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columnist Claire Cain Miller These Last Days News - June 12, 2017

New York Times Advises Parents How to Raise ‘Feminist Boys’...

"As a Mother, My heart is torn, for the example of many mothers on earth is poor. Woman, who has come from Adam, would regain her glory by childbearing. This, too, has she cast aside for the ways of darkness. No longer does she seek to purge her soul and to enter the Kingdom of the Father. Her sins multiply, for no longer does she not only miss the opportunity of purging, but she has committed murder! All the evils of the flesh.
     "Women of the world reject their places as helpmates to their husbands. What manner of creature have they become? The Day of the Lord approaches fast upon you, for what has been foretold is coming to pass."
- Our Lady of the Roses, March 24, 1974

"The children are the victims of their elders. All parents will be held responsible for the fall of their children's souls.
    "You parents must well remember that satan seeks to claim the souls of all those destined for Our Kingdom. But you parents must now struggle to save them from the reach of satan, for you did not prepare yourselves when you were warned of the dangers that were lying ahead of you. Yes, you turned a deaf ear. I had warned you for many years. You deafened your ears and hardened your hearts.
    "Your country is calling upon itself a greater danger, for when they seat themselves against My Son and seek to lock Him out of their houses and to lock Him out of their country, We have no recourse but to chastise you as We would disobedient children. "
- Our Lady, July 25, 1971

The above Messages from Our Lady were given to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, New York. Read more

TruthRevolt.org reported on June 9, 2017:

by Trey Sanchez

The New York Times is dispensing parenting advice in its latest identity politics piece all about raising “feminist sons.”

“We raise our girls to fight stereotypes and pursue their dreams, but we don’t do the same for our boys,” writes columnist Claire Cain Miller. “They’re discouraged from having interests that are considered feminine. They’re told to be tough at all costs, or else to tamp down their so-called boy energy.”

Miller reached out to “experts” for her piece, including rabid feminist Gloria Steinem, and featured her dastardly quote:

“I’m glad we’ve begun to raise our daughters more like our sons, but it will never work until we raise our sons more like our daughters.”

“That’s because women’s roles can’t expand if men’s don’t, too,” Miller explains. “Men are falling behind in school and work because we are not raising boys to succeed in the new, pink economy.”

“Skills like cooperation, empathy and diligence — often considered to be feminine — are increasingly valued in modern-day work and school, and jobs that require these skills are the fastest-growing,” she adds.

So, what’s a boy to do, then? According to Miller, let him cry, let him be himself, teach “no means no,” and never use “girl” as an insult. That should make for a good feminist son, she argues.

Miller complains that children’s toys are too divided across gender lines and that boys should be encouraged to play with dollhouses and to play dress up. (And she doesn’t mean just pretending to be an army man or superhero, either). She also warned parents against enforcing “traditional gender roles." 

A follow-up article came days later which reached out to readers and even more exports for their responses. Those lining up with Miller’s narrative were prominently featured.

Sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Dan Clawson said, “Men need to step up. Feminist fathers are key – and feminism here doesn’t mean supportive statements, it means men doing so-called women’s work, whether that is child care, cooking or cleaning.”

A wife and mother said:

“My husband is a decent person, but he freaked out when I first told him I wasn't taking his last name. I had to teach him how to dust, clean a bathroom and do other household chores. It has taken years to convince him these chores are also his responsibility. I had to point out to my husband that everyone thinks he is an amazing father (he is, but that's not the point) when he shows up for school activities, but no one thinks twice if he doesn't. On the other hand, I am a negligent parent when I don't show. My husband is more than a decent person and a great dad, but he is no feminist.”

An English teacher said she made her classes read books on “feminist critical theory” and “a variety of Beyonce lyrics” to combat sexism she witnessed from her male students. Miller, and all the experts, praised this teacher for doing so.

“May others emulate you!” responded Anne-Marie Slaughter, chief executive of the think tank New America.

Only a few criticisms were addressed in the responses and they were all quickly shut down with liberal talking points.

A reader in Dallas simply asked, “Why can’t you write a story titled ‘How to Raise a Son?’” (Instead of "How to Raise a Feminist Son.")

Professor Clawson said, “Because we live in a sexist world, and overcoming that sexism takes conscious effort.”

