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Global Communism (Part 1)

Today, communist influence extends to the four corners of the earth

China - North Korea - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - India - Cuba - Venezuela - Nicaragua


Many of the spiritual leaders in the Catholic Church today are in a fantasy world when it comes to Russia and the status of world communism. Misled Catholic clergy naively proclaim the "conversion of Russia" and insist that the danger is now over, that the period of peace has arrived, and all of us can rest on our laurels and give a sigh of relief now that "communism is dead."
     In the words of journalist Anthony LoBiado, "It is a game the liberal Western press has played time and time again. Stalin, Mao, Castro, the Viet Cong, the Sandinistas, Winny and Nelson Mandela and now even bloody dictator Kim Jong Il [North Korea] have been lionized by liberals in the U.S. and abroad. The perpetuation of these lies has brought murder, genocide, famine and anti-Christian persecution to countless millions scattered to the four corners of the earth."  Sad to say, many of our spiritual leaders are perpetuating this same lie by claiming "communism is dead." In the words of Lenin, many have become "useful idiots."
    The Catholic hierarchy, as well as the Catholic faithful, are due for a massive reality check when it comes to Russia and world communism. Many are the innocent victims of an elaborate and well-planned deception that has been effectively propagated by a controlled mass media. Many have had their minds clouded, their wills weakened, by an anti-Christian society that wars against our values and morals. But for those who retain a love for the truth, we recognize that the information we present below will sufficiently dispel the "communism is dead" illusion. 
     We remind our readers that many of the events described below took place years after the March 25, 1984 consecration, that mistakenly is credited for the "end of communism." The reality is quite different: Russia and its communist allies still intend the conquest of the entire world, and are now quite close to obtaining their objective. For those in a state of denial, each of these pieces of the puzzle will be rejected, as the emerging picture is not to their liking. We might add that such a denial of reality is indicative of a sickness of soul, a sickness of mind. 


When Castro rose to power many people were deceived, considering him a benign reformer. Even the Catholic newspaper Our Sunday Visitor was deceived and denied the claims that Castro was a communist (today, Our Sunday Visitor is once again deceived, naively reporting that Russia is undergoing a conversion, and that the consecration of Russia has been accomplished).   
     During the Cuban repressions of the 1960s, between 7,000 and 10,000 were killed and 30,000 people imprisoned for political reasons. In 1979 there were between 15,000 and 20,000 prisoners of conscience in Cuba.  From 1959 through the late 1990s more than 100,000 Cubans experienced life in one of the camps, prisons, or open-regime sites. Between 15,000 and 17,000 people were shot. 
     According to a recent historical book on communism, "From 1975 to 1989 Cuba was the major supporter of the Marxist-Leninist regime of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, which was engaged in a civil war against UNITA forces led by Jonas Savimbi. In addition to sending innumerable 'cooperators' and dozens of technical advisers, Cuba sent an expeditionary force of 50,000 men." (The Black Book of Communism, pp. 663-664)  In 1979 and 1980 Castro sent 600 military advisers to Grenada to prop up the pro-Soviet regime of Maurice Bishop. When U.S. forces invaded in 1983, they took prisoner 750 Cubans.
     Cuba's proximity to the United States makes it a paradise for spies. The Russians have established an massive spy station in Cuba to electronically eavesdrop on the United States:

"As Newsmax.com has previously reported, the Lourdes [Cuba] electronic intelligence station is spying on U.S. nuclear missile submarines in the Atlantic Ocean, and penetrating American military, governmental, and commercial communications on the East Coast and in the Midwest. According to Russian military officials, this station is 'a diamond in the system of Russian National Security'." (Read more...)

Also, Cuba is apparently stockpiling massive amounts of chemical weapons. According to Joseph D. Douglass Jr. and Neil C. Livingstone, in their book America the Vulnerable, Russian instructors at Cuban chemical warfare schools in the 1980s boasted that Castro was prepared to kill tens of millions of Americans with toxins he had stockpiled. ("High Anxiety," J.R. Nyquist, September 7, 2000).  In 1994 Castro announced that he "would rather die than abandon the revolution."   


