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Television presents to you “a way of life that is not akin to the way of your God”

 "They vomit filth! They corrupt the minds of the young and old. They are the boxes created by satan to invade your homes! They have invaded your homes. Take the axe to them!" - Our Lady of the Roses, November 1, 1974

 TLDM is grateful for the work of Fr. Frank Poncelot, whose book Airwaves from Hell has provided most of information in this article.  

Television and free will acts 

     Our Lady of the Roses has provided her children with perfect counsel regarding the evil influence of television, and how to deal with its moral dangers. You would be hard-pressed to find any mention of this moral evil from today’s Catholic pulpits. Why? Because the sense of sin has waned, because many of the clergy have become worldly by neglecting prayer and sacrifice, thereby not recognizing the serious moral dangers that are seducing their flock. The Catholic faithful are for the most part wandering in the poisoned pastures of the immoral TV wasteland, and hardly anyone is concerned at all.
     Fr. Poncelot explains, “All vices, being operative habits directed toward immoral conduct, are acquired through the repetition of bad acts.” (p. 11) The human will is slowly but surely bent in a certain direction, by repeated acts. Repeated bad acts form a vice where the will is bent in the wrong direction, a disposition in the will that is difficult to break once formed. TV viewing is definitely one of America’s many vices. According to Marie Winn in The Plug-In Drug, the average American watches twenty hours of TV per week.
     Working out our salvation in fear and trembling is the essential duty of every man, woman and child, and one of the most precious commodities we have in this work of our salvation is time. We all have a set amount of time that God has given to each of us for this very purpose. We do not know whether today may be our last on earth, and how we spend each moment will affect our eternity.  Consider the amount of time you or your loved ones spend before the TV, and then consider Fr. Poncelot’s statement: 

“It is necessary to consider human intellect, will, and habits; they control virtually all of the finite, conscious hours that we spend in this world. The proper use of these hours cannot be overstressed, because they are irreplaceable.” (p. 11) 

     He goes on to remind the reader that “The Catholic Church has always taught that no human act is completely, morally neutral; it either works towards salvation or against it.” (p. 13) Knowing this, how can the Catholic consider so many wasted hours in front of the TV as of no consequence? 

Television and its morally-depraved environment 

     We must not only avoid sin, but we must also avoid the occasions of sin, that is, persons, places and things that are likely to be sources of temptation to our weak nature. Fr. Poncelot is convinced that TV is a dangerous occasion of sin: 

“This writer holds that the TV environment has become such that there is an intrinsic evil in permitting its unholy presence in the home because of the high percent of gravely immoral programs and total absence of even minimum censorship, or concern for moral welfare; and because of the host of other inherent problems and harms to the soul of the concerned Catholic including some of which are not necessarily immoral. The intention of this writing is to identify the grave, spiritual dangers of that instrument’s environment and its relation to other social evils, some of which are effects of its domination of human minds.” (p. 17) 

     When parents keep a television in their home, they are implicitly saying “yes” to whatever immoral programming that might pop up on the screen. Some parents may argue that they are not condoning such programming, but honesty is needed here. Would not a caring parent keep poison off shelves within reach of their children, for fear that they might consume the poison? It is not a consideration of the parents deliberately willing to poison their children, but of the possibility of such an occurrence. And if a child did take the poison, the parent would be rightly accused to being negligent for not having taken precautions. So too, a parent that allows an instrument known to spew vast amounts of moral poison into their homes would hardly be considered solicitous for the spiritual welfare of the family. Fr. Poncelot states, 

“If you admit the primary purpose of human life is to love and serve God always in the Church Christ founded on Peter, to seek God’s will as expressed in our Catholic deposit of faith, to desire an honest awareness of sin and its consequences—then you must ask yourself to truthfully consider if you can spiritually afford to keep the television set in your home.” (p. 18) 

     The TV environment is simply hideous.  

“It should be acknowledged ... that today a very high percent of TV programs include parts which are grossly immoral, sex-saturated (including unnatural sex), or condone or promote other evils which are grievous matter for sin; and that such programs are so numerous, yet cleverly commingled with apparently morally harmless sections, that it becomes most difficult for a concerned Catholic, even with properly formed conscience, to quickly discern the immoral content, keeping in mind man’s human weakness or susceptibility to temptation, and God’s unchangeable truths.” (pp. 27-28) 

     According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, teenagers see an estimated fourteen thousand sexual references and innuendos per year on television.  Can a parent really be said to have the spiritual welfare of his/her child at heart, who keeps an instrument that can deliver fourteen thousand wounds to the soul of his/her child a year?

