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Taken at the February 10, 1973 vigil, photo taken of Our Lady of the Roses Shrine statue. But appearing miraculously upon the photograph, in the upper left-hand corner, in white Rosary bead formation appears the capital letter “G.” In the lower left base of Our Lady’s Shrine statue, in smallcase written style appear the words, “by sky.” The message of Heaven behind the photograph: capital “G” stands for God. We are told that that the chalice of God’s fierce wrath is about to be poured out upon humanity because of the sins of mankind in a great Chastisement. We are told, though, that before this Chastisement occurs, God will send to the world a Warning, a worldwide Warning, which will precede this Chastisement. This Warning will come directly from God and will come “by the sky,” an explosion in the sky. The sky shall roll back like a scroll, and the force of this explosion shall go into the very core of the person, and every person on earth will experience a revelation of their sins.The Brooklyn Diocese DID NOT“Investigate” the Bayside Apparitions



     One of the principal sources of information in an investigation is, of course, the seer herself. From the book, The Graces of Interior Prayer: 

“The right course to adopt, when judging of revelations or visions, can be summed up in the three following steps which I am about to examine separately:

      1)      To obtain detailed information regarding the person who thinks himself thus favored;
      And also as to the actual facts of the revelation;
      These data once obtained, to draw the conclusions that they admit of.” 
(Rev. Augustin Poulain, S.J., The Graces of Interior Prayer, Chapter XXIII: “Revelations: How to judge of them,” p. 350)

So, the easiest and most accurate way to investigate would be to personally interview Veronica Lueken. Has this been done? 


1)   Veronica was never interviewed by former Bishop Mugavero, or his successor, his Excellency Thomas V. Daily;

2)   Veronica never received a request by the Bishop of Brooklyn (or an appointed representative of the Bishop) for an interview, although Veronica in 1974 approached Bishop Mugavero herself by setting up an appointment with him, only to have her appointment inexplicably cancelled by Bishop Mugavero. On "THESE LAST DAYS" radio program on December, 1, 1991, Veronica's personal secretary, Mrs. Ann Ferguson, rebutted the Brooklyn Chancery's false claims that Veronica was unavailable for an interview:

Ann Ferguson - "... I wish to make a correction.  This past week, there was a program on channel 4 television about "Visions."  A small segment of the Bayside apparitions was shown.  On the program, Msgr. Garcia from the Chancery office made a false statement.  He said Veronica was a recluse, and not available for questioning.  This is not true!  I've been privileged to be Veronica's secretary since 1973. Now, it was in 1974, Veronica phoned Msgr. King, who was the chancellor of the Brooklyn and Queens Diocese, and requested him to arrange an appointment for Veronica to speak to Bishop Mugavero....
     "Now the meeting was arranged, and Veronica and her husband, Arthur, went to the Chancery office located on Greene Avenue in Brooklyn, which is about one hour ride from Bayside.  When they arrived there, on the appointed day, and appointed hour, they were greeted by Msgr. King, who informed them that Bishop Mugavero was unable to see them.  They spoke to Msgr. King for about 15 minutes.  He arranged for another time to meet the Bishop.  Veronica did not go the second time, but sent her husband Arthur, and a Bayside pilgrim by the name of Nick Sevalen, to see the Bishop.  When they arrived at the Chancery office, Msgr. King again informed them the Bishop was unable to see them.
     "Now you know we never heard about Msgr. Garcia in 1974.  It is only in the past few years that we were told that Msgr. Garcia is now at the Chancery office.  Now Veronica said, she would like to speak to the present Bishop of Brooklyn, Bishop Thomas Daily."

3)   In May 1975, Mrs. Ann Ferguson (Veronica’s personal secretary) asked Msgr. King, “Msgr. King, when is Veronica going to have a proper investigation?” He replied, “When Veronica takes her prayer group away from St. Robert Bellarmine’s church and transfers the group to the park, then Veronica will have a proper investigation.” (in his own words, admitting such a thorough investigation had not been made!)

4)   At 7:30 p.m. on November 7, 1984, Boston channel 5 aired a segment about the Bayside apparitions on the TV show, “The Chronicle.” During this program, Msgr. King admitted that he did not talk to Veronica until after the so-called “investigation.”

5)   Fr. Michael Burke, priest in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas, on January 23, 1988 wrote, “Actually I challenge that statement of the Brooklyn Chancery office because a properly conducted investigation has never taken place.  To verify this, let Fr. Dietzen try to get a transcript of the so-called investigation to discover why the statements of Mrs. Lueken should be condemned.” (Such a transcript does not exist, as the seer, the witnesses, the cures, the conversions, and the miraculous phenomena remain unexamined). 

As we have shown above, a thorough, judicial and ecclesiastical investigation of the Bayside apparitions has never been conducted.  The words of Our Lady sum up the situation very clearly:

“Learn a simply lesson, My child. You will meet with rejection by many for by rejecting My Message they can place it as far from mind as possible. When one does not wish to accept a truth they try to disprove and sully this truth.” - July 25, 1975


     But Our Lady has also said that the Bishop of Brooklyn will receive a sign, and then he will believe: 

“One day, My child, the waters will come up at Bayside, and I will appear over the old church building.  Your Bishop then cannot deny My appearances.”- Our Lady, May 17, 1986

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