Persecution of the Catholic Church: In 1991 and 1992, the Chinese government killed Catholic bishops SHI Chunjie, LIU Difen, and Joseph FAN Xueyan while they were incarcerated. The story of the battered body of Bishop Joseph Fan was published in the Italian newspaper Avvenire. The date of the death of Bishop FAN as announced by the Chinese government was April 13, 1992. His body was transported to Baoding on April 16. Later, a public official secretly disclosed that Bishop Fan died in February. Bishop Fan was secretly detained in a mosque in Shijiazhuang City.
     In 1996, several hundred plain clothe agents from the government gathered twenty primary school teachers in Dong Lu village and ordered them to prohibit religious activities among students, and forced students to write letters of apostasy. These letters stated: "…in order to respond to the Party's leadership and to continue my education, I hereby renounce my Catholic religion…." Students who disobeyed were beaten and dismissed from school. Teachers who disobeyed were fired and arrested. At that time, the government had already forced about 4,000 Catholics villagers to renounce their religion in Baoding. There were about 4,000 Catholics in Dong Lu. 2,000 of them were beaten or fined for their religious activities.
     On January 10, 1997 the Cardinal Kung Foundation (based in Stamford, Connecticut)  released a copy of the Chinese Communist Party's document for Chongren Xian in the Fuzhou District of Jiangxi Province in China. This document details a procedure to eradicate the underground Catholic Church in China. Joseph Kung, President of the Foundation, said: "The document proves that the ongoing persecution of the Roman Catholic Church by the Chinese Government is not regional, or an isolated case of abuse of power by a certain government official. On the contrary, it is a carefully planned strategy by the central government to destroy the Roman Catholic Church commonly known as the underground church."  (Communist document on eradicating the Catholic Church in China)
     Many other atrocities have been committed by the Chinese communists against the Catholic Church. For more information, please visit the Cardinal Kung Foundation website.

Military alliance with Russia:  It has long been predicted by KGB defectors that, after a period of feigned weakness, Russia would enter into a military alliance with China and turn the table against the United States. This prediction has come to pass:

The Clinton administration's failed policies toward Russia have created a growing anti-American alliance between Moscow and Beijing based on arms sales and joint efforts to curb U.S. power and influence, according to a congressional report.
     "To challenge America's dominance, Russia today cultivates its strategic partnership with the People's Republic of Chinaa partnership explicitly targeting American policies and interests around the globe and founded on increasing both the PRC's and Russia's military capabilities against the United States," the report said....
     "It is not only deeply ironic but tragic that this state of affairs follows $112.2 billion in Western assistance to Russia," the report said. "After eight years of a Clinton administration policy that has yet to place highest priority on the basic steps needed to create a free enterprise economy in Russia, the U.S.-Russia relationship is in ruins, characterized by deep and growing hostility and divergent perceptions of international realities and intentions." ("House Report warns of anti-U.S. alliance: panel says Russia, China teaming up," Washington Times, September 25, 2000)

Preparations for war:  In a CIA report to Congress covering the period between July and December 1996, it was stated that "During the last half of 1996, China was the most significant supplier of weapons of mass destruction goods and technology to foreign countries."  As we reported previously, China has also outlined steps whereby it would threaten the United States with nuclear war:      

China's People's Liberation Army has outlined plans, including a nuclear conflict with the United States, to "liberate" Taiwan, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post newspaper reported Monday.
     The PLA issued a 16-page publication, the Howangjio Weekly, that was devoted to Taiwan, that was sold on street corners. In contrast, most Chinese newspapers had little to say about Taiwan's pro-independence vote....
     The PLA has reportedly been working on a new generation of nuclear weapons, the publication said, and it outlined steps by which China would threaten the United States with nuclear war. China would then sway U.S. public opinion by making economic concessions, and it would increase arms purchases from Russia, the Post reported.
     It would then stage a limited attack on Taiwan and if that failed, China would mobilize its people into exercises that would show that it is preparing to survive a nuclear war, the newspaper said.
     "The United States will not sacrifice 200 million Americans for 20 million Taiwanese and eventually they are going to back down," the publication said. (March 20, 2000)    (Read more...) 

According to the CIA's 1998 National Intelligence Daily, "Thirteen of China's 18 long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles are targeted on the United States."  Furthermore, it was recently reported from the Hong Kong press that China's President Jiang Zemin said to his central military commission, the leading generals in the People's Liberation Army, air force and navy, that they should "... prepare for war with the United States by the year 2008."