A female reader from Louisville also disagreed with adding the feminist label to the mix: “Why not just rear ALL children to be considerate of others, friends with all classmates, and for whatever chores they are assigned! We need not label it any name at all!”

Again, Professor Clawson recoiled, “One response to Black Lives Matter is that all lives matter. Sure. But some points need to be stressed, and others are taken for granted. Girls are taught that it’s O.K. to cry, that they need to do chores, and so on. It’s worth stressing that boys need to learn that, too.”

When someone added a bit of snark with their response — “*how to raise a decent person* There. I fixed it for you.” — the great and wise professor opined:

“One approach is to assume that child raising is gender neutral, that no special effort is needed to raise a feminist son. For an isolated family living on the frontier, maybe; for those of us living in a world structured around gender, it won’t work. We need to make extra efforts to countermand what TV, movies, other families, etc., are constantly teaching our children.”

To recap: You can’t just raise good, decent human beings in this ultra-liberal culture. There must be identity labels put on everything. Which is strange, because the same people tell us that stereotypes are bad. But now, we have to stereotype so we don’t stereotype. Got it?

"Do you not recognize, My children, the signs of your times? Read and learn: 'Women will become unlike women. They shall go forth, and seven women will take hold of one man and say to him: Make me as you are. I wish to eat your bread.' [see Isaias 4:1] 
     "Know, My child, this simple lesson, that in these days of the latter times, women shall seek to cast off their role as mother and a woman. Woman will cast it off under the direction of satan, and murder her children. Woe to the woman who does not repent of this vile abomination! She has walked the road to eternal damnation and hell.  Repent, O woman, or forever be lost!"
- Our Lady of the Roses, March 18, 1975

"I ask you now, can you not turn from your ways of despoilment? Your children are suffering as they are left to roam, to make their own decisions without the guidance of the family.
     "My child and My children, please, the Ball of Redemption shall be sent upon mankind if he does not heed the measures that I have given you tonight to save your country and other countries of the world. Little children are left to roam, to make their own decisions while the parents go merrily on their way, not thinking of the souls that they had to guide. Many parents have now lost their way. They have become embroiled with mankind and not God.
     "Parents, teach your children the words of the Bible. Make the Bible a necessary book in your home, not something that may be given to you as a gift by mankind, but as a gift from the Eternal Father. Read this book to your children. They are thirsting for the knowledge from God. Only you as parents can save them."
- Our Lady, June 18, 1994

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"Already as you watch the days go by, you cannot avoid noticing the acceleration of evil. It will be truly father against son, mother against daughter. There will be division within the home as satan seeks to divide and conquer.
     "Parents must now exercise discipline in the home. Your children now will be subjected to all manner of evil and corruption from the forces of darkness that are loosed upon your earth.
     "Need I add to My Mother's counsel that your country now has been invaded by a diabolical force, a conspiracy of evil for the destruction of the United States. Your children, the youth of your country, shall be used as instruments for this destruction unless you as parents and leaders--government leaders, I call unto you to act now and prevent the slaughters that will increase daily within your country." - Jesus, December 7, 1977

"I have brought you the plan for your salvation. It will now be your decision. You must eliminate the evil one in your schools, your churches, your homes, and your entire way of life which has turned to satan. You must bring your children out of the dark void that their elders have cast them into. |
     "It will be the duty of all parents to bring the truth to their children. It will not be easy. Satan has it well planned that it will not be easy. You will have to fight the world and society. But how long will you be living in this society? Do you think of what will lie ahead of you? Have you forgotten the Kingdom? Have you given your bodies and your souls to the pleasures of this world, which will soon be ended for you?" - Our Lady, August 5, 1971

"The foundation for a young life is found in the family. We find much lacking in the example of many parents. They have for­gotten their role as parents, and they are feeding their children well with the contaminating abundance of your nation and the world; however, their souls are being starved for the light.
     "The role for the prosperity within a family is simple, My child. It is one of a dedication to the Eternal Father. What does it matter, My children, if you gain the whole world's goods and suffer the loss of your eternal soul? Your pilgrimage is but a short one upon earth. Have you stored your reward with Us, or have you given yourselves to the pleasures of the flesh and satan?" - Our Lady, March 18, 1975