Moral pollution 

     Fr. Poncelot observes that modern society makes countless efforts to shield our bodies from even the slightest harm, “even as efforts increase to expose our souls to spiritual harm--even to destruction.” (p. 39) And this disregard for the soul is nowhere so apparent as in the indiscriminate use of television among Catholics: 

“While the social emphasis is on security, bodily protection and comfort (smoke-free environments, seat belts, temperature control), the emphasis is also on ‘experiencing’ moral dangers.... Of the many (and indeed there are many) sources of moral contamination, certainly the quickest and the easiest to eliminate is the most dangerously effective instrument science has ever devised to destroy souls--that obsequious purveyor of sin, television. The ‘shielding’ process can begin in no easier way, right in your own home, than ‘pulling the plug’ and getting rid of it. Somehow we just have to realize that we cannot function as Catholics, build on our God-given talents, fight temptations, save our immortal souls, do our personal duties to our dear Lord and God, while at the same time we live our lives in that electronic cesspool environment accepting its fare along with all the modernism, secularism, humanism and indecency, without radically shielding ourselves and those for whom we are responsible. To fail to recognize this is probably the greatest negligence of spiritual concern in our day.” (pp. 39-40) 

     Catholics have become de-sensitized to sin, primarily through the bombardment of a worldly, sinful lifestyle as portrayed through television. Our Catholic Faith teaches us that sin is any thought, word, deed or omission contrary to the law of God. Let’s be honest: television is filled with innumerable thoughts, words, deeds and omissions contrary to the law of God. If a Catholic does not see this, he/she has become spiritually blind.
     Also important to recall is the great influence the TV exerts on families. In 1936, Pope Pius XI warned that “there exists today no means of influencing the masses more potent than the cinema” (Encyclical Vigilanti Cura, June 29, 1936).  Many good priests have expressed the lament that they consider the TV as one of the greatest obstacles to the religious instruction of parents and children. A priest will have his flock for an hour a week, while the TV will have them for countless more. A parish priest is waging a losing battle of influence over the souls of his flock, and the main reason is TV: 

“If we admit that television is the chief instrument, or source, of influence in our daily lives--that it is our greatest, or one of our greatest temptations, that it is preventing us from building on God-given talents to please Him, then we are obliged by our Catholic Faith to account for the permission we are granting to that source to not only influence or control us, but to damage our spiritual welfare, even to the extent of losing our souls for all eternity. Can we truthfully say that ever-worsening TV fare is compatible with our obligation to know, love, and serve God with our whole hearts, our whole minds and our souls?” (p. 34)

Television and the subversion of our Catholic Faith 

     In the middle 1800s, St. Elizabeth Seton had a vision in which she saw that Americans would one day have a black box in their home through which the devil would enter. The influence of TV is much greater than most people would like to admit: 

“A case can easily be made that television, and not religion as postulated by Lenin, is the true opiate of the people. It is a pain killer, with all the characteristics of a powerful narcotic. One can easily slip away from a troubling world of an unhappy marriage, problems on the job, and mounting bills by stepping into a limitless attractive world provided by television. The real world soon looks dreadfully boring, and the usual home-viewer is drawn daily to a screen as is the drug addict to his hypodermic needle.” (p. 133) 

     Truly, television is a moral force to be reckoned with. Fr. Poncelot considers TV to be “The instrument for complete subversion of the Catholic Church, mind, heart, and soul by means of the transmission of pictures and words selected by him [satan] for mind control in a thorough, complete manner--television is our present, most insidious and most devastating instrument of diabolical subversion.” (p. 71)  He then goes on to say that “... television is more than a medium for entertainment; it is the most incredible engine for social revolution the world has ever known.” (pp. 134-135)  Fr. Poncelot quotes from a letter from Boston: “television is the single, greatest factor in the subversion of the mind away from God. Jung, the non-Catholic psychiatrist, admitted that television had taken the place of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.” (p. 93)
     It must also be admitted that the vast majority of people responsible for TV programming are anti-God and anti-Catholic. As such, TV programming predominantly presents a false image of the Catholic Church, conditioning Catholics to accept the TV world as compatible with their Catholic Faith: 