North Korea

Unless you dig deep, news on North Korea is limited to rumors of a  "peace process" with South Korea and various photo-ops of its communist dictator, Kim Jong II.  It is unlikely that you will ever see articles such as these in the mainstream media:

Other lesser-known malevolent misdeeds on the part of North Korea include sending its special forces to the Marxist Congo to shore up that teetering regime and dig for uranium for its fledgling nuclear weapons program. Such adventuring is not new for North Korea, which in 1983 sent mercenaries to Zimbabwe to help slaughter 30,000 black anti-communist Matabele tribesmen who opposed the Marxist government of Robert Mugabe....
     North Korea's buildup of biological and biochemical weapons at its top-secret base at Shingyereportedly with 10 different strains, including anthraxhas forced the U.S. military to draft Plan 5027, which calls for emergency measures to be taken against North Korea's toxic weapons.
     Estimates by the South Korean military are that up to half of Seoul's 12 million citizens would be killed by a single North Korean biological attack launched on her modified, Russia-produced SCUD missiles.
("Hope and hell in North Korea," Anthony C. LoBaido, December 23, 1999,WorldNetDaily)

Russia has given immense military technology and tactical information to their North Korean comrades:

This year alone, the reclusive Stalinist country [North Korea] has spent $12 million on Mi-8 helicopters purchased from Russia and 40 MiG-21 fighters from Kazakhstan. The fighter planespart of an ongoing North Korean plan to upgrade its air forceare reportedly being assembled at "secret bases."
     According to a late September North Korean Defense Ministry report, Pyongyang also bought $4.90 million worth of TNT, $2.78 million worth of tanks and blankets from China and $2.60 million worth of ammunition and ground-to-air guns from Kazakhstan last year.
     North Korea has also purchased tens of millions of dollars worth of more advanced Russian Mi-26 helicopters, tank engines, spare parts and batteries, as well as submarines and diving suits of the kind used to infiltrate Special Forces units into South Korea recently.
     In 1997, the North also bought nearly 8,000 trucks from Russia and an undisclosed number of Mi-18 helicopters from Japan. And in 1995 Pyongyang purchased nearly $7 million worth of 100mm guns and radar systems, mostly from Moscow and Kazakhstan. ("North Korea continues to arm: Purchases continue despite bad economy," Anthony C. LoBaido, October 22, 1999,WorldNetDaily)

Additionally, North Korean defectors stated that Russia has given them daily satellite photos of U.S. and South Korean military bases in the South. ("Hope and hell in North Korea," Anthony C. LoBaido, December 23, 1999,WorldNetDaily) 

February 1996 marked the defection of communist party official Hwang Jang-yop, the chief ideologist for the ruling Korean Workers Party.  He revealed that North Korea has plans to turn South Korea into a "sea of flames."
    Persecution in North Korea is intense. Again, you are unlikely to hear any of this on the evening news:

... WorldNetDaily did manage to meet with a North Korean family who had secretly copied the entire Old and New Testament in Korean characters, by hand, in their homewhich was nothing more than a hut with a dirt floor and a leaky roof.
     "Yes, there are many thousands in the gulags here," said the father of the family in Korean. "Most of them are Christians. Everyone knows it, but no one dares speak of it."
("Hope and hell in North Korea," Anthony C. LoBaido, December 23, 1999,WorldNetDaily)

Anthony LoBaido summarizes quite well the real North Korea:

As previously reported by this writer, North Korea is a total Stalinist police state holding tens if not hundreds of thousands of Christians and political dissidents trapped in gulags. Since 10 of the 20 largest Christian congregations on earth are based in the city of Seoul, it should come as no surprise that some committed South Korean Christians journey to the DMZ to launch inspirational scripture balloons which they send to North Korean believers trapped in gulags.
     Worse still, the North has conducted heinous Nazi-style experiments on American POW's, has threatened to "bathe Seoul with fire" utilizing its nuclear arsenal, and now has 14 different kinds of biological weapons loaded onto her powerful theater-wide ballistic missiles.
     When not testing these missiles by flying them over Japan, the North is selling them to rogue Middle Eastern states like Iran.
     North Korea's foreign adventures are legion. They have sent mercenaries to Zimbabwe to execute 30,000 black anti-communist Matabele tribesmen and currently have Special Forces digging for uranium at the world's largest mine in Marxist Congo. The North Koreans have extorted millions from Japanese credit unions and stashed Kim Jong Il's personal billion-dollar fortune in a joint Austrian venture called Gold Star Bank. ("N. Korea's teddy bear," July 18, 2000, Anthony C. LoBaido, WorldNetDaily)

According to WorldNetDaily columnist J.R. Nyquist,  Major General Jerry Humble revealed that North Korea has recently moved many more troops close to the DMZ:

