass, strung by guitars, and other creations of satan. My child, I go on to tell you, you will say that the guitar is not a costly item, but in order to buy this guitar you will carry an actual satchel, an overnight bag-size, My child—let Us put it that way clearly—of notes, your currency. It will take a whole suitcase of paper—paper money that no longer has a value. You will soon be reduced to bartering for your food.
    "My child, I know you are affrighted at this word 'war'; 'death', 'turmoil', 'depression', but what can I do but tell you the truth. I cannot smooth over it, for I would be accepted like those upon earth who like ostriches, they walk about, proud in their scientific knowledge." (9-7-85)

"Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer. I ask you in your country, the Americas, to pray, or you shall follow the same path as Portugal. The forces of evil are gathering within the United States. Your leaders are giving themselves to corruption, too proud and arrogant to be simple of heart and get down on their knees to beg guidance from the Eternal Father in Heaven.

     "By their fruits will they be known. My children, you will recognize the faces of evil and the forces of evil about you! It is a sad fact that those who are leaders are setting examples of depravity, debasement. They cover themselves with the spirit of darkness. You will pray much for your leaders. All that is rotten will fall.” – Our Lady, August 21, 1975

"Many are now proceeding as sheep to the slaughter. They travel with their leaders, neither thinking nor caring nor reasoning for the truth. They are truly, My children, like ducks fast going downstream and caught in a whirlpool to their own destruction. It is a game most disastrous of playing follow the leader. And who are your leaders, My children? They are souls that have been taken over by satan, and now are under his rule. Pray for them. Until they leave their human bodies, they still can be recovered. Pray for their conversion.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1976

"Yes, My children, there are forces now gathering to dim the light in your world, to turn your world over to satan. Already in your country, America the once beautiful, the once strongAmerica, the United States, that has chosen to cast aside the light and go into darknessyes, already many of the leaders of your country are falling in with the plan for the complete capitulation of your country to satan and world slavery under a one rule and a one religion. And this religion will have no resemblance to that given to you by My Son.” - Our Lady, February 10, 1978

"We send from the Eternal Kingdom of the Lord high God in Heaven a warning to mankind. A great War will be soon upon you, claiming many lives throughout your earth. You will prepare yourselves and the souls of those you love.

     "Your country has fallen to satan. Many countries throughout your world have given themselves to satan. The leaders in your country need many prayers.” – St. Michael, June 18, 1975

"Terror shall grip the nation. I have tried to warn you, My children, that the United States is as like the eagle plucked bare by its enemies, plucked bare by misrepresentation, plucked bare by sin. Your country is very sick, My children.
"You ask Me, My child, why this cannot be stopped? You must now trust in My Son, Jesus. And when you become affrighted, you will say: My Jesus, my confidence!
    "Yes, My child, no war has ever made a pretty picture.” – Our Lady, March 26, 1983

"Women have become immoral; men have debased their bodies. Homosexuality is rampant throughout your country and all the nations of the world. Your leaders are lax and corrupt. There are very few voices with authority crying out against the sins that shall bring destruction upon your nation and many nations of the world.” – Our Lady, July 14, 1979

"The leaders of your country and the leaders throughout the world have taken upon themselves a measure of sin creating insanity.
     "In the light of the Spirit descending from Heaven, you shall be given the knowledge of truth, My children. Accept it and take it as your candle, for you must now go throughout your world saving your brothers, preparing them for what lies ahead.” – Our Lady, September 13, 1975 

Our Lady - "The eagle is plucked. He will not rise again."
Veronica saw in vision an eagle stretched out flat on his stomach, with his head hanging weakly to the side, struggling to get up. His feathers were all about him, plucked out. There were three creatures by him. Two of them were leaving his vanquished form. These two had the forms of a dragon and a lizard. The lizard had a most unusually long tongue. There was the other creature, the third, that looked like a bear, still beating on the fallen eagle. – July 15, 1970

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D40 - Infiltrators  PDF Logo PDF
D42 - Mass Media  PDF Logo PDF
D47 - United States (Part 1)  PDF Logo PDF
D48 - United States (Part 2)  PDF Logo PDF
D134 - U.S. Government Leaders PDF Logo PDF
D156 - Terrorism PDF Logo PDF
D158 - America the Beautiful PDF Logo PDF
D307 - Monetary Crash  PDF LogoPDF 
D312 - False Security  PDF LogoPDF 
D313 -
American Cities
D317 - Dictatorship New PDF LogoPDF 
D329 -

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