“The point that needs to be stressed very strongly and repeatedly is that Satan and his minions caused a ‘spirit of Vatican II’ to be formed, following the Council but not directed by the Council, to create a watered down, new Catholic Church that could exist in a new television-controlled world not compatible with God’s Church. As the degradation of TV programming increased, with its mind and soul control of millions, either TV had to go or the sacrificing type of Catholic Faith had to go, and the Great Apostasy, which is dominating many Catholic souls, is the new spirit of Vatican II Church. It can be conditioned to accept whatever degree of rotten TV pottage the devil can come up with.” (p. 186) 

     Our Lady of the Roses has warned us: “Yes, you can be conditioned to accept error; you can be conditioned to turn from the truth. You can be conditioned to be confused and no longer recognize the truth. You have a free will to go your own way." (Our Lady, June 17, 1971)  Truly, Catholics have been conditioned by television to become “comfortable” with a sinful and worldly way of life by constant TV viewing, so that Catholics are often indistinguishable from the pagans in their everyday actions. 

Television environment as an occasion of sin 

     In 1936, Pope Pius XI acknowledged that “everyone knows” the damage inflicted on the soul by bad motion pictures. He said: 

“Everyone knows what damage is done to the soul by bad motions pictures. They are occasions of sin; they seduce young people along the ways of evil by glorifying the passions; they show life under a false light; they cloud ideals; they destroy pure love, respect for marriage and affection for the family. They are capable also of creating prejudices among individuals, misunderstandings among nations, among social classes, and among entire races.” 

     The overall moral climate of 1936 was certainly much more God-fearing than today. What would be his assessment of today’s TV environment? He further warned the bishops of the world to exercise “a special watchfulness over the motion picture industry” and also to “place a ban on bad motion pictures because they are an offense to moral and religious sentiment and because they are in opposition to the Christian spirit and to its ethical principles.” The Pope went on to say that “there must be no weariness in combatting whatever contributes to lessening the peoples’ sense of decency and honor” and that “this is the obligation which binds not only Bishops, but also the faithful....” Can you name a bishop who has placed a ban on a particular movie or TV show, because it is so offensive? Do the bishops care that their flocks are being ravaged by movie and TV immorality?  

     Pope Pius XII warned of the susceptibility of children to evil influences within the home itself: 

“Everyone knows well that very often children can avoid the transient of attack of a disease outside their home, but cannot escape it when it lurks in the home itself. It is wrong to introduce risk in any form into the sanctity of the home surroundings.” (Encyclical Miranda Prorus, September 8, 1957) 

     As we noted above, the television environment is so consistently immoral as to be a serious occasion of sin: 

“Applying known catechetical teachings about near occasions of sin, especially impurity, but also greed and covetousness and others, how can one justify television? Impure temptations have a greater chance of grievous over venial sin compared with other capital sins. But the ‘conditioned Catholic’ or ‘today’s Catholic’ with his ‘conditioned conscience’ and ‘updated moral standards’ somehow feels safe, flirting with neglect and betrayal of all of God’s commandments. In reality, habitually ‘flirting’ with sin, is committing sin.” (p. 147) 

     The supposed safety that a Catholic feels by indiscriminately watching TV is really a false peace, a deadening of the conscience that has occurred (at least in part) by the constant exposure to sinful scenes and dialogue from the television. Conscience is an act of the human intellect as to whether a certain act is right or wrong. It is a delicate gift given to us by God. But by abusing it, its sensitivity to sin is gradually diminished. Spiritual blindness occurs when the conscience has been consistently ignored. 

Moral duty to protect yourself and your family 

     Fr. Frank Poncelot cannot be accused of not knowing his subject. He himself was a TV addict, until he responded to God’s grace to forever remove the TV’s baneful influence from his life. Consider this when reading the following: 

“Lest there be some who think they ‘can handle television okay” and who freely criticize supreme authority in the Church, beware; the devil will gladly assist in your joining his Club. He has numerous and devious ways, and he is now in his finest hour.” (p. 225) 

     Fr. Poncelot recognized that he could not “handle television okay”, and as a result he has helped many people to correctly form their conscience on the real dangers of TV, the dangers of the “1001 devils who are abroad” as mentioned by an Anchorage, Alaska broadcaster:  