"... the North Koreans have increased their military forces by 10 percent over the past year.  They currently deploy more than 1.1 million troops, 4,300 tanks, 13,000 artillery tubes and 600 ballistic missile.  Even more alarming, the North Koreans have pushed their forces, including artillery, right up to the DMZ.  "These are not defensive positions," said Humble. ("North Korea's Military Buildup," J.R. Nyquist)


Remember Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait? And who helped Hussein and his war machine? Russia, of course!  In fact, the Scud missile that destroyed U.S. barracks in Dhahran (killing 28 U.S. soldiers on February 25, 1991), was manufactured and sold to Iraq by none other than Russia. Not only did Russia help arm the Iraqis, but it also supplied military experts and tactical information, making the invasion of Kuwait that much easier. 
     According to The Washington Times, on August 14, 1990 Colonel-General Albert Makashov (a Soviet general specializing in tank warfare) arrived in Bagdad two weeks before the Kuwait invasion on July 17, and remained in Iraq until August 13.  “The Soviets played a critical role in operational planning, communications, and logistics for the invasion of Kuwait.” (Financial Times, August 8, 1990). The same article stated that the attack on Kuwait  “bore all the earmarks of Soviet satellite intelligence.”
    In the latest war with Iraq,
The Washington Times reported on October 28, 2004:

Russian special forces troops moved many of Saddam Hussein's weapons and related goods out of Iraq and into Syria in the weeks before the March 2003 U.S. military operation, The Washington Times has learned.
    John A. Shaw, the deputy undersecretary of defense for international technology security, said in an interview that he believes the Russian troops, working with Iraqi intelligence, "almost certainly" removed the high-explosive material that went missing from the Al-Qaqaa facility, south of Baghdad.
   "The Russians brought in, just before the war got started, a whole series of military units," Mr. Shaw said. "Their main job was to shred all evidence of any of the contractual arrangements they had with the Iraqis. The others were transportation units."
    Mr. Shaw, who was in charge of cataloging the tons of conventional arms provided to Iraq by foreign suppliers, said he recently obtained reliable information on the arms-dispersal program from two European intelligence services that have detailed knowledge of the Russian-Iraqi weapons collaboration.
    Most of Saddam's most powerful arms were systematically separated from other arms like mortars, bombs and rockets, and sent to Syria and Lebanon, and possibly to Iran, he said.
    The Russian involvement in helping disperse Saddam's weapons, including some 380 tons of RDX and HMX, is still being investigated, Mr. Shaw said.
    The RDX and HMX, which are used to manufacture high-explosive and nuclear weapons, are probably of Russian origin, he said.


The Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States, mandated by Congress in 1997 and headed by Donald Rumsfeld (President Gerald Ford's Secretary of Defense), detailed its findings in a 307-page report. Within this report it was noted that "Russian assistance has greatly accelerated Iran's ballistic missile program."
     On January 29, 1997, the U.S. embassy in Moscow received a secret cable from the State Department in Washington. A delegation of Israeli military intelligence officials had been in Washington and reported that Russia was deeply involved in Iran's project to develop medium-range ballistic missiles based on the North Korean No Dong [missile].  The Israelis stated that the cooperation was "a severe threat" to Israel.
     A CIA intelligence report disclosed in March 1997 that the Iranian president "considers obtaining Russian military technology one of Iran's primary foreign policy goals." The report further states, "Iran has a budgetary reserve of $10 billion, much of which it is willing to dedicate towards military purchases from Russia...." 
     In a recent Middle East Newsline article, it is reported that Iran's ICBM program is quickly nearing completion, with a little help from guess who: 

The U.S. intelligence community forecasts an Iranian launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile by 2005.
     The assessment by the CIA predicts an Iranian crash development program that completes the intermediate-range Shihab-3, Shihab-4 and then focuses on a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile that could strike the United States. The program would be aided by China, North Korea and Russia and continue regardless of whether Iranian reformists gain power. ("Iran could launch ICBM by 2005," Special to World Tribune.com MIDDLE EAST NEWSLINE, September 27, 2000)

More recently, the Washington Times reported that "The CIA's latest semiannual report to Congress on arms transfers stated that Russia is continuing to sell advanced conventional weapons to Iran." ("Russia said to aid Iran's missile effort," Washington Times, October 6, 2000)  


On May 29, 1998, an underground nuclear explosion occurred in a remote region of southwestern Pakistan. With this successful underground test, Pakistan became the first new developing nation in over twenty years to detonate a nuclear weapon.  A recent news article verifies that not only has Pakistan developed nuclear capabilities, but it has also developed intermediate-range ballistic missile technology:

Pakistan is set to test-fire its intermediate-range ballistic missile Shaheen-II, a weapon whose 1,550-mile range makes it capable of reaching India's major cities, according to Pakistani newspaper reports published Tuesday.
     "The Shaheen-II is ready for testing and we are waiting for the orders to go ahead," one report quoted nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadir Khan as saying....
     Qadir said Pakistan has a stockpile of missiles and nuclear bombs capable of striking all of the major cities in India, Pakistan's archenemy. "I can even name the cities but that would not be proper," he said.
     Claiming that Pakistan has a foolproof and flawless system in place for delivery of nuclear weapons, Khan said "our nuclear facilities are at par with any other similar facilities in any part of the world."
     Khan, the father of Pakistan's nuclear program, said the nation crossed the nuclear threshold in 1985 but had to defer tests until provoked by India, which tested nuclear weapons on May 12, 1998, prompting similar tests by Pakistan 17 days later.
     Khan denied reports that Pakistan had borrowed the missile technology from
China and North Korea and said the missiles were "developed at home by
Pakistani scientists." ("Pakistan tests medium-range missile, papers say," UPI, September 26, 2000)

Our mainstream media is misleading the public again, this time concerning Chinese involvement in Pakistan's nuclear arms program.  It is common knowledge among many journalists that, starting in December of 1994, China sold some five thousand ring magnets to Pakistan. These magnets are necessary components in making the fuel needed for nuclear bombs.  China also supplied nuclear weapons design material and several reactors.  This information was made known to the National Security Agency in December of 1995.  But due to a cover-up by the Clinton administration and various government officials, the public was not made aware of this until February 5, 1996, when Bill Gertz broke the story on the front page of the Washington Times. 
     The CIA later produced an unclassified report to Congress covering the period between July and December 1996. This report stated that "During the last half of 1996, China was the most significant supplier of weapons of mass destruction goods and technology to foreign countries."  The report also stated that "The Chinese provided a tremendous variety of assistance to both Iran's and Pakistan's ballistic missile programs." 


It is the hallmark of communism to foment hatred and wars throughout the world. Considering that both China and North Korea have armed Pakistan, and Russia has been arming India (Pakistan and India are enemies), it appears that Pakistan and India have been "set up" for a very bloody confrontation in the near future. Recall that Our Lady of Fatima predicted Russia would "provoke wars":

"India, which boosted defense spending by an unprecedented 28 percent this year, is in final stage of talks with Russia to buy tanks and fighter jets and to acquire an aircraft carrier. In particular, India plans to buy 100 T-90 tanks as part of a program to replace its army’s Soviet-era T-72 tanks... As the Russian press reported a few weeks ago, a new diesel-electric Russian submarine purchased by India’s navy left St. Petersburg for India. The Kilo-class Sindhushastra was the tenth submarine to be built for India in Russia. The RF has sold the same model of diesel-electric submarines to Poland, Romania, Algeria, Iran and China." "Russian Arms Sales Booming," Colonel Lunev, September 29, 2000

(October 2, 2000, CNN) NEW DELHI, India (CNN) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting India for a summit in which defense and arms sales will dominate the agenda. The two sides are expected to sign a dozen agreements, the most prominent of them being the announcement of a strategic partnership. India is spending billions more on defense as it emerges as a major force in Asia. This year alone, its defense budget increased 28 percent. Most of that money is being used to buy hardwarefrom Russia. Currently the Indian armythe third largest in the worldbuys 70 percent of its weapons from Moscow, making defense a cornerstone of India-Russian ties. "It is Russia that has stood by India in every military or other major political situation we have faced," said India's Defense Minister George Fernandes. http://www.cnn.com/2000/ASIANOW/south/10/02/putin.india/index.html

"India and Russia signed a $3bn (£2bn) arms deal, India's biggest, which will for the first time involve the joint production and marketing of Russian-designed weapons systems." ("India and Russia sign $3 billion arms deal," by David Gardner in New Delhi, October 4, 2000)


If you were to tell your friends that the Venezuelan government has just fallen to communism, you would probably be labeled as crazy. But such a naive reaction is only possible today because many Americans are the victims of a steady diet of media propaganda and spin. It is a fact that a Marxist, Hugo Chavez, has taken control of Venezuela, with the help of 1,500 Cuban agents that infiltrated Venezuela in order to assist the "election process":

