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Sister Lucy has been the victim of a forgery before

1989 letter quoted in Vatican's 'third secret' document also a forgery...

"This evening I speak to you, My child Veronica, for you to tell the world that to hide a fact is often destructive. And this fact will be make known now - with or without Lucy - or others who cannot speak out because they are under obedience to their elders. You will repeat this, My child, though it may shock you. I say this evening, as your God, that on that date [1972], as promised at Fatima, satan entered My Church upon earth." - Jesus, June 18, 1986

The computer-generated November 8, 1989 letter addressed to Walter M. Noelker, attributed to Sister Lucy in the Vatican's 'third secret' document, has also been determined to be a forgery. In a written report on October 22, 1990, a highly regarded forensic expert from Canada indicated that Sister Lucy’s signature was forged on this computer-generated letter. In addition, Sister Lucy's blood-sister Caroline reportedly told a priest at Fatima that Sister Lucy does not know how to type.

Also, the Portuguese press blasted the forgery when it first appeared and demanded: Will the Church in Portugal "recognize at least that these letters are forgeries? Will it succeed in denouncing those responsible for those letters?" ("Diario de Coimbra," October 11, 1991, p. 2)

     A burning question remained, when Sister Lucy would be permitted to comment on the March 25, 1984 consecration the world by Pope John Paul II. Sister Lucy is silent for almost five years. On August 29, 1989 she apparently breaks the silence… on a word processor. Quite dramatically, Sister Lucy appears to be making up for lost time… on a word processor. In one of five letters she makes reference to a consecration made by Pope Paul VI… which never occurred.  
     In August 1990 David Boyce from Surrey, England made a personal inquiry into many of the allegations concerning these alleged writings of Sister Lucy and her statements. Asking Fr. Kondor, the Vice-Postulator for the beatification cause of Jacinta and Francisco, “To whom must one ask permission to speak to Sister Lucy?” Fr. Kondor replied, “One must ask only Cardinal Ratzinger, for neither the Bishop of Fatima nor the Bishop of Coimbra can grant it.” “But Sister Lucy is free to write. You can write her.” 
     As David Boyce observes, it seems odd that such great precautions are taken to prevent appointments with her, and yet correspondence is unrestricted. But this statement by Fr. Kondor contradicts a letter from Sister Lucy that appears in her Fifth Memoirs, edited in February 1989, where Sister Lucy writes to Msgr. Luciano Guerra, Rector of the Fatima Sanctuary, in these words: 

“The answer to your questionnaire will have to wait until later. But even now, I should warn you that there are certain questions I cannot answer for they refer to the apparitions which I am not allowed to speak of without the Holy See’s authorization. Unless you request and obtain a dispensation from the restriction, I shall have to leave these questions blank.” (Memorias da Irma Lucia, March 1990, p. 192.)  

     So here we have a curious situation: Sister Lucy tells the Rector Msgr. Guerra that she cannot write on the apparitions in certain contexts, yet Fr. Kondor says that Sister Lucy is “free to write.” 
     These five computer-generated letters allegedly attributed to Sister Lucy, from 1989 to 1990, contradict what she has consistently said and written in her own handwriting for 60 years on the subject of the consecration of Russia. 
     The great Fatima expert and author Bro. Michael of the Holy Trinity was asked to comment on one of the computer-generated letters allegedly attributed to Sister Lucy of August 29, 1989 to Maria Betlem. Bro. Michael stated:  

“In this letter, it is uniquely a question of consecrating the world and never Russia. But at Fatima and then at Tuy, Our Lady never asked for the consecration of the world but for that of Russia alone. Mention is made of a non-existent consecration allegedly made by Paul VI on May 13, 1967. There is no mention of the only consecration of Russia ever to have been made, namely that made by Pius XII (the only one, alas) in his Apostolic Letter ‘Sacro Vergente Anno’ of July 7, 1952. The author therefore proves his ignorance of the Fatima question, and so the letter cannot be by Sister Lucia.”

     On October 11, 1990, Sister Lucy’s own blood sister Caroline told Fr. Nicholas Gruner in Fatima that little or no trust can be put in any typewritten letter from Sister Lucy as she does not even know how to type.   
     This hoax has been recognized in Coimbra, Portugal, where Sister Lucy resides at her Carmelite convent.  In the "Diario de Coimbra", the regional daily, a letter was published from Mr. Joao Alvares on September 14, 1991. He wrote:

"If Russia was really on the point of converting and if the consecration demanded by Our Lady was really accomplished, the ecumenical authorities would not need to have circulated apocryphal letters allegedly signed by Sister Lucy. The fact that those letters have been unmasked by the foreign press has hindered their spreading throughout Portugal, where they would have done a great deal of harm."

     Another letter was published the following month in the "Diario de Coimbra," again, from Mr. Alvares. He asked if the Church in Portugal would "recognize at least that these letters are forgeries? Will it succeed in denouncing those responsible for those letters?" (October 11, 1991, p. 2)

In a written report on October 22, 1990, a highly regarded forensic expert from Canada indicated that Sister Lucy’s signature was forged on the November 8, 1989 computer-generated letter. Interestingly, it is this very letter that is quoted in the Vatican’s June 26, 2000 commentary on the alleged third secret.

     Many, many priests, bishops and lay-people have naively accepted these letters because they lack judgment and discernment, it is politically convenient, or it is easier to follow the crowd that to think critically on one’s own. 
     Our Lady of Fatima said, "If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace."  Given the consequences involved by not fulfilling Our Lady of Fatima’s requests, that of the loss of souls for all eternity, and the material chastisements of enslavement and the “annihilation of nations”, discovering the truth in this matter is urgent. The need to fight valiantly for the truth and the Church is expressed beautifully by Fr. Paul Crane, S.J.:

“The present is no time for manipulation, for the kind of compromise that skips the truth in the hope of ultimate advantage. This is the road that leads not to Heaven, but to hell. It can never be our road. Indeed, it is true that the one way we choose—that of faithfulness to Christ our Lord and His truth, may prove a veritable way of the cross. So be it: the servant is not above his Master. The way trod by Christ brought redemption to mankind. As Catholics, we can want no less than His way at no matter what cost to ourselves.” (Christian Order magazine, June/July 1993, London, England) 

"My child, they converse of the secret that I gave at Fatima. It is a simple explanation. It could not be fully revealed because of the drastic nature of My message. How I warned and warned that satan would enter into the highest realms of the hierarchy in Rome. The Third Secret, My child, is that satan would enter into My Son's Church." - Our Lady of the Roses, May 13, 1978

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