“A Catholic can and must bear the deprivation of TV, because he knows that he is made for a much more elevated life.. The Faith is attractive only as long as we quietly think about it. Television is attractive only as long as we quietly think about nothing. The ever-widening void encouraged by TV is an open invitation to the 1001 devils who are abroad these days.” (p. 162) 

     Firmly believing that Catholics have a moral duty to leave this immoral TV environment, Fr. Poncelot states: 

“Once the incompatibility of the television environment and our Catholic Faith is properly acknowledged, and once Catholic consciences again become properly formed, only then will that dangerous environment become unpopular, as it should be. Obviously there is little an individual can do to change that environment (bless the large groups who are trying to do so). Therefore, the Catholic has a moral duty to leave that environment now. He has a moral duty to shield himself from TV’s morally contaminating environment.” (p. 151) 

    TV addiction can be hard to break, but for our own spiritual welfare and that of our family, the stakes are too high to give a half-hearted or passing consideration to the moral evils of television. Fr. Poncelot asks: 

“Is it really necessary to give up all television programs? This is not the question to ask; rather, 'What else should we do,' to bring our lives into accord with the true, Catholic spiritual life that Our Lord expects of us who have been redeemed and give a Church which has guarded His teachings for 2000 years? The typical, modern Catholic lifestyle simply does not conform with those teachings and His expectations.” (p. 227) 

     As Our Lady of the Roses has warned us: 

"There will be no excuses accepted for having these [TVs] in your presence. They are destroyers of the soul and corrupters of the mind: they take you from your moments of meditation; they take you from reading the words of the good Book, your Bible; they present to you a way of life that is not akin to the way of your God." - Our Lady of the Roses, September 27, 1975

The amazing Bayside Prophecies...  http://www.tldm.org/Bayside/default.htm  

"It has become the center of brainwashing for your children, and it will become the mechanical instrument for controlling your mind. At this time I will not go further into detail, but watch what your scientific man shall command to destroy his fellow man." - Jesus, April 2, 1977

"All medias are now controlled. Your children, by manner of the infernal boxes in your homes, the televisions, are being now schooled to kill, to sin. And many parents shall be murdered by their own children! And why? Because you all failed to recognize what is happening before your very eyes: your children are being programmed to kill. A steady diet of violence will lead to the spirit being dulled and the sensitivity being dulled until even murder is condoned." - Our Lady, May 13, 1978

"Are you turning them over to the satanic tube, the television? Yes, My children, they are learning to kill by the television. They are learning disrespect for the parents. They laugh at you when you are not watching. . . . "
    Veronica - Now I see a picture forming in the sky. It shows a terrible scene on a television. It shows a young child butchering a cat. The child watching this goes to the kitchen, takes out a large bread knife, and—oh, my God! He's plunging it into the back of his mother! Now the scene is becoming very dark; I don't see anything else. It's ghastly! - Jesus, March 18, 1989

"We ask all parents to keep a steady hand on their children. Bar them from all the insensitive acts being committed on the diabolical tube of satan, your television. I ask if you cannot monitor your set, to remove it immediately from your home, for your children will even resort to murder if they continue to watch the programming." - Our Lady, June 18, 1992

"They vomit filth! They corrupt the minds of the young and old. They are the boxes created by satan to invade your homes! They have invaded your homes. Take the axe to them!" - Our Lady, November 1, 1974

"This world is polluted with sin. Satan, the devil, is capturing young souls to take them to hell with rock music and sex. MTV is satan's way. Please don't listen. It is satanic." - Our Lady,** November 14, 1992

**From the response dictated to Veronica to a teenage girl. See "Two Letters" audio tape. available from Shrine catalog.

"Your medias of entertainment are polluted. Your children must be protected against this pollution in pornography and exploitation of sex.
    "O parents, you have the greatest battle now to keep the souls of your children from contamination. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, so protect your children's eyes: watch what they read and what they look upon. Discipline your children and you shall not cry later as parents." - Our Lady, June 16, 1977

"There will be no excuses accepted for having these in your presence. They are destroyers of the soul and corrupters of the mind: they take you from your moments of meditation; they take you from reading the words of the good Book, your Bible; they present to you a way of life that is not akin to the way of your God." - Our Lady, September 27, 1975  

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