A Cuban defector was forced into hiding following a presidential order for his arrest, prompted by his accusation that there was massive Cuban infiltration of Venezuelan society prior to that nation's electionsa charge that both the Cuban and Venezuelan governments denied, and which the Cuban embassy in Venezuela described as a "hoax."
    Chavez ordered the arrest of Juan Rosabal after Rosabal made an accusation that he was part of a group of 1,500 intelligence agents sent to infiltrate Venezuela, whose mission was to spread the communist message through virtually all levels of Venezuelan society. ("Castro denies election involvement," WorldNetDaily, July 29, 2000)

The revelation that Cuban agents had been sent to infiltrate Venezuelan society was voiced by Juan Alvaro Rosabal Gonzalez, himself a former Cuban intelligence agent:

Cuba is using a small army of covert agents to brainwash Venezuelans into re-electing the Castro-supporting president, charges a defector who claims to be a former Cuban intelligence operative. According to Juan Alvaro Rosabal Gonzalez, Cuba’s DGI intelligence agency has sent 1,500 agents to infiltrate Venezuelan society and "brainwash" people into supporting President Hugo Chavez, a friend and supporter of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, in next week’s presidential election. Chavez opponent Francisco Arias has won the backing of Venezuela’s middle and upper classes by denouncing Chavez's ties to the communist leader, while Chavez has the support of the poor and leads in polls by a strong 15 percent.
     Last year, Chavez described Cuba as "a sea of happiness" after visiting the island.
     In a TV interview Rosabal said Friday he was one of 1,500 agents sent by Castro to "brainwash" Venezuelans. "We're conducting an ideological job to infiltrate the universities and the country's most humble sectors to make them see that Venezuela must change," he said. ("Cuban Agents Infiltrating Venezuela, Alleged Defector Says," NewsMax, July 24, 2000)  

About eight years ago, Lt. Col. Chavez, then an army paratrooper, attempted an unsuccessful Marxist coup against the democratic Venezuelan government. What was impossible by an attempted military takeover has now been accomplished by a swayed election. The media is touting Chavez as a democrat, as it did Castro years ago:

A Castro-style takeover is taking place right in America's backyard, but practically no one is paying attention.
     It wouldn't be quite accurate to say that the leftist takeover of Venezuela by former Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez has been totally ignored by the major media.
     Here and there we do find isolated reports of events in Venezuela after the election to the presidency last July of the 45-year-old Marxist. But most of these reports have a clear slant in accepting Chavez, who has proclaimed that his power-grab, his "peaceful revolution," is intended to bring true democracy to Venezuela.
     The Chavez coverage here in the U.S. bears an eerie resemblance to the positive press treatment afforded a young Fidel Castro, who promised democracy for the Cuban people.
("U.S. on Siesta As Communist Coup Takes Place in Venezuela," Newsmax, September 8, 1999)

Amongst Chavez's recent travels was a visit to Saddam Hussein, which angered the U.S. State Department. Spokesman Richard Boucher stated that Chavez's trip was "particularly galling,'' since Chavez will be the first democratically elected head of state to go to Baghdada fact that he added is a "dubious distinction.'' 


A massive military buildup has taken place in Nicaragua. Already in 1986, Bulgarian ships had delivered more than 15,000 tons of heavy military equipment to the Nicaraguan port of El Bluff.
     As of 1986 there were already 120 anti-aircraft guns, 700 heat-seeking missiles and more than 100 heavy tanks, at least 18 helicopters and several MIG warjets in Nicaragua. Today there are many more.
     On the very same day that Mikhail Gorbachev was in Washington signing the INF Treaty, his accomplices in Moscow were agreeing to provide Nicaragua with enough arms to conquer any nation in Latin America.
     The Russians are building one of the largest military ports in the entire world on the west coast of Nicaragua, large enough to base an entire Communist fleet a few miles from the Panama Canal and to unload massive amounts of military hardware, including new Soviet tanks with reactive armor that no U.S. tank cannon can destroy. A 600,000-man army is being formed, that is, an army larger than the whole North American based U.S. Army, and that army will be equipped with high-tech weapons. A 10,500 foot airstrip with six foot deep runways that can accommodate the most deadly Soviet bombers is now completely built at Punta Huete in Nicaragua. This airstrip is already fortified as a military installation. Anti-aircraft batteries and surface to air missiles are already in place.
     Communist Nicaraguan pilots are already being trained in Communist Bulgaria to fly the Soviet MIG fighter jets that have already been shipped in crates to Nicaragua.
     The final preparations for the total military conquest of North America are now being made. Tomas Borge, the Interior Minister of Nicaragua said: "We have Nicaragua, soon we will have El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Mexico. One day, tomorrow or five years or fifteen years from now, we're going to take 5 to 10 million Mexicans and they are going into Dallas, into El Paso, into Houston, into New Mexico, into San Diego, and each one will have embedded in his mind the idea of killing ten Americans." (Thomas Borge, Nicaragua Interior Minister as quoted in Washington Times, March 27, 1985)
     Years ago, pictures of Soviet tanks were taken 100 miles south of Brownsville, Texas, outside Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. The pictures were presented to the U.S. State Department, but the affair was "hushed up".
     [Note: a very interesting footnote to the communist inroads in Nicaragua is Our Lady's words on June 18, 1987, that she actually spoke in locution to President Reagan concerning Nicaragua: 