"Mothers must teach their children the true Faith. Fathers must fulfill their mission as fathers to their children. The ex­ample in many homes is poor and will not be tolerated by the Eternal Father. Measure for measure, you shall reap what you have sown.
     "Parents must give to their children the knowledge of the Commandments of the Father. No excuse is accepted for casting aside these Commandments.
     "Discipline your souls, My children, your spirit! Dis­cipline your human body. Do not allow yourselves to be swallowed up in the mire of destruction." -  Our Lady, March 18, 1975

"Oh, My children, My heart is torn, as a mother's heart is torn, when I see all of the crimes and violations of the little children being committed by parents, not only strangers, but parents of innocent children subjecting these innocents to all manner of debasement and violation! Woe to the parent that has given his child to satan for worldly gain.
     "My children, filth is placed before your eyes; filth is taped in by the infernal machines of your television, and filth is being brought into your schools and all of your medias of communication!
     "As it was in the days of Noe, as it was in the days of Sodom, so you now disport yourselves in a like manner. And I tell you, My children, the hand of My Son shall fall heavy upon you." - Our Lady, May 18, 1977

"Parents, you have a great responsibility now for the salvation of your children's souls. You cannot turn them over to others to be trained, for when your children go outside of your doors, they are now as sheep among wolves! And many of these wolves are shepherds parading as angels of light, bringing doctrines of devils into My Son's House and schools....
     "Parents, you must protect your children from all who have progressed into a new form of humanism and modernism. They have de-Christianized your children.
     "Parents, I caution you, I warn you to train your children at home; keep the light of Faith in their hearts. Without this light, O parents, your children will turn upon you and many shall kill!" - Our Lady, May 18, 1977

"I have cautioned you, parents, to protect your children. They must not be without a sacramental upon them! We are now at war, My children, a war of the spirits, far greater a war than man has ever experienced in the history of his creation. It is a war to a final battle. The sheep are being separated from the goats, the wheat from the chaff. My children, have you prepared your household for the test?
     "Parents will assume the greatest responsibility for keeping Tradition and Faith, the firm foundation of Faith in the hearts of their children. There will be much woe set upon the earth by the evil one. 666, the forces of hell, are now doing full battle against the children of God." - Our Lady, June 16, 1977

"Paganism will not be tolerated by the Father, neither in your lay life nor in the House of My Son. It is an abomination for women to speak in the House of God! I hear a word—defilement of man, liberation? My child, what is this liberation women ask for? Satan has created the plan for their destruction. Take your Bible, take the Book of life and study it and learn!" - Our Lady, July 15, 1974
"My child, make it known to the world that woman must return to her place as woman, for she has been misled. Was it not woman who fell to satan in the beginning?
   "Her disobedience to the will of God brings much sorrow upon her and her children. It would be better now, My children, if woman would be silent, for she does not know the road she is traveling. It is only satan who has set her to rebel against her destiny." - Our Lady, March 24, 1974
"Where is the place of the man and father? Where has he gone from the homes? Why has woman sought to take his place? Satan has created this delusion. The place of woman is in the home and the rearment of the child. The man will be the breadwinner and safeguard his home." - St. Joachim, July 25, 1973
"As Saint Paul wrote to the Romans, that when man has given up God and replaced Him by the creatures, he would be abandoned, allowed to go onto his path of sin.
     "Since women have exchanged their roles as women, preferring to be as men, and have abandoned their true, true value of life—have abandoned their role as a mother to carry the creation of their God within their wombs, they, therefore, will also find that their husbands and sons will find rejection of women, and men will seek lustfully pleasures with men, known, My child, as homosexuality. And they will be given and abandoned to their lust, until all creatures upon earth would live in fear. Women then will find themselves turning lustful eyes to women-lesbianism, My child." - Our Lady, September 28, 1974
"They will do as they have done in the past in honor of the Father; and in the path of the Father, they will listen to their husbands and honor their husbands within the home. If they do thus, they will receive honor from their children. The example in the homes is very, very poor.
     "So husbands, now, you will act with love to your wives, but you will keep them in discipline. Many of them have lost their way. Discipline. And wives, honor your husbands and do your role as mothers in honor to your God. We see the example of the homes is very poor....
     "Womanhood must be returned to the state in which the Father created it. Right at this moment a great chastisement is coming upon you, for you have cast aside your role as women. This you will not do without receiving great chastisement.
     "There will be division in homes unless the fathers stand forth as examples to their sons and daughters, and the mothers return to their roles as mothers in the light of God, the Father." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

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