"You see, My child and My children, I am sure that with My attempts to approach your president of the United States . . . . Yes, My child, though he is not of the Faith, I have approached him. He heard My voice. He heard My voice but cannot speak of it. He does not understand the fully supernatural. I asked him to be sure that he does not let the evil go from the shores of Nicaragua, and also cut off all the supplies in the Persian Gulf. You understand, My children, that what you read in your newspapers are not fully the truth. They are, also, guarded well by a group named the Illuminati." (Our Lady, June 18, 1987)

As incredible as this sounds, it was confirmed by a TV show called "The Reporters" (which investigated this claim).  The White House phone records showed that President Reagan did call a promoter of Our Lady of the Roses in California, who had passed to the President some literature via President Reagan's brother.  In this telephone conversation, the President said, "I will do my best to serve Him." President Reagan acted upon this request of Our Lady, and provided military assistance to oppose the communists in Nicaragua. His docility to the requests of Our Lady of the Roses should be an inspiration to us all.] 


The Panama Canal is what is known as a "choke-point," one of four places in the world where a small area can block trade for an entire continent. This tiny canal cuts 8,000 miles off the trip around South America, saving as much as two weeks of transport time. In the outbreak of a war, the use of this Canal would be of strategic importance to quickly move military forces from one ocean to the other. The Chinese presence and domination of Panama and the Canal has become a matter of great concern to military experts and certain government leaders. Panama has signed a 50-year lease for two ports at each end of the Canal with a company called "Hutchison Whampoa" run by one Li Ka-Shing. Ka-Shing is a member of China's ruling power elite and Hutchison Whampoa is connected to China's ruling council. According to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, Hutchison Whampoa is "an arm of the People's Liberation Army" and that U.S. naval ships will now be "at the mercy" of Red Chinese.
     A stunning article was written in 1999 concerning Panama by Admiral Thomas Moorer, who retired from active duty after serving two terms as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's highest military post. In this assessment of the communist Chinese involvement in Panama, and the threat that this poses to U.S. national security, we have the benefit of an expert's analysis, as well as a patriot's:

For the last two years I've been fighting an often lonely battle against Bill Clinton and what could well be the deadliest sellout of America in our history.
     I feel today as I did on the eve of Pearl Harbor. America is in danger and we could face another Pearl Harbor—only this time it may be a nuclear Pearl Harbor.
     I am referring to Bill Clinton's decision to OK the imminent takeover of the Panama Canal by Communist China. For over 80 years, keeping the Canal under the control of the U.S. was properly regarded as vital for the safety of all Americans.
     Control of the Canal will give China the ability to block vital food and oil shipments to the U.S.... prevent deployment of our navy in times of national emergency... and create an enemy beachhead within striking distance of our cities. Red Chinese J-11 attack jets—each of which can drop 13,000 pounds of bombs—launched from Panama can strike our cities.... 
     This is the same regime that massacred thousands of students at Tiananmen Square and which supplies terrorist regimes in Iran, Syria, Libya and North Korea with missiles and weapons of mass destruction.
     This is the same regime which "harvests" the organs of political dissidents, burns churches and imprisons millions of its own citizens in concentration camps.
     This is the same China that stole our most secret nuclear weapons, missile and satellite technology and tried to smuggle into California 100,000 automatic weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition. We still don't know for sure why China was smuggling these weapons into the United States.
     This is the same communist government that calls America "the #1 enemy" and threatened to attack Los Angeles with nuclear weapons if we interfere with their planned re-conquest of Taiwan.
     Thanks to Bill Clinton and China's recent, wholesale acquisition of U.S. military technology, China is now building weapons of mass destruction at breakneck speed and rapidly becoming a global military power. Control of the Panama Canal will give Communist China a beachhead for expanded aggression in Latin America and direct assault on the U.S. ("Analysis: America risks a nuclear Pearl Harbor," Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, November 17, 1999)

Other insightful articles can be found at Newsmax.com, in their Panama canal archive.


Syria has been the recipient of Russian, Chinese, and North Korean weapons and military technology. With this technical know-how, Syria is reported to have the largest array of mobile tactical ballistic missiles in the Middle East:

Israeli defense officials have quietly confirmed that China has exported to Syria M-9 ("Dong Feng" DF-15) ballistic missiles reported to have a range of over 370 miles and capable of carrying a 1,100-pound payload, including a tactical nuclear warhead of about 10 kilotons in yield.
     The M-9 missile transfer is a violation of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) and should require the Clinton administration automatically invoke U.S. economic sanctions against China. The administration has taken no such action.
     The Clinton administration knew of the Chinese M-11 ballistic missile sales to the Middle East while publicly denying the transfers to avoid imposing sanctions....
     According to Israeli Defense Force officials, Syria now has the largest force of mobile tactical ballistic weapons in the Middle East, including an unspecified number of M-9 missiles purchased from China. Syria currently fields 460 missiles—mostly older Soviet designed SCUD-C and SCUD-B liquid-fueled tactical missiles—plus a few Syrian-built copies of the SCUD. ("How China sold Syria nuke-capable missiles," WorldNetDaily, October 19, 1998)

Syria already possesses the Russian-made Scud B missile with a range of 185 miles. Based on Russian technology, North Korea then developed the Scud C missile with a range of 310 miles. The North Koreans have set up a factory within Syria for the assembly of Scud D parts either imported from North Korea or, possibly, manufactured by Syrians. ("Libya, Syria buy North Korean rocket," Newsmax, May 30, 2000)

A recent headline has added significance in light of the Mideast tensions that escalate day by day:

Syria now is able to launch nuclear or biological missiles from anywhere within its borders to anywhere within Israel, thanks to Communist North Korea's help. According to a report in World Tribune.com:
     Israeli defense officials acknowledged that Syria – still technically at war with the Jewish state – has successfully carried out its first test launch of the new, longer-range Scud D surface-to-surface ballistic missile. They said the test took place in northeastern Syria on Saturday. Its significance, they said, is that the Scud D's longer range – 370 to 435 miles – enables the Syrians to do two things they could not do with their Scud C model's shorter range of 310 miles. First, they can now hit anywhere inside Israel from anywhere inside Syria. Second, that in turn enables them to place their Scud batteries in sites that are most difficult for Israel to find and to strike back at. This is especially sobering, because these missiles are configured to carry a "non-conventional warhead," which means a nuclear or biological tip. ("Syria tests latest North Korean Scud, Newsmax," September 26, 2000)


The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on December 27,1979 and with it toppled the communist government of Hafizullah Amin, replacing him with Babrak Karmal, a long time KGB spy and the head of the Parcham faction of the People Democratic Party of Afghanistan. The Afghan war was fought under four general secretariesBrezhnev, Chernenko, Andropov and Gorbachev.  Although many in the West naively viewed Gorbachev as a liberal democrat, the bloodiest years of fighting in Afghanistan (1985-1986) were under his leadership. 
     The more than 600,000 Soviet soldiers that fought in Afghanistan were primarily from the western republics, including Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. As a result of the war, the number of Afghan refugees reached 5 million in the early 1990s. In addition to those who left the country, there were 2 million internal refugees who were forced to leave their homes. According to Amnesty International, the refugees who left Afghanistan were "the largest refugee group in the world." (Amnesty International, Annual Report, 1989, covering the year 1988, p. 172)
     Atrocities were common. It is reported that in March 1979 in the village of Keral "1,700 adults and children, the entire male population of the village, were all assembled in the town square and machine-gunned at point blank range." (Black Book of Communism, p. 712)
     Terror tactics were used even against Afghan children. It is reported that at the height of the war, Soviet troops deliberately targeted children, dropping booby-trapped toys from airplanes. (Black Book of Communism, p. 719). Also, it is estimated that more than 30,000 children between the ages of six and fourteen were abducted and sent to the Soviet Union. 
     Between 1.5 million and 2 million Afghans were killed, 90% of whom were civilians, and between 2 million and 4 million were wounded.  

"O My children of the United States, do you not understand what is ahead for you? Your country, the United States, has not known what it is to suffer through destructive forces. My children, you shall not escape the destruction that the Bear of communism has set upon many countries in Europe and the world." - Our Lady of the Roses, November 20, 1978   

Directives from Heaven....

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